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EuclidSCP-3990 Box of HellRate: -34

Item #: SCP-3990

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3990-1 is contained within a cylindrical steel cell 120 meters in circumference and 16 meters in height. SCP-3990-1's containment chamber should be well ventilated at all times. No humans are to come within 35 meters of SCP-3990 at any time outside of approved testing. At no point may any personnel known to have acrophobia or nyctophobia be allowed within 50 meters of SCP-3990.

All instances of SCP-3990-3 are to be terminated on sight. Any instances of SCP-3990-2 are to be evacuated from Site-██ if possible. If at any time aside from testing SCP-3990 begins emitting light or exhaling excessive smoke, Mobile Task Force Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters") units are to be summoned, and any other personnel are to be evacuated from the containment area.

Description: SCP-3990 is a 1.8 m cube made of a highly durable mahogany-like material. Each side of SCP-3990 is etched with a black symbol of unknown origin. The top and western sides of the cube share four 170-cm long openings resembling lacerations. These openings reveal the interior of SCP-3990 to contain flames despite having no obvious source of fuel or ignition.

SCP-3990's entire mass can be observed to expand and contract over a period of approximately 7.8 seconds. This cycle appears to be a form of respiration. Upon "exhalation", SCP-3990 releases large quantities of smoke through its openings.

When human beings enter a 12 meter radius of SCP-3990, the symbols on SCP-3990's sides emit light in the visible spectrum of a yellow wavelength for a time period varying from 5 seconds to 42 minutes; this signifies the initiation of an active state. Humans having entered this radius are henceforth referred to as SCP-3990-2. Once SCP-3990's symbols stop emitting light, one or more of SCP-3990's openings will release copious amounts of smoke and an instance of SCP-3990-3.

SCP-3990-3 is an extremely hostile being grossly resembling one of SCP-3990-2's "worst fears." SCP-3990-3 possesses immediate knowledge of SCP-3990-2's location regardless of the circumstances, and will pursue SCP-3990-2 until found.

Should SCP-3990-2 cooperate, it will be led by SCP-3990-3 to SCP-3990-1. However, should SCP-3990-2 resist the entity, SCP-3990-3 will become hostile and aggressive toward the victim until SCP-3990-2 is terminated.

If SCP-3990-2 returns to SCP-3990-1, it and SCP-3990-3 will enter the cube through one of the anomaly's available openings. Both will remain inside the anomaly for approximately 1 minute. Following this, SCP-3990-2 will re-emerge, no longer possessing the fear previously embodied by SCP-3990-3.

It has been suggested that the Foundation make use of SCP-3990 to train staff members, particularly Mobile Task Force personnel. This proposal is currently pending review.

Document #3990-01: A definitive list documenting SCP-3990-3's form in correspondence to SCP-3990-2's fears is listed below.

Acrophobia: SCP-3990-3 takes the form of a floating, metallic, humanoid being weighing 226.8 kilograms. Upon manifesting, SCP-3990-3 will manipulate the gravitational pull of earth within a 70 meter radius until the downward force has turned 90 degrees.

Arachnophobia: SCP-3990-3 takes the form of a large anthropoid creature coated by some form of viscus flammable liquid resembling black oil.

Athazagoraphobia: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Atychiphobia: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Claustrophobia: SCP-3990-3 takes the form of a large black mass of viscus liquid approximately 24 meters in circumference. 1 square meter of SCP-3990-3 weighs approximately 21.7 kilograms making containment nearly impossible.

Glossophobia: SCP-3990-3 takes the form of approximately 60,000 ant like creatures the size and shape of regular ants. When pursuing SCP-3990-2, SCP-3990-3 will let out various vocal cries at approximately 122 decibels resembling laughter.

Hemophobia: SCP-3990-3 takes the form of a humanoid entity with no skin or muscle tissues. This lack of an epidermis causes SCP-3990-3 to excrete approximately 1.7 liters of blood every second.

Hydrophobia: SCP-3990-3 takes the form of a plesiosaur like animal measuring 9 meters from head to tail. Upon manifesting, SCP-3990-3 will immediately vomit an intermediate amount of murky water until SCP-3990-3's vicinity has been filled.

SCP-3990-3 in its hydrophobic form.

Hypochondriasis: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Monophobia: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Nyctophobia: SCP-3990-3 takes the form of a small gaseous black organism of unknown density or weight. Upon manifesting, SCP-3990-3 will emit an extremely powerful electro-magnetic pulse covering an approximately 90 meter radius.

Pyrophobia: SCP-3990-3 takes the form of a humanoid basalt statue constantly excreting molten stone and iron.

Trypophobia: SCP-3990-3 takes the form of a large worm like creature approximately 5.6 meters in length. The epidermis of this form excretes acidic liquid that burns clustered holes into solid surfaces.

Interviewed: [D-4837]

Interviewer: [Dr.██████]

Foreword: [D-4837 is an individual that has been successfully used in SCP-3990 testing 9 separate times. Upon emerging from SCP-3990 for the 4th time, D-4837 began undergoing several behavioral shifts, appearing more sagacious, placid, and tranquil despite being previously sociopathic. Upon emerging for the 6th time, D-4837 appeared to show highly philosophical and solicitous outlooks on life and his previous actions.]

<Begin Log,>

Dr.██████: What was it like when you were first confronted by SCP-3990-3?

D-4837: It was like… standing on a river log, facing upstream… watching as a stampede of debris comes crashing towards you.

Dr.██████: What was it like inside SCP-3990?

D-4837: At first, it was like being in quicksand, I thought I was going to die, but then I stopped thinking and I noticed I wasn't sinking. All of a sudden, what was once fire and flames, became like walking through a beautiful Pasteur.

Dr.██████: What do you think about your past?

D-4837: (Sigh) My sins have stemmed from intimidating plagues. Things that plague an awful number of people, wouldn't you say? Deep down, we are all afraid of either the horrors that fight us, or the horrors that we are. I deeply regret the sins of my past, and I wish I could be forgiven for them, but I guess that's the nature of our world.

Dr.██████: What do you mean?

D-4837: There are two types of people in this world: those who are horrified, and those who are horrifying. Only by realizing our own fear, can we realize the horrors that we inflict on others.

<End Log,>

On ██/██/██, SCP-3990-1 began to make vocalizations, attempting to speak with the project lead. MTF were summoned, and an interview was conducted (seen below.)

Interviewed: [SCP-3990-1]

Interviewer: [Dr.██████]

<Begin Log,>

[D-2348 walks into the containment cell carrying a rod microphone.]

SCP-3990: (Coughing), hello?

Dr.██████: Hello? (pauses) 3990?

SCP-3990: 3990? I must say, its quite the title, (pauses) but that's not what I'd like to discuss (cough).

Dr.██████: What would you like to discuss then?

SCP-3990: Why (cough) am I here?

Dr.██████: (pauses) well you were quite dangerous where you were. Do you know who we are?

SCP-3990: (Coughing) I know many things about you people, but I doubt that's what you're referring to. I believe you're (cough) referring to the organization that runs this facility, yes?

Dr.██████: Yes, we are the SCP foundation. We contain anything we deem to be dangerous to the public. Your previous location was rather exposed, and posed a threat to many lives.

SCP-3990: Hmm, (cough) smart. Would you forgive me for the lives I have taken away? (coughing)

Dr.██████: (Pauses) I suppose. Would you mind if we asked you a few questions first?

SCP-3990: Go ahead.

Dr.██████: You claim to know a lot about 'us people' what do you mean?

SCP-3990: Humans (coughing).

Dr.██████: And how do you know so much about us?

SCP-3990: Every time I see them(cough), every time they are enlightened by me, I learn so much.

Dr.██████: What's your opinion on humans?

SCP-3990: They are very beautiful creatures (coughing), but they are very timid. I wish to help them.

Dr.██████: When you say you help them, you mean (pauses) when you purge them of their fears?

SCP-3990: Yes, fear blinds almost all of us does it not?

Dr.██████: (Pauses) do you have fears?

SCP-3990: (sigh) I fear that those who trial their fears, are taken by them. I almost can't bear to watch.

Dr.██████: How exactly are you… sane?

SCP-3990: "Hmm, I have seen any people. I have seen their fear. (Coughing) I have learned so much from the fear and enlightenment of humans. First I smelt their fear, then it flew to me and it manifested like a demon (cough), but then they would come back to me, and the foul smell of fear would cremate and be forgotten. It brings me to tears."

Dr.██████: Do you control these (pauses) "demons?"

SCP-3990: No, (cough) who am I to command someone else's fear?

<End Log,>

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