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EuclidSCP-3990 Box of HellRate: -34

Item #: SCP-3990

Object Class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-3990 is contained within a 50 meter circumference steel cell. Any instances of SCP-3990-2 are to be evacuated from site ██ if possible. No humans are to come within 50 meters of SCP-3990 at any time excluding tests. At no point may any personnel known to have acrophobia or nyctophobia be allowed within 60 meters of SCP-3990. Any instance of SCP-3990-3 are to be terminated on sight. If at any time aside from testing SCP-3990 enters an active state; Mobile Task Force units are to be summoned and any other personnel are to be evacuated.

Description: SCP-3990 is a 1x1x2 meter structure of a highly resilient mahogany-like materiel. Each side of SCP-3990 adorn ritualistic symbols of unknown culture burned into the material. SCP-3990's entire mass expands and deflates at approximately 2.8 second intervals in an action similar to breathing, implying some form of life. Openings of SCP-3990 reveal the interior to contain flames despite not having a source of fuel or ignition.
SCP-3990 is highly resistant to physical trauma and capable of regenerating its entire mass in under 2 hours. Successful attempts to break/open the exterior structure of SCP-3990 by force will result in a massive explosion of flames and an unknown acidic liquid. When this explosion occurs; SCP-3990's interior will let out a vocal cry resembling intense pain and primal screams. During the regeneration of SCP-3990; SCP-3990's interior will vocalize an in-locatable wheezing sound until regeneration has completed.
When human beings enter a 45 meter radius of SCP-3990, the symbols on SCP-3990's sides will glow bright yellow for between 5 seconds and 42 minutes; initiating an active state. Humans having entered this radius are referred to as SCP-3990-2. Once SCP-3990's symbols stop glowing; one or more of SCP-3990's mahogany sides will open releasing an instance of SCP-3990-3.
SCP-3990-3 is an anomalous being grossly resembling one of SCP-3990-2's worst fears. SCP-3990-3 posses immediate knowledge of SCP-3990-2's location regardless of the circumstances, and will hunt down SCP-3990-2 until found. SCP-3990-3 is extremely hostile towards humans and animals aside from SCP-3990-2.
If SCP-3990-2 surrenders his/her life; then SCP-3990-3 will lead SCP-3990-2 towards SCP-3990. If however; SCP-3990-2 does not surrender; then SCP-3990-3 will attack SCP-3990-2 until either terminated or SCP-3990-3 is killed. Once SCP-3990-2 has been led back to SCP-3990; SCP-3990-2 and SCP-3990-3 will enter one or more of the sides for approximately 1 minute. After which; SCP-3990-2 will re-emerge no longer possessing the fear of whatever SCP-3990-3 embodies. SCP-3990-3 will decompose and vanish immediately once SCP-3990-2 has been terminated.

Addendum: A definitive list documenting SCP-3990-3's form in correspondence to SCP-3990-2's fears is listed below.

Arachnophobia: SCP-3990-3 transforms into a large anthropoid creature coated by some form of viscus flammable liquid resembling black oil.

Trypophobia: SCP-3990-3 transforms into a large worm like creature approximately 5.6 meters in length. The epidermis of this form excretes acidic liquid that burns clustered holes into solid surfaces.

Claustrophobia: SCP-3990-3 transforms into a large black mass of viscus liquid approximately 24 meters in circumference. 1 square meter of SCP-3990-3 weighs approximately 21.7 kilograms making containment nearly impossible.

Hemophobia: SCP-3990-3 transforms into a humanoid entity with no skin or muscles. This lack of an epidermis causes SCP-3990-3 to excrete approximately 1.7 liters of blood every second.

Hydrophobia: SCP-3990-3 transforms into a plesiosaur like animal measuring 9 meters from head to tail. Upon this transformation; SCP-3990-3 will immediately vomit several liters of murky water until SCP-3990-3's vicinity has been filled.

Nyctophobia: SCP-3990-3 transforms into a small gaseous black organism of unknown density or weight. Upon transformation; SCP-3990-3 will emit an extremely powerful electro-magnetic pulse covering an approximately 90 meter radius.

Pyrophobia: SCP-3990-3 transforms into a humanoid basalt statue constantly excreting molten stone and iron.

Glossophobia: SCP-3990-3 transforms into approximately 60,000 ant like creatures the size and shape of regular ants. When hunting for SCP-3990-2; SCP-3990-3 will let out various vocal cries at approximately 122 decibels resembling laughter.

Acrophobia: SCP-3990-3 transforms into a floating metallic humanoid being weighing 226.8 kilograms. Upon transformation; SCP-3990-3 will manipulate the gravitational pull of earth until gravity is sideways causing all moveable objects to fall down hallways.

SCP-3990 was discovered by foundation agents from ██████ ████ warehouse after several missing persons reports were filed. Mobile Task Force units proceeded to raid the warehouse, discovering 9 hostile instances of SCP-3990-3. 8 SCP-3990-2 subjects were found chained from the ceiling within a room containing SCP-3990. SCP-3990-3 1-8 were terminated by MTF units while SCP-3990-3 9 was captured for interviewing and classified as SCP-3990-3-B.

Interviewed: [SCP-3990-3-B]

Interviewer: [Dr.█████]

Foreword: [Attempt to discover reasoning for SCP-3990-3-B's existence despite not being linked to any instance of SCP-3990-2]

<Begin Log, [May 12th 20██]>

Dr.█████: [Who are you?]

SCP-3990-3-B: [Who? I am no… 'who.' I have not any name… although some have titled me 'the master']

Dr.█████: [Who has given you this title?]

SCP-3990-3-B: [My followers. Not many of them survived the enlightenment. They are few and far between]

Dr.█████: [What is this 'enlightenment' you speak of]

SCP-3990-3-B: [I can bring those of troublesome nature to a glorious freedom. A freedom that no man could have possibly dreamt of until this day. On the other hand… some wish to stay enchained, spoon fed like an infant in a cage; unaware to the possibilities beyond.]

Dr.█████: [what is your purpose?]

SCP-3990-3-B: [I am the messiah… destined to bring freedom and enlightenment to mankind's fallen ways]

Dr.█████: [How was SCP-3990 created?]

SCP-3990-3-B: [I am SCP-3990. I was with it fo-[unintelligible]]

<End Log>

Closing Statement: [Interview cut short due to containment breach in site ██]

Due to SCP-3990's ability to relieve subjects of fears; debates have been arranged discussing the use of SCP-3990 to train staff members, particularly Mobile Task Force personnel. Although these debates have yet to be concluded.

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