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Item #: SCP-3996

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3996-1 is to be held in a standard humanoid containment cell. They are allowed to leave their containment cell with an escort. They are to be visited by a therapist once a month to assess their condition. SCP-3996-1 has requested the following items:

  • A regular supply of novels, preferably in the genre of fantasy or science-fiction (Permitted).
  • A small kitten (Denied).
  • Art supplies and paper (Permitted).

SCP-3996-2 is to be held in a standard humanoid containment cell. SCP-3996-2 is to be visited by a therapist twice a week to assess their condition1. Frequent visits by SCP-3996-1 to SCP-3996-2 are mandated in order to improve SCP-3996-2's mental state.

It should be noted that while SCP-3996-1's containment is voluntary, SCP-3996-2's containment is not, and attempts at containment breaches are possible. These are considered unlikely to succeed without SCP-3996-1's cooperation.

Description: SCP-3996 refers to the following two humanoids:

  • SCP-3996-1 is a Caucasian female, with the appearance of a 14-year-old. Based on genetic tests, SCP-3996-1 appears to be the sister of SCP-3996-2, despite not appearing in any governmental records. SCP-3996-1 has been noted for their cooperation with Foundation staff, their "friendly" demeanour, and an interest in writing and drawing. For further details on the nature of SCP-3996-1 and their origins, please see Interview Log 3996-1.
  • SCP-3996-2 is a 46-year-old Caucasian male. SCP-3996-2 was a biologist at Columbia University prior to containment, specialising in neurology; they had been particularly noted for their work on treatments for Alzheimer's disease. SCP-3996-2 is known to have had links to Prometheus Labs, although their involvement with any aspects of the organisation seems to have ended in 1998, when the company was dissolved. SCP-3996-2 has been noted for having a "cold" demeanour, rarely displaying outward emotion.

SCP-3996-1 and SCP-3996-2 possess the anomalous ability to experience each other's emotions. This ability is intensified if the two are in close proximity to one another. It is frequently used by one of them to anticipate the actions of the other, which has proved to be a useful aid in containment.

SCP-3996 was first discovered on 20/06/2016, when the Foundation was contacted by SCP-3996-1. SCP-3996-1 voluntarily entered custody, and willingly aided the Foundation in SCP-3996-2's containment.

Interviewed: SCP-3996-1

Interviewer: Dr. Maria F██████

Foreword: This interview was conducted 21/06/2016, shortly after SCP-3996's containment.

<Begin Log>

Dr. F██████: Hello, SCP-3996-1. How are you feeling today? Are your quarters to your satisfaction?

SCP-3996-1: Do you have to call me that? I have a name, you know.

Dr. F██████: I'm sorry; it's standard procedure. Questioning it is above my pay grade, I'm afraid.

SCP-3996-1: Alright, I guess I understand. And my room's OK, thanks. A bit boring, though. Not much to do.

Dr. F██████: Well, we'll talk to Agent Nichols on the way back. He should be able to make things a bit less dull in there. Now, what can you tell me about your brother?

SCP-3996-1: Not much. He kinda keeps himself to himself. He goes to work, then usually comes home and does boring stuff. Work, usually, or taxes. If he's really got nothing to do, he does little logic puzzles. He makes me nice food, though. Sometimes I get him to play a game with me. He likes chess. He used to like poetry- I found some of it, from years and years ago. It's good.

Dr. F██████: I see. Why do you think he is like this?

SCP-3996-1: I don't know. He just doesn't like people, or being friendly. The only person he's ever nice to is me. I can feel what he's thinking, you see.

Dr. F██████: We know.

SCP-3996-1: Oh, yeah, of course. Those tests. Well, it's usually pretty, um, grey in there. Beige. He doesn't feel very much. I have to prod him sometimes to get him to feel anything. It's sad. I don't want my brother to be unhappy.

Dr. F██████: Was he always like this?

SCP-3996-1: As far back as I can remember, yeah. It's not always bad. Sometimes I can make him feel stuff, and he's happy again. Or sad, but that's better than nothing at all. That's why I called you guys, you see. I thought maybe you could help.

Dr. F██████: Well, we will see what we can do. How did you discover our organisation, by the way?

SCP-3996-1: … I went through his drawer. P-please don't tell him. He doesn't like people looking through his stuff. There's all this stuff about serpents and Prometheus and some university I've never heard of. Don't you people know this already?

Dr. F██████: We thought as much, yes. We just had to confirm it. Don't worry; we won't tell him.

SCP-3996-1: O-ok. Thanks.

Dr. F██████: Just one more thing- we can't find any details about you in any documentation, census records, that kind of thing. Do you know why that is?

SCP-3996-1: I… I don't know. I'm sorry; I can't remember that far back. I have- well, my brother calls it by some fancy science name, but it's basically like amnesia. I can't remember very far back. From when I was about, um, 10 or so.

Dr. F██████: …I see. What is your earliest memory, then?

SCP-3996-1: Um. It's more a dream. It's hard to explain, though. Like- I remember this white room, and being strapped to a bed. My brother was screaming, I think… I wasn't quite… whole. It was… it was like…

Dr. F██████: Like what?

SCP-3996-1: Like being…part of him. But then not. Like I was being, I don't know, kicked out. It… hurt. In the gut. You know?

Dr. F██████: …I do. I think we should end it there for today. Thank you, SC- Sally.

SCP-3996-1: O-ok. Um…

Dr. F██████: Yes?

SCP-3996-1: Can-can you fix him? It's just that- the effect I have on him has been going away. It's getting harder to make him feel stuff. As I get older. I try to get him to- all he ever says is that I should "put away these childish things". He says it's better to be pure. Like he is now. I worry that he won't be able to feel anything at all, soon.

Dr. F██████: …We'll do what we can. Whatever we can. I-I'm sorry, Sally.

<End Log>

Interviewed: SCP-3996-2

Interviewer: Dr. Maria F██████

Foreword: This interview was conducted 21/06/2016, shortly after SCP-3996's containment.

<Begin Log>

Dr. F██████: Hello, SCP-3996-2. Are your… quarters satisfactory?

SCP-3996-2: They are adequate. I wish to be released to return to my work.

Dr. F██████: I'm afraid that's not possible right now. We have some questions for you.

SCP-3996-2: Very well. I presume they concern my sister, and that you have deduced what she is.

Dr. F██████: Yeah, we have. Why did you do it?

SCP-3996-2: Because I was impure. Because my childhood was a distraction. It needed to be gone, so I made a form for it, and gave it its own life. It can grow up in its own time, now.

I was not efficient enough. I was not dedicated enough to the work. Petty concerns consumed me. So I banished them.

Dr. F██████: That child doesn't even know who she is. What she is. Didn't you think that maybe it was… wrong? Selfish?

SCP-3996-2: Selfish? My work is important. My work could save the lives of thousands- perhaps millions. The unnecessary parts now have a form of their own. They can write poetry and draw and perform other such irrelevance elsewhere. I am now free and unfettered. It's a mutually beneficient arrangement that suits everybody. All that matters is the striving.

Dr. F██████: …You know she loves you, right? Cares about you?

SCP-3996-2: Her pity is unnecessary. She should utilise her talents elsewhere. I have no need for a caretaker; I have a job to perform, and I would like to return to it.

Dr. F██████: Again, not gonna happen.

SCP-3996-2: Then I am afraid that this interview is at an end, doctor.

<SCP-3996-2 was unresponsive to further questioning.>

<End Log>

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