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Item #: SCP-3997
Object Class: Euclid Is it Keter?
Special Containment Prodcedures: SCP-3997 is to be contained in the four (4) by four (4) by two (2) meter square cell comprised of titanium it was discovered in. Under no circumstances should any personnel place a mirror into the containment cell of SCP-3997. :) There is to be no form of optical equipment within the containment cell. Lights in the containment cell of SCP-3997 are to be off at all times without exception. SCP-3997 is to be left alone at all times.

Description: Due to the nature of SCP-3997, it is unable to be witnessed, as direct eye contact triggers it's anomalous effect, but evidenced with reports from now deceased Class-D and personnel, coupled with it's anomalous effect, suggests SCP-3997 is the "ancient titan of Greek Mythology", commonly known as Medusa. SCP-3997 is often described as a five (5) foot tall woman clothed in ancient garments of unknown composition, with live green serpents in place of hair. SCP-3997's vocalizations are of the average female human, with raspy with heavy lisp. For some reason, any verbal reference of SCP-3997 will be said with a smile on their face. This is unexpected, as SCP-3997 is extremely villainous in nature. This is assumed to be an effect of SCP-3997. This effect was not expected to exist upon testing, as no records of this is found in any of recorded versions of the oral and written folk stories of Greek mythology. Perhaps this effect did not survive to be told in the modern stories, as this happens when stories are told from generation to generation.

Upon direct eye contact with SCP-3997, subjects will be slowly transformed to rough stone, starting from the toes up to the head. The process takes 20-30 seconds and is painless. Instead, subjects report mild discomfort and pressure being applied to where the parts of the body transformed to stone are. Since subjects still reported feeling in in the stone-transformed part of their body, this suggests subjects fully transformed to stone are still alive. Subjects fully transformed to stone are now referred to as SCP-3997-1.

When eye contact is broken with instances of SCP-3997-1, they are capable of enhanced locomotion, very similar to SCP-173, Although SCP-3997-1 instances are not hostile like SCP-173.

If you are reading this keep reading. Afterwards, send this to O5. SCP-3997 IS NOT MEDUSA, and I can't describe it. It is anti-memetic. I hope that got through. After thousands of hours of research, it's memetic effect wore off on me. To an extent. What it is, is a beautiful fairy that prances around and steals your cereal :). Goddamnit. See? that's what it does. It's impossible to describe because it is an exotic painting of your mother :). PEOPLE ARE CALLING ME CRAZY, AND THEY DAMN WELL KNOW I AM WITH THIS BULLSHIT THAT'S HAPPENING. I can do this, it'll just take a while before I can figure out how to explain this object to you. Take a look at my attempts at explaining it. a smiley (:)) always appears right? That is it's anomalous effect? Questions work? Wow! Alright, whenever I ask a question, treat it as a statement instead of a question. That bypasses it's effect. I hope. I described it as both "A beautiful fairy that prances around and steals your cereal", and "An exotic painting of your mother". Is it like SCP-055, but instead of information about it's existence only leaking out of the human mind, it replaces it with random false memories? YES! IN YOUR FACE YOU Dr. Hughes incredibly small penis :)

Motherfucker has a sense of humor, huh? Also, I have a question for you: After every false memory replacement of any reference to SCP-3997, does it always contain a smiley? Take a look at the false Medusa document. It's there. Somewhere. And whenever you address it verbally,

It will be said with a smile on their face.

This adds up with the random smileys in written form. It's not Medusa's effect, it's the true SCP-3997?

If you believe this is all some hoax, look at the special containment procedures. How the fuck does no one question the fact that we just so happened to discover FUCKING MEDUSA in a containment cell in Site-19? I will tell you right now exactly what it is. EXACTLY. In question form of course. Remember: I will tell you what it is, in the form of a question, because asking a question bypasses it's anti-memetic effect? Okay. Here it is:

  • SCP-3997 is a █ dimensional object?
  • SCP-3997 is sentient and has a sense of humor?
  • SCP-3997 looks like two hypercube/tesseracts overlapping and mirroring eachother?
  • SCP-3997 likes to be left alone? (Take a look at some of the requirements for the false containment procedures)
  • After SCP-3997 is viewed, do the subjects leave with a random false memory replacing the memory of viewing the object? For example, Subject walks in, views SCP-3997 in its true form, subject leaves. Subject attempts to recall memory of what they just viewed (SCP-3997) and, instead of remembering viewing SCP-3997, they "remember" viewing a knife wielding schoolbus?
  • When referencing SCP-3997 in written or typed form, does the false memory somewhere contain a smiley (:))?
  • Is SCP-3997 a Keter class object, because it possesses the ability to manipulate it's containment procedures?
  • When referencing SCP-3997 in verbal form, does the individual informing the false memory always have a smile on their face?

Dear God, I did it. now I can fucking rest.

-Dr. Hughes

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