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SCP-414 - Welcoming Doormat
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Item #: SCP-414

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-414 is to be kept rolled up in a standard secure item locker. The key and combination are kept by Dr. Ziegler.

Description: SCP-414 is a 44 x 69 cm cotton/raffia Berber loop doormat. Its surface is mostly beige, with the word "Welcome" printed with large type in its center and surrounded by a border of fallen leaves in various shades of green. It is model #23 in a widely distributed series ("Doorsteppers") produced by the former Housemates plc of Dover, Delaware. Several SCP personnel have noted owning very similar, or even the same, model as SCP-414. However, none of the specimens tested have so far shown the anomalous properties of SCP-414.

SCP-414 does not display any anomalous property unless placed in front of a house''s front door (experimentation has demonstrated that duplexes and similar setups can also trigger the effects). When someone wipes their feet on it, whether or not they have knocked beforehand, or even whether the door has been answered, the occupants will immediately treat them like an old friend they have known for years, even if that is impossible, and invite them to stay for "dinner" (regardless of the time of the day). This will occur regardless of the conservation or occupation state of the building. No matter the activities of the family prior to the visitor wiping their feet, they will immediately present as an average American family able to relate to the visitor, and the food will be appropriate for everyone present in case of allergies or specific distastes. Even when the occupants were, for example, intensely busy performing heavy construction work, having sex, or similar activities, it will not be detectable on them.

The visitor will also feel welcome and inclined to accept the food, no matter their prior dispositions or goals when entering. No person in the house affected directly will willingly perform any violent act, although this does not preclude acts being performed on third parties, and will forego any action that they originally planned to perform in favor of the casual dinner. The "occupants" do not always match the known owners. In many instances SCP-414''s effects have summoned "extra" relatives such as children or parents so the visitor is greeted by a complete nuclear or extended family unit. Similarly, the occupants of an empty house do not necessarily match the actual owners, though they usually do. The reason for this occurring in only some cases has not been elucidated, and any patterns in the nature of these changes have yet to be found.

Only one visitor is ever admitted. Any other persons present at the door are simply ignored. Attempts to enter will be met as if one were a home invader, with matching consequences. Once the visitor is greeted away, the occupants will either seemingly disappear if the house was empty, or completely forget about the event, even though previous activities may have been interrupted. These statements of ignorance have been confirmed by polygraph.

Should a second person wipe their feet while one is still inside, they will be welcome just as expected, but the original visitor will be nowhere in sight. The first visitor will eventually be found in a normal location and state to have absolutely no knowledge of having participated or being due to participate in any SCP-414 experiment.

SCP-414 was discovered after an incident in █████████, Louisiana, where the arrest of a serial killer ended with the death of a police officer when police were attacked by both the killer and family members. Foundation investigations indicate that the criminal attempted a home invasion and was trying to get rid of a chewing gum wad when he triggered SCP-414''s effect. Despite their pleas to amnesia, both parents were incarcerated for murder and aiding a criminal.

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