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Item #: SCP-4802

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4802 is to be kept in an air tight box 2 m x 4 m made out of tungsten. The walls of the box should be at least 4 meters thick. The containment box of SCP-4802 should be at least 50 meters away from any site at the depth of 20 meters minimum and to be monitored via infrared cameras from above ground. Anyone going through the field of SCP-4802 must be aware about its affects on electronics before hand. Any signs of the walls of the box being cracked/broken are to be fixed as soon as possible. In the case of SCP-4802 escaping the box and reaching the surface a group of 25 or more site personnel armed with high caliber weaponry and sedatives are to be dispatched to re-contain SCP-4802 and put it in a temporary containment cell made out of tungsten until the original containment box of SCP-4802 is fixed.

Description: SCP-4802 is a humanoid creature, roughly 3.7 meters high, possessing deeply dark short hairs through its entire body made of an unknown substance. It is currently unknown if these hairs help SCP-4802 conduct and generate electricity. The creature seems to possess the intelligence of a basic human, being spotted to try opening doors. The full intelligence of SCP-4802 is unknown. The feet of SCP-4802 are round resembling elephant feet. Thought closer inspection of the creatures features are impossible due to it being highly aggressive and the hairs being very hard to cut off its body. The creature possesses four fingers on each hand witch have a neon blue color to them. Though the creature does not posses any orifices it has been heard many times to scream, grow, roar, respond to sound and smell.

SCP-4802 seems to have some sort of electricity manipulation as it has been seen to generate large amounts of electricity. The creature has been recorded to release set electricity through its hands, witch has the temperature of 2500 degrees Celsius. Whether or not the neon blue fingers help it do this is yet unknown. The creature also possesses an electromagnetic field around it in the area of 50 m x 20 m. Any electronic devices within this field break down making them useless. It is due to this no close or high quality photo of SCP-4802 is possible.

If SCP-4802 is outside the creature can attract large amounts of clouds, it then electrically charges set clouds to create a thunderstorm. The thunderstorms of SCP-4802 seem to posses anomalous electric and magnetic effects. The storm also possesses an electromagnetic field just like SCP-4802, causing large amounts of electronics to be destroyed within the storm. The lightning bolts of the thunderstorm reach temperatures of 40000 degrees Celsius. Its been recorded that lightning occurs 6 times more frequently in the thunderstorms of SCP-4802 than normal thunderstorms.
SCP-4802 seems to be able to aim where these lightning strikes occur within the storm. If a lightning bolt of the storm hits SCP-4802 the creature becomes ██████ and ███ ███████ ███████ of SCP-4802 █████ ██████. The effects of this can last anywhere between 5 minutes and 1 hour after being hit.

Discovery: The earliest sightings of SCP-4802 date back to the year 1204 in Vietnam. The origins of the creatures existence and its appearance in Vietnam is currently unknown. The earliest record of SCP-4802 in the modern time was made in 1996 by Vietnamese farmers who described "A pitch black creature roaming the jungles". In 1998 it was confirmed by the foundation of the existence of SCP-4802 and research on it began. The first attempt to capture and contain SCP-4802 was in 1999 with a team of 15 men. During the attempt 7 of the men died and 4 were injured. The next attempt came in 2001 with 17 men. The entire team was killed by SCP-4802 after they lost communication with the foundation. The last and successful attempt to capture SCP-4802 came in 2002, after more research was conducted on it.
A team of 20 men lead by J. █████ was dispatched to capture the creature. After J. █████ requested reinforcements the creature was finally contained and relocated to site-██.

Addendum 4802-1
After SCP-4802 breached containment from its cell on 7th of April 2003. A team of 22 men were ordered to re-contain the creature. During the breach SCP-4802 showed basic intelligence by picking up a key card from a dead staff member to try open a door before resorting to using its lightning bolts. During the re-containment of SCP-4802 6 of the men died and one of the men's arm was heavily damaged by SCP-4802.
After the creature was sedated and put back in its cell it was decided to contain SCP-4802 in an air tight box of tungsten far enough from any electronics so its field wouldn't effect them and close enough for the foundation to re-contain it, should it breach containment once again.

Date: 8th of May 2002
Interviewed: J. █████
Interviewer: Dr. ████
Dr. ████ : Could you describe what happened during the containment attempt of SCP-4802?
J. █████: Ught… Fine… My team was called in for a containment mission from site-██. We didn't think much of it since we had experienced small containment breached. So we thought we'd be fine. God were we wrong…
Dr. ████: Describe what happened when you encountered SCP-4802.
J. █████: Well one of my men, Tom Higgs, saw the thing. We split up into two groups. One to distract it and one to administer the sedatives… Then it all went to shit.. The others were ready to fire the tranquilizers at the thing and we were ready to shoot it if it didn't work. Well it didn't work…
Dr. ████: How so?
J. █████: Well they fired at the thing but it didn't pierce its hide or hair or whatever that thing had. It turned around at shot a fucking lightning bolt at the group. My group started shooting at the thing but it didn't do anything. I shouted at them to run and take cover, then the fucking thing heard us and started attacking us. We used everything we had. We ran, we shot, nothing worked and our fucking radios stopped working. 7 men from my group died then. Afterwards what remained of my group met up with the second group. There was only 8 of us left in total.
Dr. ████: Is that when you decided to call in back up?
J. █████: Yes. Our radios started to work after a while and we decided to call for back up. Another team of 15 men arrived. The team had 4 snipers on them. I was sure those things could hurt the thing. I mean it did, but not much. Anyway we tracked the thing down again in about 20 minutes. We came up with a plan to shoot the things legs if the tranquilizers didn't work to make it easier.
Dr. ████: Tell me what happened when you attacked it.
J. █████: We didn't attack it.. The thing saw us. It immediately shot at us and took one of the snipers. We immediately took positions. Like before the tranks didn't pierce it. We ended up shooting its legs. The sniper rifles seemed to damage that thing as it seemed hurt after the first few shots.
Dr. ████: How many shots?
J. █████: I don't know maybe 3 or 4?
Dr. ████: Hmmm. Okay carry on.
J. █████: Although the rifles hurt the thing it didn't seem to do much damage. Then the snipers decided to switch to explosive rounds and that did some good damage. I could see bits of the creatures flesh fly off its body after the first shot. After witch a fucking storm appeared. I don't know if it was the creature doing that or bad luck but it didn't help at all.
Dr. ████: It was SCP-4802 doing that. It's a property we didn't get to see before your teams expedition.
J. █████: You spend all that time researching this thing and didn't know about it? You send 2 other fucking team to contain it and you still didn't know about it?
Dr. ████: Mister █████ the other teams did not damage the creature much and it did not have any treats or reasons to do so in the wild before you arrived. Now carry on with that happened.
J. █████: Fine. After another round of shots to its leg i could see a chunk of flesh missing from its left leg. About the size of my fist was missing. And after that….. Lightning struck the thing… Then it all went down hill. The creature started to emit some sort of ██████ and its ████████ ███ ███████. The snipers all went down during that. It was then that Higgs decided to shoot the tranks at the thing. He almost got it in the wound. The creature luckily didn't notice that. So he loaded up another shot and hit the things flesh wound. He noticed that and he.. He killed Higgs…
Dr. ████: Did anything else happen during the time until the creature was brought to site-██?
J. █████: Nothing i can think of. Oh there was one thing. While we were transporting the creature its wound was warm. And I don't mean like slightly warm, it was very warm. And i could see bits of flesh starting to grow around it.
Dr. ████: Interesting. Well thank you for your cooperation for the interview mister █████.

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