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UnknownSCP-3541 "The Phage"Rate: -10

Item #: SCP-3541

Object Class: Truter (Described At Bottom)

Special Containment Procedures: 24/7 maximum security watch in an underground bunker thousands of feet underground. It is 5 feet long, 5 feet wide, and five feet high. It must be made entirely from concrete. Inside the containment center will be 2 tazer turrets that are programmed to shoot any organism that moves. SCP-3541 must be kept in a tube 3 in high with a diameter of 1 cm made of reinforced bulletproof glass. All access to it has been cut off and under no circumstances may anyone come into contact with SCP-3541. Ever! For if any organism would come into contact with SCP-3541, it could mean the end of the world.

Description: SCP-3541, aka "The Phage", is a variant of a bacteriophage. It holds a great resemblence to SCP-371 both sub-species of the bacteriophage. The only differences is that instead of targeting only bacteria… it targets all life. It is also airborn and can spread like the common cold. It is a heavily mutated virus that effects both animals and plants (and other living things). If an animal gets infected it will get a fever and feel drained for 5 days. During this time the virus can still infect other organisms and SCP-3541 injects the organism with its DNA and copies of SCP-3541 are created. After 5 days the organism will begin to have seizures. At this point the copies are injecting the organism with a chemical that gives seizures. After the seizures the organism pops killing the host and releasing the new SCP-3541.

For plants it is a bit different. The plant starts to wilt. This is where the SCP-3541 injects its DNA and makes copies of itself. Then the stem and leaves of the plant start to become bloated. That is because of the chemical reacting to the vacuoles and bloating the plant. Then the vacuoles burst killing the plant and releasing a spore like virus once again.

The first case found was in 19█ when Canadian paramedics were called to a cabin and were told of the symptoms and the seizures and as they were loading the man in the ambulance, he popped right in front of them. Five days later the paramedics died the same way. After further reports and examination they found it was a bacteriophage like virus. After a 10 year epidemic in Canada and the northern US, killing millions of people, they finally were barely able to contain it.

If anyone or anything enters SCP-3541's containment center, it will be electrocuted and will keep being electrocuted until it leaves the vicinity. If the vile is somehow broken or removed a thermobaric bomb will be detonated in a last resort to contain SCP-3541 if all else fails to make sure it never comes into contact with anything.

Truter: A SCP with a truter object class can easily cause an end-of-the-world scenario, but is unable to break out of its containment center by itself. The first SCP to contain a truter object class is SCP-3541.

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