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EuclidSCP-646 Birth WormRate: 128
SCP-646 - Birth Worm
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Mucus scraped from SCP-646.

Item #: SCP-646

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-646 is kept in a customized Containment Unit 9277 in Bio-Site 66. The floor is to be rinsed daily, and drain grates are to be checked weekly for buildup.  

Personnel are to wash SCP-646 once every two weeks with warm water and gentle scrubbing tools. Basic Low-Hazard decontamination showers are to be performed by personnel after this wash.

Subject does not seem to require sustenance; a daily serving of 10 kilograms high-quality edible material is allotted to promote (relative) activity.

All species of offspring are to be examined and logged. If any presiding Researchers identify offspring they deem worthy of further research, personnel are to follow appropriate protocols. All unwanted offspring are to be immediately destroyed.

Description: SCP-646 is a large, translucent grey, bloated creature measuring roughly 5.6 meters in length, weighing between 3400 and 3700 kilograms. At one end of its body is the approximation of a torso, with a prominent ribcage and a wide, round head. Seven sets of three-jointed limbs are located evenly spaced down the front of the body; a long series of udder-like organs are located between these limbs. The body tapers to a blunt point with a cloaca-like orifice, the entire frame heaving and shuddering irregularly. The shadows of various internal organs (lungs, hearts, and a digestive tract) can be seen through SCP-646''s flesh. The flesh is quite smooth and malleable, and a clear, harmless mucus constantly oozes from its skin.

SCP-646 is constantly producing unrelated, infant organisms. For the purposes of this document, SCP-646 is in a state of "giving birth". When one infant creature has been born, another will appear within SCP-646 and the birthing process will begin again. Births do not seem to cause it any discomfort, and all offspring are completely unremarkable apart from their anomalous origin. Interestingly, oviparous animals such as birds and fish are born whole, outside of an egg. There is no logical order behind what species of animal will be born next; it seems that absolutely any multicellular animal that has ever existed on Earth can be birthed by SCP-646.

It is unknown how SCP-646 is producing these infants at this time, as there is no gestation period between births. The current intake of material by SCP-646 cannot account for the mass of the infant animals or its constant slime discharge. Research is pending.

SCP-646 shows no signs of sapience, and is mostly docile unless actively provoked.

Note All offspring are destroyed unless otherwise stated.
Time Species Common Name Notes
11:43 Crotalus atrox W. diamondback rattlesnake None
12:04 Canis lupus grey wolf None
12:11 Tyto alba common barn owl None
12:20 Boa constrictor Boa constrictor None
12:23 unknown unknown species of anglerfish, female No match to any species on record
12:33 unknown unknown animal; 10cm3 body, legs ~4m long. retained for study; deceased (internal collapse)
12:49 Phascolarctos cinereus koala None
13:34 Pan troglodytes common chimpanzee None
13:57 Iguanodon dinosaur retained for study - since deceased (illness)
14:14 Meles meles European badger stillborn
14:20 unknown unknown aquatic invertebrate terminated immediately by present personnel
14:27 Panthera leo lion, male None
14:33 Trilobita Trilobite, unknown retained for study - since deceased (unknown)
14:56 Nasua narica white-nosed coati None
15:21 Eubalaena japonica North Pacific right whale None
15:24 unknown unidentified purple gelatinous mass No match to any species on record
15:36 Giraffa camelopardalis giraffe None
15:42 Alligator mississippiensis American alligator stillborn
15:43 Cyprinus carpio common carp None
15:50 unknown unknown bird, possibly Phorusrhacidae retained for study - since deceased (illness)
16:05 Eurypterida unknown eupterid retained for study - since deceased (unknown)
16:15 unknown unknown mammal, possibly Xenarthra stillborn
16:40 unknown unknown dromaeosaurid retained for study
16:52 Homo sapiens human female retained for study
16:58 unknown unknown placoderm, possibly Dunkleosteus stillborn
17:06 Chamaeleo jacksonii three-horned chameleon None
17:13 Bos gaurus gaur None
17:21 unknown unknown fish, unique jaw structure No match to any species on record
17:34 Mandrillus leucophaeus drill None
17:23 unknown unknown terrestrial invertebrate No match to any species on record
17:28 Myotis vivesi fish-eating bat None
17:34 Canis lupus familiaris puppy; possibly Beagle None
17:43 unknown unknown hominid retained for study - deceased (illness)
17:52 unknown unknown curved nautiloid No match to any species on record
17:56 Larus unknown gull None
17:59 Rattus rattus black rat None
18:10 Megaloceros giganteus Irish elk retained for study
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