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SCP-666 - Spirit Lodge
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SCP-666 and Doctor Cront, circa [REDACTED]

Item #: SCP-666

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-666 is to be stored in a monitored, closed vault at all times at Site 73 in the Tibetan mountains. Guards are to be changed weekly, and must pass a background check before being assigned to their post, and proven free of drug and alcohol addiction.

SCP-666 is only to be entered by D-class personnel in approved testing procedures, or approved Foundation researchers with level 4 or higher security clearance. Non-D-class personnel who enter SCP-666, whether or not they have revealed a prior history of addiction, must be observed by a guard at all times. If they show any sign of being affected by SCP-666, they are to be removed immediately.

Description: SCP-666 is a medium sized Tibetan yurt, made of tied wooden branches and covered in Yak leather. The interior ceiling is 2.44m (8ft) high and the base of the yurt is 9.14m (30ft). The hut is circular in shape. The interior of the yurt appears to be as crude as the outside to the majority of observers, with a dirt floor; the branches that make up the yurt frame are wrapped in rabbit fur and tied with yak leather thongs. Periodically, SCP-666 will change its location within the confinement area; this will only happen when not under direct observation, but remote viewing gives the impression of an entity inside the structure lifting it wholly and moving to its new position. To date it has not made any attempt to escape confinement.

SCP-666 was discovered in 1973 by SCP operatives searching the mountain regions on reports of several missing persons having returned from the area giving similar explanations: seeking shelter during harsh weather, the individuals would happen upon SCP-666 by seeming happenstance. Having gone out in similar conditions, the exploration team also were able to discover the yurt. Of the three operatives present, two experienced no ill effects. The third entered a stupor, experiencing vivid hallucinations and muttering incoherently to himself. Upon retrieval of the team, the yurt was recovered and taken to nearby site 73 for further investigation.

When an individual with no history of significant addictions enters the yurt, the yurt remains dormant and seems to have no ill effects. Class D Personnel without a history of alcohol or narcotics abuse were able to sit inside the yurt for days at a time if provided proper nourishment, but did report a greater intensity in their dreams.

Individuals who have a history of substance abuse, however, will experience a hallucinogenic effect when inside the structure. In all instances, the subjects report being in a location either from their memories or a corollary thereof, specifically a spot where their addiction was at its most intense. Thus far, there have been reports of a nightclub bathroom, a 1973 Volkswagon Vanagon, a filthy alleyway, the [REDACTED] Casino in Las Vegas, etc. One subject reported finding himself in a dirty apartment with a prostitute named "Chloe" with whom he frequently indulged in narcotics abuse; another reported being in his own bedroom with a computer setup significantly more intricate than he owned before his arrest for distribution of child pornography.

During these hallucinations, subjects report that they are confronted by an individual, referred to as SCP-666-1; descriptions of SCP-666-1 vary wildly from person to person, with no commonality to race, gender or appearance beyond being "typical" for the surroundings. SCP-666-1 will indulge the subject in their personal addiction(s), although at the start they will have a passive-aggressive attitude. As time progresses, the subject is encouraged to indulge further while simultaneously being encouraged to stop. Should the subject show remorse or a strong desire to give up their addiction, SCP-666-1 will slowly adopt a more genuinely friendly tone and continue the temptation-with-discouragement hallucinations; approximately 94% of subjects who have gone through this form of hallucination to their end have been diagnosed as near-complete removal of psychological addictions, though physical symptoms will persist through a natural withdrawal cycle.

If the subject gives in to SCP-666-1''s temptations, the entity becomes increasingly hostile. There is no set time-table, nor degree of indulgence, but if left unchecked, SCP-666-1 will invariably begin assaulting the subject and forcing their vice upon them to levels of extreme overdose. If the subject is not forcibly removed from SCP-666 during this period they will die; cause of death is typical of their addiction, where an alcoholic will suffer extreme kidney or liver failure, a cocaine user will develop cardiac disrhythmia, a subject addicted to video games or television will suffer extreme muscle atrophy and health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle, etc.

To date, there has been no clear connection between who will and will not succumb to SCP-666-1; the working hypothesis is that it is simply a matter of the individual''s willpower and conviction. All attempts to directly interview SCP-666-1 have failed, with the entity either redirecting the conversation or bluntly refusing to answer. The only statement that reveals anything to its nature was a single instance of "We''re not important here, this is all about you." This indicates that there are either multiple entities attached to SCP-666, or there are additional instances of SCP-666 in the world. Investigation is ongoing in whenever similar stories arise; should another instance of SCP-666 be discovered it is to be transferred immediately to Site 73.

Addendum SCP-666-1: Nearly identical stories have recently arisen in remote areas of northern Canada describing a "Wendigo Hut"; while unconfirmed, their similarities point to at least one additional instance of SCP-666 at large.

Addendum SCP-666-2: Interview log with Test Subject D-14390, regarding experiences in SCP-666 (audio only)

Interviewer: Dr. Lanis
Interview Subject: D-14390
Date: 04/17/19██

Dr. L: Subject D-14390, how are you feeling?

D-14390: Eh, not bad doc, not bad. Kinda wanna take another nap in the tent.

Dr. L: Well, that''s what we''re here to talk about. Please describe your experience inside of SCP-666.

D-14390: Heh, no sweat THERE doc. See, I just stroll in like you said, have myself a seat. Next thing I know, I''m in this hole-in-the wall back home in [REDACTED], with this sweet bitch Chloe.

Dr. L: "Chloe"?

D-14390: Oh yeah, she was pricey and she wasn''t the best looking trick south of Kennedy, but she had some connections. Never did meet up with her once that we weren''t getting high.

Note: "Chloe" was the working name of the prostitute that D-14390 was with at the time of his arrest.

Dr. L: Very well, please describe the scenario for me.

D-14390: Well, it was her apartment, right? Kinda dingy, a little messy like she hadn''t cleaned it in a couple weeks, but I wasn''t there for the scenery, y''know? So I drop my cash off on the living room table and we head into the bedroom. I shoot up with her, used my own needle of course, and then we get freaky. I mean, we did everything under the sun and a couple that never saw the light of day! She knew positions I never did, and had drugs I hadn''t even *heard* of. About halfway through I needed a pick me up, so I snorted a couple lines of Colombian off her ass and -

Dr. L: I think that''s enough D-14390. For the sake of brevity, please keep the rest of your testimony in regards to the anomalous entity SCP-666-1.

D-14390: The what now?

Dr. L: The… Person, who tempted you in your hallucination.

D-14390: OH, right! Well, it was around the time that she was offering me this opium shit she said she got off a Chinaman. The whole time she''d been saying stuff in kinda funny way, like those, whatchacallem, back-faced comments?

Dr. L: Back-handed compliment.

D-14390: That''s the stuff. Well, I start taking a couple of pulls off the opium, and I''m feeling mellow, but she''s just glaring at me, right? So I ask what''s up and she hauls off and punches me in the face! Not like this fragile little crack-whore would either, I mean I thought I was going ten with Tyson right about now. She starts screaming at me, calling me weak, saying I''m pathetic, just giving in, y''know, bitch shit. So I kick her in the chest, and that''s when shit got weird. Next I know she''s got me on the ground and her arms are around my throat, her eyes get huge and bloodshot and shit. I feel her nails digging into the sides of my neck, and hand-to-God, Doc, she was shooting shit into me.

Dr. L: You''re saying SCP-666-1 was injecting you with heroin through her nails?

D-14390: Not sure what it was, but it burned and felt good at the same time. And they weren''t nails no more, it was like, big cat-claws, right? And she''s still yelling at me, but her mouth is getting bigger and bigger like her jaw''s stretching out, and her teeth keep getting sharper and bigger like she''s about ready to eat my head! Even as blasted as I was that was some freaky shit and I started screaming.

Dr. L: And that was when the guards pulled you out of the tent?

D-14390: Yeah, seems I wasn''t just freaking out in the dream. Weird shit was, about like… Five seconds after I get pulled out, I hear Chloe''s voice again but it''s all low and growly, and it sounded like she said "you can''t stop."

Dr. L: Thank you, D-14390. I just have one last question; after all this, you said you wanted to go back in? Why?

D-14390: Well, it''s simple right? *mild laughter* She was scary and all but… Man I''ve never been that high in my life. And with the shit that goes on in this place, I figured I''m not long for the world anyway, so I may as well go out with a smile, right?

Note: Following the interview, D-14390 repeatedly volunteered for additional testing with SCP-666. Doctor Lanis finally relented; D-14390 began screaming approximately three seconds after entering the hallucinatory state, and expired from cardiac arrest less than one minute later.

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