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KeterSCP-4285 CATastropheRate: -11

Item #: SCP-4285

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4258 is to be contained within a 20x20” containment cell, with appropriate feline bedding, waste management, and toys for stimulation. SCP-4258’s health and overall management shall be maintained by Foundation veterinarians who currently or previously raised canine companions, all under Head Researcher Bass’s Site Director Mugrowl's directives.

Description: SCP-4285 appears to be a two month old white-house cat with abnormally large eyes for its size. Despite it’s appearance, SCP-4285’s true age been impossible to verify, as it has remained the same size and health since its first day of containment ██ years ago. Testing has revealed that the anomaly still requires food and water for sustenance, and neurological scans show no exceptional data pointing to sentience or abnormal intelligence.

SCP-4285’s anomalous properties occur once a human individual makes eye-contact with the SCP, creating a memetic effect wherein the affected individual has a spontaneous and overwhelming desire to spread awareness of SCP-4285’s existence. Primarily this is followed up by physically moving another individual or SCP-4285 into visual contact.

Individuals affected by this property are referenced as SCP-4285-A.

SCP-4825-A’s actions typically cause the memetic effect to spread, and escalate in severity. These individuals will often take hallucinated orders from what they believe to be SCP-4285’s command, forgoing any other social, cultural, political, familial, or biological imperative. Interrogations have revealed that SCP-4285-A’s often have conflicting orders from SCP-4285, leading to further escalations of confusion and violence when instances interact with each other.

Escalating attention on SCP-4285 has found to cause it extreme stress, usually resulting in the anomaly fleeing the scene and inadvertently spreading the anomaly further. Unfortunately, SCP-42855-A will follow SCP-4285 obsessively and manically, with property damage and fatalities to increase by at least fifty-seven percent in the following aftermath.

SCP-4285’s anomalous properties do not occur when viewed from a visual medium such as photography or video. Furthermore, individuals with a history of caring or interacting with canines in the long-term have a ninety-nine percent higher resistance rate than the average civilian.

Addendum: Long-term Exposure Of SCP-4285 on a Civilian Populace, Recorded via Satellite

Report Summary: SCP-4285 was released into the small town of [REDACTED], Ohio on 02/29/████. Population: 3,179. Quarantine measures were instituted under Head Researcher Bass’s directives. The stated goal was to test the dangers of an uncontrolled containment breach of SCP-4285, while also stressing the potential uses for anti-GoI missions.

Time Log - Hours:Minutes:Seconds

00:00:00 - SCP-4285is released into [REDACTED] by Foundation personnel. Foundation personnel discretely evacuate from the town.

00:00:45 - SCP-4825 is spotted by twenty individuals crossing a street. Fifteen (15) individuals fall under SCP-4825-A influence.

00:02:35 - One hundred and twenty-five individuals (125) fall under SCP-4285-A influence. The resulting crowd draws in more individuals for attention as SCP-4285-A begin to follow their various orders. Some unaffected civilians begin to grow confused and distressed at the mania.

00:05:08 - Three hundred and forty-nine (349) individuals are now SCP-4285-A. Law enforcement officials arrive and are unaffected. They are ineffective at removing the crowd. Unaffected civilians who know SCP-4285-A instances attempt to assist police efforts to great resistance.

00:005:56 - SCP-4285 flees the scene, causing an tidal wave of violence and confusion as SCP-4285-A instances desperately attempt to follow. Law enforcement and unaffected individuals are injured.

00:06:20 - SCP-4285’s escape leads to the creation of eighty (80) additional SCP-4285-A instances, effectively jamming the Main Street of the town. Law reinforcements arrive, with seemingly only one (1) individual becoming an SCP-4285-A instance.

00:10:48 - Approximately six hundred and eight (608) individuals have become SCP-4285-A. Fatalities have risen to four individuals with an estimated twenty more to be confirmed. Vehicles and buildings have begun to suffer minor damage from SCP-4285-A conflicts. Radio transmissions from Law Enforcement for outside reinforcements are intercepted and quelled. SCP-4285 rests under a tree, grooming itself.

01:45:29 - An estimated forty (40) percent of the town are SCP-4285-A instances. Signs and graffiti are spread throughout the town, professing their love of SCP-4285. Fires break out at several restaurants no longer being manned properly. Unaffected individuals have barricaded themselves in three major locations; the local Sheriff’s Department, the Town Clinic, and a [REDACTED] chain grocery store. Two dozen civilians attempted to flee the city and were detained by Foundation personnel once they reached the perimeter of the quarantine. Fatalities are estimated at fifty-five to seventy deceased on initial inspection.

End Report: Head Researcher Bass ends the experiment at this point, having aerosol Class-A amnestics deployed on the town by plane. A cover story of a chemical leakage from several damaged underground pipes is spread. SCP-4285 is apprehended with a box of treats and a small cat-cage.

Note: Overall an astounding success on our part. Exceptional gratitude should be given to our clean-up crews, who have handled the aftermath with excellent professionalism. Should we ever need it, SCP-4285 would be a highly effective anti-GoI tool. I’ll print out the full detailed report and present it to the Site Director for O5-Approval!

- Head Researcher Bass

Note: Head Researcher Bass is under investigation by the Ethics Committee for allegations of improper and immoral experimentation involving an SCP and civilian populace. Should these allegations prove true, their title shall be stripped, security credentials redacted, and potentially face personal expiration. As of now, extensive testing of SCP-4285 is on permanent standby.

- O5-9

Note: As I have taken a more thorough hand in this particular SCP, I've been questioned by more than one of my colleagues as to why I refuse to redact Researcher Bass's experiment log or at least privilege it for higher level clearance. It's been my observation that these questions are often the result of embarrassment and shame at what can only be described as a failure on every organizational level we have. To that I say: Good. Over my many years in shielding the world from things that shouldn't exist, I've noticed a growing subgroup within the Foundation who seem to have grown lax or uncaring about the people we were created to protect. In my opinion, regardless of whether or not Bass's "experiment" produced viable results in weaponizing SCP-4285, the fact that it was targeted at an innocent civilian populace serves of ample evidence of this epidemic in our Foundation. Be angry. Be ashamed. We allowed a monster access to our anomaly, and innocents suffered for it.

He was not the only one nor likely the last.

- Site Director Mugrowl

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