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SCP-753 - Automatic Artist
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Image of SCP-753 taken from Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd. records.

Item #: SCP-753

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-753 is currently contained at Sector-28, located on █████████ ██████ SCP-753 is to be contained in a 6m x 6m holding cell, monitored by surveillance cameras at all times. SCP-753 is to be provided with five (5) litres of each primary color of paint each day, along with twenty-four (24) standard painting canvases. All paintings created by SCP-753 are to be recorded by research staff.

In the event that SCP-753 attempts to destroy itself, security personnel are to restrain SCP-753 and await further orders from Research Staff present.

Description: SCP-753 is a highly advanced automaton approximately ten (10) centimeters across, six (6) centimeters wide and eight (8) centimeters tall. SCP-753 possesses two (2) pincer-like limbs protruding from its main circular body, which it uses to slowly move itself across the ground. This is likely due to SCP-753''s locomotive functions having been damaged at an unknown point in its history.

At the center of SCP-753''s body is a red sensory organ similar in structure to that of the human eye. SCP-753''s eye appears to be organic, but it is likely artificially produced. This eye is also damaged, leaving SCP-753 partially blind. A ''Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd.'' logo has been engraved on SCP-753''s back.

Interior analysis of SCP-753 shows that it moves using a rudimentary nervous system, coordinated by an extremely small spherical ''brain''.  Above SCP-753''s body is a small ''receiver'', the purpose of which is currently unknown. SCP-753 appears ignorant of its surroundings, and does not recognize the presence of personnel.

SCP-753''s primary purpose appears to be the creation of paintings. Paintings produced by SCP-753 are highly realistic and often do not correspond to real locations. Recently, paintings created by SCP-753 have mostly involved, in some way, SCP-753''s death. SCP-753 was initially returned to Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd by one of their clients, who complained that it was ''broken''. ██████ ██████, a Foundation mole within the organisation, was able to retrieve SCP-753 before incineration.

SCP-753 usually produces one (1) painting per hour. When SCP-753 is not provided with adequate paint or painting canvas, it appears to enter a dormant state, shutting down for a minimum time length of one (1) week. As this heavily impedes research, SCP-753 is to be kept stocked with paint and canvases at all times. SCP-753 does not appear to be concerned about completed paintings, and generally ignores them after they are finished.

Painting Log:

Time Painting produced
01:00 AM Image of an ocean. Water is observed as being red in color. Unidentified aquatic creature bearing resemblance to a platypus is jumping out of the water. Closer inspection reveals that SCP-753 is being crushed in its jaw.
02:24 AM Image of a lit furnace. Unidentified red humanoid is climbing out of the furnace. SCP-753 is visible inside the furnace.
03:14 AM Image of a human eye against a starry background. SCP-753 is drifting towards the eye, which is observing it.
04:21 AM Image of a city. City appears to be constructed from web and populated by giant spiders. SCP-753 is visible trapped in a web, with a spider moving towards it.
05:11 AM Image of a nuclear explosion. Silhouette resembling SCP-753 is visible in the explosion.
06:02 AM Image of SCP-753''s containment area. SCP-753 appears to have shut down. Research Assistant ██████ is inspecting SCP-753. Closer analysis shows that Research Assistant ██████ lacks eyes.
06:59 AM Image of Sector-28 disposal facility. Maintenance Worker ████ is activating the incinerator. SCP-753 is visible among the waste.
07:42 AM Image of a restaurant. Patrons are pointing at a chandelier, which has fallen from the ceiling. SCP-753 is visible under the chandelier.
08:35 AM Image of a cottage. A man is walking towards the cottage, holding an axe and a smashed SCP-753.
09:27 AM Image of a desert. A creature resembling a six legged wolf is in the process of destroying SCP-753.
10:12 AM Image of a forest. Indistinct human figures are visible hanging from nooses. Notably, SCP-753 appears to be absent from the painting.
11:02 AM Image of a forest. Indistinct human figures are no longer hanging, but are on the ground, looking directly forward. One is holding a crushed SCP-753 in its fist.
12:29 PM Image of an indistinct human face, holding SCP-753 forward. Indistinct human face appears to be registering anger.
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