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SCP-1544 - Slinky Man
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SCP-1544 in containment.

Item #: SCP-1544

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1544 is to be given a minimum of 5 by 5 by 4 meters of space in its containment, in a biological containment chamber within Site-32. Upbeat music is to be played within SCP-1544''s containment chamber during its feeding; SCP-1544 will consume any type of meat, and is to be fed daily.

Description: SCP-1544''s exterior is a mobile, 1 meter tall1 multicolored skin covering. It is controlled by a small, peach colored mass located in the center. This interior flesh appears to be gelatin2, and it is connected to a thin skeletal system that make up SCP-1544''s limbs. SCP-1544 feeds by using its central mass to envelope food it takes in through its limbs.

SCP-1544''s skin is abnormally resistant to damage, and is also able to flex its arms to 5 meters in length. SCP-1544 is also able to move at speeds exceeding 35 kilometers per hour, by flipping its hands and feet over itself in a cartwheel fashion. However, SCP-1544 will hibernate at temperatures exceeding 85° C to preserve energy and prevent its interior from overheating.

SCP-1544 has a jovial temperament, and appears to take great pleasure in dancing. SCP-1544 will playfully nudge and bump personnel, though it will not purposely cause harm. SCP-1544 will only dance if music is audible in its area; otherwise, SCP-1544 will display depression, and will lay or sit down on the ground away from personnel. It will also become apathetic towards any outside stimulus, and will refuse to consume any food. SCP-1544 will not return to its usual behavior until music is played once more.

SCP-1544 was discovered in 19██, after escaping from a traveling circus and cutting a path through the surrounding forest. All circus employees were administered Class-B amnestics, and SCP-1544 was subsequently contained by the Foundation, including all documents involving it.

Documents surrounding SCP-1544 are available to Level 3 personnel and up.

Addendum 1: The following is a document discovered with SCP-1544.

Hello, and thank you for purchasing "Dr. Wondertainment''s Slinktastic Dancerific Rainbow Friend!™"

To keep your lovable rainbow friend happy, make sure to keep him fed and dancing!

Keep some music on all the time, because he gets pretty grumpy when the music stops!

Don''t like your vegetables? He''ll be happy to eat them for you!3

Don''t let the kids too close! Your friend loves to dance, but sometimes the music gets too strong!

Once again, thank you for purchasing from Dr. Wondertainment!

Dr. Wondertainment is not responsible for any injuries incurred by use of this project. Terms of use available at [REDACTED]. By purchasing from Dr. Wondertainment you agree to not hold Dr. Wondertainment or any of Dr. Wondertainment''s affiliates accountable for injuries or damages incurred by your product. Thank you for purchasing from Dr. Wondertainment.

[DATA LOST]rom[DATA LOST] La[DATA LOST]. Making the future better.

Experiment [DATA LOST] 521

Status: Failure

Subject Plan: [DATA LOST] recon based creature, able to resist [DATA LOST]e to maneuver around large objects. [DATA LOST]o be stealth based, sacrificing durability for speed. [DATA LOST]s 24 hours.

Result: Experiment 521 [DATA LOST] a large fleshy mass, covered in multiple white limbs. [DATA LOST]scaped from PL security. [DATA LOST] currently in process of tracking down experiment.

[DATA LOST] Seriously la[DATA LOST] working well or [DATA LOST]
-[DATA LOST] Rollands

Dr. Wondertainment Co. Central Records

Toy Number: 106

Description: #106 was found by President W. DW took the subject to central records, and named him Joey. DW has made a special bond with Joey and refuses to sell the subject. Dr. Wondertainment will be bypassed in two days to deliver to the San Francisco Circus.

"I don''t want you to take him. That''s my final word."
-Dr. P Wondertainment PhD, CEO.

Dr. Wondertainment Co. Central Records

Product #106 has been sold to San Francisco Circus. The CEO has left on vacation. Dr. Wondertainment has requested not to be contacted.

Addendum 2: The following note was found outside of Site-32.

Take good care of Joey. He''s been through a lot.

Security footage is currently being reviewed to find the person responsible for leaving the note.

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