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SCP-796 - River Cat
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Item #: SCP-796

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-796a is to be tracked by Mobile Task Force Mu-7 (River Riders). They are to be based out of the SCPS-Godiva, publicly USS-Ducky. The Godiva is stationed on the Mississippi River, as per survey request #A632.

SCP-796a has been relocated to ██████. SCP-796b will remain at the facility until such time as SCP-796a switches subjects. At such times, the previous subject will be debriefed and sent to continue previous duties. All staff are to report sightings of any shadows or large cats, until the new SCP-796b is found and contained.

Description: SCP-796a is a shadowy mass that takes on the appearance of a catlike predator. No details can be made out, except by the subject chosen as SCP-796’s current “prey”. Said subjects have described the SCP as being a cougar (Puma concolor) of unusual size, completely black in coloration. Bright light renders the SCP completely invisible. Very perceptive individuals, and some mediums have been known to spot the shadow mass, unless currently “stalked”. Most people are unable to spot the creature.

Physically, the creature has little to no mass. Many have occupied the same space as the creature without harm. It does, however, leave footprints in soft materials. Light analysis has proven inconclusive.

Tests indicate that SCP-796a fully appears to a single individual at a time. While followed, this person is seen to suffer minor paranoia and dread. The foreboding sense of dread grows, as well as the person’s ability to perceive the SCP, until the “prey” is placed in some form of certain mortal danger. Live or die, the victim is then freed of SCP-796’s presence, as it moves on to its next target.

SCP-796a does not appear to cause the danger, but is only attracted to a person who will soon be in danger. As such, it could be useful as an early threat indicator. Further testing is suggested.

Incident Log #796-█/██/08:

Audio Recording of Dr. Rei, current researcher of SCP-796, debriefing Agent ██████ Bonapart.

Dr. Rei: “Alright then, comfy? Good. Agent Bonapart, in your own words, explain to me how you managed to locate and follow the SCP.”

Agent Bonapart: “As you are already aware, the team was sent as part of an extensive search and recovery of all SCPs in the Mississippi flood plains. To be honest, I think the higher-ups just wanted to get all the rookies out somewhere out of their hair.”

Dr. Rei: “Please Agent, stick to what you know. We do not need wild thoughts.”

Agent Bonapart: “Sorry Doc. I’m just a little uneasy. You see, it’s here.”

Dr. Rei: “796?”

Agent Bonapart: “Yeah. I can see it pacing just out of the corner of my eye. It’s like the thing is impatient. Just waiting for… Doc? When this interview is over, I’d like a full medical exam.”

Dr. Rei: “Hmm? Very well, but I must insist that you focus on how the creature was located.”

Agent Bonapart: “Oh that? As our team studied the local news and media, we discovered an unusual number of cougar sightings, as well as panther sightings claimed. Some sightings were even well within large cities. Field work turned up tracks consistent with a cougar, but no other signs. No waste, no carcasses from kills, nothing. After contacting a specialist in animal behavior, the tracks’ size was brought into question. The specialist insisted cougar prints should be much smaller than those of the specimen. However, the tracks were not deep enough to indicate the weight such feet would be supporting. His opinion was that they were part of a hoax. Despite his belief, he warned us that a large cat such as this, if it was truly in large cities, could be a serious threat to the population.”

Dr. Rei: “This is all in your report. How did you really find it?”

Agent Bonapart: “We lucked out. While questioning a witness, I spotted it following her. Of course, at the time I didn’t know what it was. I just saw a shadow move wrong for a moment. But instinct told me to bite on this one. We tailed her two days before she was hit by a car. She died in transit, and as it turned out, the thing didn’t follow her after she was hit. Instead one of our team members noticed a child at the scene of the accident, who kept looking into an alley. As per my orders, the agent followed the kid, after noting his suspicious behavior.”

Dr. Rei: “Another hunch?”

Agent Bonapart: “It was a good hunch. We had an agent follow him for nearly a week before we actually spotted the creature. But then we knew we had our tracking method. It always appeared to be stalking the new person like they were its prey. It took us several more subjects to figure out that 796 was either causing bad things to happen, or attracted to bad things. That’s when Dr. Harding repurposed our team to field research on the SCP. Despite all attempts we simply didn’t have anything that could contain it. It isn’t a truly solid creature, nor does it seem to be affected by our mobile energy equipment. EMPs are ineffective, and focused light just makes it invisible. You have to watch the shadows for odd shapes and movement to see the damned thing anyway.”

Dr. Rei: “You can still see it?”

Agent Bonapart: “Yes Doctor.”

Dr. Rei: “Very good. You are on temporary assignment to this facility. You will remain here until the danger has passed and we have finished testing. Now get to the infirmary.”

Agent Bonapart: “Yes Doctor.”

[End Log]

Addendum: We finally have this thing in custody. Change the containment method immediately, and put the River Riders back on finding new SCPs. It looks like I will have the chance my predecessor did not. Time to begin controlled testing. -Dr. Rei

Observation Log #796-001:

Dictated by Dr. Rei

SCP-796b000: Agent Bonapart
Critical Event: Upon testing, agent was found to have a massive infection due to agitation from gall stones. If the agent had been in the field and continued untreated, the infection could have proven fatal. Symptoms went unreported as the agent believed it to be “nerves”. The agent was hospitalized and treated. Soon after treatment began, SCP-796a moved on to a new target.
Test Comments: Interesting, it moved on as soon as he was safe. Subject complained often of feeling like something was going to “get him”.

- - - - - - - - -

SCP-796b001: Researcher Angela Voles
Critical Event: Fatal injury due to the attempted escape of SCP-███. The short breach of containment resulted in Ms. Voles being crushed by a section of the facility.
Test Comments: Subject displayed signs of paranoia until time of death. 796a moved on immediately upon her death. It is odd that 796a did not move to anyone else killed later during the incident. This warrants more study in the thing’s choice of targets.

- - - - - - - - -

SCP-796b002: Level 3 Security Guard James Prine
Critical Event: Agent found to have blood clot during testing. During treatment, the clot moved to his brain, resulting in death.
Test Comments: Note to self, immediate physical and CT scan for all SCP-796b.
Secondary results: D-796-1 through D-796-9 were placed in the same room. Before 796b’s death, I ordered all D’s be executed via injection. The order was set for their normal termination period. However, as part of the test, I set D-796-4’s termination as being on the condition that the facility administrator was to review his case for possible repeal. 796a chose D-796-4.
Secondary Comments: It seems to favor those with a high chance of death. But it does not appear to choose those who are certain to die. There needs to be a chance of survival. Continue testing to confirm this. We need to know how it gathers the data needed to make such choices.

Addendum: A staff member claims that SCP-796 bears similarities with a story her grandmother told her as a child. Although this may be nothing, her grandmother was of a tribe originally located in Missouri. I am assigning one of my assistants to study Native American mythology. Always follow all leads if able.

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