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SCP-3685 (5/6/1944).


UMZ-1 housing, before meltdown.

Special Containment Procedures: A 30 kilometer area around SCP-3685 has been acquired and cordoned off. Disinformation has been proliferated claiming that SCP-3685 is an extremely hazardous chemical weapons development site.

Disinformation is to be implanted into historical institutions about the factual personnel and outcomes of the Uranprojekt. Any historical evidence for Uranprojekt constructs beyond reactor piles are to be suppressed.

Personnel or autonomous units entering and then exiting the area around SCP-3685 are to be examined for radioactive particles. If radioactive particles can not be entirely removed from equipment and personnel, they are to be quarantined, and if necessary destroyed.

Any unauthorized persons are to be escorted off of the grounds by on-site security. If any unauthorized persons are located within or near the primary complex of SCP-3685, they are to be thoroughly screened, amnesticized, and then released back into the general population.

Description: SCP-3685 is the collective designation for the Uranmaschine-Züchter 11 reactor complex in the German province of Saxony. The complex was built by the covert Nazi German nuclear weapons program (Uranprojekt) under the administration of the Reichsforschungsrat2 in the Spring of 1944, with direct authorization for its construction given from Hermann Göring.

The outside facilities surrounding SCP-3685 are non-anomalous, however nonetheless hazardous due to radioactive particles that have coated the area. Foundation clean-up crews have made only certain sections of the complex safe for temporary human usage. Efforts are being increased to contain the radioactive fallout from the complex, with the construction of a large concrete superstructure being planned.

The interior of SCP-3685 itself is a highly radioactive, spatially entangled, discontinuous non-euclidean space. This space is constantly changing in effective structure and is extremely hazardous due to the risk of becoming entangled into space or time loops. Dematerializations from space continuity failures are another hazard present. The outer sections of the building contain miscellaneous control rooms and maintenance areas. The inner section of the building contains the UMZ-1 reactor and housing. All attempts to reach close proximity of the reactor have failed, and only the outer sections have been explored.

Reality Anchors have little to no effect on SCP-3685. Kant Counters frequently fail to output Hume level measurements within SCP-3685, seemingly caused by the Kant Counter failing to detect local reality. If a measurement does successfully output, it is frequently inconsistent with previously recorded measurements. Averages of recorded Hume levels show a Hume level close to baseline reality (1Hm)3. The baseline reality average and/or the lack of reality to manipulate could potentially explain why Reality Anchors fail to have an effect on SCP-3685.

UMZ-1 itself is likely anomalous in construction. Recovered Uranprojekt documentation states that UMZ-1 is 'capable of n-local folds allowing for synthesis of currently unfeasible to manufacture elements and materials using only minuscule amounts of uranium for catalyst.' It is unknown if UMZ-1 was capable of this process, and it is currently unfeasible to confirm it due to the condition of the complex and it's difficulty to explore. However, the existence of the building's spatial anomaly implies that the Uranprojekt engineers likely had the capability of altering local space.

Historical documents state that in early 1945, UMZ-1 suffered a catastrophic meltdown. These documents describe that this formed an "interlocked local space continuity fracture", which is the Uranprojekt's explanation for SCP-3685's anomalous nature. Following the meltdown, German authorities rapidly formed a 30 kilometer exclusion zone around the complex, which is maintained to the present by Foundation security.

SCP-3685's existence was known to the Foundation by 1944 after several Uranprojekt scientists defected to numerous western nations. Through contacts in these nations, the Foundation was informed of SCP-3685's intended purpose and likely anomalous construction. The Foundation by the end of 1944 had made agreements with all parties involved in World War 2, save for the Soviet Union. These agreements reinforced that the Foundation would seize SCP-3685 and all personnel and assets related to it. However, the Foundation was initially unsuccessful in acquiring SCP-3685, due to Soviet forces capturing it shortly before Germany's surrender.

In the Spring of 1951, Foundation acquisition teams successfully seized, acquired, terminated, or integrated all remaining personnel4, equipment, and documentation related to the Uranprojekt, and SCP-3685 itself from Soviet forces. During this time, Foundation tensions with the Soviet Union increased to near complete hostility and several ceasefires had to be negotiated.

On 16/11/1952, an expedition was sent into SCP-3685 in order to ascertain the anomalous properties of SCP-3685. This expedition was composed of three Foundation agents trained in anomalous location exploration and radioactive hazards.


Alpha: Alpha, radio check.

Beta: Beta, radio check.

Gamma: Gamma, radio check.

Command: Coming in clear. Enter the complex now.

Alpha: Copy, entering the complex.

The team enters the complex.

Alpha: The hell? Alright - Command, we're dealing with some sort of heavy spatial distortions here, I just entered the facility from the other side.

Command: Is your team with you?

Beta: I've been separated, I think I came in the way I was supposed to.

Gamma: I'm with Alpha.

Beta: I'm gonna try exiting, watch for me.

The door the team entered in is noted to have opened, but Beta did not exit.

Beta: Okay, serious distortions - I think I walked in through the other entrance. I'm with Alpha now.

Command: That works. Move forward, take pictures of anything unusual you see, and then attempt to leave at 0900.

Alpha: Copy… Alright, lets get moving.

Several minutes pass as team move forward, with occasional radio checks.

Alpha: I'm noticing something strange, this room looks brand new. It's clean. Looks like it hasn't been used.

Command: Noted.

Gamma: Who the hell is that? Hey, you! Wait, where'd he go?

Beta: Command, person sighted, tall, white, clean shaven, white coat, glasses.

Command: Out here we're certain the facility is empty, except for you.

Alpha: Apparently not!

Command: The lab guys out here say that you may be dealing with some sort of time distortion. You might be seeing the - uh, yes, the older version of the facility when it was still staffed.

Alpha: How should we deal with the… people we are seeing?

Command: Hold for a sec. (Pauses) They're just giving me shrugs. Ignore them for now.

Alpha: Copy, moving forward.

A few minutes pass with occasional radio checks.

Alpha: Hey, weren't we just here?

Gamma: God damn it, we're in a loop.

Beta: No, wait, this place is older. Look at all the dust.

Gamma: Oh, so we're in a space and time loop.

Alpha: Gamma, shut up.

Command: Alpha, try to leave ASAP, these distortions could leave you trapped in there.

Alpha: Copy, exiting.

A very loud alarm is heard over the radio.

Gamma: What the hell is that?

Alpha: Command, an alarm is going off - someone over the intercom system is counting down from 45.

Command: Noted.

40 seconds pass, and a loud electrical hum can be heard through the radio.

Alpha: Command, something really big just turned on.

Command: Noted, we're feeling nothing out here.

Gamma: Wait, where did Alpha go?

Beta: He's right there - where is he? Command, we can't find Alpha. Wait, Gamma? Where'd you go?

Command: Egress immediately!

15 seconds pass.

Command: Team, radio check.

Command: Beta, radio check.

Beta: They've walked off the edge of… some sort of slithering crack. I can see down - no, see isn't right, and down isn't right either, its - I don't - (Pauses) The hole it leads to, it's not designed for us, its space just beyond the bounds of perception, I can't - I'm not supposed to understand - I don't know how to, and I - I think they're in there, Command.

Command: Beta?

Beta: I - I'm hearing people yelling, the complex, someone is yelling about a pin, the pin, the pin is very important… Another alarm, 'reactor failure, reactor failure'. I'm gonna… I'm gonna try leaving, I'm not feeling right.

Command: Beta, listen to me, what are your surroundings? Do you know the way to the nearest exit?

Command: Beta, respond.

Command: Damn it, calling team MIA.

30 minutes pass without event.

Gamma: Command, I - I'm outside, did you hear anything I said?

Command: Gamma? No, I didn't. Is Beta or Alpha with you?

Gamma: I… uh, don't see - I think I'm alone.

Command: What happened?

Gamma: I - I um, fell into a hole, and came out the other side, I think.

Command: Right… head back for debrief.


Beta and Alpha were never recovered in any form. Due to the now apparent dangers of SCP-3685, no further expeditions were mounted until better exploration methods were drafted.

The following is a section of Gamma's debrief directly after the first expedition in to SCP-3685.


Researcher ██████: What is the hole you mentioned when you came back?

Gamma: I - look, do I have to explain it?

Researcher ██████: It would be helpful if you tried your best to.

Gamma: Well, I, okay. It's like a hole I guess. It's like if I was walking somewhere, and suddenly I just walked somewhere I didn't expect. It's like you fell in a hole, but it wasn't an accident. You were intended to go there by your path of travel, you just didn't expect what you got.

Researcher ██████: Okay… I suppose I get it.

Gamma: Do you? There was something about that place, doctor. I close my eyes and I see - no, remember it. It's like if you know something is in the darkness, but you just can't see it. I can't tell you, show, I - I was a mute-deaf man in a world of voices and waves, I wasn't supposed to be there, that place isn't for any of us. Whatever is in that hole, it's not meant to have… things - reality inside of it, it's an oversight, an oversight God missed. (Pauses) And something threw me out of it.

Gamma stares at the corner of the room.

Gamma: I tried looking for Alpha. I couldn't find him… how could I? I think I need rest, doctor. I'm not feeling right.

Researcher ██████: ████, you okay? Do you need to be looked at?

Gamma: No, I'm fine. Just need some rest.

Researcher ██████: Alright. Go get some sleep.


The following is a compilation of documentation, diaries and journals related to SCP-3685 and the Uranprojekt.

Dear ██████

If you've found this, it means I'm already gone. I've gone West, and I'll be in their hands shortly. I have many explanations and reasons for this, but none of them are of particular use, save for one. The Uranium Society. This endless drain of finite resources. This horrendous folding pile, fold, fold, compress, fold. When will you, and the rest of this miserable society, learn that nature is not to be played with?

What we're doing here is the greatest, most treacherous form of crime, it's a crime against God. He calls for us to stop, and yet we persist because we have to win an ultimately petty conflict! When will you stop being oblivious to His warning? What if it fractures? What if He comes down from the heavens to do what He did of Gomorrah? Circles, Möbius, loops! We talk about these dangers like they're insignificant and out of sight and I can't accept this anymore. You've seen these "insignificant" threats occur in our experiments! This negligence and insanity will be the end of you, the end of this Earth, and the end of this godforsaken Reich. When you compress the folds beyond God's limits, we'll walk off the edge of the fracture, and we will become a part of the paradox that it leads to.

I'm not going to be part of this insanity any longer. When the World ends, and the folds crease, fracture, tear, rip themselves apart because of our damning hubris, I won't be at it's source. Others will follow. They will come West with me. They feel the same. I won't name them, and you won't be able to stop them. Plans have already been prepared and executed.

If for once you ever listen to reason, listen just this once. I need you to destroy this blasted contraption. I don't really have any notion of how you should do it, but you need to. If you can't destroy it and send it into the depths, use the pin. The pin will hold the folds together. You know it will. I know you don't like the concept of pins, you like the clips better, but if the folds crease and fracture, you'll have wanted the pin.



If that treasonous bastard and his bunch of cowards didn't leave, this might not have happened! We would be outputting Neptunium5 by now. London would be in ashes! Instead of that, I have to depend on this poorly constructed contingency. Why did I listen to him? A foul traitor. I should've used a clip. We might've been able to recover from this. I wouldn't have lost so many damn people.

Does he think the Anglo-Saxons are just going to let him go? They're going to use them. Who knows what sort of deals they've made with Stalin, imagine if they exchanged them! The thought of it makes me sick. They'll be used, and they'll make another pile. They'll make another one and they're going to use it for wicked things.

I still don't know who died, and who has been found. I've asked them to recover the bodies, but no one will enter the building, the cowards. Instead, they're making this exclusion zone. They're just going to let the bodies rot in there. Those were good men, they gave their lives to Germany, and this is how they repay them!?

I think stress is getting to me. I keep seeing things. I need some rest. I'm not feeling right.

Dear ██████

I'm afraid to say that it will most likely be impossible to recover the deceased within the facility. I know that is probably not what you wanted to hear, but I have orders, and I have some morals. I'm not going to send in my men to die. That place is a deathtrap. They go in, they don't come out. They go in, they show up as desiccated corpses. I've had only a single man come out alive, and he mutters nonsense about God, his eyes, colors - nothing decipherable. I don't know what you did in there, but it's horrific.

That isn't to say I'm not sympathetic, and I do apologize for not being able to do more. I wish to recover the men I've sent as well. I just don't think its possible. We're currently establishing a 30 kilometer exclusion zone, and we hope that once the Americans reach us, they'll heed our warnings and maintain the zone. I do not believe for a moment the communists will reach the area first.


Captain ██████████


The Soviets should not have played with things no one can ever understand. This Chernobyl business. It must be another fold compression. It can't be anything else. They must've had a pin, a clip, something to contain it. I bet it was a clip, the fallout is too much for a pin. If they're going to copy us why can't they copy the one thing that saved us? The Earth - no, creation cannot handle more of these fractures.

They claim it was some sort of fission accident. It can't be. The Soviets have the pile, don't they? They've seen what it can do. It's much more than just breeding - synthesis, its capable of producing things beyond God's creation, things we should've never seen, the hole we should not fall into from the edge, no, it should not exist. ██████ fell out of creation, he should be dead, but he isn't. He can't be, the fracture, that path falling away from the Lord's boundaries, is a place beyond death and salvation.

I see him still.

This is not from my old body, I am as lucid as ever - no, more lucid. I can see things people can't. I can see what people should see but never do. Its from the pile, that ungodly sight into the pit it formed is what gives me this. It's Adam and Eve, when they first saw they weren't clothed.

Its the pile, that's it.

He's stuck somewhere in that pile. He appears and disappears - no, he exists and then unexists. He is inside that contraption and it's because of me, the society. I can be laying in bed, thousands of kilometers from that forsaken pile, and I see him staring at me. No, not at me, but at my sins, he knows what pit I found and cracked open. He has gained unnatural knowledge of it, the same of the type I posses. It's punishment. It's punishment for my sins against God's will.

Earth's hope rests upon a man I once called a treasonous coward. That pin, child of a brilliant man gifted by God, that pin must hold and the folds must not unwind, or else we will become a part of the fractured pile.

There he is. He's looking at me again.

Note: Dr. ██████ ████████ avoided capture in Yugoslavia until 1987. He was located when he attempted to return to SCP-3685 for an unknown reason. He died from natural causes before he could be fully interrogated.

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