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The following file is Level 4/5188 classified and describes a Class Xl Biohazardous object. Unauthorised access is strictly forbidden.




Item#: 5188
Containment Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: There is currently no known cure against SCP-5188. If possible, all animals infected by SCP-5188 are to be contained as soon as possible. In the case of urban and rural infection, the infected animal or plant is to be quarantined alongside all organisms and people within a 250m radius. All SCP-5188 events are to be disguised as non-anomalous viral infections. All personnel under SCP-5188 duty are to be under disguise as government-funded medical operatives and run 12 hour shifts before switching shifts with another on-site staff member. Infected plants are to be neutralised. All contained SCP-5188 patients are to be secured at Biological Areas 12 and 14. All news reports mentioning any information on SCP-5188 are to be intercepted.


A wild bovine succumbing to the effects of SCP-5188.

Description: SCP-5188, simply referred to as the "Darwinist Plague" by foundation personnel, is an anomalous species of virus. The first anomalous ability of SCP-5188 is its resilience and ability to cope with extreme temperatures and climates. This allows SCP-5188 to have an unlimited range of organisms to infect and causes complete safety against SCP-5188 nearly impossible.

SCP-5188 will then infect nearly all nearby plants. In the case of plant infection, SCP-5188 will take complete control of all food, water and mineral productions, and begin to reshuffle the
genetics of the plant in a matter of an hour. 2 hours after genetic reshuffling, the infected plant will look and behave normally, apart from the pollen or spores produced by it, being approximately 45% of SCP-5188 genes.

The pollen is then collected by animals such as bees, butterflies, fruit bats and other types of pollinators. Despite being the first animals infected by SCP-5188, all three of the aforementioned organisms are immune to its effects. At this stage, SCP-5188 seemingly starts a chain reaction.

Infected bees will pass SCP-5188 onto birds, humans and other animals. Infected butterflies will pass SCP-5188 onto other plants and sometimes small mammals. Infected bats will infect livestock and certain exotic animals. The animals infected by infected pollinators will then continue the cycle.


A jaguar (Panthera Onca) ameliorated by SCP-5188 for a more aquatic based lifestyle.

Once an animal is infected, two things may occur. One, the infected animal may die from internal bleeding, organ failure or neuronal shutdown within 24 hours. While SCP-5188 is still present in the carcass, carnivorous animals unintentionally infect themselves by consuming the contaminated meat of the carcass.

Two, the animal undergoes an excruciatingly painful event which restructures the bones, muscle fibers and DNA genome. After 30 hours, the organism will be forcefully evolved into an "enhanced" version of itself, generally based on the creature's lifestyle, habitat, and climate of the habitat. Despite being painful, the process is not at all fatal. SCP-5188 does not effect the memories or mentality of an infected subject.

The following are documented results of animals after infection by SCP-5188.

Species Climate discovered in Result Notes
An Amazon River Dolphin (Inia Geoffrensis) Tropical, Freshwater. Sudden drastic expansion of the pupils and eyesockets. The animal had grown a large,thick, black stripe on its back and a more wider jaw as well as clawed front flippers. The exact part of the river that we found the animal from was heavily polluted. It could have been that it had grown a stripe to camouflage with the polluted waters and larger eyes to improve its eyesight.
A Rock Dove (Columba Livia) Urban, Aerial. The neck length doubled, and talons grew by 6cm each. A larger, more streamlined wingspan was observed. I'm assuming that this Dove had a history of stealing food bought by people. With these new traits, it can grasp things with great ease. Even worse, if there ARE more of such creatures, the number of humans being infected will start to rapidly increase.
A Golden Dart Frog (Phyllobates Terribilis) Tropical, Terrestrial. The organism had grown large, foldable frills as well as a larger pharynx. I'm not really sure on why the animal had grown foldable frills. Believe me, with poisonous hide, and bright skin that essentially says "Eat me and die", there really is nothing else you need to be safe from predators.
A Deep Sea Anglerfish (Lophiiformes) Abyssal, Saltwater The jaws and teeth of the organism increased rapidly. The bioluminescent appendage had increased drastically in length. This is very bad news. All this proves is that SCP-5188 has the ability and is already infecting animals that live in the deep ocean.
An Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus Caninus) Tropical, Terrestrial Strange limbs resembling primitive legs were shown growing on the sides of the animal. The creature's tongue was also thickened after losing its forked structure. Taking a look at the Tetrapodophis Amplectus, this is evidence that SCP-5188 can cause devolution, rather than turning things into brand new organisms.
A Male Human (Homo Sapiens) Urban, Terrestrial [DATA EXPUNGED] 3 minutes upon its discovery, the organism trampled a task force agent while attempting to escape into a nearby forest. Current whereabouts unknown.
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