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SCP-3811. Image taken from its Facebook profile before removal.

Item #: SCP-3811

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3811 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-06-3. Interviews with SCP-3811 must either be conducted through non-verbal means or video calls unless given permission by personnel working on the SCP-3811 project. Those working with SCP-3811 who wish to become an instance of SCP-3811-A must be approved by two Level 4 personnel and must fill out the necessary forms regarding their background and current psychological health. After approval and transformation to an instance of SCP-3811-A, they must be put into quarantine for at least 14 days and monitored for any dangerous or harmful properties before being allowed to continue work with SCP-3811. Any information regarding SCP-3811's sessions that is published online is to be copied into Site-06-3's archives. The original copy is to be erased.

Instances of SCP-3811-A must be interviewed upon recovery if possible. Instances of SCP-3811-A that display good behavior and whose anomalous properties have minimal risk are to be offered the option to become D-Class, otherwise they must each be stored in a personal standard humanoid containment cell, which some exceptions (see Addendum 03). To those who can be interviewed, they are to be assigned a weekly therapist until their anomalous properties have shown signs of total diminishment, after which they are to be administered Class C amnestics and released.

Description: SCP-3811 is an African-American woman, aged 32 years old as of 20██, standing 173.9 cm tall, and weighing 68.4 kg. SCP-3811's anomalous properties are only displayed after it speaks to a subject in person about their personal fears or problems, in which case the subject becomes an instance of SCP-3811-A. Subjects must convey their fears or anxieties willingly, as SCP-3811's effects do not take place unless the subject is willing to cooperate. As of 9/28/20██, 107 instances of SCP-3811-A have been contained; however, reports from SCP-3811 claim there are potentially hundreds more as of yet uncontained.

Instances of SCP-3811-A are human individuals who have developed anomalous properties after being spoken to by SCP-3811 about their personal issues. Instances of SCP-3811-A vary greatly in anomalous properties, and their anomalous properties are seemingly related to the previously mentioned fears and anxieties. Examples of anomalous properties acquired by instances of SCP-3811-A include but are not limited to water-breathing, production of pleasant-smelling aromas, significantly enhanced stamina, and immunity to immolation. Strength and effectiveness of said properties appear to depend on how well the "session" with SCP-3811 went as well as the severity of the subject's anxieties, however many instances report that their anxieties or fears aren't necessarily cured, but rather temporarily dampened due to their anomalous properties.1

Most subjects feel or experience the effects of their newfound anomalous properties within █ minutes after their "session" with SCP-3811, however there are some exceptions that require a certain set of circumstances to be met before a subject's anomalous properties are activated. SCP-3811 appears to possess some control over the properties it grants to subjects, however it has reportedly been unable to consistently give subjects with similar fears or anxieties the same property. SCP-3811 has proven unwilling to disclose information regarding instances of SCP-3811-A to most personnel, claiming "counselor/patient confidentiality".2

As of 9/28/20██, four Foundation personnel and ██ D-Class have become instances of SCP-3811-A. Of note, the Foundation has managed to recover instances of SCP-3811-A in the field. The SCP-3811-A individuals that have demonstrated good behavior have been given the option to become D-Class personnel; this sanction applies so long as the individuals’ anomalous properties are deemed useful or present minimal risk.3

Addendum 01:

SCP-3811 was discovered after a blog made by a Miss Abigail ████████ gained sudden popularity on the internet. Reports showed her being initially afraid of social interaction before gaining what appeared to be a severe lack of inhibitions after a counseling session with a Miss Shaun █████. Miss ████████ ceased posting updates to her blog on July 13th, 20██, as she reportedly died of a drug overdose. The Foundation looked into the counselor and discovered nearly all of her patients had reported what could potentially be anomalous properties. Miss █████ was later detained and given the designation SCP-3811.

Below is a copy of select entries from Miss ████████'s blog before its deletion.

Blog Post #34:

Hey… sorry for not having been posting a lot in the last few days, but I got in a fight with my mom about getting a job. Just… she doesn't seem to understand the fact that talking to anyone outside of people that I've known for AGES stresses me the fuck out, like, even turning in my application to Starbucks left me nearly hyperventilating. So I've kinda just been… recovering for the last few days. I just really didn't want to do anything, not even post here, so, again, sorry. I'm glad that that's out of the way, but… fuck, I just didn't want to have to do it at all. Hopefully the new counselor my mom scheduled for me next week can actually help, cause my last one was basically just all "Suck it up, nothing bad will happen, myeh, myeh, myeh".

Stay stars everyone

- Abi

Blog Post #38:

Well, good news: the new counselor confirmed does not suck! She was cool and encouraging and understanding and like… I can't even describe it right, she just felt like she knew what my problems were and she knew what was holding me back and it felt like she just… took them away. For example, after my therapy session when I went over to Spice to get some lunch (I kinda gave up on the diet since it didn't make me feel good) and I saw Sasha there! And like, I normally get really nervous just looking at her, but I guess something about the session gave me a boost in confidence and I didn't even look away when she noticed I was looking at her. I'm pretty sure she even smiled at me a little! I don't know if that was a "hey" smile or a nervous smile, but it was something.

I'm legit considering asking her to hang out at some point, and I think now I have the courage to finally do it! I know I'm not usually the kind of person that goes out a lot, but I think I'd be willing to try that now.

Stay stars, everyone!

- Abi

Blog Post #60:

So… you all know how I've been hanging out with Sasha for a while now, right? How we've been partying and drinking and a bunch of other stuff? Well… me from three years ago would be literally awestruck at me typing the words I'm about to type: Sasha. ██████. Wants. To. Be. My. Girlfriend.

Like, she said that last night at the party, she said that she really thought that I was cool now that I was out doing shit with her and her friends, and she liked the fact that I was literally up for anything and like… fuck, my heart was RACING. I did say yes (heroin doesn't make me lose my common sense), and then like… the next few hours were a blur but I know for a fact that we fucked. So… check "had sex with my high school crush" off the list of things I never thought I'd do.

Bad news though, my mom finally found my stash of booze and confronted me about it. Said that I was being "corrupted" by my new friends. Like, does she not realize that this is what she wants me to do? Actually being social and doing things with other people? It's fucking ridiculous, she's such a fucking pain sometimes. She should be happy for me that I'm out there, doing whatever and being the person that people like. She makes me want to run away sometimes, and the more she does it the more I feel like that's a good idea.

But yeah. More importantly… I AM DATING SASHA ██████!!!

Stay stars, everyone!!!


Blog Post #74:

So um… I think this is going to be my last post, at least for a while. Sasha wants me to run away with her, cause like, my mom's a bitch and her dad beats her so like… she thinks we'd both be better if we just went away together. I've got some money saved up and she said she could steal her dad's car, so we've got a pretty solid plan so far. We'll find someplace far away, probably in ██████ or something. Or I dunno, maybe we'll just tour the country and live in the car. That'd be nice.

I don't have much else to say, really. Just… I guess goodbye for now.

Stay stars, everyone.


Blog Post 74 was Miss ████████'s final post before she was found dead in ██████, cause of death determined to be a heroin overdose.

Addendum 02:

Below is a selection of instances of SCP-3811-A.

Designation and Background Excerpt from Session Properties Notes (Additional Containment Procedures if Necessary)
SCP-3811-A01, Foundation personnel Dr. Allison MacArthur. Reported to have a fear of drowning. "If you are near water, you just need to remember to breathe. Take deep, deep breaths and you will realize that you can never drown." Subject displayed water-breathing properties for an indefinite amount of time. Longest time breathing underwater recorded is 5 days, 12 hours, 3 minutes and 9 seconds. Subject was supplemented with a water-proof nutritional IV for the test. Duration has since diminished.
SCP-3811-A15, formerly D-28301. Reported severe post-traumatic stress disorder in regards to numerous rape attempts by her ex-boyfriend. "You are tougher than your rapist. You are tougher than those that want to hurt you. Show them your power and they will not lay a finger on you." Subject can project a burst of electricity of approximately 8000 volts from her body in a 1 meter radius. Subject can project the burst at will, however severe stress can cause the burst to occur inadvertently. Subject does not expire when projecting the burst, however she does report feeling an incredible pain coursing through her body, which in turn results in further bursts. Subject requires sedation if expressing signs of stress.
SCP-3811-A72, formerly Mr. Steven ██████. Reported hallucinations of his son after his death. N/A (Recovered outside of the Foundation) Subject shown to be able to manifest a human boy, around 9 years old in appearance, at will. The boy does not appear to age and can be interacted with by those around it both verbally and physically, however only one manifestation may be active at once. If the boy dies in any sort of way, it dissolves into a mist-like substance. The boy appears to have no memory of its death upon creation. Due to the repeated termination tests on the boy, SCP-3811-A72 has appeared to develop depression. Requests have been made to halt tests indefinitely.
SCP-3811-A22, formerly Mrs. Gita ██████. Reported an irrational fear of holes. N/A (Recovered outside of the Foundation) Subject shown to be able to fill any open space with a random material at will. Largest known space filled was the containment cell the subject was contained in. Subject accidentally self-terminated on August 17th, ████ after filling her own cell with [REDACTED], causing her to suffocate.
SCP-3811-A77, formerly D-31112. Reported body dysphoria. "You might not like the body you have now, but the good thing about society today is you can choose the body you want to be in some day." Subject shown to be able to transfer their consciousness to any organic object they can see and manipulate it at will. At no point may a human come within direct eyesight of SCP-3811-A77. SCP-3811-A77's cell must be made such that the subject cannot see outside of their cell. Subject still expresses body dysphoria regardless post-session. Further sessions with SCP-3811 have been denied.
SCP-3811-A08, formerly D-30112. Reportedly feared an inability to understand the emotions of others and worries about appearing too awkward during social situations. "You just need to learn how people feel. Sometimes, the easiest way is to get inside their head and think how they'd do something." Subject displayed mind-controlling properties, which could apparently be used on any human being it can see. Subject caused Incident 3811-01, in which ██ Foundation personnel perished in a containment breach involving SCP-████, SCP-████ and SCP-████. Subject was detained by force and placed in a maximum security detainment cell. At no point may a human come within 100 meters of SCP-3811-A08 without Level 4 clearance. Entrances to SCP-3811-A08's cell are to be guarded using automated turrets. An off-site killswitch is installed to terminate SCP-3811-A08 remotely from his cell if necessary.

Addendum 03:

As of 9/28/20██, SCP-3811 has participated in ███ Foundation interviews, following various case developments. Transcripts of particular note are included below.

Interview 3811-01:

Foreword: First interview with SCP-3811 upon recovery and placement into containment.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Allison MacArthur: Could you please state your name for the record, please?

SCP-3811: Shaun, Shaun █████.

Dr. MacArthur: Are you aware of any anomalous properties you possess?

SCP-3811: Oh, of course. I help people, with their fears, anxieties, whatever, really.

Dr. MacArthur: How long have you known about these properties?

SCP-3811: I think I got them once I became a counselor. I'm pretty sure, at least. I loved helping people, and doing good and making people happier… eventually I wanted to go beyond just helping people; I wanted to solve their problems altogether.

Dr. MacArthur: Do you know how your properties work?

SCP-3811: I just have to talk to someone for a while. Well, talk to them about their fears, at least. After a while, they'll lose whatever it was that was holding them back and they'll have no reason to fear whatever they were fearing before.

Dr. MacArthur: So… you help people deal with anxieties?

SCP-3811: Yes, I just explained that… Why are you asking? Do you want to have a session with me, doctor?

Dr. MacArthur: Well… part of it is curiosity and part of it is… I actually really need help with something.

SCP-3811: Well, then let's get something arranged then; I'm always willing to help.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After seven days of screening, probability checks and paperwork, Dr. MacArthur was allowed one session with SCP-3811. Post-session, Dr. MacArthur was designated E Class while the Foundation determined if her anomalous properties could be deemed a danger to the Foundation. After a two-week quarantine and test period, Dr. MacArthur was deemed fit to return to work, however her status as Level 4 personnel was revoked, instead granting her Level 3 clearance. Dr. MacArthur has since lead the project on SCP-3811, and has willingly submitted to further tests regarding her newly acquired water-breathing properties.

Interview 3811-11:

Foreword: Interview with SCP-3811 shortly after the creation of SCP-3811-A08

<Begin Log>

Dr. MacArthur: Miss █████?

SCP-3811 refuses to respond, looking visibly shaken

Dr. MacArthur: Miss █████, I need you to talk to me, please.

SCP-3811: I did that.

Dr. MacArthur: No you didn't.

SCP-3811: I was supposed to make him read minds…

Dr. MacArthur: You tried your best. You didn't know what he would get exactly.

SCP-3811: Or that he would use it to kill all of those people.

Dr. MacArthur: Exactly. This isn't your fault.

SCP-3811 is silent.

SCP-3811: Doctor?

Dr. MacArthur: Yes, Miss █████?

SCP-3811: I'm afraid.

Dr. MacArthur: Afraid of what?

SCP-3811: Afraid that this keeps happening, that this is what I really do. That every person I think I'm helping is just going to end up power-crazy or in a coma or dead or some other awful thing. Did you know that before you found me, I was trying to deal with the fact that one of my patients died because of a heroin overdose? She needed my help with social anxiety, and I stupidly thought that removing all of her inhibitions would help her, and now she's dead because of what I did.

Dr. MacArthur: Yes, I'm aware of Abigail…

SCP-3811: I think that I know what I'm doing, I think that I know how to help people, but all I do is I ruin their lives because I'm too stubborn to admit that I might not know exactly how to deal with someone's problems.

Dr. MacArthur: I'm… I'm sorry, Miss █████.

SCP-3811 is silent.

SCP-3811: I'm a good person, right?

Dr. MacArthur: What do you mean?

SCP-3811: Do you think that I'm a good person?

Dr. MacArthur: Of course you are; nothing that you've done has been to harm people, you don't mean to do things like that to people.

SCP-3811: A bomb doesn't know when it's about to explode. It might go off instantly, it might go off in a few years. What if everyone that I give powers to will eventually become people like them?

Dr. MacArthur: The important thing is that you want to help people. If you were trying to expose people's worst fears and make them worse than before, then maybe there's some questions, but you don't. You're a good person, and you should never doubt yourself about that.

SCP-3811 is doesn't respond.

Dr. MacArthur: If it makes you feel better, I don't feel like doing anything crazy now that I can breathe underwater.

SCP-3811 smiles.

SCP-3811: Doctor?

Dr. MacArthur: Yes?

SCP-3811: Could… Could I talk to you tomorrow? Maybe make this a regular thing?

Dr. MacArthur: I'll… Yes. Yes, I can talk to you tomorrow.

SCP-3811: Thank you.

<End Log>

Interview 3811-32:

<Begin Log>

SCP-3811 appears to visibly perk up when Dr. MacArthur enters the cell.

Dr. MacArthur: Good evening, Miss █████.

SCP-3811: Hello again, Dr. MacArthur! How have you been?

Dr. MacArthur: I've been good, thank you. I've been a lot less stressed recently, if I'm being honest.

SCP-3811: Oh, that's good! Why, if you don't mind me asking?

Dr. MacArthur: I hope this doesn't offend you, but… I've been getting some help from a different therapist about my fear of drowning.

SCP-3811: Oh… Well, how's that going? Any improvement?

Dr. MacArthur: Well, since the first couple of sessions a few weeks ago, the water-breathing that you gave me have been a bit less… effective. Like, when I was in the bath the other night, I could only stay under there for about 10 minutes, the week before I could do it for an hour, and the week before that I could breathe under water for a solid 5 hours. It sucks that I might not be able to breathe underwater as much, but my therapist is genuinely helping my problem and I feel like I can really face what's keeping me afraid.

SCP-3811 appears visibly disappointed.

Dr. MacArthur: But this talk isn't about me, it's about how you are doing. How have you been holding up?

SCP-3811 is silent.

Dr. MacArthur: Miss █████?

SCP-3811: I'm… I'm fine.

Dr. MacArthur: Miss █████, is something wrong? …Is this about me getting help from a different therapist?

SCP-3811: Nobody has ever lost their power before… At least, nobody that I know of. You're recovering, and you lost your power. Did you even need it?

Dr. MacArthur: What do you mean?

SCP-3811: I mean… am I really helping people? Because whenever I give people powers, it either kills them or it prevents them from actually facing what they're really afraid of.

Dr. MacArthur: Miss █████, you know that's not necessarily true. I'm recovering just fine after our therapy session—

SCP-3811: Because you got actual help. Because you had someone help you face your fears instead of getting help from me who just tried to force you around them.

Dr. MacArthur: Shaun, you do actually help people. Look back at the people that you've helped! Thanks to you, Dr. Moyumi isn't afraid of snakes! Like, she was literally completely petrified of them, and thanks to you, she can walk past a snake and not even worry.

SCP-3811: For every one there's another ten I've ruined.

Dr. MacArthur: Well… sometimes you just need the one.

SCP-3811 is silent.

SCP-3811: I… I'm sorry, but I don't want to talk anymore. I just want to be alone right now.

Dr. MacArthur: Alright… Do you want me to come back next week?

SCP-3811 shrugs.

Dr. MacArthur: I'm… I'll see you next week then, Miss █████.

<End Log>

Additional support in regards to SCP-3811's mental health is ongoing.

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