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SCP-947 - Their Own Fault
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An interior view of Site-947.

Item #: SCP-947

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The building containing SCP-947 (hereby referred to as Site-36) has been repossessed using Foundation resources, and a fenced perimeter 200m from Site-36 has been established. Civilian access to Site-36 is forbidden. Civilians who attempt to gain access to Site-36 will be administered Class A amnestics and returned to the Route ██ Ranger Station. Personnel working in Site-36 are required to undergo monthly psychiatric evaluations.

Under no circumstances are any personnel to approach SCP-947-2. Observation of SCP-947-2 is to be carried out via cameras placed around SCP-947-2 above the collapsed second floor ballroom.

Description: SCP-947 refers to a set of phenomena relating to the abandoned ██████ ██████ Casino1, located in █████ █████, Nevada.

SCP-947-1 refers to a group of incorporeal entities that appear within the ██████ ██████ Casino. These entities resemble upper class members of 1920''s American society, wearing period appropriate dress. SCP-947-1 instances have thus far appeared only in the second floor ballroom which, possibly due to the event that created SCP-947-2, has suffered a structural failure, resulting in the flooring in the middle of the ballroom falling away, revealing SCP-947-2 in the basement below. Instances of SCP-947-1 are completely silent and [See Addendum 947-B] seem either unwilling or unable to interact with anything other than other instances of SCP-947-1. All instances of SCP-947-1 display body language characterized as extreme emotional distress, and will not avert their gaze from SCP-947-2. To date, there have been 73 documented variants of SCP-947-12.

SCP-947-2 is an open fault located in the basement of the ██████ ██████ Casino. SCP-947-2 extends roughly 28m from the southwest corner of the basement subfloor to the northeast corner. SCP-947-2 is roughly 10m in width, and is 60m deep. Of note, SCP-947-2 does not appear to be the result of seismic activity, but rather [DATA EXPUNGED] relating to the events of ██/██/████.

SCP-947-2A refers to a collection of human remains located at the bottom of SCP-947-2. Video observation has determined the remains to be that of a young human female, with probable cause of death being severe cranial trauma. SCP-947-2A emits a small amount of luminescence, usually 1-1.5 lux.



SCP-947-3 refers to a door on the fourth floor not present in the original floor plan. Its current positioning suggests it would be used as a side entrance to an administrative office. However, to date, all attempts at opening SCP-947-3 have failed.

A handwritten note appears underneath SCP-947-3 each day at 19:06. To date, the note has been identical across all iterations. Aside from its spontaneous appearance, the note possesses no anomalous properties. The author of this note has not yet been identified. (See Document 947-A-ARC)

Addendum [947-A]: On ██/██/████, an additional set of human remains (hereby SCP-947-2B) appeared next to SCP-947-2A. The remains resemble those of an elderly human male. The appearance of these remains coincided with an additional event within SCP-947-2 (See Document 947-A-ARC).

Addendum [947-B]: On ██/██/████, an instance of SCP-947-13 was observed quietly, but audibly, weeping. This continued for 7 hours, until the instance disappeared. To date, it has not reappeared.

Document 947-A-ARC: The following note appeared underneath SCP-947-3 on a daily basis since containment began on 8/11/1969. As of ██/██/████, this note no longer appears.

I think I just expected better, you know? I think I expected more. From my friends, from my family, from everyone. I would''ve been satisfied with the bare minimum, what is expected of decent human beings. I guess that was too much.

It''s because of them. It was supposed to be a celebration, but I could see their intentions the moment they entered the building. They each wanted what they all wanted, the money they all thought I had. I could see the emptiness in all of them. They confronted me, surrounded me, and then…

That thing down there is exactly what they deserved. It''s a perfect reflection of them. Christ, I hope they stare into that pit for an eternity, because it''s just as empty as they are. That''s the real tragedy of the whole thing.

When they all rushed over there, when they started shouting about a vault, I tried. I saw her standing there and I saw them hit her and I reached out for her but then she was gone. I saw her, suspended in the air, and then she wasn''t, and they didn''t even spare her a glance. They just kept staring into that thing and shouting about gold and she fell.

There isn''t a vault down there. There never was. Just darkness and her. They haven''t even realized, standing around that… peering down there, that it''s their own fault.

I hope you''ll do better.

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