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SCP-952 - Jack Of Hearts
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Item #: SCP-952

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of this writing, SCP-952-Alpha has not yet been contained and has avoided contact with Foundation personnel. It is believed to be currently located in the American Midwest. Should it be captured, a standard containment unit has been set aside at Site-17. SCP-952-Alpha will not be allowed contact with any female members of staff. Subjects SCP-952-Alpha-1 through 5 have each been assigned a standard containment unit and are each to be constantly under direct guard. A staff of 12 has been assigned to the subjects to act as tutors and nursemaids. Subjects over the age of 11 are not to be allowed contact with female staff.

A new program has been introduced as a software update to ultrasound machines that will both inform us of the presence of developing offspring, and mask their presence. At present, no offspring have been found outside of North America.

When further instances of SCP-952-Alphas are found, they are to be aborted or terminated, as required. We are in no need of further test subjects at this time.

Description: SCP-952-Alpha is a humanoid male, appearing to be 16 years of age. It is described as being roughly 168cm, 61kg, with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes. Victims have described SCP-952-Alpha as being supernaturally persuasive, as well as having unnaturally large genitalia. According to victims, subject self identifies as ''Jack of Hearts.''

The SCP moves around quite frequently, without any seeming means of financial support. When it enters a town, it will seek out a female under the age of 16 who has yet to engage in sexual congress. Upon finding its new victim, it will begin a staged seduction, often under the guise of spiritual advice. It takes anywhere from weeks to months, depending on the victim. Once it has won its victims trust, the SCP will then engage the victim in sexual congress, often for several hours, before leaving. Victims claim that although the acts in which they engage in are very painful, they are left with good feelings towards the SCP and feelings of protection towards the child they claim to be able to feel inside their womb. Victims of SCP-952-Alpha will find that at some point during their encounter a tattoo like mark has appeared on their wrist, a heart with the letter J in the middle of it.

The offspring sired by SCP-952-Alpha have a gestation period of 4 months. When born, the resulting SCPs appear humanoid, with the addition of a heavy covering of fur on their legs, short horns on their brow, unusually large genitalia, and cloven hooves instead of feet. These offspring have shown no deviations from normal human growth patterns.

██/██/1999 SCP-952-Alpha-1 discovered within hours of birth, male, and taken into Foundation custody. Mother of SCP detained, but proved non-anomalous. Given Class A Amnesiacs, and told she miscarried, after full debriefing. Agents told to be on the lookout for anyone calling himself ''Jack of Hearts.''

██/██/2002 SCP-952-Alpha-2 discovered, aged two years, male. Mother proved fiercely loyal, accidentally terminated during apprehension of SCP. When introduced to SCP-952-1, both SCPs treated each other as if they were friends.

██/██/2004 SCP-952-Alpha-1 sheds horns.

██/██/2004 SCP-952-Alpha-3 discovered in utero, male. Mother administered amnesiacs after birth and debriefing.

██/██/2006 Victim 952-3 discovered in intensive care unit of ████ County Hospital. Victim claims SCP-952-Alpha had courted her for approximately six months, leading to a sexual encounter. Upon penetration, SCP-952-Alpha flew into a fit of rage, beating the victim severely, claiming that she was ''not pure.'' Victim reported having been subject to unwanted attentions from a relative at a young age.

██/██/2007 SCP-952-Alpha-2 sheds horns.

██/██/2008 SCP-952-Alpha-1 sheds hooves, normal human feet beneath.

██/██/2008 SCP-952-Alpha-4 discovered in utero, male. Normal procedure maintained.

██/██/2009 SCP-952-Alpha-5 discovered in utero, male. Normal procedure maintained.

██/██/2009 That''s it. We''ve got five of the little buggers, we''re running an important organization here, not a daycare center. If we find anymore, we can dissect them and see how they work. -O5-6

██/██/2009 A group of seven women, each with an offspring fathered on them by SCP-952-Alpha, and said offspring, found living together in a small encampment outside of ████████. Attempts by Foundation agents to engage met with terminal force. Mothers and offspring terminated in ensuing gunfight. Oldest found offspring appeared to be 14, showed no obvious evidence of subnormality. Upon dissection, several unusual organs [DATA EXPUNGED] which repeated themselves in the younger offspring.

██/██/2010 SCP-952-Alpha-1 shed the hair upon its legs. Now outwardly appears to be a normal human. Subject began showing unusual interest in female staff members. Female staff members showed a returned interest, and were banned from interaction with SCP-952-Alpha-1.

██/██/2010 Testing has proven the offspring to be infertile.

Let''s see, blinking green light, guess that means this is working… This is Father Robert Jakal, technically assigned as Site Chaplain to Site 23, currently on assignment in hot as balls Uganda, just ''cause I used the word ''jigaboo'' in front of O5-4. But, politics aside, I''m supposed to be retired. Gone from active duty to just helping people come to peace with what they do. But, here at site clickclickzang, sorry, I mean 45, we don''t have enough agents as is, so while the big boys are out doing some real work, I get to look into the stupid shit, cause these stupid bush dwellers think a man can rob a bank and then turn into a fucking goat.

Oh, right, almost forgot, submitting this as an official report log of activities that might be of interest. Thirty god damned years in the field and I don''t even get to make a face to face report, no, I gotta speak to a damned machine. Anyways. I''m coming back from looking into this were-goat, complete fake, and I''m walking back cause Site BFE is the worst funded piece of shit I''ve ever worked at. Anyways. This pretty young niglet comes up to me, couldn''ta been much more than 17 or 18, an, she starts babbling at me. In English, thank god.

Seems she''d recently given birth, and thought her baby was possessed by the devil. She didn''t want to go to the local priests, ''cause they were already upset at her for ''letting herself'' get raped. She saw my collar, thought I''d help her out. Talked to me the entire way back to her apartment. Seems she was out working one night, some guy she''d never seen before drags her into an alley and has his way with her. When she found out she was pregnant, she says she was just so happy she didn''t get AIDS, she didn''t even consider not carrying to term. But it was a short pregnancy, she swelled up within a couple of months. A''course, this is starting to seem kinda subnormal to me, so I place a call to the site, letting them know I maybe got something, and go with her, doin'' my duty as a man o'' god.

So, we get there, and I''m half expecting this to just be a premature baby, or maybe some kind of genetic fluke… My god, this thing was ugly. I mean, bottom of the barrel, unbelievably hideous. And I seen some things, right? This was some kid, looked like it was maybe a month old, big ole head, with these black eyes, just, sheer black, no iris, no whites, nothing. And its limbs! Like a fucking squid. two arms, two legs, but didn''t look like no bones inside them, and the digits are all…wriggly. like, fingers, two inches long on this baby, and they were just…moving, constantly. And the mouth! like a god damn little leech. Coulda sworn I saw teeth in there.

Anyways, I''m getting ready to do some of the ritual shit, to make her feel better, before I call in the troops, when this little thing shat itself. And, my god, I have never smelled anything so foul. I have cleaned up 173''s room. I have been in charnel houses where the bodies have been rotting for months. And yet, this smell, it just, filled my nose, and my mouth, and before I knew it, I was out the door, puking my guts out like a hooker on her first day. The whole time, this old guy across the street is just laughing at me, like I''m the biggest joke ever. I got rid of my lunch, then called the site. Couldn''t have been more than 5, 10 minutes I was out of that apartment. I come back in, and the girl is dead on the floor, her throat cut with a butcher knife that was laying beside her. Rear window had been pried open, and someone had taken the kid. That quickly! Couldn''t find heads nor tails of whoever took it. Dogs wouldn''t even follow the scent.

Oh yeah, the interesting part? Dead chica had a tattoo on her wrist. Looked like a spade, with a J inside it.

██/██/2011 Requesting permission to begin preparations for finding subjects SCP-952-Beta, Gamma, and Delta.

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