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nn5n: Eta-5 and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Origamizilla
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Eta-5 and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Origamizilla


Every nerve ending screams out in pain as Jonas crosses the threshold between dimensions. He emerges Earth-side, appearing on the side of an empty road on the outskirts of Kijong-dong. He spots their target in the distance.


Holy hell, they weren't kidding.

Jonas had experienced some wild things throughout his Foundation incarceration. Just last month he'd been sat in a room with several other D-Class and made to eat cake after cake. The stern-looking researcher assured them (over raucous laughter) that the universe itself was at stake, and that they should take their confectionery consumption very seriously. This mission, however, is another level of crazy entirely.

A literal Goddamn kaiju…

The giant mess of spikes and scales is busy laying waste to the pseudo-town. The North Korean armed forces have already risen up in defense of their Glorious Nation, and are impotently firing upon the thing as it swats away helicopters and crushes tanks with ease.


…and of course it's in black and white.


"Sierra! Apartment complex! Go and set up shop!" Commander Gordon shouts over the pandemonium. He points towards a twenty-story building North of their position, the tallest left standing from the destruction. Nicholas nods and rushes off.

"Charlie! Get your drones going! We can't work with their military up our ass!" He pauses, waiting for a response. "Charlie?!?"

Gordon turns with an annoyed look, crossing his arms impatiently and glaring at the portal back to Dimensional Site-712.


Amber comes leaping through with a grimace. "Agh! There's no way in Hell that thing ain't giving us all cancer!"

"Duly noted. Now, if you don't mind?"

Amber looks around at the chaos. "Two minutes, tops. PANIC'll be up." She immediately gets to work, whipping out a laptop and several small devices from her backpack.

Gordon switches his attention to Jonas. "Delta! Close in on the skip! Once PANIC has those soldiers bugging off, you'll be clear to engage."

"Sure thing, boss." Jonas rushes off.

"And for the love of God, son; try not to get stepped on."

How the hell did we end up in this gig?

Nicholas ate his lunch in the courtyard, alone, as always. He couldn't tolerate the inane banter of his fellow Agents. Everyone had been itching to christen the new facility with their first SCP, since the Site's containment chambers went live.

He took a chunk out of his Reuben, as he stared up at the sky—or, rather; the luminescent membrane that surrounds Dimensional Site-712.

"I'm tellin' ya, they've built this place in something's fucking womb!"

Amber plopped down across from Nicholas, chowing down on the unhealthiest-looking burger he'd ever seen. It was half the side of her head, and each bite required an obscene amount of jaw-stretching.

"And anofthrr fhing," She choked out between bites, "shfer expecftng rus-" gulp "expecting us to freaking live here indefinitely?!?"

After wiping off his hands, Nicolas signed. "They need to form a backup squad before we can begin shift rotation. Beta doesn't count."

Amber scoffed. "Screw that. They're just using that as an excuse to get rid of us. Stick us somewhere we'll stay out of everyone's hair."

"We're here because this is where we're needed the most. We need to be able to deploy anywhere in the world instantly. We can't do that from Earth."

"Wfatevfver." She continued her attempts at tackling the beefy behemoth.

Nicholas rolled his eyes and stood to leave. He was halfway back to the cafeteria when the PA system kicked on.

Attention! Class-2 LSA detected. Eta-5 Alpha squad is to report to the Armory. Departure expected within five minutes.

Nicholas bolted off towards the Armory. Amber was trailing a few meters behind, half-running, desperately trying to squeeze in the last bite of her burger.

He arrived minutes later, behind Gordon and the D-Class. Gordon was busy with his SPIDER, affixing the device to the doorway at the far end of the room. Nicholas headed to his locker, and pulled out his uniform.

Amber, out of breath, said, "Commissioner. I saw the signal."

Gordon shot her a look that said he was damn tired of that joke before explaining,
"Kijong-dong, North Korea. Orbital Assets are tracking a Large Scale Aggressor in the area, estimated height of two-hundred meters. The Jäeger Bombers are getting called up to bat."

"Best part is," he continued, "the place is uninhabited. We only need to contend with KPA forces, should be simple enough."

The door frame the SPIDER attached to didn't actually lead anywhere but straight into a cement wall. However, once the SPIDER activated, the space within the frame seemed to twist and ripple.

"D-Class! You geared up? Good. Get in." Gordon said as he shoved the man through the portal. He grabbed his rucksack and stepped in after him. Nicholas slung his backpack on, grabbed his M82 and turned to Amber.

"See you on the other side."

Gordon watches as the D-Class dodders off. He says a silent prayer for the man. Regardless of his status, Gordon can't help but feel remorse for sending him on what is surely a suicide mission.

He addresses Amber, "Any day now, Charlie! People are dying out there."

"PANIC up in five. Four. Three. Two…" Amber counts down on her free hand while typing away, intentionally skipping her middle finger, saving it for "…One!" She activates the system wile simultaneously flipping off her commander.

With a light series of beeps and chirps, the nine drones that make up the PANIC system spring to life, levitating in the air as Amber hammers away on her laptop. They fly out across the sky, blaring 180 decibels of an audio cognitohazard over the battlefield. It takes several rounds of inoculation not to mess your pants and turn tail upon hearing it; and sure enough, the soldiers begin to retreat.

"Call up the boys on Overwatch." Gordon orders. "They're gonna have to fly a jet out for amnestic dispersal."

Over his mic: "Sierra, you're clear to take the shot."


Jonas comes around the corner just in time to watch the creature's face erupt in a fiery explosion. The pure concussive force of the shot carries its head backwards, sending it off-balance and tumbling down.

The colorless colossus falls with an Earth-shaking crash; the tremors kicking up a flurry of dust and debris, creating a cloud thick enough to blot out the sun and sending Jonas flying back.

"Delta! Do you copy?" Gordon barks into his ear.


Jonas can't see. Hell, he feels like he can hardly move. Gordon's voice blares over his headset again.


Jonas hacks up a wad of blood before responding, "Egh….copy."

"You alright out there? You have the Package?"

He doesn't really understand the gadget they have him carrying; the eggheads back at 712 explained how it works, but most of their technobabble went over his head. He just knows they refer to it as a CID, and it's his job to hit the red button and stick it to the beast.

A minute ago, he had it in his bag, ready to ambush the incapacitated skip. Now however, Jonas finds himself searching through the sudden darkness.



The beast stirs, slowly beginning to push itself up.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

Jonas frantically claws at the rubble. He finally finds his backpack laying nearby among the debris.

"Got it, cough Commander!" He says, producing the gleaming object from his sack. He jets off towards the behemoth, attempting to arm the device along the way.

He's only a foot away when he notices it. It wasn't apparent from afar, but now he can see that the creature is composed entirely of paper. The details are sketched and shaded on, giving it the monochrome look. Furthermore, each sheet has a phrase embossed in the corner. Jonas can't make out the whole thing, as each sheet folds and overlaps one another. All he can make out is 'DR. Wo'.

With too much time spent on his inspection, the monster shifts, lifting its body out of range. Jonas stands frozen; as a massive, clawed hand curls into a fist. As it comes barreling down, he meekly raises CID above him like a shield.

His life flashes before his eyes. He sees his childhood, his first date, his first job, his last botched robbery; all the moments that led to this one and—

Wait a minute-shouldn't I be dead by now?

Jonas looks up, only to see himself looking back down. Confused at first, Jonas does a double-take. It seems that the entire creature is now glossed over with a reflective substance.

"Complete. Inertial. Denial." Gordon boasts as he approaches. "Pretty, ain't it?"

"Uh…y-yea!" Jonas tries to hide the fact that he absolutely pissed himself.

Gordon shouts into his mic. "Charlie!"

"What's up?"

"Delta has our skip on lock-down. Contact Beta Team for extraction. CID's not gonna hold 'er for long. I'll set a SPIDER to take us back to 712 and, ugh, I think this D-Class could use a shower."

"So lemme get this straight. The skip couldn't handle the D, and now Beta gets to clean up our mess while we wash our D off?" Amber chuckles to herself. She has already pinged the Beta Captain, and is about to recall PANIC when she hears it.



It's Nicholas. Amber looks around, wondering just what the hell he is firing at. The area is suddenly bathed in shadow, prompting her to turn her gaze skyward.



End Part I

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