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16 September 2020

Our game "SCP-167" for iOS, is mentioned in the article Hidden Gems: Top Action Games To Play On IOS on GamesKeys.net

31 July 2018

Added Ukrainian SCP Foundation branch.

News from 8 February 2017

Updated all languages, downloaded thousands new objects! Redesigned type icons.

News from 4 April 2016

Thank you for visit nn5n Foundation, I just finish new feature, what allow you translate any object to any language, after simple registration! Join to us!

Welcome to nn5n Foundation - branch of SCP Foundation website

This website currently stay in beta version, and more functions will be very soon. If you have any problem with use this website, please use button "Contact" and tell about this.

For what I created this website:
  • Join together all languages on one website
  • Better connection with mobile applications
  • Make easy way to translate or add new objects [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
  • Comments and discussions [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Because wiki projects contain a big size of data, now I copy to this website only first pages from SCP Objects lists. Later I will add more


I never heard about SCP Foundation. What is it?

SCP Foundation - this is a wiki project under Creative Common License, what contain many horror/anomaly/sci-fi stories.

Why English on this description very strange? Is it Google translator? :)

Sorry, I not native English speaker. I not use Google translator for write this message. But I understand, my English can look strange. If you want, you can help me to improve information on website.

I got inspiration after reading information on this website, can I use it for create something like: games, books, video...?

All content on this website under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License
You can use it for create anything what you want with simple conditions:
  • You need accept same license for your content;
  • In description you need write link to this website;
And yes you can create commerce products and sell it. But notice, for your users is will be legal copy your content also.

I want create my own objects/stories!

I just finished work about big update. Now you can register on website, and do translation of current objects to any languages. Welcome!
Features for create new objects I will add in May 2016.

Who create this website nn5n.com?

My name is Mykhailo Radzievskyi, you can call me Mick. I indie developer, and photographer.
I found SCP Foundation in 2012, and very like this stories. In 2013 I create application Offline Database for Android, what contain all information from original Wiki. Later I created iOS version. Now I support all them with 10 languages, and I'm sure Foundation will grow to much more number languages. So I create this website for make comfortable tool for translate and create content in SCP Foundation Universe.

Is SCP Foundation real?

No, foundation not real and all stories also.

When this website start work?

First version this website started 31 January 2016.

nn5n Foundation based on next SCP wiki projects:

EN.png  SCP-EN   — SCP Foundation
First original English wiki of SCP Foundation project
CN.png  SCP-CN   — SCP基金会
Chinese translation of SCP wiki
FR.png  SCP-FR   — Fondation SCP
French translation of SCP wiki
DE.png  SCP-DE   — SCP Stiftung
German translation of SCP wiki
IT.png  SCP-IT   — Fondazione SCP
Italian translation of SCP wiki
JP.png  SCP-JP   — SCP財団
Japanese translation of SCP wiki
KR.png  SCP-KO   — SCP 재단
Korean translation of SCP wiki
PL.png  SCP-PL   — SCP Polska Filia
Polish translation of SCP wiki
ES.png  SCP-ES   — La Fundación SCP
Spanish translation of SCP wiki
TH.png  SCP-TH   — สถาบัน SCP
Thai translation of SCP wiki
UA.png  SCP-UA   — SCP Фондація
Ukrainian translation of SCP wiki
PT.png  SCP-PT   — Fundação SCP
Portuguese translation of SCP wiki
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License

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