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SCP-1393 - Somebody Else''s Mess
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Photograph of ongoing cleanup operations at Site-97

Item #: SCP-1393

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The property surrounding SCP-1393, formerly owned by the J.W. and Sons Corporation, is to be designated Site-97. Mobile Task Force Beta-7 (aka"Maz Hatters") are to be tasked with cleanup operations and onsite security. SCP-1393 is to be buried with an adequate amount of earth as to neutralize its active effect. Material produced by SCP-1393 is to be handled as detailed in the standard protocols for extrinsic hazardous materials.

The material will need to be mixed with moist clay earth at a ratio of 3:1 before being hauled away to be properly disposed of on site. Disposal will consist of hauling the material to the NW corner of Site-97 and spread across the ground. Once cooled, a 30cm layer of clay earth will be spread on top. Future reclamation plans will consist of converting Site-97 into a shipping container storage yard once cleanup operations have completed.

Samples of the material produced by SCP-1393 will need to be collected and sent to Research Site-45 for scheduled bi-weekly testing.

Description: SCP-1393 is a spherical portal measuring 1.8m in diameter and positioned 10cm above the ground. SCP-1393 has remained active since Feb. 17th, 2013 (2 days after its initial sighting). While active, SCP-1393 continually exudes a partially vitreous slag-like substance from its surface at rate of 12m3/hr. This material''s temperature has been measured to range between 1,500°C and 1,800°C. Roughly 85% of this material is primarily composed of a combination of silica, quicklime, alumina, sodium borate, and magnesite. Traces of mercury, uranium, phosphorous, sulfur, radium, and other toxic elements in varying amounts have also been detected.

Before SCP-1393 entered its current active state, a humanoid being designated SCP-1393-1 was observed performing reconnaissance and surveying of the immediate area. SCP-1393-1 was reported wearing a Level A/Type 1 Hazmat suit equipped with a polarized face shield and a SCBA unit. The Foundation was contacted about the event and SCP-1393-1 was interviewed about its actions and purpose. To date, SCP-1393-1 has not been seen since SCP-1393 activated.

Field Interview Transcript1393-12

Interviewed: SCP-1393-1
Interviewer: Dr. Herman Muntz
Foreword: Dr. Muntz, accompanied by 8 field agents, approach SCP-1393-1. SCP-1393-1 is observed packing instrumentation and other equipment into cases as if preparing to leave.
<Begin Log, [Feb. 17th, 2013 / 11:23]>
Dr. Muntz: Um…Excuse me, sir!
[SCP-1393-1 appears to be ignoring their presence]

Dr. Muntz: Excuse me!

SCP-1393-1: [sigh] Listen, pal, I really don''t have time. I''m busy.

[SCP-1393-1 continues to pack his equipment]
Dr. Muntz: Well can I ask you a few questions?

SCP-1393-1: Whatever, fine. Just let me finish what I''m doin''. I got to wrap up five other duplicates today or else my boss is going to bite ''nother chunk outta my ass for taking overtime.
Dr. Muntz: What''s all this equipment for?

SCP-1393-1: It''s for surveying.

Dr. Muntz: Well…why are you surveying?

SCP-1393-1: Look it''s just procedure, alright. I''m just here to-

[a beeping can be heard inside SCP-1393-1''s suit]

SCP-1393-1: Hold up a sec, buddy; I have to take this. [beep] Whats up?…Nothin'', just here with some locals…What do you mean "what do they look like"?…[scoffs] Goddammit Jimmy, you ask me the same stupid fuckin'' question every time we''re assigned together…Who cares if they look funny!?!…Just prime the fuckin'' system, would ya? I''d like to take my lunch hour after we finish here…[beep]…Fuckin'' new hires.

Dr. Muntz: Um…Who was-

SCP-1393-1: Look, bub, I really don''t have the time. If you want to file an official complaint or talk to the on shift supervisor, here''s a business card.

[SCP-1393-1 hands Dr. Muntz an 85mm × 55mm paper card before walking towards SCP-1393 with equipment]

SCP-1393-1: By the way guys, ya might want to clear out.

Dr. Muntz: Wait! Hold on a minute!

[SCP-1393-1 enters SCP-1393]

SCP-1393-1: [as heard from the other side of SCP-1393] OK Jimmy, open her up!

[Loud mechanical noises are heard emanating from SCP-1393 while Dr. Muntz and agents evacuate the area.]

<End Log, [Feb. 17th, 2013 / 11:29]>
Closing Statement: Shortly after this interview ended SCP-1393 became active.


Scanned image of the business card given by SCP-1393-1

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