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SCP-2235 at the site of recovery

Item #: SCP-2235

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2235 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber, containing one straw mat bed (substitution of similar materials is allowed). SCP-2235 has been extensively cooperative in its containment, and as such it has been allowed to make several requests, which may be approved within reason. Requests granted include: dietary specifications (Vegetables, rice, and tea. Granted), several books (Written in Chinese. Granted), and permission to spend time outdoors (Two periods of 30 minutes allowed per week. Granted). Access to SCP-2235 is restricted to personnel with clearance level 2 or above.

Description: SCP-2235 is an approximately 40 year old humanoid male of Chinese origin which has undergone drastic physiological augmentations. These augmentations consist of functional gill-like structures on either side of the neck, webbing surgically attached between the toes and fingers, extensions of nictitating membranes grafted onto the eyes, and several uncatalogued anomalies within the digestive and cardiorespiratory systems. All augmentations are made of tissues that do not match any known species, but genetic testing has produced results that most closely match the Chinese Giant Salamander (Andrias davidianus).

SCP-2235’s augmentations allow it to survive extended periods of time in freshwater aquatic environments, although deficiencies caused by incompatibilities between human and amphibian anatomy require SCP-2235 to surface for air after approximately 20 hours underwater. Augmentations of SCP-2235's digestive system allow it to survive on a sparse diet consisting mainly of aquatic plants and invertebrates.

SCP-2235 was recovered in ███████ Province, Western China, after Foundation contacts within the Chinese government passed along several reports of a “ghost” made by locals near the area in which it was found. This area, formerly a village known as ████████████, had been the location of massively destructive flooding, caused by the Chinese government’s intentional demolition of the ██████████ Dam eighteen days before SCP-2235 came into Foundation custody. SCP-2235 was found in a state of severe fatigue, and upon initial contact with the recovery team was exceedingly aversive and sporadically hostile1, but after having the nature of its containment explained to it, has been very cooperative.

Below is a translated transcript of an interview between SCP-2235 and Senior Researcher Gāo, who is fluent in Zhongyuan Mandarin, SCP-2235’s native language. Interview was conducted on 8/17/20██, four days after SCP-2235’s containment.

Interviewed: SCP-2235

Interviewer: Senior Researcher Gāo

<Begin Log>

Senior Researcher Gāo: Good afternoon, can you answer some questions for me?

SCP-2235: Of course, what would you like to know?

Senior Researcher Gāo: What were you doing in the area where we found you?

SCP-2235: That’s where the men left me.

Senior Researcher Gāo: What men?

SCP-2235: The Party men2. They told us they were going to destroy the dam and flood our village, and that we would have to go with them. We didn’t want to go, but we saw no choice. 38 of us, including myself, went with them.

Senior Researcher Gāo: Where were they taking you?

SCP-2235: I don’t know. They said they would take the men first, to finish work on the camp they were bringing us to. They loaded us into trucks, and we couldn’t see outside. They drove for hours before stopping to unload us. They said they needed to inject us with something before we would be allowed in the camp, but they drugged us. I passed out. I don’t remember much after that.

Senior Researcher Gāo: Try to tell me what you can remember.

SCP-2235: The area they kept us in was dark, and wet. They kept us sedated most of the time, but I remember lying on a table and looking up at men wearing surgical masks. The only thing I clearly remember is being held under water, and watching some of the others drown.

Senior Researcher Gāo: How did you get away from that place?

SCP-2235: I didn’t. One day I just woke up underwater. Where my home used to be.

Senior Researcher Gāo: Can you tell me why you attacked our agents that had been sent to collect you?

SCP-2235: I was scared. I thought they were more of the men from The Party, I didn’t want to be taken again. When they explained what was happening I was grateful that they were taking me somewhere safe, and I apologized for my behavior. You are taking care of me, and keeping me safe. I am so happy to be away from that place.

<SCP-2235 shows signs of emotional distress and is unable to continue.>

Senior Researcher Gāo: I think we can end here for now. Thank you.

<End Log>

Addendum: At the site of SCP-2235's recovery, agents discovered 74 graves, each approximately 1 meter deep, and marked with stones. After recovery of SCP-2235, these graves were summarily exhumed, and the bodies of 42 women, 4 elderly men, and 28 children were found. Examination of the remains indicated drowning as the cause of death, with the exception of six children whose skulls bore signs of gunshot wounds. These individuals are believed to have died shortly before or simultaneously with the deaths of the others.

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