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The following document was found in the Site-821 Precious Document Vault. Investigation into its existence is ongoing.

See the attached investigation for more information.

Item #: SCP-2759

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2759 is to be contained in a standard-sized humanoid containment cell, composed of concrete and lined with titanium-carbide plates. A dumbwaiter incapable of lifting weights greater than 10kg is to be installed for the purpose of providing food to the subject. The containment cell is to be outfitted with heat sensors and Kant counters. The ambient temperature must be kept at 18oC at all times.

The heat sensors and Kant counters in the cell should be calibrated to alert staff if the ambient temperature has risen 5oC above the fixed temperature or if hume levels rise above 1.3hm. If either alert occurs, containment operatives are to be dispatched with RA level mnestics. If possible, changes to reality should be documented.

Contact with, recording video of, and taking photographs of SCP-2759 is forbidden, with the exception of interviews following notable incidents such as a containment breaches. Interviews should be held by the project head, or in their absence an appointed secondary researcher. During interviews, containment staff are to be located immediately outside SCP-2759's cell, to escort the interviewer away and sedate the subject in the event its anomaly occurs.

Knowledge of SCP-2759 must be strictly controlled, to protect it and prevent any unintended changes. A copy of SCP-2759's file should be retained in an SRA protected data vault, as per standard reality alteration protocols. Documentation must be heavily censored, with full documentation only available to staff on the SCP-2759 project. The staff team for SCP-2759 should be kept to a limited number, at the discretion of the project head, to reduce the possibility of the subject's anomaly occurring. Personnel must have demonstrated eidetic control over their own memories. To reduce the possibility of a mistake being made, staff will be continually reminded of what SCP-2759 is and its history and past. Staff should avoid making assumptions concerning its past or personality, and should align their memories concerning SCP-2759 with known information and avoid deviation.

SCP-2759 has had changes intentionally induced to it to force obedience and responsiveness during interviews and containment.

The following documentation is limited to staff with Level 3/2759 security clearance.

(Please confirm your identity.)

Description: SCP-2759 is an American male of Northern European descent, standing at 1.8 meters tall and weighing 83.4kg. It biologically appears to be in its early twenties. SCP-2759's anomalous effect occurs when an individual sees1, hears, or converses with it and believes incorrect information about it. When this occurs, SCP-2759 or reality will be altered to make that information correct. Facets of SCP-2759 that are alterable are its physical appearance, its past, and parts of its personality. The subject claims all changes are immensely painful.

There does not appear to be a limit to the magnitude of changes that can be made to SCP-2759; however, there are several constants that are unable to be altered. It is impossible to significantly alter SCP-2759's personality, but minor behavioral changes are possible. In addition, it will always refer to itself as "David" or "Faulkner". The last constant between all iterations of SCP-2759 is in regards to its past. It will always claim that a person going by the name "Leonard" or "Mr. Leonards" was involved with them prior to containment. SCP-2759 is unable to alter itself.

A secondary anomalous effect occurs when an alteration is made to SCP-2759's past. When this type of change occurs, the ambient temperature surrounding the subject will begin to dramatically increase at a rate of 4oC per second and hume levels can rise to over 5.7hm. In addition, a visual effect will cause all organic matter within a 23.5m radius, including living flesh, to appear to melt or liquify. Test subjects claim to not experience any pain from this effect. Organic material is still physically affected by the heat. SCP-2759 does not appear to experience any pain or discomfort from these effects, but still suffers the severe pain associated with an alteration. These effects will last for a variable length of time, with the largest observed length being 30 minutes. While the exact reason why these effects occur is unknown, it is believed to stem from reality attempting to significantly alter itself, due to test subjects claiming to have two sets of memories during the effects.

Interview 2759-█: The following interview was conducted on ██/██/2013. Previous interviews with SCP-2759 have been omitted for irrelevancy or for containing incorrect information that could potentially cause a containment breach.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Vanderbilt: In our last interview, SCP-2759, you mentioned you were not born with your current abilities. Would you be willing to expand on that, now that we have a bit more time?

SCP-2759: Yeah, I can do that. (Subject pauses for several seconds.) Uh, I was homeless for years. I managed to survive by going to those church-run shelters. That's where L-Leonard actually found me.

Dr. Vanderbilt: Leonard? Would you be able to tell me a bit more about him?

SCP-2759: Oh, I'm sorry. I should have said more about him before. He was a doctor or scientist I think. (Subject pauses for several seconds.)

Dr. Vanderbilt: No need to be sorry, son. I shouldn't have interrupted you. I apologize… Please, continue.

SCP-2759: (Subject nods, and pauses for a few seconds.) Ok. I don't know what he was doctor of, but he did a lot of his work from home. Lots of experiments. W-when I first got to his home, I thought he was rich because he had a really big house with lots of fancy things, but I don't think he was really rich. He could create things out of nowhere and could ch-change anything.

(Subject pauses for 32 seconds, and appears to be attempting to regain its composure.)

SCP-2759: He did surgeries on me… without anesthetic. In my brain.

Dr. Vanderbilt: Oh, well… That's…. Do you know what those… procedures were for?

SCP-2759: (Subject nods) The more he did on me, the more I could do things like him, but every time I did, it hurt. I don't think I will ever feel that amount of pain again.

(The remainder of the interview has been removed for containing inaccuracies that could cause a containment breach.)

<End Log>

Interview 2759-██: The following interview was conducted on ██/██/2014, while Dr. Vanderbilt completed the psychological changes to force SCP-2759 to be more responsive during interviews.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Vanderbilt: Last time you were with me, I had you talking about what Leonard did to you and your sister. I want you talking today about why he tossed you to the curb.

SCP-2759: He was done with me. I was a test. My sister was the real prize, younger than me, not very smart. He could mold her. I was a failure because I wasn't like him. So he tried to undo to me what he originally did. But he couldn't.

Dr. Vanderbilt: So he tried to reverse his procedures, and just reversed your abilities.

SCP-2759: (Subject nods) He didn't do a good job at that either though. I can still feel the changes.

Dr. Vanderbilt: What changes?

SCP-2759: In the back of my mind… I can feel all of them, all the other mes. I can't remember their memories, but I can feel shades of who they were. I had a sister. They didn't. I'm the first me to have sister. You gave me a sister. Why?

(Dr. Vanderbilt remains silent.)

SCP-2759: The early ones hate you. Why did you do this to me? I don't like being changed. I'm afraid of it, of the pain, of the knowledge that I'm not me anymore. I don't know if the person I was today was anything like the person I first was…

Dr. Vanderbilt: (Sighs) Clearly we still have some work to do on you.

<End Log>

Document 2759-5: Over the course of several weeks, several staff came to Dr. Vanderbilt with concerns about SCP-2759's actual nature and existence. Relevant emails to and from Dr. Loyd have been attached below.

On Fri, Mar 12, 2015 at 4:250pm, Darryl Loyd (loydd@foundation.scp) wrote:

I totally agree with you, Grims. When I worked with Vanderbilt on 2343, he was a complete egotistical maniac. I completely believe he would make up documentation that's entirely centered around himself just to feed his ego. Honestly, I'm just surprised EC let it get this far.

Dr. Darryl Loyd
Essokinetics Division

On Mon, Mar 15, 2015 at 8:03am, Darryl Loyd (loydd@foundation.scp) wrote:


While working on a project again with you has been enjoyable, I can't help feeling like I've been lied to. I've been on this project for nearly three years now, and I've never even seen the anomaly. If it's an infohazard or something, I feel I should know because right now, I'm doubtful it even exists. I know that Grimsley and Dell agree with me on this.

Dr. Darryl Loyd
Essokinetics Division

On Mon, Mar 15, 2015 at 10:27am, Damien Vanderbilt (vanderbiltd@foundation.scp) wrote:


I understand your concern. After discussion with my superiors, I've been ordered to show you SCP-2759. I have a list of preparations you must complete and understand before I can show you it.

Dr. Damien Vanderbilt
Essokinetics Division

At the time of writing, there is no other mention of an anomaly using the SCP-2759 designation anywhere in Foundation databases or records. This document serves as the only evidence that an anomaly previously existed with this designation. Access logs and biological records in Site-821's PDV indicates Doctor Damien Vanderbilt placed the document in the vault; however, Dr. Vanderbilt has been associated with SCP-2343 in Site-127 for the past six years. In addition, the Dr. Loyd mentioned in Document-2759-5 had died during a containment breach caused by SCP-███ in 2014. Investigation is ongoing

- RAISA Officer Whitley

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