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An image taken in one of the heavily damaged parts of SCP-2919.

Item #: SCP-2919

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2919 is to be contained within Provisional Site-31. SCP-2919-1 instances are to be monitored at all times for changes in behavior. Interaction with SCP-2919-1 instances must be approved by personnel with Level 3-2919 clearance. Minkowski Spacetime Monitors are to be set up around SCP-2919 and Provisional Site-31, and will monitor any gravitational distortions within an area of 1 kilometer. These are to be routinely checked and repaired. If a major spacial distortion occurs, personnel at Provisional Site-31 are to follow Protocol Eureka-4 (detailed in Document 2919-E4). Non-Foundation personnel who discover SCP-2919 or Provisional Site-31 are to be administered Class-A Amnestics.

Description: SCP-2919 is a large abandoned factory located in Norrbotten County, Sweden. SCP-2919 is not accessible by road or footpath. It is believed that SCP-2919 was constructed at some point during the 1960s-1980s, based on the architectural style and apparent age of the building. A black and white mural has been painted on the Eastern wall, to the right of what is presumed to be the facility's main entrance. The mural depicts an authoritarian figure in its center. Men and women believed to represent scientists and engineers are on the left side, and instances of SCP-2919-1 are on the right. All of them are saluting. The background resembles the flag of the Kalmar Union1. On a wall opposite to the mural there is red text reading, "SUOJAA KANSAMME2." The function SCP-2919 served when it was in use is unknown.

SCP-2919-1 instances are Caucasian males of varying height and apparent biological age. Each instance wears a white metal helmet that extends to cover the shoulders and upper chest. A cylinder approximately 1 meter in length with a rounded end protrudes from the middle of the front of the helmet. On the left side of the cylinder is a rectangular box with a small, square hole on the front of it. On the upper half of the helmet's back is a similar cylinder that is roughly 0.5 meters long. Each instance is clad in a long-sleeved shirt, trousers, and a belt. SCP-2919-1 instances do not have difficulty with movement, despite the shape of the helmet. SCP-2919-1 instances will stand in pairs at each entrance to SCP-2919, and prohibit entry. Instances will rotate in six hour shifts, and are relieved by SCP-2919-1 from within the facility. SCP-2919-1 instances are conversant in Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, and English.

SCP-2919-1 instances will actively prevent human subjects from entering SCP-2919, starting with verbal warnings. Non-compliance will result in escalating use of force, culminating in the use of what appears to be the generation of localized gravitational distortions to remove individuals from the premises of SCP-2919. The distortions can be generated within a radius of 4 meters around the instance. SCP-2919-1 instances will also use said gravitational distortions as a form of self defense, via physically repelling attackers and deflecting or neutralizing projectiles fired in its direction.

Current observations have shown them not to be hostile without provocation. So far only three subjects have been killed by SCP-2919-1 instances, due to gravitational distortions appearing on or in their body after attempted attacks by the subjects. Further details are in Document 2919-D7. This is believed to be caused by attempts by the SCP-2919-1 instances to relocate the subjects, and was unintentional. These abilities have prevented the capture and study of SCP-2919-1 instances. This has also prevented any exploration of SCP-2919.


Interviewed: An SCP-2919-1 instance, which has been named SCP-2919-1H for the purposes of the interview.

Interviewer: Dr. █████ Vadim, who imitated a journalist during the interview.

<Begin Log>

[Dr. Vadim enters SCP-2919]

SCP-2919-1H: Stop right there, sir.

Dr. Vadim: What is it?

SCP-2919-1H: Please identify yourself.

Dr. Vadim: I'm Emanuel Enok, a journalist from The Newspapers' Telegram Bureau3.

SCP-2919-1H: State your reasons for visiting.

Dr. Vadim: I'm here to write a news report on this building and the work you guys do here.

SCP-2919-1H: May I see your identification?

[Dr. Vadim takes out a Swedish press card and shows it to SCP-2919-1H.]

SCP-2919-1H: You have invalid credentials. I cannot let you in.

Dr. Vadim: Well, can I ask you some questions about this place?

SCP-2919-1H: You are going to have to leave, sir.

Dr. Vadim: What work do you do at this factory?

SCP-2919-1H: Be assured that our work will greatly benefit our nation. Please leave now.

Dr. Vadim: Why is this so important that the public can't know about it?

SCP-2919-1H: Leave- [An electric hum begins emanating from SCP-2919-1H. Distorted audio could be heard during the pauses in speech] to volunteer- show your credentials- will protect- feels weird- against enemy- our work will greatly- Project Dažbog- did not see a sky- our nation. Please leave now.

[The electric hum ceases]

Dr. Vadim: What's Project Dažbog?

SCP-2919-1H: There is no Project Dažbog. Leave now.

[Dr. Vadim was removed from SCP-2919 via gravitational distortions. Attempts to go back to SCP-2919-1H and SCP-2919 were prevented in the same manner. SCP-2919-1H did not respond to further questioning.]

<End Log>

Addendum-2: On █/██/████ at 10:54 am, an SCP-2919-1 instance (named SCP-2919-1V for the autopsy log) began to spasm and subsequently collapsed. Three minutes later, another SCP-2919-1 instance emerged from SCP-2919 and took its place at its post, ignoring the collapsed instance. SCP-2919-1V was able to be retrieved with no complications arising. After confirmation that the instance was dead, an autopsy was performed on the corpse.

The helmet is composed of stainless steel, painted in white. The helmet contained differentiated biological tissue and organs connected to multiple electronic components, grafted to a series of metal struts. In the center of the helmet is a brain, which many of the electronic components are connected to. It is currently unknown what purpose the organs served. It is theorized that they were able to generate an alternating current of a constant voltage to power the electronic components, and process glucose and other nutrients for the body via ██████. The helmet is connected to the rest of the body's skeletal system, and cannot be removed without causing a collapse of the spine and chest. The letters "KU-21" have been tattooed above the navel. The rest of the body and its attire showed no abnormalities.

During the autopsy the instance was surrounded by a gravitational lensing effect4, and subsequently vanished along with the autopsy table and various instruments. Sensors picked up a large spatial and gravitational distortion in the area when this occurred, which pulled the instruments towards SCP-2919-1V's body. A hole was reported appearing in the lens, which led to a dark, gray area. The body and the equipment have not been found.


Foreword: Experimentation with interactions between SCP-2919-1 instances and machinery have determined that small robotics and machinery are largely ignored. Horus Camera Drone H765 (1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm) was attached to an SCP-2919-1 instance (named SCP-2919-1U) on the front of its helmet. After 2 hours at 6:00 PM, SCP-2919-1U left its post and entered the building. The following is a transcript of what H765 recorded inside SCP-2919 before the signal was lost. Further explorations are planned.

<Begin Log>

SCP-2919-1U walks towards a series of doors. These doors open on their own, presumably caused by SCP-2919-1U's gravitational distortions. It enters through them and begins walking down a long hallway. The hallway has various exits along the walls, presumably leading to other segments of SCP-2919. The walls are less worn than the outside of SCP-2919. Despite the apparent age of SCP-2919, lights inside the building are still operational, suggesting there is a running source of electricity. The end of the hallway splits off into two corridors, with a door in the middle. Next to the door is a bulletin board, with a map and other documents on it (further details are in Addendum-4).

The door leads to a stairwell, which appears to have been designed to accommodate the helmet shape of SCP-2919-1 instances. SCP-2919-1U descends down this stairwell for several minutes. The stairwell leads to a catwalk above a large room, with various other catwalks near the upper area of it. On the catwalk floor is a wrinkled poster. The poster has a gray silhouette of a person wearing black glasses, on top of an orange background. An orange gear symbol is on each lens of the glasses. A caption underneath says, "If you see someone wearing glasses, ask them to remove them! They might be CONSTRUCTED!5" SCP-2919-1U walks down the catwalk for two minutes before reaching a set of stairs at the end of it.

As SCP-2919-1U walks down the stairs at the end of the catwalk, H765 is able to see more of the room. This area has various deactivated conveyor belts and machinery that appear to have been assembling SCP-2919-1 helmets. Metal vats are attached to the walls, some of which have fallen off and spilled blood and organs on the floor. These organs resemble the ones found in SCP-2919-1V's helmet. Several SCP-2919-1 instances are patrolling this area. Much of the machinery is either in a state of disrepair or broken entirely. On the floor are two documents (detailed further in Addendum-4) and the back of a human body protruding from the floor, as if submerged. On the wall is a propaganda poster, depicting a soldier planting the Kalmar Union flag into a cracked outline resembling the United States of America. The outline has the Great Seal of the United States in the center. The caption says "We beat the States, and we can beat the communists too!" SCP-2919-1U goes through a set of metal doors into another room similar to the previous one. At this point connection with H765 is lost for one minute.

Upon connection with H765 being restored, SCP-2919-1U enters an elevator, and turns around to face the doors. The elevator's walls and doors are made of glass, allowing a view of a tall metal chamber. Inside the chamber is an object resembling an enlarged version of an SCP-2919-1 helmet, with various electronics and machinery connected to it. At the top of the chamber is a broken window, which leads into an unknown area. The elevator descends below the chamber, and only shows concrete. Connection to H765 begins to decrease.

The doors open to reveal a large gray cylindrical room. In the center of it is a metal ring that is connected to the floor and ceiling with rods. A machine is in the center of the ring, with wires and tubes connecting to the inside of the ring. Along the sides of the ring are 20 naked human bodies, all of which are headless and have tubes extended from their necks to the ceiling. Some of the bodies are in a state of decay, while others appear healthy. One of the bodies has been segmented diagonally from its right shoulder to the left side of its hip, while another one appears to have been exploded from the inside. Decayed organs, dried blood stains, and broken glass are visible on the floor. At random intervals one of the bodies spasms (including the decayed and heavily damaged ones). The letters "KU2-S" can be seen on the chest of each body. Various organs been assembled into the words (in Finnish) "DID I SAVE YOU?" on the ground. On the wall the words (also in Finnish) "PLEASE TALK TO ME" can be seen, having been written in blood. As SCP-2919-1U approaches the center of the room H765's signal is lost.

Addendum-4: The following are documents seen by Horus Camera Drone H765 in SCP-2919. All text has been translated from Finnish to English. Any text written in italics were written in pencil on the documents. Images of each document can be seen in Document SCP-2919-E1R.

Project Dažbog

End of Week Report - 21/10/1979

This has been a week of great progress for Project Dažbog. Our engineers have put the finishing touches on the construction systems, which have produced 11 new Karewit Units in a single day. The organ construction cells are healthy, though at times the organ production has gotten out of control. Four days ago one of our growth vats broke apart after rapid organ growth pushed too hard against the vat's walls. Even during the cleanup operation the cells were still attempting to construct more organs. However, this is believed to be a freak incident, and is unlikely to happen again. However, we have added a system to our vats that will get rid of unneeded organs if too many grow.

Karewit-U2 continues to grow stronger. In one experiment KU2 was able to hold a 3 m x 4 m x 3.5 m rock in the air for approximately 2 minutes outside Facility 63, better than it has ever done so far. Other tests have shown that KU2 can now manipulate gravity anywhere within Facility 63. If we are able to keep KU2 in this state for a long period of time, the next year might see militarization of KU2. However, its personality is still that of a child. It is unknown why this is, considering the brain size and augments. Some believe that KU2 needs time to mentally develop, due to there being more space in its brain to use than a normal human. At some point next week we will look into this further. Currently this seems to have no negative side effects.

The biggest advancement we've made so far happened during testing of a Karewit Unit. While testing how many objects can be manipulated at once, the unit vanished and reappeared several meters away. This means we can create artificial wormholes with the units, though we don't know how this works. This discovery has been made today, so little testing has been performed, but research will be continued on this next week.

Lastly, the Democratic Council has agreed on giving us more money for our research. With the increasingly difficult war against Mekhantos, they want us to finalize our Karewit Units soon. However, this will not override any planned projects and experiments for next week, as the Karewit Units are close to being finished. Hopefully next week brings further progress.

Dr. Eino Jere - Lead Project Dažbog Researcher

NOTE: A majority of this document is missing, due to it being obstructed by the first document when seen. Below is the text that could be seen.

vanished after the transport, with the cord sliced in half. Footage from the Unit only showed static and a blue sky. One researcher who went through with a Unit, Dr. Cai Egil, claims he saw another world for a brief second, though he can't give any specific details about it. Based on other footage taken by units, it is theorized that the wormhole passes through another dimension, then reenters into ours. While this opens up many possibilities, wormhole transportation is very dangerous. One Unit ended up inside a wall after transporting itself, with parts of its body filled with concrete. The only reason we knew where it went was when we saw its hand sticking out of a wall a few hours later, twitching. It is unknown where the rest of the concrete was displaced to. I hope that our missing scientists haven't suffered the same fate.

Due to these dangers related to wormholes, there is worry that KU2 will be able to do the same thing, but on a larger scale. After having studied on how the wormhole creation is performed, our engineers have developed an inhibitor that prevents this from happening. We have also had to call off any further testing on the wormholes, due to the escalated tensions on the border and government worries. Karewit Units are currently being produced at the fastest rate possible right now. Hopefully we will live to see further developments next week.

Dr. Eino Jere - Lead Project Dažbog Researcher The Soviets have broken the treaty, and have crossed the Finnish-Soviet border while we were distracted. With our proximity to the fighting, I worry we will be attacked soon. I don't know how long the guards will hold them off for, but whatever happens we can't let them get in. They can't be allowed to learn.

The inhibitor hasn't been installed.

This is a written description of a map seen on the bulletin board in SCP-2919.

The map is titled "Map of the Modern World - 1979." Various countries are depicted in the colors blue, red, and gray. A legend on the map says "Blue: Capitalist and Allied Nations, Red: Communist Territory, Gray: Neutral, Yellow: Old Government Territory, Bronze: Mekhantos, Black: Lost"

The countries present on the map are different than maps made during 1979. One of these differences is North America being composed of ten countries, ranging in size. Three of the western countries are colored in red, with a majority of the central and northern ones in gray. The largest country is colored blue and goes along most of the east coast. Cuba and most of Central America are blue. The countries in South America are a mix of blue, red, and gray, with a resemblance to Cold War era South America. The only major difference is that Chile is smaller in size, and that the area where Brazil would be is two countries, one blue and the other red.

Africa and the Middle East remain fairly unchanged, with slightly different borders. On the west coast of Africa is a small yellow country, which is the only country colored in yellow. In Europe, Italy isn't a single country, and is made up of various smaller ones. Portugal and Spain are both one country. Sweden, Finland, Norway, and presumably Norway's overseas territories are also one nation. What is presumed to be the Soviet Union extends up to its 1945 borders. Asia (including Japan) is predominantly red, though what is believed to be China is blue and smaller in size. All the Pacific island nations are in gray. In the South Atlantic Ocean is a bronze circle roughly the size of Brazil. Four smaller bronze circles are in the Pacific Ocean. Greenland is the only area of the map that is colored black.

NOTE: This document is a piece of paper seen on the bulletin board in SCP-2919.




[Below this are various signatures]

Peace, Prosperity, Progress, Freedom - New Kalmaris

NOTE: These documents are pieces of paper seen on the bulletin board in SCP-2919. They appear to be newspaper clippings.


New Kalmaris Ambassador Traveling to the Old Government Remnants

Ever since the Kalmar Union was toppled during World War I and New Kalmaris was founded, one territory continued to pledge allegiance to the old government. The African country of New Oslo has refused to rejoin New Kalmaris, and has shown a strong distaste towards our government. However, after 61 years of separation they might finally join. Their location has made them suffer greatly from the war against Mekhantos, and recent attack from neighboring countries are straining their defense. An ambassador from New Kalmaris is traveling to New Oslo, to arrange for negotiations. It is unknown what these negotiations entail, but hopefully it means we can get them to rejoin in exchange for support from our nation. The negotiations will take place in two days.

A Mysterious Machine Rises From the Ocean

On August 5th, a freighter heading from Argentina to Morocco made a shocking discovery. While going through large waves the crew saw a large bulge appear in the ocean. One crew member said, "We noticed our ship begin to rise on top of what we thought was a large wave. However, it just kept getting large and larger until it looked like a massive wall. Then it burst." Out of the water was massive, bronze complex of machinery. They said it looked like a wall made of various rotating gears, with a loud grinding noise coming from inside. The ship's captain, Captain Hector Yenien said, "It was the most haunting sight I've ever seen in my life. It was as if I could feel something deep within that mass of cogs and gears, something horrid. We couldn't go any further with that thing blocking our path, so we turned around. I'm glad I did." When the ship returned to port at Mar del Plata, they were the first of many sailors who began to spread tales of the machine. Yesterday on August 9th the Argentinian military launched an investigation and confirmed that these tales are true. An investigation of the so called "Gear Island" is underway.

NOTE: This document consists of various notes seen on the bulletin board in SCP-2919. Each note is separated by a gap.


A war has started in North America. Again. The countries are the the Republic of Quebec, the New American States, the Midwestern Republic, and Great Lakes Federation.

We might've beaten them a bit too hard during WWII.

That's what they get for messing with Europe!

To whoever put up a note saying "Death to the communists," we are allies with them now. If we are going to beat the Constructed, we can't be saying stuff like that!

Also, can someone take down that poster about beating the communists? For some reason it is still up.

We can't trust them. Don't forget about what happened with their "alliance" with Japan.

Do we really need to keep those temples? We figured out how the freaks' organs work, so why keep it? It seems too dangerous!

Remember guys, not all Constructed are evil! Some don't want to hurt us.

If you are excited for wormhole transportation, write "Y" on this note! Y Y Y YY Y Y N Y Y Y N N Y

Can we pay some attention to the massacres in Argentina caused by the Constructed? What happened in Ireland was horrible, but this is still important!

I wish I visited Greenland when I had the chance.

Brace yourselves for the upcoming attack!

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