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Item #: SCP-2961

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2961 is to be housed within a standard humanoid containment unit at Site-62. When not in use, the structure, furnishings and any personal effects (where possible) are to be checked for anomaly-related changes; any items thus affected are to be replaced as required and forwarded to F-Lab for ongoing analysis.

Until all anomalous behaviour is understood, testing, research and interviews are to be conducted at least twenty meters from its containment and/or prior location.1 Under these conditions, SCP-2961 must be relocated every thirty minutes to a different Class Three research/interview suite. No additional security is required.

Contact with SCP-2961 is limited to no more than thirty minutes in any four hour period, after which assigned personnel must undergo DNA refranking and revised retina/fingerprint ID authorization to ensure continued security access2. This is to be performed within one hour of last contact.

Note that for research purposes, drug dependency can be introduced and/or discontinued as required. In this case, enhanced containment protocols/care standards apply, as agreed by SCP-2961 (see additional documentation). SCP-2961 is considered category NH/FC3 (with zero contraindications) for the purposes of research interaction and breach risk analysis, and as such Quality of Life standard Westerman-A applies.

Description: SCP-2961 is the physically non-anomalous human male Raul Flores.

When SCP-2961 enters a clearly defined, physically bound location, any phenomena that could be classified as forensic evidence (as understood by SCP-2961) will exhibit a progressive degradation and/or transformation, to the point of neutralization. This degradation is relative to physical proximity to SCP-2961. Evidence both anecdotal and empirical indicates that this is an involuntary, permanently ongoing phenomena that does not impact, hinder or otherwise interfere with SCP-2961’s standard biological or psychological functioning.

Said forensic degradation will take the form of either 1} a progressive failure of identifiable genetic structure, so that same can be recognized as human blood (for example), but cannot be linked to any individual, or 2} a transformation into a physically and/or thematically similar artifice (for example, white powder recovered from the bathroom of a murdered civil servant together with a mirror and a razor blade was positively identified as talc, although a separate Foundation autopsy suggested same had been inhaled prior to death, and trace quantities of talc were found in the victim’s bloodstream congruent with cocaine use).

Discovery: Raul Flores was born in Delicias, Mexico on 23rd January 1968 to Felix Alfonso (deceased 1977-08-13) and Maria Concerta (deceased 1986-12-30). Autopsies and medical records of same, grandparents and great-grandparents on both sides, plus covert DNA analysis of offspring, have revealed zero indications of any physical anomaly.

Flores rose to prominence in the 1990’s as an increasingly influential and vociferous critic of both Mexico’s drug cartels and the Mexican government, citing the former’s practices and methodology, and the latter’s apparent inability and/or unwillingness to curb them, as leading factors in Mexico’s perceived socio-economic decline.

On the third of April 2004 Raul Flores disappeared. It is believed his disappearance, and the subsequent public outcry, were decisive factors in the election of Felipe Calderon to the Mexican presidency in December 2006 and the catalyst for the crackdown on drug trafficking and the commencement, in the same month, of the so-called Mexican Drug War.

Flores came to the Foundation’s indirect attention following the collapse of numerous high-profile criminal prosecutions against members of the Los Ocultos cartel during these actions (all of which failed through lack of, or destruction/misappropriation of, allegedly incriminating forensic evidence), and was positively identified after the capture of several CCTV and cellphone recordings of anomalous activity by cartel-embedded agents. Containment was finally achieved in April 2012 in Chihuahua, Mexico at [REDACTED] Catholic School, the scene of a triple execution carried out by cartel members and local law enforcement officers.

Interviewed: SCP-2961, here referred to by name to aid cooperation.

Interviewer: Induction Officer Dr J Pascal

Foreword: Induction Interview 0_0_124 (two hours after extraction)

<Begin Log>

DR J PASCAL: You’re happy with the assurances you’ve been given? Don’t nod.

SCP-2961: Sorry. Yes.

DR J PASCAL: Okay, let’s begin. I’d like to ask you some questions about the last few years. Specifically 2004 to date.

SCP-2961: I don't know. I'm still -

DR J PASCAL: We can stop at any time. There's water in the beaker. Help yourself.

SCP-2961: Okay. Thank you.

DR J PASCAL: I've seen the footage leading up to your rescue - what's still viable, at least. You standing in the middle of a classroom, wearing a pinafore apron with a feather duster, surrounded by gang members taking it in turns to pistol whip you.

SCP-2961: Please…

DR J PASCAL: Three deceased minors on the floor, gunshot wounds to the head. George Marquez, thirteen, Valeria Marquez, eight, Penelope Vegas, three.

SCP-2961: Please, I -

DR J PASCAL: Over the course of seven minutes their blood either disappears or becomes some other fluid. Ink, or paint, or blood of indistinct DNA lineage. Bullet holes in the floor and walls become larger - not bullet holes any more. What we assume were bullet casings are unidentifiable as such: more like scraps of metal - and you just stand there.

SCP-2961: Please. I had to, while the blood and everything else became untraceable. I didn't hurt those poor little things. I would never -

DR J PASCAL: Accepted; just so we're straight, you're not being accused of anything. We have no interest in pursuing any kind of punitive action.

SCP-2961: So what are you interested in? What do you want to know?

DR J PASCAL: I'd like to understand the progression from balls to the wall people's hero to pinafore apron-wearing accomplice for Mexico's third largest cartel. Can you tell me how Mexico's foremost campaigner for the Disappeared ended up actively covering up their murders?

SCP-2961: Where do you want me to start?

DR J PASCAL: The beginning would be fine.

SCP-2961: Okay… The beginning… I was what you'd call an "over-sensitive" child.

DR J PASCAL: Can you elaborate on that?

SCP-2961: Of course. When I was eight or nine, out playing, I found a deer that had been hit by a truck. A beautiful thing, ruined beyond recognition. I dragged it off the road, used my shirt to clear up the blood as best I could. There was a stream nearby. I washed the shirt and went back and washed the deer's face. I'd never been so close to one before. I was very moved, very sad. Cleansed it as best I could and left it a little ways off the roadside. How can life be so meaningless? That was the seed. The start of it. Positive action. Everything I ever did afterwards was born of that day. My mother shouted at me for coming home with no shirt.

DR J PASCAL: Thank you. The rest of your life is well documented, right up to your disappearance. Talk me through it.

SCP-2961: April the third, 2004. It was a beautiful day. I was coming home from a wedding, driving on a side road maybe nine kilometers south of Camargo, listening to a news report about terrorists in Spain blowing themselves up in their apartment. I turn the corner and I have to slam on the brakes – there’s wreckage everywhere - a white sedan had careered off the road after hitting a deer.

DR J PASCAL: A deer?

SCP-2961: I know. I think it had just happened.

DR J PASCAL: Occupants of the white car?

SCP-2961: Three occupants. The driver was dazed and covered in blood. There was a dead woman, and a little girl unconscious in the back. Blood and vomit and shit and piss everywhere. Overpowering. Christ. The deer was just a pulp. The woman's bladder was exposed, torn open, pissing onto the seat.


SCP-2961: The child was beginning to come round. I didn't want her to see her mother like that. I wanted the blood to go away.

DR J PASCAL: What happened?

SCP-2961: I guess the deer and the roadside took me back, reminded me of that incident all those years before. I wanted to make a difference this time.

DR J PASCAL: Talk me through it.

SCP-2961: The blood. I made it go away. I willed it? I don't know. The blood became salsa became water. It evaporated in the end. The shit and piss and vomit became mud. It dried into dust. The interior of the car didn't look like an abattoir anymore.

DR J PASCAL: How did you evoke it?

SCP-2961: It was my emotion. I was crying, shaking. Once I realised what was happening I was able to - I can't think how to describe it. It was intuitive. It required desire, not thought.

DR J PASCAL: Heart, not head. Okay - so that's the wife and child. What about the husband?

SCP-2961: He was still bleeding, but he wasn't drenched in it anymore. He started to come round too. I'm sorry - I -

DR J PASCAL: You're doing fine. Please continue.

SCP-2961: I did what I could. But then I realised I could hear groaning coming from behind the car. I looked, I couldn't see anything. But still, the groaning. Muffled. I couldn't understand; there was no one there - I couldn't figure it out. And then I realised it was coming from the trunk. It had come unlocked in the crash. There was someone in the trunk…

DR J PASCAL: Take your time.

SCP-2961: There was a man in there. Naked, gagged, trussed up. I'm wondering what the hell I've just stumbled into, when I hear a ‘click’ behind me, very close to my ear. I turn slowly with my hands up, and I have a gun in my face. It’s the driver. The man I thought was the husband.

DR J PASCAL: So who was he?

SCP-2961: Without the blood, it was obvious: Miguel Rodriguez, the top man in the Los Diablos cartel, as it was then… With his free hand he takes a wheel jack. Kills the man in the trunk and drags the little girl out of the back. He didn't say a word. I couldn't watch. The noises were enough. I just stood there, frozen. Useless.

DR J PASCAL: You had a gun pointing at you. Your options were limited.

SCP-2961: Maybe. Rodriguez just stared at me for what seemed like an eternity, weighing up the situation. Finally he gestured back towards the trunk. “Him. Get him out of the trunk. Put him in the driver’s seat,” he said. And I did. I felt sick. But I did as he asked. Then he said, “Do what you just did again,” he said. “Do it again. Make everything clean.” And I did. God forgive me, I did.

DR J PASCAL: Who were the victims?

SCP-2961: I didn’t ask, he didn't say. I know Rodriguez liked to take risks. Maybe the thought of driving down the highway with a torture victim gagged in the trunk, and his wife and kid terrified in the back, maybe it gave him a buzz. I don't know.

DR J PASCAL: So what happened?

SCP-2961: He got into the back seat of my car and told me to get in the front. I did. Then he told me to drive. I followed his directions. Turn right here, turn left here… After maybe twenty, thirty minutes he told me to stop. I don't remember what happened next. I woke up in a dark room.

DR J PASCAL: You disappeared.

SCP-2961: Yes. I spent my days chained up in an outhouse in the grounds of his villa. He saw how I could help further his lifestyle. He forced me to take drugs; it appealed to his sense of irony. Me, locked up in his villa and totally dependent on whatever chemicals he threw my way. Thank you, though.


SCP-2961: For making me clean. I don't know how - and I'm not sure I want to. But thank you.

DR J PASCAL: It's a routine process. Getting back to the drug use at the villa; wouldn't that be counter-productive?

SCP-2961: No - by then, maybe a year in - I was using my ability almost all the time. It got to the stage where I couldn't control it anymore. It became a constant, unconscious thing. Every day I was needed to cleanse some crime scene here or there. He used the drugs to keep me docile. You've seen the footage of the school. I don't want to talk about that again. Not today.

DR J PASCAL: That's okay. Look, I know this is a lot to take in; it looks like you need a break. I'll have someone escort you to the restroom; we'll recommence in ten minutes.


DR J PASCAL: Orange orange orange. We're back online, Raul. Did you just clean crime scenes?

SCP-2961: Mostly, but not exclusively.

DR J PASCAL: Can you give me an example?

SCP-2961: There was a high profile murder trial in 2007 - I was smuggled into the courtroom in disguise. I was there to ruin the evidence - specifically a machete covered in the victim's blood and the murderer's fingerprints, and the gun used to shoot her in the face. Exhibits 12a, 12b, 12c, 12d and 12e were the bullets from that gun. I sat in that courtroom for five hours.

DR J PASCAL: Carry on.

SCP-2961: By the time the evidence was shown the machete was clean, no blood visible, no identifiable fingerprints. The gun barrel no longer had uniquely identifiable striations, and neither did the bullets. Sanchez - the accused - walked free… Listen, I'm sorry but I feel a little tired.

DR J PASCAL: We'll go through this in more detail in another session if you're agreeable to that. Get some rest. We’ll speak again tomorrow.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Interview suspended, to be recommenced next day.

Interviewed: SCP-2961, referred to by name to aid cooperation

Interviewer: Induction Officer Dr J Pascal

Foreword: Continuation of previous induction interview

<Begin Log>

DR J PASCAL: Did you get any sleep?

SCP-2961: I don’t know if I’d call it sleep. Something in the water, right?

DR J PASCAL: How were you treated by the cartel?

SCP-2961: I’d campaigned against these people for years, and suddenly I was their slave, cleaning up their kidnappings, their rapes, their murders. How do you think they treated me? You’ve seen the footage. The feather duster, the pink pinafore apron. The ritual humiliation.

DR J PASCAL: Regardless of how they treated you, you were invaluable to the cartel.

SCP-2961: I was, yes. But Rodriguez had become distrustful.


SCP-2961: He came to me one day whilst I was chained up. Pulled up a chair and looked at me for the longest time. Said I could make problems go away. Then he sighed. He said, if I could make them go away, I could make them come back too. And that, he said, concerned him deeply - I was a witness to a lot of things he didn't want to be witnessed… And he sat there and just looked at me. Maybe five minutes or more. I’m thinking that this is it; my final day on Earth. I have outgrown my use. But then, the strangest thing…

DR J PASCAL: What happened?

SCP-2961: He told me that he - and the other cartel heads - all had personal video collections… Films of informers, rivals, innocents being tortured and murdered. He had hundreds of hour's worth. I knew he had a purpose-built dungeon. I'd cleansed it enough times.

DR J PASCAL: Carry on.

SCP-2961: He said he wanted something better than films; the other cartel bosses had those. He was Miguel Rodriguez and he deserved something better, something no one else had. So he sits there looking at me and says he wants me to bring the Disappeared back. He wants me to make all the DNA, all the blood and the shit and the horror that I had made vanish, and bring it all kicking and screaming back into this plane of existence. He wanted to see his victims again, wanted to replay their last horrific moments. Not on tape, though.

DR J PASCAL: How, then?

SCP-2961: In the flesh.

DR J PASCAL: And you agreed?

SCP-2961: I had no choice - you have to understand: his comment about me being a witness to the crimes was a warning, but in those words I saw a way to honour those I'd helped silence. I resolved to be a witness in every sense of the word. Catalogue the crimes committed against the victims. Those were my intentions, at least.

DR J PASCAL: Can you clarify that?

SCP-2961: I wanted to do the right thing, but my intentions - they were soiled by the drugs and the greed and everything else.

DR J PASCAL: Everything else? Such as?

SCP-2961: His villa - it was unlike any other place on earth. Limitless depravity, cruelty, greed, ambition, money, drugs - it all fused together. Became something else - I don't know what. Reality didn't behave like reality there. It couldn't cope. It became corrupted just like everything else.

DR J PASCAL: You believe the villa itself was anomalous?

SCP-2961: Maybe, yes. I don't know. There was a room adjoining the torture chamber… Christ…

DR J PASCAL: Do you feel sick again, Raul? You look -

«Silence for eight seconds»

SCP-2961: Being clean comes at a price, doesn't it?

DR J PASCAL: What do you mean?

«Silence for twenty-one seconds»

DR J PASCAL: Raul, what do you mean?

SCP-2961: I can see it all clearly now. Like a veil's been lifted… What have I done?

DR J PASCAL: Raul, you need to tell me -

SCP-2961: I need to go back. You mentioned yesterday a whole world of things that can't exist. You want to see more? That room… And Christ, the abominations inside it. I have to go back now.

DR J PASCAL: You want to destroy them? Don't shake your head.

SCP-2961: I want to save them.

DR J PASCAL: Raul, what exactly are these “abominations”?

SCP-2961: The Disappeared.

DR J PASCAL: The cartel's? Don't shake your head.

SCP-2961: The world's.

«silence for eleven seconds»

DR J PASCAL: Okay, understood; standard CA/C prep. I'll advise him now… Raul, the following is non-negotiable. You will remain on-site for the duration of any action howsoever, wheresoever and whensoever it is pursued and resolved. Your presence, in so far as it is required, will be limited to locating and identifying additional anomalous phenomena and your observations, communications and engagement will be conducted entirely via remote means. For the purposes of said action, you have zero authority and your role is advisory in nature only. Notwithstanding that, prior to, during and after said action, your involvement may be augmented, diminished, terminated or increased without notice. Notwithstanding that, your involvement is entirely voluntary and you waive all rights, howsoever they exist and however granted, for the duration of said action. You accept full responsibility for any injury, harm or negative association to yourself resulting from said action howsoever, wheresoever and whensoever it is sustained. You accept that the Ganymede Group, insofar as it is or is not a bona fide legal entity, cannot be held responsible for any trauma of a physical, mental, spiritual, chronological, dimensional, identity or personality-related nature or for any other causation, howsoever, wheresoever or whensoever it occurs.

«silence for seven seconds»

SCP-2961: I accept. When does this happen?

DR J PASCAL: We know the location of the villa. You can guide a team to this thing within it? Don't nod.

SCP-2961: Yes.

DR J PASCAL: Okay. It's happening now. We need to move you to somewhere more appropriate. Interview terminated.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-2961 moved to Secure Unit 284 and debriefed on the physical layout of Miguel Rodriguez’ villa, its defences and estimated threat count prior to an imminent containment/retrieval action.

On [REDACTED], MTF Zeta-17 ("Los Ciervos") were involved in a CA/C4 action at the villa of Los Oculto head Miguel Rodriguez. Five members of the MTF team were injured in action, with zero fatalities. Eighty nine hostile parties were neutralised in the action, seventeen permanently.

As a result of the action, one anomalous object with at least 250+ unique recorded sub-designations and one anomalous location were contained; these are currently awaiting classification and permanent containment, documentation pending.

SCP-2961 is currently cooperating with this ongoing process. Information that could positively identify any unique sub-designations as D-Class resource, or Subset 2961-CFM individuals5 is to be held separately and is not to be made available to SCP-2961.

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