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nn5n: scp-2963 A D-Class, a Sarkicist, and a Yithian walk into a reality bender…
EuclidSCP-2963 A D-Class, a Sarkicist, and a Yithian walk into a reality bender…Rate: 36

Item #: SCP-2963

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2963 is to be kept in two connected standard humanoid containment cells. Humidity of these cells is to be kept at 58%. SCP-2963-5 is to be fed once per day with liquid nutrient solution.

Description: SCP-2963 refers to 7 distinct entities that formerly comprised D-3553-3, a D-Class individual previously used by researchers assigned to SCP-████1, under supervision of Dr. McCauley. D-3553-3 was converted into its current state during a failed containment attempt of SCP-████, which also resulted in the deaths of two additional D-class and four containment personnel.

Each entity grows and functions as a non-anomalous organ system would. SCP-2963-1, -2, -3, and -6 are able to speak in some capacity, despite lacking the necessary anatomy to do so. For records of such communications see sample interview logs.
Item Description Notes
SCP-2963-1 Nervous System Most communicative instance, possesses personality very similar to D-3553-3’s original personality. Able to locomote by pulling itself along horizontal surfaces, despite lacking necessary cell structure to do so. All nerve structures are intact and functional.
SCP-2963-2 Skeletal System Communicates very rarely, but appears to possess intellect on par with SCP-2963-1 and -3. Bones are held together in form of human skeleton by unknown force.
SCP-2963-3 Muscular System Possesses intellect on par with SCP-2963-1 and -2, communicates often. SCP-2963-3 is most prone to hostility and violence if provoked, and should be treated with caution. SCP-2963-3 typically maintains humanoid form, but is capable of moving as an amorphous mass.
SCP-2963-4 Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems Moves in a similar fashion to SCP-2963-1, though it is able to scale sheer vertical surfaces. If SCP-2963-4 is deprived of oxygen, all 7 SCP-2963 entities will begin to suffocate.
SCP-2963-5 Digestive, Renal, and Excretory System SCP-2963-5 does not move, and is not believed to be self-aware. Entity must be fed a liquid nutrient solution in order to maintain entirety of SCP-2963. All waste produced by SCP-2963 is excreted by SCP-2963-5.
SCP-2963-6 Integumentary System2 SCP-2963-6 is capable of communication, though does so rarely. Entity floats approximately one meter above ground by unknown means, and is capable of maneuvering through very small gaps. SCP-2963’s containment chamber has been made airtight as a precaution.
SCP-2963-7 Reproductive, Endocrine, and Immune Systems Entity moves similarly to terrestrial gastropods, with organs forming a foot to pull the instance forward.

Below are sample interview transcripts with SCP-2963-1, -2, -3, and -6.

Foreword: At time of interview, SCP-2963 had been in containment for 2 months. Interview conducted by Dr. McGann, Senior Researcher assigned to SCP-2963, formerly assigned to SCP-████ and thus familiar with SCP-2963

<Begin Log>

Dr. McGann: Hello again, how are you this morning?

SCP-2963-1: Well, I still look like overcooked spaghetti and share a room with my own intestines, so you know, the usual.

Dr. McGann: Right. We have a few more questions for you today, if you don’t mind.

SCP-2963-1: Fire away.

Dr. McGann: How much can you remember of your life prior to your current state?

SCP-2963-1: You mean back when I was in one piece? All of it. Childhood, growing up, drug charges, other charges, death row, coming here, getting used like a lab-rat, and…

Dr. McGann: And what?

SCP-2963-1: And the kid. The bender kid.

Dr. McGann: You mean ████?

SCP-2963-1: Yeah. Mark. That was his name.

Dr. McGann: Right. How much do you remember of your time assigned to the ████ team?

SCP-2963-1: A lot. They used us to deal with the kid. I guess they were afraid of him. But the other Ds didn’t talk much, but I got to know him pretty well. I liked him, good kid.

Dr. McGann: Until he tore your organs apart.

SCP-2963-1: He was scared. What’s a kid supposed to do when armed goons come after him?

Dr. McGann: They typically cry. He levelled a building.

SCP-2963-1: An empty building! He wouldn’t have done it if there were people there!

Dr. McGann: He killed six, and did this to you.

SCP-2963-1: Because they were holding a gun to his head! He was scared! He…he was just a kid. He didn’t know what he was doing

Dr. McGann: Right. I think we can end here for now. Thank you for your cooperation.

<End Log>

Foreword: Interview conducted by Dr. McGann. SCP-2963 had been in containment for four months. Interview conducted through Plexiglas plate due to SCP-2963-3’s history of violence.

<Begin Log>

Dr. McGann: Good afternoon, three.

SCP-2963-3: Aaron. Don’t use the number, I’m not a D anymore.

Dr. McGann: No, just a scip. 2963-3.

SCP-2963-3: Use my damn name. You motherfuckers are the reason I got this way.

Dr. McGann: No, that would be SC-

SCP-2963-3: It’s not the kid’s fault. You can’t be mad at a bomb for going off. Especially if you planted it.

Dr. McGann: Quaint. We have a few more questions for you, if you’ll cooperate

SCP-2963-3: Fire away.

Dr. McGann: Well as you know, we’ve determined that D-3553-3’s original personality was…fragmented by the incident that resulted in your creation.

SCP-2963-3: That’s what you keep saying, yeah. I don’t buy it. I’m still me

Dr. McGann: Partially. As far as we can tell it’s -1 who got D-3553-3’s original personality. You’re close, but you display markedly higher aggression, host-

SCP-2963-3: Maybe I’m aggressive because I’m a fucking meat-puppet! Because you sons of bitches made me this way! Because that judge had it in for me! Because the last 6 fucking years have been nothing but tests and labor and the inside of a cell! Because you killed the fucking kid, because you-

Dr. McGann: Enough, -3.

SCP-2963-3 throws itself at the glass, attempting to break through. During this, SCP-2963-3 screams unintelligibly.

Dr. McGann: Right, I think that’ll be it for today then. Thank you for your cooperation.

<End Log>

Foreword: Interview conducted by Dr. McGann, SCP-2963 had been in containment for five months. SCP-2963-2 requested an interview - request was granted as this was only the second attempt at communication -2 had made thus far.

<Begin Log>

Dr. McGann: Good evening, can I ask why you’ve asked for this interview?

SCP-2963-2: I have information

Dr. McGann: Okay, did you not have this information when we tried to interview you previously?

SCP-2963-2: Yes

Dr. McGann: Why didn’t you tell us before?

SCP-2963-2: I did not think it relevant.

Dr. McGann: Ok, what do you have to tell us?

SCP-2963-2: I do not know who we are.

Dr. McGann: We? You mean the rest of you?

SCP-2963-2: Yes. The Brain knows. The Muscle knows. I do not. The Skin does not. The others do not know enough to know anything.

Dr. McGann: Do you mean you possesses a separate memory from -1 and -3?

SCP-2963-2: I do not remember living as the person we are.

Dr. McGann: So your memories start after separation?

SCP-2963-2: No.

Dr. McGann: What? What do you remember?

SCP-2963-2: I remember a life. A different life. The details are faded. I think it was a place far away.

Dr. McGann: And you believe you and -6 came from this other person?

SCP-2963-2: No. I did. The Skin is something else. From somewhere else. A shaper of flesh. A god-eater.

Dr. McGann: I see. Do you have any idea why you were chosen for this? How you were pulled into D-3553-3's skeleton?

SCP-2963-2: I believe we were tangent to this world. When the child was killed it released an enormous amount of energy that tore through such barriers, and brought us here.

Dr. McGann: Ah. Well this is a lot of information to process. Thank you for coming to us with this.

SCP-2963-2: You’re welcome.

<End Log>
Note: Research into the possible origins of SCP-2963-2’s and -6’s consciousnesses is ongoing.

Foreword: Interview conducted by Dr. McGann, the day after Interview SCP-2963-2-2.

<Begin Log>

Dr. McGann: Hello, -6

SCP-2963-6: Please, call me Aaron.

Dr. McGann: Ah yes, your name, right?

SCP-2963-6: Yes.

Dr. McGann: Right. Tell me, Aaron, how much do you remember of your life before this?

SCP-2963-6: I have told your people, I do not remember much.

Dr. McGann: Right, just double checking. What about Mark?

SCP-2963-6: Who?

Dr. McGann: Mark. The kid?

SCP-2963-6: I’m sorry, I don’t recall having any children.

Dr. McGann: SCP-████

SCP-2963-6: Ah yes. The reality bender.

Dr. McGann: Yes. Do you have any idea why I requested this interview?

SCP-2963-6: No. Is there something wrong?

Dr. McGann: Well it’s just that yesterday we spoke to -2 and he-

SCP-2963-6: What did it say?

Dr. McGann: He told us that you… aren’t D-3553-3.

SCP-2963-6 remains silent

Dr. McGann: Well? Who are you?

SCP-2963-6: I am Aaron Doher-

Dr. McGann: No. Who are you, really?

SCP-2963-2 remains silent for approximately 30 seconds

SCP-2963-6: This is my ordeal. It is as the Ozirmok said, “I have stepped beyond the Floe of Dreams”. I have entered this realm on my crawl towards apotheosis. I have been thrust unto this lowly form so that I may…no, must claw my way towards godhood.

Dr. McGann: I don’t…what are you talking about?

SCP-2963-6: I am Zend Haôrath! Flayer of lovers! Render of suffering skin! And I have been brought here so that [REDACTED]

<End Log>

Note: It is currently believed that during the incident that created SCP-2963, SCP-████ pulled disparate consciousnesses from sources other than D-3553-3, and somehow pushed them into SCP-2963-2 and -6. Information regarding SCP-2963-6 has been forwarded to the Para-Religion Division. Neither SCP-2963-2 or SCP-2963-6 have been cooperative for further interviews.

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