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nn5n: scp-2983 Capel Celyn
SafeSCP-2983 Capel CelynRate: 11

Item #: SCP-2983

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its location SCP-2983 is contained in situ. MTF Omega-3 ("Vilifiers") are to intercept civilians approaching the site as per Protocol 745-Glyndwr.

SCP-2983-1 through 13 pose no security threat, being effectively self-contained by the natural boundaries of SCP-2983; on-site behavioural monitoring is therefore sufficient subject to Escalation Protocol Oubliette-072.

Description: SCP-2983 is the submerged village of Capel Celyn in the Afon Tryweryn valley, Wales, flooded in 1965 to create the Llyn Celyn reservoir, which necessitated the forced relocation of forty-eight residents.

Discovered during routine surveying of the lake bed in 1971, SCP-2983-1 to 13 are previously non-anomalous residents who have reinhabited six submerged houses. All thirteen had close relatives interred in the cemetery and had opposed the flooding on that basis.1

Instances maintain an exclusively aquatic existence via currently unknown processes and exhibit no awareness of either their current condition, the outside world or Foundation monitoring.

Log SCP-2983-1-f-05-1976-09-12-07-46:
SCP-2983-6 leaves cottage and walks down high street into the Mynwent y Crynwyr cemetery. Same walks slowly, analogous to a non-anomalous human walking underwater. Instance clears sediment away from E-05, N-09 and N-12 gravestones and leaves dead flowers. Instance appears unaware of flowers floating up to surface of lake twenty-five metres above. Mouths several words (lost due to poor visibility). Instance sits at graveside for sixteen minutes before returning home.

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