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SafeSCP-3132 Crackin' the Back KnackRate: 30

Item #: SCP-3132

Object Class: Safe

Updated Special Containment Procedures: As of 01/05/17 Site-208 has been placed under strict Level W4 Quarantine. All personnel transfers between Site-208 and all other Sites are prohibited. All delivery of supplies is to be conducted by unmanned vehicles. No phone contact is to be made between any Site-208 personnel and the outside world.

All personnel stationed at this site are to be reclassified as E-class personnel and allowed to continue their duties as normal, with all wages and benefits increased by two stages as compensation.

SCP-3132 is to be kept in a standard Safe item locker in the center of a 6 m x 6 m storage closet. All testing involving SCP-3132 must be conducted in a room equipped with special sound-absorbing lining. Testing of SCP-3132 on individuals with arthritis or other joint-related afflictions is currently prohibited.

All SCP-3132-1 instances are to be housed in modified humanoid containment cells equipped with sound-absorbing lining.

Description: SCP-3132 is a plaster replica of a human vertebra. SCP-3132 exhibits several anomalous effects on humans in its vicinity, proceeding in several stages:

Stage 1: When a human is within 2.3 m of SCP-3132, they will begin to experience mild auditory hallucinations. Subjects describe the sounds as similar to those made when a joint is popped. The hallucinations immediately cease if the subject leaves the 2.3 m radius. This stage lasts ten to forty minutes.

Stage 2: Subjects within range of SCP-3132 after Stage 1 ends begin to experience major discomfort in their spinal joints. Most subjects will attempt to pop their back joints; if successful, subjects report significant relief. The discomfort ends after approximately one hour, whether the subject pops their back successfully or not.

Stage 3: If the subject successfully pops their back joints during Stage 2, they proceed to this stage. During this stage, only the subject's spinal joints are able to pop; other joints will not pop no matter how they are pulled. Of note is that vertebrae will only pop in sequence: either up from the L4-L5 joint if the subject turns their torso clockwise, or down from the C1-C2 joint if counterclockwise.

When popped from the top down, the vertebral joints will emit a series of pops that correspond to a descending B major scale. These sounds have an average volume of 65 dB. When popped from the bottom up, the joints will instead emit a series of sounds corresponding to an ascending D minor scale at 80 dB.

Any human who hears either of these sounds other than the person who generated them enters Stage 3 permanently and is hereafter designated SCP-3132-1. Furthermore, all sounds generated from the spinal joints of an SCP-3132-1 instance retain the ability to transform any listeners of the sound into additional SCP-3132-1 instances.

Test #: 3132-29
Subject(s): D-19060 and D-28888


(D-19060 and D-28888 are restrained to prevent movement of their backs. To avoid spread of SCP-3132, the subjects are inside a soundproofed room. Their comments are relayed to Dr. Juarez through a text-to-speech device.)

D-19060: Another day, another test. What's on the menu today?

Dr. Juarez: Please stand by. In a few minutes we'll release you and move on to the next step. You'll be cracking your backs in various patterns into the microphones placed around the chamber.

D-28888: Awesome. Hey, later on we should test with like, five people and see if we can't get a band started.

D-19060: Crazy Eights, that's the best idea you've had all week. Can we get that written down, somewhere?

Dr. Juarez: You guys know I'm not in charge of coming up with these tests. I'll be sure to mention it to my supervisor, though.

D-19060: Woo!

Dr. Juarez: Releasing restraints. D-19060, please step onto the red marked spot. D-28888, the blue spot, and be sure to face each other.

The D-class proceed to the designated spots.

D-19060: Roger that.

D-28888: There.

Dr. Juarez: Excellent. Now, when the light flashes, D-19060 will twist counter-clockwise and D-28888 will twist clockwise.

Dr. Juarez checks several monitors and pushes a button to trigger the light. The D-class both twist as instructed, and a sound is produced. Later analysis shows that this sound was much louder than would be expected from normal constructive interference.

Dr. Juarez: Perfect. D-28888, move to the green spot and face away from 19060. 19060, please remain in the exact same position. When the light flashes, you will both turn counterclockwise.

Both D-class nod. Dr. Juarez pushes the button again, and the D-class twist as instructed. The sound is produced as expected, with even greater distortion.

Dr. Juarez: Hmm. Dr. Juarez writes in his notebook. I think we'll do one last test, and then that'll be it for today.

D-28888 high-fives D-19060.

Dr. Juarez: Alright. 28888, to the yellow spot. 19060, to the gray dot. On my mark, you will both twist clockwise.

Dr. Juarez pushes the button, and his pen falls to the floor. The D-class begin to twist as Dr. Juarez bends down to retrieve his pen. As he bends, his back pops unexpectedly, within range of the microphone. At this point a large shockwave emanates from between D-19060 and D-28888, partially destroying the walls of the testing chamber and most of the equipment.

<Closing Statement> Dr. Juarez and the two D-class were injured and suffered partial hearing loss, but survived. While most of the recording devices were destroyed by the blast, analysis from the two that survived managed to make out a sound emanating from the epicenter. As of the most recent analysis, the sound was similar to a voice saying the words "Oh, that's nice". More importantly, the shockwave was heard by a large number of site personnel, and has turned out to carry SCP-3132's infectious properties as well. - Site-208 Director Villasana

Addendum 01/04/17: Correspondence between Site-208 and Regional Director

We've failed. SCP-3132 has effectively breached containment as of this morning. 90% of my personnel are now SCP-3132-1 instances. We've enacted lockdown procedures per standard protocol, but it's estimated we'll all be affected by tomorrow.

Site-208 Director Villasana

We'll have any sound-related SCP objects transferred out of 208 by drone. Last thing we want is for any nasty cross-contamination to make this whole mess worse. Additionally, contingency protocol W4 is in effect. Until we're 101% sure that Site-208 is the only place affected, I don't want a single soundwave coming from anything in that site. Accommodations for the affected personnel will be decided on and implemented following a committee hearing at a later date.

Regional Director Solis

I've deactivated all phone lines and intercoms in this site and prepared the aforementioned SCP objects for transfer. Anything else?

Site-208 Director Villasana

You've done enough.

Regional Director Solis

Addendum 01/06/17: Announcement from Site-208 Director Villasana

To all the staff of Site-208:

First and foremost, I offer my sincerest apologies for this situation. I understand how difficult this must be for all of you. You'll all be compensated accordingly, of course, but the fact remains that we're all stuck here for the time being.

Let this be a cautionary tale. Never forget that even the most benign, mundane anomalies can pose a problem if proper containment is not maintained at all times. Every conceivable precaution must be taken.

However, we will press on, and we will continue to work as normally as possible despite this setback.

Lastly, it may help to try to look at every possible benefit that can come from this situation. If nothing else, we will at least be able to obtain much more data on SCP-3132 and sound-based anomalies like it. And perhaps consider the physical benefits as well. My back hasn't felt this good in years.

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