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Item #: SCP-3539

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The vicinity of SCP-3539 within a radius of 14 square kilometers is to be kept off-limits to all non-Foundation personnel under justification of private ownership by Emerson Development and Estates, a Foundation front company. On-site personnel are to be administered regular mental wellness examinations to search for instances of SCP-3539-A. If personnel display symptoms of SCP-3539-A, they are to be relocated to nearby Foundation facilities and placed under heavy security, including precautionary measures for severe force or bodily injury via collision, strain, or pressure. These measures may be released after SCP-3539-A has been addressed, and all symptoms of SCP-3539-A are absent in the personnel in question.

Once every 56 hours, a Class-D personnel is to enter SCP-3539 and recite a historical or fictional event of unlikely or extraordinary nature, which is to be presented as a “miracle.” A list of such events is to be continually updated and revised by Foundation operatives, and on-site personnel are to be given regular access to this list. Under no circumstances is a "miracle" to be presented to SCP-3539-A that has been previously presented. SCP-3539’s interior anomalous spaces are to secured at all times by vacuum-sealed steel plates, except during testing or under specific instruction from Foundation command.

Description: SCP-3539 is a two-story household located in a rural neighborhood in ████████, Iowa, USA, built by the ████████-█████ Company in 20██, according to registry found on housing forms possessed by local residents. No other information exists or has been found about this company. SCP-3539’s anomalous properties became active on 06/04/██ (incident SCP-3539-1), two months after its purchase by the █████ family, resulting in the █████ ██ ████ █████. Since incident SCP-3539-1, SCP-3539’s anomalous properties have remained active and are under aforementioned special containment procedures.

SCP-3539’s interior contains a series of vacuous, measurably infinite spaces accessible through windows, air vents, closets, and various small openings. These spaces cannot be accessed externally; they can only be reached from the interior of the house, and are not apparent while viewing the house from the outside. These spaces are hospitable within a range of 19.4-20.1 meters depending on the space’s access point, with breathable air and livable temperatures. Beyond this boundary, temperature drops significantly, and the spaces gradually reach vacuum-like conditions.

SCP-3539 and its open spaces are occupied by a nonphysical presence or sentience designated SCP-3539-A, which possesses undefined memetic/hypnotic capabilities, able to input suggestions into the minds of persons occupying SCP-3539, and, under certain conditions, persons nearest to SCP-3539. SCP-3539-A causes those under its influence to believe it desires a “miracle” of any kind. This awareness is described by those under SCP-3539-A's influence as an undefined "voice," one which expresses symbolic meaning without the use of language. If a miracle is not presented, SCP-3539’s spaces begin to exhibit an exponentially increasing gravitational influence on the individual affected by SCP-3539-A, dragging them toward the spatial entrance points until they are pulled in and ████████ ██████. No attempted prevention measures have proven successful.

SCP-3539-A’s hostile properties will only become apparent if it is not presented with a “miracle” of some kind with regularity via verbal description within SCP-3539. These events can be of any nature - historical, fictional, or otherwise - as long as they meet a set of aesthetic conditions. They must be presented as a “miracle,” be sufficiently unlikely and/or extraordinary, and result in positive personal improvements or moral revelations in the lives of the person(s) involved in the miracle. If SCP-3539-A is left without a miracle for more than 56 hours, it will exert its influence automatically on the nearest human to SCP-3539, and, if left unaddressed, █████ █████ ████████. If SCP-3539-A has already heard the miracle presented, it will continue to behave with hostility. If SCP-3539-A is presented miracles frequently enough, it exhibits no hostility or mental influence.

It is hypothesized that SCP-3539-A's behavior may have been influenced by Mr. █████, the house's owner and an evangelical minister, who reportedly spoke frequently to his children about miracles and divine actions under the Protestant Christian interpretation of the New Testament, particularly those attributed to Jesus Christ. Based on accounts by those influenced by SCP-3539-A, it is believed that SCP-3539-A considers its search for miracles to be a metaphysical or religious imperative. However, the miracles accepted by SCP-3539-A are not limited to those of Christian or spiritual nature.

Site History: According to local registry, SCP-3539 was constructed in 20██ by the ████████-█████ Company, as part of a developing neighborhood in ████████, Iowa. It was purchased by the █████ family in 20██, █ months after its recorded completion. SCP-3539 reportedly began to exhibit anomalous properties two months after its acquisition by the █████ family, while Mr. and Mrs. █████ were in ████████ for a business-related banquet. Their children, Micah (12) and Jill (15), were left in the household alone. SCP-3539’s anomalous properties became manifest at approximately 7:01 PM. Police were contacted by Mr. █████ at 8:56 PM, reporting Micah missing and possibly ████████, at which point the SCP Foundation was alerted.

According to her eyewitness account, Jill █████ was able to negate SCP-3539-A’s hostile anomalous properties by wishing for her brother to come back, presenting this wish as a “miracle” to SCP-3539-A. SCP-3539-A subsequently released its influence on her, and she escaped. Following incident SCP-3539-1, SCP personnel secured the site. The surrounding neighborhood was subsequently acquired by Emerson Development and Estates, under the auspices of the ████████-█████ Company’s bankruptcy due to the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-2010. All residents of the neighborhood, including the surviving members of the █████ family, were distributed amnestics and relocated. Special containment procedures were subsequently implemented based on the apparent nature of SCP-3539 and SCP-3539-A.

Addendum I: Selected examples of “miracles” presented to SCP-3539-A

#: 013-0██
Class-D Personnel: ███ ██████
“Miracle”: “Here is a miracle: during the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, the United States hockey team defeated the four-time defending gold medalists, the Soviet Union, against all odds. It was a major symbolic victory for the United States during the heat of the Cold War.”
Result: Personnel spared

#: 013-0██
Class-D Personnel: ████████ ██████
“Miracle”: “Here is a miracle: during the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, the United States hockey team defeated the four-time defending gold medalists, the Soviet Union, against all odds. It was a major symbolic victory for the United States during the heat of the Cold War.”
Result: Personnel terminated

#: 025-0██
Class-D Personnel: █████ ████████
“Miracle”: “Here is a miracle: In 1973, a Virgin Mary statue in a church in Akita, Japan began to weep tears after a deaf nun named Sister Agnes Sasagawa claimed to see apparitions and messages from the Virgin Mary. Years later, Sister Sasagawa miraculously regained her hearing.”
Result: Personnel spared

#: 041-0██
Class-D Personnel: ███ ████████
“Miracle”: “Here is a miracle: on June 24, 1947, American aviator Kenneth Arnold made the first reported sighting of an unidentified flying object, while flying near Mount Rainier, Washington.”
Result: Personnel terminated

#: 096-0██
Class-D Personnel: Somebody Some
“Miracle”: “Here is a miracle: on August 19, 2034, farmer Abraham Lincoln’s crops, which were suffering due to the 2032-2034 crop blight, were miraculously revived after Mr. Lincoln rendered his full and honest devotion to the god of Mars.”
Result: Personnel spared

Addendum II: Interview

Interviewed: Class-D ████████ ██████.

Interviewer: Operative █████ ████████

Foreword: A Class-D personnel influenced by SCP-3539-A was asked to describe their perception of the nature of the anomaly, including its potential motivations.

<Begin Log>

Operative ████████: Let's begin with what you can tell me about SCP-3539-A. When did you become aware of its influence?

Class-D: Uh… right after I was in the house. Well, a moment or two, anyway. But at first I thought, you know, that it was just my head, like a headache. But then it got bigger… I mean, it was there, man. It was there.

Operative ████████: When did it begin to implant suggestions? Can you describe to me how it felt?

Class-D: Well, you know… I mean, it was like thinking. It was like how I normally think… but without the words. There wasn't any stream of thought or anything like that. It was just knowing. It was telling me stuff, or making me… well, I guess not making me. But it was telling me stuff.

Operative ████████: Can you explain to me what you mean?

Class-D: I just knew, man. I just knew. It wanted a miracle. It kept asking me for a miracle. It kept getting louder… heavier… like there was this… sand inside of my head. All of the windows and stuff started looking orange like it was sunset. The house was like a maze. I kept on asking it why, why…

Operative ████████: Did it tell you?

Class-D: It said it was happening, man. The Rapture is upon us. It says it's gathering them up… like, all of the miracles it can find, anything that proves the Word. It doesn't exist… not like us, not here. It only hears our voices. So it knows when we're in the house, in the Temple, and it knows when we lie…

Operative ████████: And what happens when there is no miracle to present?

Class-D: There's always a miracle. That's what it said he said. "There's always a miracle in God." The voices that say otherwise are just… distractions, lies and blasphemy and sacrilege. The righteous deserve the Temple. The sinners deserve the darkness beyond..>

<End Log>

Closing Statement: At the end of his interview, ████████ ██████ became unresponsive, and later dismissed his words as foolish ramblings "under the influence." Other Class-D operatives influenced by SCP-3539-A have relayed similar accounts, and have likewise later come to dismiss their words as nonsense.

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