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Item #: SCP-4031

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4031 is located 1 km below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean approximately 2400 km from the coast of the African country of Western Sahara. The surface above SCP-4031 is to be continuously patrolled in a 12.57 km2 area centered on the anomaly by a rotation of two Foundation listening ships disguised as fishing trawlers. Both ships are equipped with a Remotely Operated Research Drone for the collection of all matter exiting SCP-4031. All matter collected is to be brought up to the surface for study on board one of the ships monitoring SCP-4031, or brought to the port of ████, Italy, after which it will be transferred to Site-77

SCP-4031 was discovered by Foundation web crawlers when pictures surfaced online of fish not currently known to ichthyology, posted by a fisherman working on a ship fishing in the area of SCP-4031.

Description: SCP-4031 is a sphere of water measuring 1.50 kilometers in diameter with a volume of 1.77 cubic kilometers. The area inside the sphere is at 10 atmospheres of pressure despite the surrounding ocean being between 100 atmospheres of pressure at the top of the sphere, or 250 atmospheres of pressure at the top of the sphere. Due to the alien nature of the fish exiting SCP-4031, as well as the incredible pressure difference between SCP-4031 and the surrounding ocean, it is inferred that SCP-4031 is a bubble of an alternate plane of existence inside ours. When SCP is entered going from top to bottom, an entity can enter into what is assumed to be the native dimension of SCP-4031. An excursion into the home dimension of SCP-4031, achieved through the aforementioned top-to-bottom maneuver, has shown the dimension to be incredibly well lit, with the water taking on a teal to aqua color consistent with that found at much lower depths near shores. The pressure within SCP-4031’s dimension is at a constant 10 atmospheres in all areas explored by Foundation personnel. No surface or source of light in the home dimension SCP-4031 has been observed. The bottom of the “ocean” in this dimension, located roughly 500 meters below an equally sized sphere of our ocean in SCP-4031’s dimension, has been identified as entirely composed of fine silica. No instances of flora have been recorded in SCP-4031. All fauna within the dimension is docile towards all entities, despite many of the larger creatures possessing a physiology consistent with a predator. Whatever has caused the fauna to act in this way was yet to be identified. All fauna observed possess a similar fin structure and organization to aquatic life forms found on Earth.

13 “Spiderfish”
Spiderfish recovered from SCP-4031 have no relation to Bathypterois longipes found on Earth, but are named “Spiderfish” due to the presence of 8 eyes on the front of the creature. Spiderfish recovered from SCP-4031 measure from 35 centimeters to 15 centimeters. The scales of the Spiderfish possess a mottled gray-to-black coloration.

2 “Quigones”
Quigones1 have only been observed within SCP-4031. The two Quigones observed measure 10 m and 11 m. The mouths of the Quigones possess two rows of teeth measuring an average of 11 centimeters. The body of the Quigone is covered in a layer of thick, overlapping segments similar to Bathynomus, and possess a mottled green-black coloration.


SCP-4031 Reconnaissance Log from Mobile Task Gamma-6 “Bottom Feeders”


[A 5-man team begins the descent into SCP-4031 in a manned research submersible, with a line connected back to Foundation Ship “Redtail” for emergency evacuation. The line back to the ship also acts as a cable for transmitting messages back to the ship. Each man is equipped with a SCUBA suit and a rebreather. The submersible is piloted by Stick. Descent into the home dimension of SCP-4031 is uneventful. Slack falls asleep on the way down.]

Nerves: What do you think we’re gonna find down here, Watcher?

Watcher: What’s the matter, Nerves? Scared of sleeping with the fishes?

Plato: Only as scared as you are of finding new jokes, Watcher.

Nerves: Well, no, but did you see those pictures in the mission briefing? If that’s one of the smaller fish, I’d hate to see what else is in here.

Stick: May I remind you, gentlemen, that we are here to investigate an anomaly, not run our mouths.

[The next 15 minutes are spent in silence]

Nerves: Why are we here?

Plato: What do you mean? Like in a philosophical sense or-

Nerves: No I mean here, in this tin can a dimension away from home? You saw up there, they had a drone thingy that they could control remotely! Why didn't they just send those down?

Stick: You need to start paying more attention to the briefings more, Nerves. They said they’re not using “drone thingies” because the last one they sent out lost connection in the area we’re heading to.

Nerves: So what guarantee do we have that we won’t die if this tin can won’t fry when we get there.

Watcher: Calm down Nerves, we’ll be fine. We’ve got a line tying us back to Earth that has multiple ways to signal for evac.

[20 minutes pass without incident]

Stick: I think I see what we’re looking for.

Watcher: What’s it look like, Stick?

[Watcher and Plato move up to the front of the submersible]

Stick: It looks like a large green sphere about a kilometer out.

[The lights flicker shortly, but the submersible remains active]

Watcher: Looks like whatever affected the drone isn’t going to have the same effect on us. Keep going, stop at 45 meters out.

[Approach is unimpeded. Closer inspection of the “Large Green Sphere” shows that it rests on a pyramid comprised of a mottled dark green stone, with four pillars set out in a square around the pyramid]

Watcher: Alright, Nerves, Plato, get your gear on, I’m sending you out to investigate the structure. I want you to take samples of whatever that thing is built out of, and return. After that, we’re out of here.

[Nerves and Plato equip their diving equipment and exit out the back airlock, tying themselves to the diving reels from the submersible.

[Slack wakes up]

Watcher: Well if it isn’t sleeping beauty. Now that you’re awake, I want you on recall. Press the recall button if you get the recall signal from Nerves and Plato.

Slack: Yessir, boss. I’ll get on it.

Watcher: Stick, I want you on standby to get us out of here if something happens.

Slack: If I had known there was gonna be a show, I’dve made popcorn.

Stick: Just watch for the signal, Slack.

[Nerves and Plato stop short of the pyramid and stare the “Large Green Sphere”]

Stick: What the hell are they doing? They’re supposed to be gathering samples, not admiring the scenery!

Slack: Relax, Stick. I’m sure they’ll get to it.

Stick: Well unlike you, I don’t feel like spending more time than I have to in this sub!

Watcher: Calm down, ladies, or I’ll send you out there as well.

Stick: Yes sir. Of course sir.

Slack: Boot-licker.

Watcher: What was that, Slack?

Slack: Nothing, sir.

[3 minutes pass in silence, Nerves and Plato remain staring at the “Large Green Sphere”.]

Watcher: Something’s definitely gone wrong. Slack, pull them back. Stick, prepare for exit. I’ll suit up and bring them back through the airlock.

[Stick sends the message that they will be exiting soon, and Slack pulls Nerves and Plato back to the submersible, where Watcher disconnects them from the lines and brings them back through the airlock.]

Slack: Are they… dead?

Watcher: We’ll find out shortly then shall we?

[Watcher remove the masks from both Nerves and Plato, and finds a pulse.]

Watcher: Looks like they live another day. Drive us back, Stick. Then we can get outta here.

[The return trip is passed in uneventful silence, and extraction is without incident]

After the return of the team to Foundation Ship Redtail, the video log was transcribed and analyzed, after which it was determined by the head researcher on SCP-4031 that all info related to what occurred during the mission is to be restricted and further excursions into SCP-4031 prohibited until further notice.

Addendum: Due to risks involved in moving personnel between the pressure differences of SCP-4031 and the surrounding ocean, the Lead Researcher on SCP-4031, David Mbembe, has denied approval for any further excursions into SCP-4031 until further notice.

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