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nn5n: scp-4247 The Pigeon Man's Funeral
SafeSCP-4247 The Pigeon Man's FuneralRate: 29

Item #: SCP-4247


Pigeons affected by SCP-4247 at the site of its initial discovery.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4247 is embalmed and kept within an appropriately-sized Safe-class containment locker in Site-224. Outside of testing, SCP-4247 is not to be moved into open-air space.

In the event that SCP-4247 is located outside of the controlled environment, it is to be immediately moved indoors. Personnel are to coordinate driving off SCP-4247-1 instances while recovering SCP-4247. If the number of instances exceeds forty, the use of firearms is permitted.

Description: SCP-4247 is the deceased body of Paul Miller, a middle-aged white male. When in open-air location, SCP-4247 will attract all nearby avian species of the Columba1 genus through unknown means.

Affected pigeons (hereafter referred to as SCP-4247-1) will surround SCP-4247 while producing constant vocalizations, pecking and prodding the body with their feet, and occasionally delivering small quantities of food such as bread crumbs to it. The radius of SCP-4247's effect is 100 m initially and gradually increases over time with no observed limit. Once the body is moved to any indoor placement, the anomalous properties will gradually wear off with affected pigeons leaving the location in small groups.

SCP-4247's anomalous effect was first discovered shortly after Paul Miller's death which occurred at 10 AM, 25/05/2020, in a local park. Two days after Mr. Miller had expired, a civilian reported the body to local authorities and a medical team was dispatched to confirm the death. Upon approaching the body, they encountered several pigeons that attempted to attack the team's members. Reportedly, affected birds' numbers rose to more than a hundred in under an hour, which caused the present individuals to flee. The instances remained near SCP-4247 and reacted aggressively to all individuals attempting to approach it for the next several hours. The Foundation agents were then dispatched to the scene and SCP-4247 was contained.

Subsequent investigation has revealed that Paul Miller was a homeless person, with no close friends or living family members.

Addendum. 4247-C Incident Report

SCP-4247-1 instances during Incident 4247-C.

The following incident took place on 31/08/2020, during a test aimed at observing limitations of SCP-4247's properties. SCP-4247 was placed in an open-air space within Site-224. Several armed security officers located within close proximity were tasked to drive off SCP-4247-1 instances. After approximately thirty minutes, a large flock including three hundred various affected pigeons approached the location.

SCP-4247-1 did not demonstrate any reaction to security officers firing several warning shots and proceeded to fly towards SCP-4247. The instances then formed a circle and began to haphazardly move around the body. Approximately two minutes later, affected pigeons grouped around SCP-4247, grabbed it and, despite the personnel's efforts, took off.

The instances traveled approximately 160 km without breaks before flying into a garret of an abandoned storage building in Paul Miller's hometown. SCP-4247 was later discovered laying inside of a pigeon nest measuring approximately 2.5 m in diameter along with a dozen SCP-4247-1 instances. An attempt was made to withdraw SCP-4247 but failed due to the aggressive reaction from present SCP-4247-1 instances. Further actions aimed at re-containing SCP-4247 are currently pending object curator's approval.

According to civilians, a flock of pigeons inhabited the building since early 2014. It was also confirmed that Paul Miller has been frequently seen in the area, observing the birds and occasionally feeding them small quantities of food.

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