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Item#: 4661
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Site-616 during a nightly Waste Ejection Cycle.

Special Containment Procedures: The primary means of containment is the House-Nicolas Theoplanar Vacuum Unit, located in the capstone of Site-616 (publicly known as the Luxor Las Vegas). The unit was designed in order to prevent another Collapse Incident. This is achieved by siphoning Tartarean Resonance Energy1, and using it to anchor both itself and Site-616 to the current theological plane of reality.

The Theoplanar Vacuum Unit ejects waste every day at sundown. The Unit converts the excess TRE to Alpha radiation and releases it in a narrow, concentrated beam of light. The beam has been measured at 42.3 billion candelas, and necessitates the interior of the Planar Vacuum Unit be lined with heat-absorbent plating.

Description: SCP-4661 is a region of space wherein the city of Las Vegas and the Fourth Circle of Hell (as reported in Dante Alighieri's Inferno) overlap. This results in the weakening of, and in certain circumstances, complete separation from baseline reality. SCP-4661 contains an extremely high density of demonic entities, and is sustained by the Tartarean Resonance Energy they produce. SCP-4661 is in constant flux, and, if uncontained, will fully collapse into the Fourth Circle.


Foundation convoy entering Las Vegas during the SCP-4661 Initial Collapse.

SCP-4661-B instances are Tartarean-class demonic entities superficially resembling humans, which exhibit significant internal and limited external anatomical differences. They possess small, curved horns on their craniums and a paler complexion than most humans. They also possess limited pyrokinetic capabilities, such as manifesting sparks from their hands or igniting small objects. These abilities increase in effectiveness when exposed to individuals engaging in hedonistic activities; for example, alcohol use, sexual intercourse, and gambling. They naturally produce significant amounts of TRE.

SCP-4661 came to the Foundation's attention between January 12 to January 16 of 1992. Significant Foundation intervention was required to reestablish normalcy.

Addendum 4661.1




Image captured by Agent Daniels mid-event.

LOCATION: Paradise/Las Vegas, Nevada

STATUS: Ongoing

TIME: 11:49 PM (local time) January 12 — Present


EVENT SUMMARY: Spike in TRE levels of area accompanied by significant drop in Hume level. Red visual tinge has manifested, source unknown. Appearance of a large amount of humanoid entities with pale skin and horns throughout city. Suspicious lack of public response — interviewed individuals were lethargic and unresponsive, wishing instead to engage in copulation. Reported entities have begun to engage in violence against individuals, to no self-defensive response. Large indistinct shapes are visible in the desert outside the city, appear to be moving closer. Advise immediate response.

Addendum 4661.2



  • Applied Force Liason Joseph Kurtz
  • Occultic Sciences Sr. Researcher Randall House
  • HMCL Supervisor Lee Thompson
  • Large-Scale Containment Specialist Yusuf Ali


THOMPSON: This shit always has to happen in the middle of the night, doesn't it?

KURTZ: Yeah, we're all tired too, but this takes precedence over your beauty sleep. The Department of Applied Force is already shuttling troop transports toward Vegas.

ALI: What MTFs are being deployed?

KURTZ: They're combining Hammer Down, Dust Devils, Holy Men, and Patriots into two provisional task forces - Kappa Twelve "High Rollers" and Omega thirty-three "Ocean's Three-hundred".

THOMPSON: Jesus, these guys couldn't fucking wait two hours?

KURTZ: Apparently if we didn't go in, Pentagram were gonna call in the Gocks. We don't want to turn this into an international incident. In any case, it's done now, so let's figure out how to fix this.

HOUSE: These are demons, right?

THOMPSON: That's what the surveillance report says. All the signs of demon manifestation - sulfur stink, nonchalance among civvies, big spike in TRE levels. Where did they all fucking come from?

HOUSE: You don't get enough demons to cause a reality break in one night, this has to have been building up for a while.

ALI: Given the industry that Las Vegas services, this was not unprecedented.

KURTZ: Well, what are we gonna do about it?

HOUSE: Humans doing the stuff you'd expect from Vegas is like crack to demons. They're not gonna go away until we get their source of nutrition.

KURTZ: Spray 'n pray works fine on demons.

HOUSE: You're gonna use live ammo in the city full of civilians. That'll end well.

KURTZ: Never said anything about bullets. Just holy water can get you a long way against these things.

HOUSE: So you're gonna arm an MTF with super soakers. I don't know if that's better or worse.

THOMPSON: Our primary mission is to reestablish normalcy — establishing containment comes second.

HOUSE: I think you're all underestimating the sheer amount of demons in that city.

KURTZ: Then we'll get more men. For now, everyone keep their pagers on for further developments. House, take your team and figure out exactly what is happening to Las Vegas.


Addendum 4661.3




Foundation air support dumping holy water onto the Vegas Strip.


MTF Omega-18 "Patriots".

Foundation forces have deployed across the city, and deployed mobile Scantron Reality Anchors in order to bring small staging areas back to baseline reality. The largest of these staging areas is in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, which is on the Las Vegas Strip — the epicenter of demonic activity.

Time Event
04:47 First convoy enters city limits through the Las Vegas Beltway, meet light opposition from demonic entities, mostly armed with broken liquor bottles and blunt weapons.
05:55 Convoy rolls onto Las Vegas Strip. Entities are packed into the streets, and hinder the convoy's progress by attempting to seduce the drivers. Two drivers are incapacitated.
06: 24 Trucks enter the parking lot of the MGM Grand and begin clearing it of entities using holy water. Several entities are targeted before it is realized they are human prostitutes.
7:02 MGM Grand Hotel is secured. A command and communications center are established in the building.

Aerial shot of SCP-4661 recontainment operations, day 1.

Addendum 4661.4



KURTZ: Welcome back, everybody.

THOMPSON: How's the situation holding?

KURTZ: We've seized most of the major key points along the Strip and sealed everything down. These fuckers are strong, though — takes several bullets to stop the bigger ones so we're chewing through reserves of ammo quick. We've already pushed the holy water plants and blessed ammunition factories to maximum efficiency; we're on a clock. House, tell me you have something?

HOUSE: Well… yes. But you're not gonna like it.

ALI: Get on with it.

HOUSE: We're… fairly sure that the City of Las Vegas is currently slipping into Hell.

[Silence for a few seconds.]

THOMPSON: Jesus fucking Christ.

HOUSE: Yeah, you'd think he show up for shit like this.

KURTZ: Just to be clear, capital-H-double-hockeysticks Hell? Abrahamic Hell where the unbelievers will burn for eternity and all that jazz?

HOUSE: Well, it's largely believed that there's only one plane of existence that we know as Hell, it's just gone by different nam—

KURTZ: Answer the question.


ALI: Gentlemen, we're sending soldiers with blessed magazines to fight demons in Las Vegas. If you think about the kind of city Las Vegas is, I don't think it's very far-fetched.

THOMPSON: It's not that I don't believe him, it's that I can already smell the entire Southwest U.S Regional Command's asses collectively frying as they get court-martialed for letting a major U.S city literally go to hell.

ALI: With all due respect, I don't think anyone will notice the difference.

KURTZ: Hah! In any case, leaves all the more room for you to get promoted when we solve this shit and get our hero's welcome. So, House — how do you pull a city back from Hell?

HOUSE: Like I said, this stuff doesn't just… happen. There has to have been some inciting incident. And based on the fact that along the entire Strip, the demons are crowded around Caesar's Palace, I'd bet whatever's in there is our target.

KURTZ: Okay, we'll send in a task force to scout the place. Good wor-

HOUSE: What? No! The place is probably crawling with enough demons to make Mother Teresa-

KURTZ: Randall, bud, you're here to advise us on the occult aspect of all this. And you did that, so great job! But now we have to execute a tactical operation, so how about you let me do my job? Great? Great. Pagers on, folks. Dismissed.


Addendum 4661.5



  • Applied Force Liason Joseph Kurtz
  • Occultic Sciences Sr. Researcher Randall House
  • various members of MTF Ω-33 "Ocean's Three-hundred".

Mission team enters basement of Caesar's Palace.

«BEGIN LOG FROM 1:08:18»

Ω33-ALPHA: I didn't know they had actual tunnels below Caesar's Palace.

KURTZ: They don't. These aren't marked on any blueprints of the facility, and the rock isn't worn. These are new.

HOUSE: Stinks of sulfur. Demons.

Ω33-BETA: Safeties off, boys. Say your prayers. (Pause.) No, really.

[All personnel descend into the tunnels, following a downward incline. After approximately twenty-three minutes, they arrive at a set of elevator doors embedded into the rock wall.]

HOUSE: Uh, it's an elevator.

KURTZ: No shit, Einstein. What's it doing at the end of a cave? What's our elevation?

Ω33-BETA: Instruments say we're twenty meters below ground.

HOUSE: Uhm.. do we go through it?

KURTZ: I don't think we have much of a choice.

[Kurtz presses the elevator call button, and waits for twenty-nine seconds. The elevator doors open, revealing a large hotel suite looking out over Las Vegas. A man in a bathrobe wearing a tophat is seated in front of the window, sipping from a teacup. ]


Suite within tunnel.

KURTZ: What the fuck.

UNKNOWN: Oh, you're here! Welcome, welcome! Well, silly me, I forgot to make myself presentable knowing guests were coming over. Take a seat, take a seat.

[A folding lawn chair, electrical chair, barstool, and recliner materialize and force themselves against all personnel, forcing them to sit.]

UNKNOWN: Sorry, still getting the hang of this stuff.

KURTZ: So, who are you, exactly?

UNKNOWN: They call me Pluto — how do you do?

KURTZ: Pluto? Greek god of death?

PLUTO: Roman, actually.

Ω33-BETA: I thought the Roman gods were just the Greek gods with the names cha-

PLUTO: First of all that's incredibly rude. And kind of racist.

Ω33-BETA: Jesus, I didn-

PLUTO: Ugh, don't even mention that shitpiece to me. It's because of him that Satan thinks he's the hottest shit to come out of the human pantheon.

KURTZ: Well, this has been fun, but so sorry to say that we're here for business, not pleasure. Is it true you're responsible for the shitshow going on outside?

PLUTO: Oh, that? Well, I can't take all the credit, that would just be unfair. Couldn't have done it without all the other major demons.

HOUSE: Others?

PLUTO: Oh you didn't know? Vegas is demon country, kid. It always has been. Paradise—oh yeah, fun fact, most of the casinos are-

Ω33-ALPHA: In Paradise, not Vegas, everyone knows that.

PLUTO: Oh well excuse me, so sorry for trying to enrich your small, sad lives with the gift of knowledge. I was saying, Paradise was founded by demons. Sixth-circle demons to be exact — Greed demons. Satan got too big for his britches and kept levying taxes on them for gambling and all transactions of sin.

HOUSE: Hell has taxes?

PLUTO: It's literally Hell, did you think it was a non-profit? Anyway, they decided to pack up shop and leave somewhere he couldn't send his collectors; the middle of the American desert.

Ω33-BETA: So you're doing all this because you want to commit tax fraud.

PLUTO: Well, when you say it like that it sounds bad. But it doesn't really matter anyway — no one expected humans to be so absolutely rock-hard for self-destructive tendencies, and now we have so much pure sin in the city that it's being pulled back to where it all came from.

HOUSE: Wait, but — why would you want to go to Hell? Didn't you say Satan's a dick?

PLUTO: Oh yeah fuck that guy. But now, now I have an army of demons and humans who will pay out of the ass to gamble, drink, and fuck. I'm about to pull an economic takeover, baby.

KURTZ: Well, could you… not do that?

PLUTO: Did you think that was gonna work?

KURTZ: I don't know, it was worth a shot. Okay, Plan B.

[Ω33-ALPHA and Ω33-BETA slip their guns out of their holsters and fire at PLUTO, emptying their canisters of holy water. The water splashes off his bathrobe harmlessly.]

PLUTO: You boys think you can take down the king of this town with some fancy super soakers? Next thing you're going to tell me is that we ran out of food at the buffet.

[PLUTO advances on the soldiers. He is interrupted by HOUSE, seated in the foldable lawn chair.]

HOUSE: What if we make a bet?

[PLUTO slowly turns.]

PLUTO: I'm listening.

HOUSE: A game. We win, you guys leave here and go back to the hellhole you call home.

PLUTO: And if you lose, we get earth?

HOUSE: Yeah, sure.

PLUTO: I like these terms.

HOUSE: Wait wait.

[HOUSE listens to a transmission from his earpiece.]

HOUSE: I’m getting word I can’t bet the whole world.


HOUSE: Okay, how about just Vegas? You win, we leave town and won't interfere with any of your business.

PLUTO: Hmm. Tempting, but there's no risk for you personally, is there?

HOUSE: I'll put my soul on the table. But it means I get to pick the game.

PLUTO: That's fair.

HOUSE: Magic the Gathering.

PLUTO: What? No. Pick a real fucking game.

HOUSE: Fine, then. Blackjack.

PLUTO: Oh really? A true gambling man, are we?

HOUSE: You know what they say, when in Rome.

PLUTO: Well, this is the Caesar.


Addendum 4661.6



HOUSE and PLUTO sit at a Blackjack table in a secluded backroom of the Caesar Casino. The only other entity in the room is the dealer, a Tartarean-class entity wearing a tuxedo.

PLUTO: You're a bold man to trust your immortal soul to the heart of the cards.

HOUSE: You know what they say. No risk, no reward.

DEALER: Alright, since we have two players betting against each other, we're playing this a little different from on the floor. I'm not getting any cards, just the two of you. Whoever has the higher hand at the end of the round wins, and as always, you bust you lose.

HOUSE: Right. As we agreed upon.

The dealer deals two cards to PLUTO and HOUSE, one face down and one face up. HOUSE is showing a six of clubs, and PLUTO is showing a two of spades.

DEALER: First play goes to House.

HOUSE looks at his facedown card.


The dealer gives HOUSE another card. It is a three of diamonds. HOUSE looks at his face down card again.

HOUSE: Shit.

PLUTO: Oh, have you bust already?

HOUSE: Shut up for a moment. I'm thinking.

PLUTO: Don't take too long now. There's only two options. It can't be that hard to make a decision.

HOUSE: I'm getting to it!

HOUSE looks at his face-down card.


The dealer gives HOUSE another card. It is a five of clubs. HOUSE lets out a sigh.

HOUSE: Stand.

PLUTO: Finally. I was wondering when I was going to play. Dealer, hit me!

The dealer gives PLUTO a card. It is a jack of spades.

PLUTO: Wait… what?

HOUSE grins.

HOUSE: Something wrong?


HOUSE: I take it we should show our cards now?

PLUTO: …fine.

HOUSE reveals his face down card to be a four of diamonds. PLUTO's facedown card is a king of spades.

HOUSE: Looks like you bust there, buddy.

PLUTO: I can see that.

DEALER: House wins the hand, and thus the bet. The contract has been sealed.

HOUSE stands from his seat and begins to leave the room, but stops at the doorway.

HOUSE: Great playing with you, Pluto. Maybe we'll do it again sometime.

PLUTO: I think you'll be playing with my colleagues for the time being.

HOUSE: What?

PLUTO: I told you, Paradise was founded by demons. You think any human can handle the avariciousness it takes to run one of these mega-casinos? Well, I think New New York is owned by a human, only you people have the bad taste to put up a monument of another monument. I'll leave, I keep my promises, but I won't be the last. Have fun!


Addendum 4661.7


FOREWORD: Following the events of Addendum 4661.6, a significant portion of the SCP-4661-B entities within the city area dematerialized, leaving behind large amounts of alcohol, narcotics, and currency. Visual anomalies in and around the city also ceased, and Regional Command declared the Collapse Incident concluded. Cleanup efforts began, and Class-C aerosolized amnestics were deployed.


HOUSE sits across the table from THOMPSON, who paces back and forth with head in his hands.

THOMPSON: You absolute idiot.

HOUSE: Hey, hey. It worked right? That's what matters.

THOMPSON: You bet this whole operation on a game of fucking blackjack!

HOUSE: What? No! Of course not.

THOMPSON: Then what the hell was that bullshit you pulled?

HOUSE: I payed off the dealer to stack the deck. Turns out 10,000 dollars is a lot of money, even in hell.

THOMPSON: Then why did you look so nervous? Huh?

HOUSE: Oh, well um… I might have forgotten where we agreed to put the jack…

THOMPSON: My god. I can't believe command is making me do this.

HOUSE: I thought you always wanted to fire me.

THOMPSON: Yeah. I still do.

THOMPSON puts a manilla folder on the table.

THOMPSON: Looks like I'm not going to get the chance.

THOMPSON turns to leave the room. HOUSE begins to look through the folder. A smile comes to his face.

HOUSE: Oh also! Thompson!


HOUSE: I put the bribe money under your name. You have a big budget but I'd thought you'd like to know.

THOMPSON: Go to hell.





Site-616 under construction, 1992.

Following the conclusion of the Collapse Incident, SCPF Southwest U.S Regional Command ordered the construction of a Site within the city of Paradise to ensure the prevention of another such event. Site-616 was constructed under the cover story of a new casino and hotel named "Luxor Las Vegas". Construction was completed in 1993, and it has since served as the primary deployment site in the Southwest United States, with Randall House as assigned Site Director. The House-Nicolas Theoplanar Vacuum Unit has prevented any further Collapse Incidents by siphoning radiation produced by demonic entities.

Following investigation of Pluto's claims, it has been decided that it is likely that most or all of the major casinos in the Paradise area are owned and operated by Tartarean-class demonic entities. These entities have organized into a commission for mutual protection, and plans to establish containment over these entities are in development.

From: randallhouse@scp.int
To: Site-616 Staff (Group)
Subject: Orientation

You have received this email because you have been selected to be relocated to Site-616, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. No, this is not some cheeky off-site celebration. There will be alcohol. There will be gambling. There will be sin. But not for you. You've been picked to make sure what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

You will be dealing with demons, both literal and metaphorical. You will be firing bullets blessed in factories, bathing in mass-produced holy water, and researching things that the Vatican would rather you not know.

Vegas is called Sin City for a reason. We are in their home, but that doesn't mean we have to bow to them.

With all that in mind, there's really only one rule in Undervegas: the House always wins.

Director House.
Secure, Contain, Protect

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