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nn5n: scp-1079 Dr Wondertainment's Bubblebath Bonbons
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SCP-1079 - Dr Wondertainment''s Bubblebath Bonbons
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The contents of one packet of SCP-1079.

Item #: SCP-1079
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-1079 are currently stored within Containment Locker-1079 at Site-19.  Furthermore, watchlist databases are to be updated with SCP-1079''s information, in order to intercept any new shipments which may appear in the future.
Description:  SCP-1079 is the designation given to a number of sweets brightly labelled "Dr. Wondertainment''s Bubblebath Bonbons!®". Currently, the Foundation has █ crates of SCP-1079 in containment, originally containing 64 packets each.  The label on each packet provides the name of the product, and two warnings; "Not suitable for children under 3 years", and "Only one sweet is to be taken per sitting". In addition, it lists negative percent daily values of several nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, none of which are present in SCP-1079.

Human subjects report tingling sensations immediately after the consumption of SCP-1079.  Ten to fifteen seconds later, the subject''s own blood is secreted as pink, bubblegum-scented foam from the subject''s pores on their abdomen, arms and back.  The total volume of blood secreted in this way is typically from 30-50 mL and does not pose an immediate health risk.  

The volume of blood secreted increases exponentially as more pieces are consumed; Bubbles form in the subject''s blood as a consequence of the SCP''s intended function, causing the subject''s blood to boil.  Death by exsanguination occurs in 95% of subjects who have consumed 4 or more candies in one sitting. Exsanguination is compounded by foam collecting in the lungs of the consumer.  After standardized animal testing was conducted, it was found that SCP-1079''s effect scales with the consumer''s body mass.

Addendum: Since its initial discovery in ██/██/1990, ██ deliveries have been made to various supermarkets globally. Attempts to trace these deliveries back to a distribution center or supplier have been unsuccessful as of ██/██/2005.

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