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SCP-1730 - What Happened to Site-13?
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By Order of the Overseer Council

Certain parts of this file are subject to Level 4 or higher classification.

Research into SCP-1730 is currently ongoing. Individuals involved in research may be subject to the effects of known or unknown cognitohazards. Information on these hazards is on a need-to-know basis only.

Individuals attempting to subvert these classification measures will be subject to immediate termination by a Class VIII "Red-Kill" anomalous memetic hazard.


Main office of SCP-1730. Primary access to basement levels is below this structure.

Item #: SCP-1730

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A circular perimeter has been established 2km from SCP-1730, and a quarantine zone has been established 1km from SCP-1730. Personnel who are to enter SCP-1730 must first undergo Class VII Hazardous Contact preparation measures, including the application of a modified "Maxwell-Harden" hazardous material reinforced airtight suit. The application of these protective measures may only take place at the Provisional Site-23 quarantine main gate.

Individuals attempting to exit the quarantined area must first submit to thorough decontamination protocols as administered by the quarantine security staff. Individuals failing to meet the quarantine extraction parameters are to be held for further decontamination or, in the event decontamination becomes unfeasible, termination.

Containment Update ██/██/████: Dangerous biological and cognitohazardous entities have resulted in high casualties of security rescue teams. Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 "Mole Rats" has been assigned to all current exploration efforts.

Containment Update ██/██/████: Due to the events detailed in Exploration Log 7, all future exploration of SCP-1730 has been suspended indefinitely, pending Overseer approval.

Description: SCP-1730 is a large complex of structures 15km northwest of the US/Mexico border within Big Bend Ranch State Park that was discovered on June 5th, ████. Due to the isolated nature of the complex, and the low survival rate of individuals who come in contact with it, it is possible that SCP-1730 had been previously discovered but unreported.

SCP-1730 bears identifying markings and contain documents to support the claim that SCP-1730 was at one point Foundation Site-13, originally located near Nome, Alaska. This conflicts with current records, which show that Site-13 was a project that, while intended to be constructed in Nome, was scrapped for the larger and more advanced Site-19 and never completed. Flora located on-site have been traced back to those native to the Alaskan region. How SCP-1730 came to be at its current location is unknown.


The SCP-1730 power station.

SCP-1730 is in a severe state of disrepair, and appears to have been left abandoned for an extended period of time. The site power generator has continued to operate in a damaged state, despite a number of fuel leaks and fires throughout the facility. This has resulted in intermittent power failures throughout the site, hindering exploration and rescue efforts.

The origin of SCP-1730 is unknown, as is the nature of many of the anomalous entities contained within. It is confirmed that the 2nd through 15th1 basement levels were utilized for entity containment, though the state of that containment has deteriorated significantly.


Message located on SW stairwell leading to third basement level.

It is believed that a contingent of human survivors exists somewhere deep in the lower basement levels of the facility. Messages written in English have been discovered throughout the site, consisting of warnings such as "danger" and "death here", and other messages such as "not my body" and "bleed". A recurring message, "What happened to Site-13?", has been found in several different locations in the basements.

Several logs of data have been collected by the remaining functional site terminals, the relevant data of which is contained in the addendums below. Worth noting is that inconsistencies exist between the logs and what has been determined through exploration, including site layout, staff makeup, and contained anomalies.

Addendum 1730.1: Recovered Log


Team: Charlie Yukon

Assignment: Site-13 Recovery

Lead: CY-1


We found it. Watched it kill Dailey earlier. Crawled right into his mouth and next thing you know, Dailey''s got blood leaking out of his ears. Puking it up, shitting it out, everywhere. Blood looked funny, too. Too dark. It was running out of his hair, like through the follicles. His hair fell out right with it.

Once it was over, the thing that crawled inside him crawled back out with a buddy. One of them, can''t say which, drinks up all this blood like a leech. The other one crawls back inside Dailey and he stands up. Turns around, starts coming at us. I can see that thing inside him when he opens his mouth. So I put a bullet in his face. Then another. We emptied our magazines into him. He didn''t get up after that.

We''re not going to be too much longer, though. Found another one of those messages down here, you know, [COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED]. Just a matter of time before it starts. We strapped some C4 to it and blew the wall, and I think it''s pretty illegible at this point, but it doesn''t matter. Jones already went quiet like the others. We shoved him down an elevator shaft earlier. Didn''t hear the body hit the ground.

Think I just heard them start up Thresher. Wish we would''ve known about that sooner.

Oh well.

Addendum 1730.2: Recovered Automated Message

The following message was recovered from SCP-1730''s emergency warning system. Logs on file indicate that it was transmitted moments prior to a major electrical disturbance, and three minutes before an explosion within the site power relay.


Site 13 has experienced a gross breach of containment systems.

[COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED] has breached containment during testing.

On-Site nuclear device is non-responsive. Thresher Protocol has been activated.

Life Support Systems: Online

Electrical Systems: Offline

Fire Control Systems: Offline

Flood Control Systems: Offline

Reactor Status: Critical

Euclid Class Containment Status: Critical

Keter Class Containment Status: Compromised

Addendum 1730.3: Exploration Log Transcripts

Initial Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: ██/██/████

Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force D-12 "Mud Slingers"

Subject: SCP-1730

Team Lead: D12-Cap

Team Members: D12-1 / D12-2 / D12-3 / D12-4 / D12-5


D12-Cap: Recorder''s on. Everybody check your mics.

D12-1: Check.

D12-4: Check.

D12-3: Check

D12-5: Check check.

D12-2: And check makes five.

D12-Cap: Right. Command, you hear us clear?

SiteCommand: Roger that, Team Lead.

D12-Cap: Alright. Keep weapons locked, no idea what we''re going to see in there. (Pause) Yep, we''re set. Let''s move in, those doors.

(Team moves into main SCP-1730 structure through front doors. Doors found to be unlocked.)

D12-Cap: Keep your eyes open.

D12-3: Dark in here. Switching lights.

D12-Cap: Good call.

(Team switches on shoulder mounted lights.)

D12-1: Something written on the wall over here.

D12-2: Yeah, here too.

D12-Cap: What you got?

D12-1: "get below", and "don''t look at the walls" next to it.

D12-4: Little late for that.

D12-Cap: What about you, Two?

D12-2: "What did we do?"

D12-Cap: You see that, Command?

SiteCommand: Yes.

D12-Cap: Alright, let''s move on out. (Pause) Service elevator over there. Five, check if it has power.

D12-5: (Pause) Yep. This''ll work.

D12-Cap: Let''s see how far it''ll take us, then.

(Team enters service elevator. Video indicates lit control panel with various floor buttons. D12-Cap hits button labeled B3.)

D12-1: And away we go.

(Elevator descends briefly. Stops upon reaching the third basement level. Door opens to reveal a dark hallway. A single light is on at a bend in the hall, roughly 50m from the elevator.)

D12-Cap: Ok. Let''s clear this level first, then we can go from there. One and Three, take that hallway there, myself and four can check the rooms in this hallway, and Two and Five stay here, make sure our elevator sticks around.


Image taken from D12-5''s shoulder mounted camera.

(Team splits up. D12-1 and D12-3 move towards the light at the end of the hallway. D12-Cap begins checking rooms on the left side of the hallway, D12-4 checks the right side.)

D12-4: Rooms are filthy. What is this?

D12-Cap: Yeah, I see it too. Is it mud?

D12-4: Feels like it. Some kind of sludge. Smells metallic. (Pulls test tube from belt) I''ll send this back up, Site Command. Let you guys poke around in it.

SiteCommand: Acknowledged. Try and keep out of it as much as you can until we figure out what it is.

D12-Cap: Sure thing.

D12-1: We''re at the end of this hallway. Another hallway here, looks like there''s some kind of barricade at the end. Bunch of tables and desks all piled up.

SiteCommand: Can you approach the barricade, One?

(D12-1 and D12-3 approach barricade.)

D12-4: More of the sludge in this room. Caked on the walls— found a body.

D12-Cap: Hang tight, One, don''t move. I''m coming, Four.

(D12-Cap enters the room. A visible humanoid body is seen half submerged in the thick black material in a corner. The head and neck are not visible.)

D12-Cap: Yep. Any kind of identification?

D12-4: He''s got a spot on his belt for a badge, but it''s missing. Looks pulled off, maybe to unlock a door somewhere?

D12-Cap: Maybe. Go ahead and proceed, One.

D12-1: Aye. (Pauses) Cap, more bodies here. That sludge is all over the back of this barricade.

D12-3: Shit, that one moved.

D12-1: There''s something else in this pile. Get a light on it.

D12-Cap: Moving your way, guys.

D12-1: Ah, there! Fuck!


D12-Cap: Report, guys. We''re getting to you.

D12-3: Thing crawled out of one of their mouths. Some kind of snake, I think… a lot of teeth. Can''t really tell what it is, now.

D12-1: Look here. You hit that body, see that?

D12-3: Fuck. It''s hollow.

(D12-Cap and D12-4 arrive at barricade.)

D12-Cap: You seeing this, Command?

SiteCommand: Affirmative.

D12-Cap: Alright. Watch for that then, I guess. Weapons hot, if they aren''t already.

D12-4: Aye aye.

D12-Cap: Let''s head back to the elevator, see if we can''t get down to the next level. Is that door un— yeah, I thought so. Let''s just do that, then.

(D12-Cap, D12-1, D12-3 and D12-4 move back down hallway.)

D12-4: Wait a second.

D12-1: Didn''t this turn left earlier?

D12-4: Sure fucking did. Where''s the elevator?

D12-Cap: Two, Five, you read me?


D12-4: Here we go.

D12-Cap: Shut it. Alright, shit. Command, you read us?

SiteCommand: Sure do, Captain.

D12-Cap: You got a read on Two and Five?

SiteCommand: Should be about forty-five meters to your twelve.

D12-Cap: There''s a wall here… looks like it''s always been here. Either we''re hallucinating or the building is doing something fucky, either way. (Pauses) Can you get a hold of either of them?

SiteCommand: A moment.

(SiteCommand attempts to communicate with D12-2 and D12-5, neither of whom are responsive.)

SiteCommand: No go.

D12-Cap: Ah, shit. Let''s find a way up and get out of here, then.

(D12 team proceeds down hallway. Notable, hallway is much longer than any on any recovered schematic of the site.)

D12-1: Got something else on this door.

D12-Cap: What''s that?

D12-1: Says "silence". We trying to check this?

D12-Cap: Is this a containment cell? That''s just an office door.

D12-4: This whole floor just looks like offices.

D12-Cap: Alright, then. Get in there.

(D12-1 attempts to open door.)

D12-1: It''s locked. I can''t get it open.

D12-Cap: Knock the door down, then.

D12-3: You hear that?

D12-1: 1… 2…

D12-3: It sounds like somebody shushing—

D12-1: 3!

(D12-1 kicks door down. Video records three frames of a naked human with what appears to be fire burning out of its ears staring fearfully at the door.)

D12-3: Fu—

(There is an intense white light, and the sound of searing meat. All camera lenses are damaged and become non-functional. All microphones except for that on D12-3 stop working.)

SiteCommand: What happened? Captain? D12 team?

(SiteCommand attempts to communicate with D12-Cap for an additional thirty seconds, before realizing that D12-3''s mic is still operational.)

SiteCommand: D12-3, can you hear us?

D12-3: (Static)

SiteCommand: D12-3?

D12-3: (Static, and then the sound of slithering.)

SiteCommand: D12-3?

D12-3: (A cry, then the sound of choking. This continues for 43 seconds, and then the sound of liquid leaking, then pouring, accompanied by the sound of vomit. Large, wet objects can be overheard hitting the floor. A dull, low, approaching sound accompanies this. Mic cuts out suddenly.)

SiteCommand: D12-3? Shit.

D12-2: Oh shit, hey Site Command.

D12-5: Jesus Christ.

SiteCommand: Wha— D12-2, where are you right now?

D12-2: By the elevator. We assumed our radios had stopped working down here, we''re just waiting for them to get back.

SiteCommand: The rest of the team is compromised. Hang on, we''re trying to establish a link to your video.

D12-5: No need for that, it''s probably just interference. Can you send a team down here to get us?

SiteCommand: Hang on, video coming up.

D12-2: Don''t—

SiteCommand: Got it, you—

(Mounted cameras on both individuals do not show the hallway they had been standing in, but what looks like a large utility room. Boilers are visible in the near distance, and a wall appears to have been caved in. D12-2 appears to be hanging upside down, facing D12-5, both of whom are stark white and unmoving. Their faces are covered in blood that looks to have originated from their mouth, nostrils, and eyes.)

(A large object is seen moving quickly behind D12-2, accompanied by the sound of slithering from many different sources. D12-5 opens his eyes. Two frames later, the video and audio feed cuts out. No additional responses are picked up from the D12 team.)


Initial Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: ██/██/████

Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Y-24 "Gulliver''s Travelers"

Subject: SCP-1730

Team Lead: Y24-Cap

Team Members: Y24-1 / Y24-2

Notes: Initial exploration of the main site structure proved too dangerous for an additional attempt without additional resources. The only remaining mobile task force on hand was MTF Y-24, a three man team, who was charged with entering the site power station and assessing the damage.


SiteCommand: Coming online.

(Video and audio feed for all three members comes online simultaneously. Ahead of them is the entrance to the SCP-1730 power station.)

Y24-Cap: You can hear us?

SiteCommand: Affirmative.

Y24-Cap: Good. Anything else we should know?

SiteCommand: Thermal scans read one of the cores as being superheated. Might be on the verge of an explosion. Stay as far away from them as you can. You can use the microdrones if you need to; don''t worry about trying to get them back.

Y24-Cap: Right. Ok, good. Let''s get on.

(Y24 team enters power station. First room appears to be a security station.)

Y24-1: There''s our first problem. Doors are locked.

Y24-2: These are pretty solid, too. Is that glass bulletproof?

Y24-Cap: Check it.

(Loud thump.)

Y24-2: Guess that answers that.

Y24-Cap: Command, are we cleared to use explosives in here?

SiteCommand: Negative. Structure is pretty weak all over. You''ll risk caving yourself in.

Y24-Cap: Well shit. There''s no other way in.

Y24-1: Hang on. We have anybody on-site with a level 4 clearance card? One that can override breach lockdowns?

SiteCommand: Dr. Edwards is with a team over at the containment bay—

Y24-1: No, no. It would have to be somebody older. Edwards has only been around like, what, ten years? Somebody who has had the clearance for a long time.

SiteCommand: Standby.

SiteCommand: Director Jameson is currently on assignment at Site-65.

Y24-1: Eh, that''s three hours from here, we won''t—

Y24-Cap: No, you''ve got the right idea. Get Director Jameson on the phone, Command. Ask him what his clearance code was in… when was Site 19 built? 1960?

SiteCommand: Standby.

(Ten minutes pass, extraneous logs removed.)

SiteCommand: Alright, you ready?

Y24-1: Go ahead.

SiteCommand: [REDACTED]

Y24-2: Well I''ll be damned.

Y24-Cap: "Hello, Researcher Jameson." Will you look at that.

SiteCommand: We''ll send the director your regards.

Y24-Cap: Please do. Good work, One. Let''s get in here.

(Team enters power station main concourse.)

SiteCommand: Can you see the damaged core?

Y24-Cap: No, they all look fine. Let''s switch to the thermal lense.

Y24-2: There it is.

Y24-1: Are we missing something? That core looks fine.

SiteCommand: We need to get closer to it, guys.

Y24-Cap: Right. Releasing microdrone, Command.

(Y24-Cap releases microdrone. Drone approaches power station cores and begins to circle them. 12 cores are accounted for, seven of them damaged beyond repair. Three have not been brought up to power, and two are operating at full capacity. One of the two is the superheated core, which aside from its abnormal temperature shows no other sign of damage.)

SiteCommand: It looks fine. Can you get closer to that, Captain?

Y24-Cap: Sure.

(Y24 team approaches the superheated core. Temperature readings begin to rise as they grow closer.)

Y24-1: It''s hot enough, anyway.

Y24-2: What''s this shit?

Y24-Cap: It''s really thick. Is that sludge? Some kind of waste?

SiteCommand: Try and avoid that, team. Captain, can you get a vial of it on the microdrone and send it back out the way you came?

Y24-Cap: Yeah, hang on. Two, grab one of— yeah, you got it. (Pause) Sample''s on the way, Command.

SiteCommand: Thanks. Be careful, guys. Try and get around to the other side of it.

Y24-1: I''m over here. Nothing looks— ah, fuck. Look.

Y24-Cap: Jesus.

(Y24-1 camera shows no fewer than ten human bodies bound to the side of the superheated core with wire. All of the bodies appear similarly to the bodies found by the D12 team: stark white, blood leaking from all orifices, non-responsive.)

Y24-2: Something written underneath them. Is that blood?

Y24-Cap: "What happened to Site-13?"

Y24-1: These lines don''t run to the main structure. See here? They''re running below us.

Y24-Cap: Any kind of identifier?

Y24-1: Let me see… Yeah. They''re all labeled "body pit". They run straight into the ground over there.

Y24-Cap: Looks like we''re going below, then. Command, you copy all that?

SiteCommand: We do. Just received your sample back, as well. Going to get a report on that in just a few minutes.

Y24-Cap: Alright, good. Let''s get down there.

Y24-2: There''s a stairwell over here.

(Y24 team approaches stairwell and begins to descend. Lighting is absent in the stairwell, and all team members switch on their shoulder lights.)

Y24-Cap: These doors are all hard locked.

(Y24 team descends to the bottom of the stairwell. The door there is open.)

Y24-1: This has been pried open, looks like somebody was trying to get… out? Not in.

Y24-Cap: Something else written on the wall here. "Fuck SCP".

Y24-2: That''s polite.

(Team enters the doorway.)

Y24-1: You smell that?

Y24-2: Fuck, yeah. That''s disgusting. What is it?

Y24-Cap: Whatever is on the other end of this hall, I''d imagine. Watch the blown radiator here, guys.

SiteCommand: Team, take note that we are losing video feed. Something''s interfering with our signal here.

Y24-Cap: Roger that, we—

(Audio feed cuts out. Positioning system stays active for a few more moments as Site Command attempts to reconnect with Y24 team. Intermittent communications are received for an additional 15 minutes.)

Y24-1: Some of these are human.

Y24-Cap: That same… it''s all over the inside, that black shit, smells like iron—

Y24-1: Something crawled out, look.

Y24-2: Do you hear—

Y24-1: We need to get—

Y24-Cap: There''s a light over there. Can you see it?

Y24-2: Hello? Are you ok? Do you need help? We can—

(Audio cuts completely. Recovery efforts are halted. No communications are received from the Y24 team for an additional 24 hours, after which the team is determined to be lost. Sample that was returned with the microdrone is revealed to be blood and power core residual runoff, mixed with some kind of additional biological matter. Study into the substance is ongoing.)

(After one week, Y24-1''s video feed becomes active again for thirteen seconds. No audio is transmitted, and the video shows a group of humans standing around and looking down at a table. One of the humans turns to look at the camera, and the video cuts. No additional communications are received from the team at any point afterward.)

Initial Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: ██/██/████

Exploration Team: Mobile Access Drone

Subject: SCP-1730

Team Lead: N/A

Team Members: N/A

Notes: While waiting for additional resources to arrive at SCP-1730, an unmanned ground-based drone was launched into the main site complex, through the same door that the D12 team had entered. The planned goal of the mission was to investigate lower floors and attempt to recover information relating to the origins of SCP-1730.


Drone approaches main office building and enters through front door. A moment is spent observing the writing on the walls in the interior lobby before moving across to the service elevator.

Drone enters elevator and turns to floor selection. There are selections for five floors above the ground level, and fifteen below. Drone moves to select B15 level. Elevator begins to descend.

After seven floors, elevator suddenly stops. After a few moments of time, it is determined this is due to an intermittent power failure. Drone uses suitable utility to open the forward facing elevator door. The open elevator shaft is visible, and the drone is unable to determine the depth of the shaft. Using its winch, the drone descends below the stopped elevator to the first available floor. After prying open the door, the drone swings into the opening and retracts the winch.

A sign on the wall just inside the doorway indicated that this is the 8th basement level, and that it is a Euclid-class containment wing. Lights on this floor remain dark. The drone is instructed to move down the main hallway and look for a suitable area to descend to the next floor.

Drone moves towards a side hallways and is instructed to explore down it. It is noted that a number of messages are written on the walls, including "don''t look at the walls" and "kill the quiet ones". After inspecting a number of rooms and finding them to only be empty offices, the drone returns to the main hallway.



Drone ceases movement upon seeing a large, vaguely humanoid entity standing near the end of the hallway (See exploration file drone139.jpg). This entity appears to glide slowly down the hallways, seemingly not noticing the drone. After it passes, the drone is instructed to follow the entity.

Entity enters a maintenance closet near the end of the initial hallway. Drone observes as entity extends a long arm from beneath its outer layer and touches the floor. Upon further observation, the entity is noted to have picked up some of the thick, dark material previously identified as blood and power station runoff with what is identified as its primary "finger" appendage. Entity then begins to make slow movements towards the wall behind it. This is obscured from the drone''s view.


fileserv:/S:/1730/exploration/drone144. Cognitohazard has been expunged.

The entity ceases movement, and then slowly turns to leave the room. The drone is instructed to move towards the wall and take note of any changes. It is noted that the entity left behind a number of unique symbols, such as [COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED]. The drone takes several flash photographs of these symbols and transmits them back to site command.

Drone is then instructed to continue to follow the large entity, however, the entity has disappeared from the hallway. It is noted that the entity left no apparent footsteps, even in the thick material covering parts of the floors. Drone is instructed to continue on regardless.

Drone reaches what appears to be a series of several containment cells. The first cell is open. A placard on the side of the doorway reads "Entity 324, Scheduled for Termination 12/13/1975". The drone enters the doorway and observes a spacious containment cell. Thick rubber padding is all along the walls. The drone notices a human form in the corner of the room, covered in the thick, dark sludge. As the drone approaches the form, small sparks fire from its fingertips towards the drone. The drone takes several photographs, then leaves.

The next three cells are all empty with no placards. The fourth cell is closed, and its placard is smashed. Drone is instructed to attempt to open the door with its cutting torch. After a few moments, it is able to do so. The drone enters the room.

In the corner of the room is the emaciated body of a human female, roughly aged at 34 years. The body shows no signs of life. A chain is seen around the neck, descending into the shirt. Notable is the lack of sludge within this cell, possible as a result of the inhabitant closing the door and locking it from the interior. The drone searches the corpse for an identification badge, and finds one. The name reads "Jack Bright". Drone is then instructed to search the neck chain, but the chain is discovered to be broken. The drone then leaves the room.

The drone traverses a short way until it finds a stairwell. The drone descends to the next floor. A sign by the doorway reads "5th Floor". The drone turns to view the stairwell it had previously descended from, but finds it nonexistant. After some short discussion at site command, the drone is instructed to enter the doorway.

The drone enters into a large, spacious office floor, lit by sunlight. Several terminals are nearby, though all of them have been destroyed. The drone approaches the least damaged terminal and attempts to power it on. The terminal does not power on, though whether this is due to a power outage or damage to the machine is unknown.

The drone maneuvers across the room. Papers litter the floor, and many look to have been burned or shredded. The drone reaches a terminal labeled "M. Hadley" which appears mostly undamaged and attempts to power it on. The terminal powers on, and the drone then attempts to connect with the computer. The computer is running the same Foundation base system as the current model, albeit a number of generations older. The drone is instructed to transmit every file it is capable of accessing to site command. The drone begins to do this.

Note: At this point in the operation, site command lost contact with the drone. Several members of the operation team suddenly showed symptoms of some kind of anomalous influence, growing silent and beginning to burn from their ears. After the onset of symptoms, any sound would trigger what appeared to be a silent explosion that shook site command and destroyed most of its communicative equipment.

It was later discovered that the only individuals influenced by this were those who had viewed the symbols created by the large entity in the basement storage closet. Further examination by Foundation cognitohazard specialists and screening technology ascertained that the symbols themselves were a sort of pyroclastic cognitohazard. Any individual becoming aware of the symbols would inevitably succumb to the effects of the hazard, making any additional exploration of the site hazardous.

The drone was left unattended for several days thereafter, though it did complete its task of transmitting the terminal contents. The contents of this search can be accessed in Addendum 1730.5. Attempts to reconnect with the drone were unsuccessful, and drone surveillance of the site from outside of the building showed that all of the floors above ground level in the primary structure were entirely empty. The drone was not located.

Initial Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: ██/██/████

Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Z-9 "Mole Rats"

Subject: SCP-1730

Team Lead: Z9-Cap

Team Members: Z9-1 / Z9-2 / Z9-3 / Z9-4 / Z9-Sup

Notes: Due to high casualties sustained by previous exploration attempts, it was decided that a team experienced in exploration of anomalous structures would be called in to continue operations at SCP-1730. To that end, MTF Z-9 "Mole Rats" was assigned to SCP-1730. The team consisted of five explorative members, and one support member who would stay at Site Command and monitor fluctuations in local reality.


Z9-Cap: We''re online. Let us know when you''ve got a link, Support.

Z9-Sup: Coming up now. I''m loading your displays with what should be a pretty accurate map of what you should see in there, but—

Z9-3: Don''t bet on it, right?

Z9-Sup: Like always. It''s fully possible that there''s a Type Green in there, alongside the other nasties.

Z9-Cap: Alright, Command. What''s the worst of it?

SiteCommand: There is at least one cognitohazardous entity writing hazards on the walls. Your displays should be able to filter out any and all messages written on the walls, so we don''t take any chances. As for the rest, it''s a containment site.

Z9-1: Awesome.

Z9-Cap: There you have it, guys. Load up, let''s get in there.

Z9-3: Yes ma''am.

(Z9 team enters the main structure, but search the upper floors first. As observed by the flying drones, the floors are empty. There is no sign of the previous exploration drone.)

Z9-Cap: We''re clean here. How are we looking, Support?

Z9-Sup: Holding steady, captain. Nothing out of the ordinary. (Pause) Tell Four that he needs to adjust his channel frequency, I''m having trouble connecting to that module.

Z9-Cap: Will do. Four, check your frequency, you''re falling out.

(Team descends to main level. After ascertaining the functionality of their hazard-blocking displays, the team moves towards a descending stairwell instead of the service elevator.)

Z9-Cap: Going down now. Starting to see some of that sludge. Any idea where it comes from?

SiteCommand: Part of the mixture is power station runoff, but it''s mostly blood and some other biological residue, like pus. As for where it comes from, your guess is as good as ours.

Z9-Cap: Guess that''s what we''re here to find out.

SiteCommand: That''s the one.

Z9-2: This stuff doesn''t stink like you''d think it would. Just smells like pennies.

Z9-Cap: Tighten up, all. We''re going into the dark.

(Team descends several levels until they reach the 6th basement level, marked as a Euclid containment wing. Z9-Cap motions to enter the floor.)

Z9-1: Lot of bodies in here, Cap.

Z9-Cap: I see em. Not all human, are they?

Z9-2: Nope. They''ve all got that look to em though, from the briefing. Blood on their faces.

SiteCommand: Stay alert, guys.

Z9-Cap: Copy that. Let''s keep moving.

(Team moves forward for a short time, investigating the mostly empty floor. Suddenly, a rumbling is heard. All team members stop and wait for the noise to end. There is a crash, and Z9-4 shouts.)

Z9-Cap: So what was that?

SiteCommand: Came from below you. Notice any structural damage?

Z9-3: Sure fucking did. Floor collapsed under Randall. He''s down below us. I can see him.

Z9-Cap: Four, you read me?

Z9-4: Yeah cap. I''m alright, but my leg is pretty fucked. I don''t know if I can get up.

Z9-Cap: Alright, stay there. We''re going to get down to you. Three, you stay here with Randall. One, Two, move with me. Let''s find a stairwell down.

Z9-Sup: Captain, something fluctuating below you. You copy?

(Z9-Cap does not respond. Site Command also attempts to communicate with Z9 team, and fails to do so. Communications continue to be transmitted from the team.)

Z9-4: Where are they?

Z9-3: Should be on their way.

Z9-4: Anyway you can get down here?

Z9-3: Not without breaking my legs.

Z9-4: You sure? I think I can hear something down here.

Z9-3: (Pauses) I can''t hear anything. It''s probably just the pipes.

Z9-4: No, it''s definitely something, it''s— (Pauses) fuck, Brett, it''s slithering. There''s something down here.

Z9-3: Hang on, mate. Cap, you read me? (No response) Cap? One? Two? Anybody? Goddammit.

Z9-4: Brett, shit, it''s right here. I can hear it. (To something offscreen) Get the fuck away from me, you slimy asshole! (Gunshots) I said get the fuck back!

Z9-3: Don''t shoot anything, Randall, you''ll—

(Z9-4 cries out. Z9-3''s camera observes what appears to be a black, leech-like creature, approximately the length and width of an adult human arm, moving slowly towards Z9-4. Z9-4 continues to fire wildly, causing Z9-3 to run behind the opening in the floor for cover. Suddenly the gunfire stops, and Z9-3 looks back over the edge.)

Z9-3: Randall, Jesus fuck, I—

(The creature has now entered Z9-4''s open mouth, and is moving slowly down his throat. Z9-4''s mic picks up muffled cries and a low grinding noise, like chewing. Z9-3 aims his weapon at the creature and fires, missing it when Z9-4 twitches. Z9-3 fires again, striking Z9-4 in the arm.)

Z9-3: Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh— Captain! Permission to fire on Randall!

(No response)

Z9-3: Goddammit, captain! Permission to fire on Four?

(No response)

Z9-3: Fuck, fuck, Randall, I''m—

Z9-4: (Choking) Please.

(Z9-3 raises weapon and fires at Z9-4. There is another rumble, and the ground beneath Z9-3 gives way. Z9-3 falls onto the concrete below and is crushed by additional falling debris. Z9-3''s camera and microphone disconnect.)

(Z9-4''s microphone continues to pick up Z9-4 choking and vomiting for an additional five minutes, after which Z9-4 grows silent. Another leech creature emerges from his mouth and disappears. Z9-4 stands and picks up Z9-3''s weapon. Z9-4''s camera disconnects.)

Note: At this point, Z9 team was in full disconnect. Two members were assumed KIA, while the other three were not accounted for. After three hours of non-communication, Site Command contacted Overwatch Command to request a full stop to all explorative efforts into SCP-1730. While waiting for a response, Z9-1''s microphone came back online.

Z9-1: You didn''t look, did you?

Z9-1: Yeah, me neither. Cap?

Z9-1: It was over there, against that wall. Is it not there anymore?

Z9-1: I can get it open.

Z9-1: We need fucking bullets.

Z9-1: I think they''re gone, yeah, but I don''t want to wait around, for—

Z9-1: Lower?

Z9-1: What floor are we on right now, anyway?

Z9-1: I thought there were only supposed to be fifteen. Fuck.

Z9-1: Alright.

(Z9-4''s camera suddenly comes online, showing a massive room, dimly lit by many small flames. Further observation of the footage shows that the small flames all originate from the ears of many humanoids, standing quietly around the walls. In the center pit is a large creature that appears to be covered in many smaller creatures. It is barely distinguishable in the low lighting. Several large pipes over the creature have been cut and are draining onto the center of the room. The camera cuts out.)

Z9-1: "What happened to Site-13." This is like the fifth time.

Z9-1: I don''t fucking know, how am—

Z9-1: Right.

Z9-1: Wait.

Z9-1: Yeah, I do too. It''s coming from over there.

Z9-1: This shit is everywhere, fuck, look.

Z9-1: Open that door, a— shhhhhh.

(Z9-1 is silent.)

Z9-1: No, I—

Z9-1: Shhhhhhh stay quiet. We need to get back upstairs.

Z9-1: Hey, who''s that?

(Z9-1''s mic disconnects.)

Note: With the entire team once again unresponsive, Site Command ordered an emergency termination of all explorative efforts into SCP-1730 while waiting for confirmation from the O5 council. Four hours pass with no response, before Z9-Cap''s camera begins transmitting. Microphone comes online shortly after.

Z9-Cap is standing in a very tall room, looking at some kind of large and intricate machine. She approaches the machine slowly before settling over some kind of input console with a backlit screen. Z9-Cap wipes dust off of a label just above the screen. The word "Thresher" is clearly visible.

Z9-Cap''s hands hover over the keyboard at the console. Another distant sound can be heard over the microphone, later identified as footsteps. Z9-Cap turns quickly to face the darkness behind her. As she turns, her shoulder mounted light strikes something on the machine behind her, and goes out.

The footsteps grows closer. Z9-Cap begins to breathe heavily, and starts running through the dark. She trips and falls, and the noises begin to close in.

Z9-Cap: No, fuck you, get—

(Z9-Cap''s camera disconnects. No additional transmissions are received from the Z9 team.)

Addendum 1730.4: Recovered Data from Power Station Terminal


Image recovered from power station terminal.

[click image to enlarge]

Dr. Hadley,

As you can see, the power output to the Thresher device has been adjusted to your specifications. At your command, the reactors will surge to the full 55GW required to activate the device.

Like I mentioned in our previous correspondence, the reactors will likely not survive this kind of power surge. The core dedicated to the body pit might, given its reinforced construction, but there will likely be significant damage to all the rest.

Additionally, and you''ll forgive me for speaking out of place since I''m not assigned to the Thresher device, but the device is still wildly unstable. The tests have been encouraging on smaller subjects, and it might someday be an applicable piece of technology, but at this moment it is only considered a measure for very final attempts. Utilization of the device could make local reality unstable here, as well as wherever the device ends up. In other words, I hope you know what you''re doing.

Best of luck,

Engineer 242

Addendum 1730.5: Collected Data Logs

Dear Dr. Hadley (340),

We have received your communication, and thank you for taking the time to contact us. We have considered your request, but at this time we cannot approve any transfers. If you are at Site-13, you are there because of your superb level of professionalism and aptitude in your profession, and we cannot afford to have you anywhere else. You may speak to your site pharmacist about an amnestic regimen if you like, but we will not allow you to transfer from Site 13.

As for your concerns about Director Emerson''s Mortuary Protocol, we understand your complaints. However, you must understand that anomalies, especially those classified as "humanoid", are not human beings. Human beings fall into a very specific category of non-anomalous lifeforms. Humanoid anomalies may appear to be human, but are simply "humanoid". As such, they are not entitled to the rights and privileges afforded to human beings by the Ethics Committee.

Our job as researchers is to identify where anomalies come from, and then to identify how to best utilize those anomalies for the benefit of mankind. We are protectors, and we cannot protect unless we know everything there is to know about the threat at hand. Once we have learned what we can learn, we neutralize the threat.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our offices.


Peter Grenwald

SCP Foundation Ethics Committee Chair
Global Occult Coalition Ethics Board Head

Test Log


Administrator: Dr. 1343

Test Purpose: To identify Class VIII entity''s ability to bend reality while exposed to dangerous conditions and to Scranton-Mollius Inhibitor Device. Use of SCP-████ to reanimate entity between tests.

Test 1: Exposure to Temperature (-35C)

Result: Entity loses energy, becomes less hostile. Extended exposure results in low external temperature and decay of skin layer. Entity expires after 1 hour of sustained exposure.

Test 2: Exposure to Temperature (150C)

Result: Entity quickly succumbs to heat stroke. Body shows signs of burning across all surfaces. Organ damage as a result of extreme temperature. Entity unable to change reality to save itself.

Test 5: Submerge in Water


Notes: Water seems to interfere with Scranton-Mollius device.

Test 13: Exposure to Electricity

Result: Entity unable to save itself. Body no longer salvageable. Entity moved to body pit for incineration.

To: Engineer 242

From: Engineer 129

Subject: Control of Hazardous Toxins In Reactor Core

We''re having some trouble controlling the waste backup in the pit. The runoff is supposed to be piped off-site, but it keeps getting sucked back up the air intake into the reactor. The stuff is seriously toxic; I don''t want to send any of my guys in there to clean it up. Either we shut off the reactor long enough to go down there and clean it up by hand, or we''re going to have a pretty serious issue here in a while.


Summary of Events: Entity showed unwillingness to submit to further testing, and as such was swiftly terminated by way of electrocution. Entity moved to body pit for incineration.

Noting here that additional orders have come in from Director Emerson requesting a fullscale termination of the entire humanoid wing. Those will be processed at your convenience, and we can begin to empty out those floors.


Dr. 790

[COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED] has shown some tenacity, but will soon break under the mental pressure applied to it by the Orators. This is not uncommon; many entities arriving for their initial inspection will resist exposure to treatment in some way, but it cannot be sustained for the duration of their time here. Entity does have a particularly interesting effect on [COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED] which leads me to believe that we could repurpose that aspect of the entity by removing the face, neck, upper chest area and arms, and applying it to a Mark-XII using the [COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED]. I will send this notice to Dr. 874 posthaste, and move forward with this project.


Dr. 720

To: Dr. Hadley

From: Engineer 242

They took your blood leech boy down to the pit today. I made sure to alter his termination record accordingly, and made sure that output is still blocked up. I don''t know what you''ve got planned for him, but that pit''s pretty noxious now. It''s not going to be good.


Image recovered alongside attached file.

Director Emerson,

Before we get started, let me just say that the number thing was always bullshit. If you want to properly dehumanize your researchers, you put them in cubicles. The numbers were a joke from the beginning.

If you''re reading this, then you''re left with a decision. What did you think was going to happen, throwing the bodies of anomalies into that pit? Did you think that their being alive made them anomalous? Hell, being alive is the least anomalous part of our humanity. I thought you might''ve seen that, but then, things have changed.

The containment breach was my fault, I won''t lie to you. In my research, I had the pleasure of analyzing a young boy. His name was Elijah, he subsisted only on blood, and he could siphon it through others with his mouth, right through their skin. Like a leech. He had no mental capacity beyond two years, and yet, he deserved the same chance to live as the rest of us. He did not choose to be the way he was.

Then you decided to have him burned, like the rest of them.

So I modified his record. The fires of your pit won''t have incinerated him, just agitated him. And that sludge that''s been building up? I''m glad you cared to get it cleaned up. I''m sure you''re glad too. It''s pretty awful down there.

Anyway, your decision. The containment breach was inevitable, and whether it was something that crawled out of the pit that did it or my hand on a button makes no difference. You have a choice to make; either stay your course and certainly be devoured by the creatures you have been torturing for the last fifteen years, or activate the Thresher device and hope it dumps you out in a more hospitable reality than your own. Either way, our world will be rid of you and your filth, and will be better for it.

This is your death camp, Elliott. You made your bed, and now you get to die in it.



P.S. I don''t know if you even remember when this picture was taken, but I''m sure you''ll recognize your own face. Amazing how much can change in just a few years, isn''t it? All because you were chasing a promotion. Incredible. I hope it was worth it.

Oh yeah, and if you decide you want to talk this out, I''ll be down in the basement with Elijah. I''ve got a nice warm spot for him to get setup when he arrives. You''ve made sure there will be plenty of blood for him.

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