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nn5n: scp-3043 Gravity Bending Building
KeterSCP-3043 Gravity Bending BuildingRate: 1

Item #: SCP-3043

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any and all entrances to SCP-3043's interior are to be sealed immediately to prevent the breaching of SCP-3043-2. In the event of a containment breach, the entire town of ███████ is to be locked down. Any other towns within a 50-mile-radius are to be given an alert that a dangerous person has been sighted in a local area, and that they should close and lock any and all entrances to their current residence and hide immediately.

Description: SCP-3043 is an abandoned office building located in ███████. The building has been deemed SCP-3043-1. SCP-3043-1 seems to disobey the laws of gravity, allowing visitors to place items on walls and ceilings with ease. However, once an individual enters SCP-3043-1, it will begin to animate, fluctuating in size, shape, color and detail. SCP-3043-2, a shadowy human figure with no features other than three glowing yellow eyes. SCP-3043-2 is extremely hostile, assaulting visitors until their retreat or death. SCP-3043-2 only manifests approximately 15-60 minutes after entry of a living human.

Addendum 3403-1: SCP-3403-2 has shown extreme injuries after being exposed to high voltage electricity and heat of over 100°F.

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