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nn5n: scp-2273 Major Alexei Belitrov, of the Red Army's 22nd Armored Infantry Division
EuclidSCP-2273 Major Alexei Belitrov, of the Red Army's 22nd Armored Infantry DivisionRate: 170
SCP-2273 - Major Alexei Belitrov, of the Red Army''s 22nd Armored Infantry Division
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Item #: SCP-2273

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2273 is to be contained in a Type M Standard Humanoid Anomaly Containment Cell, with furniture capable of accomodating entities in excess of 300 kilograms with the proportions of SCP-2273. Additionally, the containment cell and adjacent observation/interview room must act as a Faraday cage. Standard quality-of-life considerations apply. SCP-2273 requires approximately 8,000 calories per day in order to remain healthy; standard human rations in quantities large enough to facilitate this are acceptable. The Site-17 humanoid anomaly psychologist is to interview SCP-2273 weekly, to ensure continued mental health of the subject while obtaining knowledge of SCP-2273''s original timeline. SCP-2273 is a Type B sapient anomaly and is granted limited access to literature and musical media that may be revoked at any time.

Description: SCP-2273 is a humanoid entity of extra-universal origin that consists of two parts. SCP-2273-1 is believed to be a non-anomalous male human that shares a symbiotic relationship with an anomalous organism, SCP-2273-2. This organism completely covers SCP-2273-1, leaving no epidermis exposed. Notable physical characteristics of SCP-2273-2 are as follows:

  • A chitinous carapace that forms a secondary, exterior skeleton.
  • Compound-lensed eyes giving SCP-2273-2 approximately a 270° field of vision and approximately 90° of binocular vision.
  • Earth-tone coloration visually similar to military forest-pattern camouflage.
  • Advanced musculature that integrates with SCP-2273-1''s muscular-skeletal system and allows SCP-2273 to carry an estimated 1200 kilograms in addition to its own weight.
  • Proboscis similar in function to that of Musca domestica1 used by SCP-2273-2 to procure nutrients for itself and its host.
  • Colored scar tissue similar in nature to tattoos corresponding to military patches and badges.2
  • A fully functional organic radio transceiver capable of transmitting both encrypted and unencrypted audio messages over a wide bandwidth.3

Additionally, it is believed that SCP-2273-2 shares its circulatory and nervous systems with its host.

SCP-2273 is approximately 2.1 meters in height and 290 kilograms in weight. SCP-2273-2''s exterior is heavily scarred on both forearms and shoulder blades. Upon recovery, these areas bore open wounds. SCP-2273 claims that weapon nacelles were previously mounted at these locations. All written tattoo patterns are in Russian and indicate that SCP-2273 was a Major in the 22nd Armored Infantry Division4. It is fluent in Russian and German.

SCP-2273 was recovered during investigation of a seismic event and radiation spikes detected outside Danner, Wisconsin on 13 October, 1989. SCP-2273 was found after tracing radio transmissions coming from its location. SCP-2273 was wounded, delirious, and suffering from malnutrition. It offered no resistance to the recovery team. It was moved to Site-17 shortly after its recovery.


Interviewed: SCP-2273
Interviewing: Dr. Friedrich (then Site-17 humanoid anomaly psychologist)
Forward: Interview was conducted primarily in German. SCP-2273''s ability to speak using AM radio had been ascertained during recovery.

Dr. Friedrich (in Russian): Hello? Can you hear me?

SCP-2273 (in German): Your accent is atrocious. Yes, I can hear you. Let''s speak in a language I know you''ll understand.

Dr. Friedrich (in German): Ah, yes, all right. I''m told you answer to the name Alexei Belitrov. Is this true?

SCP-2273: Let''s quit with the pleasantries. I am a prisoner-of-war and you are my interrogator. You killed my men, tortured me, and left me to die in the wilderness. Have you not done enough?

Dr. Friedrich: I — I''m sorry?

SCP-2273: You heard me. Don''t act like you don''t know what was done to me before I was brought here. My men died because I surrendered. I see now that it was a mistake. They should have died like warriors, fighting for the Motherland, not gunned down like animals. I thought I could end the war for them, give them much-deserved peace. Instead, they are dead, likely not even buried but left to rot, and I am here, being interrogated by some skinny in an American Concentration Camp.

Dr. Friedrich: Alexei, do you know where you are?

SCP-2273: No, and it does not matter. You will not break me, filthy dog.

End Transcript
Closing Statement: SCP-2273 remained largely unresponsive after the final transcribed remarks. Dr. Friedrich opted to discontinue the interview shortly thereafter. Following this interview, Dr. Friedrich put forward a request to provide SCP-2273 a limited amount of low-level information regarding the Foundation in order to gain SCP-2273''s trust, furthering cooperation.

Interviewed: SCP-2273
Interviewing: Dr. Friedrich
Forward: Interview was conducted in German. Six hours prior to interview, SCP-2273 had been issued an outdated copy of the Level 1 Researcher General Debrief in an attempt to make it understand the nature of its containment.

Dr. Friedrich: Alexei, are you ready to talk?

SCP-2273: I understand now. You… you are not dogs, you are crows.

Dr. Friedrich: I''m sorry?

SCP-2273 (in Russian): Crows. (In German:) It is Red Army Officer''s slang for… your people. You do not fight in the war. Instead, you steal weapons from both sides for… whatever purposes. Containment, I suppose. I guess this means I am no longer in the place I came from, da?

Dr. Friedrich: Yes, Alexei, that''s right. We need to find out where you came from, so we might be able to figure out how you got here and possibly come up with a way to get you back.

SCP-2273: Do not lie to me, skinny crow. You are going to keep me in this cell forever. You and I both know this.

Dr. Friedrich: Fine, I won''t lie to you. Yes, you will probably spend the rest of your life in this facility, but it doesn''t have to be entirely miserable. If you help us, we''ll see what we can do to help you.

SCP-2273: Please, just let me be for awhile.

Friedrich: Alright, Alexei. Take your time. We''ll talk whenever you''re ready, ok?

End Transcript
Closing Statement: SCP-2273 began showing signs of severe stress shortly after reading the issued document. However, most signs and acts of aggression seem to have ceased.

Interviewed: SCP-2273
Interviewing: Dr. Friedrich
Forward: Interview was conducted in German. This interview took place upon SCP-2273''s request three days after Interview 002.

Dr. Friedrich: Alexei, you said you wanted to see me?

SCP-2273: Yes. I have thought about your offer, and I would like to talk. I don''t know beyond all doubt that you''re not working for the Americans, so I won''t tell you anything that you wouldn''t already know. This is fair, da?

Dr. Friedrich: Yes, I suppose it''s a fair offer. Hm. Okay, you kept talking about a war. What can you tell us about that?

SCP-2273: It is the Second Great Patriotic War, the War to End the World. Several years ago, when I was only a child, the Americans launched a nuclear attack against the Motherland and her allies. We retaliated in full force. Very few people were left alive, and much of the surface was rendered unusable for farming, or even just living. That is why I am in this armor. I couldn''t survive very long on the surface without it.

Dr. Friedrich: Oh, okay. What else can you tell me about your armor?

SCP-2273: It was built for us by the engineers. I don''t know how they do it or how they work, but this armor has saved my life more times than I can count, and has been worth the pain it has caused me.

Dr. Friedrich: Can you elaborate on that? How has the armor caused you pain?

SCP-2273: The armor takes many years to grow. I was only a boy when my parents volunteered me for the program, and getting attached to the armor was likely the most painful thing I have ever felt in my life. But it was worth it because I am that much more of a warrior for my country. Everything it feels, I feel. Everything it sees, I see. Everything it smells or tastes or hears, I smell and taste and hear. Everything it thinks, I think.

Dr. Friedrich: I''m sorry, your armor thinks?

SCP-2273: Yes, but not how you and I think. It identifies targets, weapons, ammunition, supplies, friends and foes, objectives to be captured, terrain features, hazards. It helps me to formulate battle plans when I am acting in my capacity as an officer, and helps me to fight war when I am acting in my capacity as a soldier. You already see how it helps me speak to my men and my superiors from great distances. It lets me hear the enemy from a great distance, as well. This armor has served me well.

Dr. Friedrich: Ok, I think I understand. Can you tell me about how you got the wounds on your shoulders and arms?

SCP-2273: When you found me, I had just been captured by the Americans. They had forcibly removed my weapons and my supply pack, creating these wounds. They did this with all my surviving men. Then, they identified me as the commanding officer and took me aside. They shot my men shortly afterwards. I thought you were the same Americans who had captured me… I still don''t trust you, but I don''t believe I have a choice.

Dr. Friedrich: What can you tell me about how you got here? Do you know?

SCP-2273: I don''t know how I ended up here; all I remember is a bright flash of light, then all the Americans were gone. There were trees that hadn''t been there before. But I was very deep in American territory, and I didn''t believe they would dispose of an officer such as myself so easily. So, I began sending encrypted distress codes and wandered the forest until your men found me. Is there anything else you would like to know?

Dr. Friedrich: No, Alexei, that''s enough for now.

SCP-2273: Thank you — What did you say your name was?

Dr. Friedrich: You may call me Doctor Friedrich. I appreciate what you''ve told me so far, Alexei.

SCP-2273: Thank you, Doctor Friedrich.

End Transcript
Closing Notes: SCP-2273 showed significantly reduced signs of stress following this interview. Further interviews are recommended.

Interviewed: SCP-2273
Interviewing: Dr. Friedrich
Forward: Interview was conducted in German. This interview took place the day after Interview 003.

SCP-2273: Hello, Doctor. Is there more you would like to discuss?

Dr. Friedrich: Yes, actually, there is. Thank you for asking, Alexei.

SCP-2273: Before we continue, may I make a request?

Dr. Friedrich: Tell me what you need and I''ll see what I can do for you.

SCP-2273: You wouldn''t happen to have recordings of the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, would you?

Dr. Friedrich: I''ll see what I can find.

SCP-2273: Thank you. Now what is it that you wanted to talk about?

Dr. Friedrich: Yesterday, when we were speaking, you mentioned that your suit was built by "engineers." What can you tell us about them?

SCP-2273: Well, they cannot live unprotected on the surface, like you or I, but I don''t think they have ever built armor for themselves.

Dr. Friedrich: Well, why wouldn''t they? Do you know?

SCP-2273: I am not sure. I think it is because only soldiers wear armor, and it is not their war.

Dr. Friedrich: What do you mean, "not their war?" They''re people too, aren''t they?

SCP-2273: Crow, do you not have engineers here, in this world? They are very much not like us. They fear the sun and have coats like beasts, but are smarter than any man; skinny or armored; crow, dog, or Soviet Patriot; any man you may ever meet. They are what has made the modern war possible, for both sides.

Dr. Friedrich: I see. What else can you tell me about them?

SCP-2273: They weren''t truly known to Man until the years of the Great War and the Revolution. The French found them, in buried cities where the Western Allies were digging their trenches. Eventually, they were made to build weapons for the war, by both sides. This war led to the Revolution, and to the end of Germany. I can see by the look in your eyes that you know something of what I''m talking about. This is good. Perhaps your world and mine aren''t so different, then, da?

Dr. Friedrich: It would seem not.

End Transcript

Closing Statement: SCP-2273''s request for musical media has been submitted. Approval is pending.

Interviewed: SCP-2273
Interviewing: Dr. Friedrich
Forward: Interview was conducted in German. This interview took place as part of standard weekly interviews. At this point in time, SCP-2273 had been in containment for approximately two years.

Dr. Friedrich: Hello, Alexei. How are you feeling this afternoon?

SCP-2273: Well enough, Doctor. The last books you''ve given me have been interesting. This traveler through time, from the Englishman''s novel, he reminds me of myself.

Dr. Friedrich: How so?

SCP-2273: He has seen many things he did not think he would ever see. His travels have taken him to dark places he wishes he had not been. He saw the world die. And he has gone somewhere he cannot return from, leaving friends behind. This is true for me also.

Dr. Friedrich: I see. Do you want me to let you keep that one for your collection, then?

SCP-2273: Yes, Doctor, thank you.

Dr. Friedrich: Ok. I''ll see what I can do. Is there anything else you''d like to talk about?

SCP-2273: Yes, Doctor Friedrich, there is. I''ve been having trouble sleeping at night. I know you don''t have technicians here, but I''m afraid my armor might be malfunctioning. If you could somehow remedy that, it would be appreciated.

Dr. Friedrich: Malfunctioning? How?

SCP-2273: Well, it keeps dragging up old memories as I''m trying to sleep. That''s one of its functions; it lets me remember details I''d otherwise forget, in order to keep me safe while on the front. But now, it''s showing me scenes from the war, things I… don''t need anymore. Actually, forget it, Doctor. This is a problem for a technician, and you don''t have any here. I''ll learn to cope.

Dr. Friedrich: Alexei, I don''t think that''s the armor. Are you sure you don''t want to talk about this? How long has this been going on?

SCP-2273: I said don''t worry about it, Doctor Friedrich. It will be fine.

Dr. Friedrich: Alexei, I am a doctor. I''m trained to make sure people in your… predicament stay healthy. If something is bothering you, you need to let me know. Now, what sort of things are you remembering before you go to sleep?

SCP-2273 (after approximately 30 seconds of hesitation): I told you where I was before your men found me, da? I — I see my men''s faces, staring up at me from the dirt, Doctor. Asking me why I didn''t keep them safe. Why I was allowed to live while they had to die. I trained alongside those men for years before they put us back on the surface, since we were all young children. We were brothers. And I gave the order to surrender, and got — got them killed. I should have died with them. I am no better than the American dogs who shot them. I don''t want to feel this way anymore. Please make this stop. (At this point, SCP-2273 rose from its seat and approached the interview window. As it did so, radio white noise began being recorded by all radio receiver equipment within SCP-2273''s containment unit and interview room. This static continued for the remainder of the interview.) I was only trying to keep them safe, Doctor. Why couldn''t I have died with them?


Closing Statement: Dr. Friedrich has recommended downgrading SCP-2273 to a Type-C sapient anomaly, granting it limited social privileges for the sake of relieving stress. This proposal is currently under review by representatives of the Ethics Committee and Site-17 security staff.

Upon arriving here, Fred immediately noticed that his was not a unique name in this place, and laughed at the coincidence.
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