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SCP-1150 - The Passengers
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EEG and ECG trace of SCP-1150 manifestation shortly after the onset of REM sleep.

Item #: SCP-1150

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All newly-identified instances of SCP-1150 must be cataloged and subject to biannual re-confirmation, as per the safe category tracking procedures of the Aegis Protocol. All SCP-1150 manifesting in D-class personnel should be housed in standard isolation cells or in dormitories containing only other instances of SCP-1150. Outside of approved testing procedures, D-class SCP-1150 must not be permitted prolonged (greater than 15 seconds) touch contact with other humans or sentient animals via skin contact or through thin or conductive fabrics. Note that this is a cautionary measure only, as SCP-1150 can transfer to unwilling or unaware subjects only in unusual circumstances, such as those delineated in the SCP-1150 research log.

Description: SCP-1150 are sentient entities with human-like psychology that share bodies with willing human hosts through poorly-understood means. SCP-1150 are aware of all behaviors, interactions, and emotional states of their hosts but cannot usually perceive individual thoughts or memories. They appear to be immune to all amnesiacs, excluding a slight susceptibility to █████████, which is likely due to neurological damage to the host at high doses. While the host is conscious, there is no known means of detecting the presence of SCP-1150, save for the occasional brief appearance of anomalous REM-like EEG traces in some subjects (namely sleep spindles and K-complexes). The Foundation currently tracks 38 instances of SCP-1150, maintains 3 instances in D-class personnel for testing purposes, employs 2 instances (along with their hosts), and maintains one instance in Level 3 confinement for security reasons.

When the human host of an instance of SCP-1150 falls asleep, they immediately enter REM (dream state) sleep and the SCP-1150 entity gains control of the host body for a period of 5-16 hours. This duration varies with the mental fortitude and willingness of the host and the relative strength of the entity. While the SCP is in control, it acts, behaves, and generally has physiological reactions identical to those of a normal human, albeit one with memories and personality traits different from those of the host. At the end of its period of control, SCP-1150 becomes sluggish and appears to sleep. One to two minutes later, the host awakes and regains control of their body. Hosts generally report that they are fully rested and are generally unaware of what has transpired while they were asleep. Note, however, that individuals who have hosted SCP-1150 for prolonged periods (several years or more) become gradually more aware of the actions of their "passenger".

SCP-1150 can be transferred from host to host through physical contact. While it appears that almost any skin-to-skin contact is sufficient to transfer SCP-1150, direct forehead-to-forehead contact allows for transfer times as low as 15 seconds. Conversely, transfer takes approximately four minutes via hand or foot contact. If the contact is disrupted at any point during the transfer, the entity remains in the original host. Recipients of SCP-1150 report a "pleasant buzzing" sensation and exhibit a slightly elevated stress response but appear otherwise unaffected by this transfer. In all instances, save those documented in the attached experiment log, the recipient of SCP-1150 must be willing to accept the entity. There are no known means for destroying an instance of SCP-1150, though they can be incapacitated indefinitely by killing and interring the host.

The Foundation first became aware of SCP-1150 on 6/27/1982 shortly after the FBI raid on the Kismet Doorway cult in Bloomhill, Arkansas. Foundation sources within the Bureau learned of a high-ranking cult member in FBI custody with potential SCP properties. The Foundation arranged a transfer to Site 40 due to its proximity to ██████, and there conducted the initial interviews with the entity, currently classified as SCP-1150-1. SCP-1150-1 subsequently assisted in the identification of three additional instances of SCP-1150 associated with the Kismet Doorway.

Addendum: On 12/10/2008, the recovery of sensitive documents in a raid on Marshall, Carter & Dark Ltd. indicates that MC&D are currently employing at least two instances of SCP-1150 to infiltrate the Foundation as "sleeper agents" to obtain classified information on SCPs and Foundation security. These entities are being carried completely unknown to the SCP employee hosts, and are able to see, hear, and experience everything that the host does. It is unknown how these agents are getting information back to MC&D, given that Foundation research has not revealed any outward manifestations of SCP-1150 when they "piggyback" on an unwitting host.

Interview 1150-1 Log SCP-1150-1


Jonas ██████ (far left) with the leadership of the Kismet Doorway cult circa 1981.

Interviewed: SCP-1150-1, "Jonas ██████"
Interviewer: Agent Adrian Barton

<Begin Log, 7/15/1982, 22:45>
Barton: Okay, we''re recording.
Jonas: Do I speak into this?
Barton: No, leave it there. It will pick up our voices anywhere in the room. Right. You indicated that you would be willing to answer some questions for us.
Jonas: Within reason, yes.
Barton: Are you Jonas ██████?
Jonas: In a sense. I''m sharing his body. I assure you he''s quite agreeable with our arrangement.
Barton: Can you explain those two statements?
Jonas: Sure. Jonas has allowed me to use his body. He thinks I''m a manifestation of his god and is happy to let me do my work.
Barton: Are you a god?
Jonas: Of course not. As far as I know ████ made him up, but he may be remembering from before.
Barton: ████ the head of the Kismet Doorway group? How are you involved with that group?
Jonas: All of the higher-ups are like me. We ride your bodies, if you''ll let us. I was fourth in command out of the six of us.
Barton: And all six of you were, uh, body snatchers?
Jonas: We call ourselves passengers. We switch bodies from time to time. ████ said we could live like kings, and I believed him. It''s clear to me now that he''s quite insane. I disavow his ridiculous cult.
Barton: You mentioned that ████ may have "remembered from before". Before what?
Jonas: Before we were awakened. That was in 1911 when the Englishman Davies unearthed our bones in Persepolis.
Barton: You can''t remember anything from before that?
Jonas: No. Well, maybe one thing. Darkness, and before that wailing and screaming, and before that a great, consuming fire. I remember pain, too. But that could be a dream. ████ says that we were worshipped like gods then. Utter insanity.
Barton: May I change course a bit? How did you get your current body?
Jonas: Jonas gave himself to me just over a year ago. Before that, I was Annie Paige, who was wife to ████ at that time. I was tired of that, so I transferred to Jonas.
Barton: Transferred how?
Jonas: We touch. Usually, we press our heads together in prayer. This way, it goes more smoothly. I pour myself from one human vessel to the next, like water from one bowl to another, and then I see with Jonas''s eyes, speak with his mouth, love with his genitals. And when I am not using them, he is himself. So you see that I have not hurt anybody.
Barton:That''s all for now. Thank you for your time, Mr. ██████.
Jonas: Agent Barton, one last thing. May I be transferred to a larger cell until this trial? This area is inadequate for my needs.
Barton: I''ll see what I can do.
<End Log>

Experiment Log SCP-1150

Experiment SCP-1150-5A
Date: 9/16/2003
Description: SCP-1150-5, then occupying D1905, was brought into physical contact with subject D2002 and directed to initiate transfer. D2002 was an otherwise healthy 27 year-old Hispanic male who sustained reticular damage due to medication-induced seizure and was consequently in an irrecoverable coma state.
Result: SCP-1150-5 successfully transferred to D2002 after approximately 65 seconds of limb-to-limb contact. Sensors placed 1 meter from the subjects detected very low amplitude (approx. 25 mW) radio noise during the transfer. D2002 subsequently "awoke" when SCP-1150-5 gained control of the body. Thorough examination reveals none of the cognitive or motor deficits common in coma recovery patients. EEG recordings of D2002 show waveforms typical of other SCP-1150 recordings, which should be impossible due to the state of reticular damage. When SCP-1150-5 lapses into its inactive state, D2002 once again becomes comatose and exhibits EEG waveforms indicative of deep coma. In the D2002 host, SCP-1150-5 exhibits a 16.15-hour active state and an 8-hour inactive state; this differs significantly with the normal distribution of activity/inactivity seen in normal instances of SCP-1150.
Researcher’s Note: Computer analysis of the radio "noise" reveals a high degree of organization and patterning. The significance or meaning of these patterns has yet to be determined.  -Dr. Bimston

Experiment SCP-1150-5B
Date: 9/29/2003
Description: Three hours into his comatose state, subject D2002 (the current host of SCP-1150-5) was euthanized with a lethal dose of sodium pentobarbital.
Result: Upon cardiac arrest, SCP-1150-5 gained control of D2002 and attempted to escape from its restraints, causing significant injury to the limbs and hands of D2002. EEG activity became typical of SCP-1150 waveforms. Notably, cardiac function did not resume and SCP-1150-5 became more lethargic until collapsing after 620 seconds. The amplitude of EEG waves gradually decreased over this time period.

Experiment SCP-1150-5C
Date: 9/29/2003
Description: Two hours after the cessation of all movement, D-class subject D1968, a 34 year-old white female with an IQ of 70, was directed to touch the arm of D2002 under the impression that she was feeling for a pulse.
Result: Approximately five seconds after initiating contact, D1968 jumped back, stating that she had "been shocked". Sensors placed 1 meter from subjects detected medium amplitude (aprox. 700 mW) radio noise lasting 0.3 seconds. Subsequent observation of D1968 did not reveal any behavioral or cognitive anomalies, though EEG analysis revealed minor anomalies associated with SCP-1150 presence.

Experiment SCP-1150-5D
Date: 10/13/2003
Description: After two weeks of observation, in which no symptoms of SCP-1150-5 were manifest, subject D1968 was told that she had been exposed to a benign "angel spirit" during experiment SCP-1150-5C. After two weeks of further observation, subject D1968 was convinced by an SCP confederate posing as D-class personnel that she was instead possessed by an "evil demon".
Result: After being informed of the presence of SCP-1150-5, the "passenger" manifest itself during D1968''s next sleep cycle. Over the next two weeks, SCP-1150-5 manifest for an average of 10.5 hours each night. During this time period, D1968 experienced a modest increase in IQ (to 83) and motor coordination. After being told that SCP-1150-5 was "evil", the period of manifestation was reduced to 8.0 hours and IQ returned to baseline levels.
Researcher’s Note: This indicates that A) SCP-1150 is capable of rapid transfer to an unwitting or unwilling host but cannot secure control without some level of host awareness and/or consent and B) the degree of host "willingness" correlates to the amount of time that SCP-1150 is active.  -Dr. Bimston

Experiment SCP-1150-18A
Date: 1/11/2008
Description: SCP-1150-18 was made to repeatedly transfer between several D-class personnel to determine the conditions in which transfers are possible.
Result: SCP-1150-18 was capable of transferring regardless of the state of its current host but was unable to transfer to an unconscious host in any circumstance. Upon transfer to a new host, SCP-1150-18 entered its dormant state, regardless of whether it had been active at the time of transfer.

Experiment SCP-1150-18B
Date: 1/21/2008
Description: SCP-1150-18 was made to repeatedly transfer between several D-class personnel in an experimentation room saturated with 50-100 MHz radio wave interference (the same frequency band measured from SCP-1150 during transfer).
Result: SCP-1150-18 was capable of transferring in all conditions, but the duration required for transfer was substantially increased with higher levels of interference, plateauing around 700 seconds at power levels above 100 kW.
Researcher’s Note: It appears that the radio burst is a facilitative effect (or perhaps a side effect) rather than a necessary condition for the transfer.

Experiment SCP-1150-18C
Date: 3/6/2008
Description: SCP-1150-18 was hosted by D1412, a 68 year-old black male who suffered from diabetes and CHD. Experiment SCP-1150-18A was carried out after D1412 died of natural causes (heart attack). Several handling protocols were employed to assess the limits of SCP-1150 host-to-host transfer after death (see also: Experiment SCP-1150-5C).
Result: Approximately four hours after death, the body was handled by Ms. Gomez, a Level 1 research technician wearing a standard chemical hazard suit with insulated gloves, who transferred the body to the Site 40 crematorium. No SCP-1150 transfer was observed to occur at this point. Five weeks after full cremation, subject D2333, a 50 year-old white female, was directed to manually sift the ashes. After approximately four seconds, she quickly withdrew her hand from the box of ashes, reporting that she had touched something "sharp and prickly, like a cactus". Subsequent analysis revealed that SCP-1150-18 had transferred to D2333 in a "passive" state, as in the initial transfer during Experiment SCP-1150-5C.
Researcher’s Note: How the hell are we supposed to kill these things?  -Dr. Rosenberg

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