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SCP-1157 - Bifurcating Man
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Item #: SCP-1157

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-1157 are to be kept in separate 3m x 2m x 3m quarters connected to a secure common area in Sector-07. Curfew is to be enforced at 11pm EST every evening until 6am the following morning. Security must consist of 12 armed guards trained in crowd suppression. SCP-1157-1 is to be kept in isolated quarters not connected to the main containment area.

All staff working directly with any instance of SCP-1157 are to maintain the highest level of information security. No mention is to be made of Foundation staff names, project information, or containment procedures within the SCP-1157 containment area. Verbal communication with SCP-1157 is to be kept to an absolute minimum unless authorized by Dr. Torres. No clothing or equipment used when interacting with SCP-1157 can contain any identifying information. Personnel, including members of MTF Gamma-7, are instructed to carry only digitally encrypted forms of identification when involved in containment or study of SCP-1157.

Mobile Task Force Gamma-7 "Pied Pipers" has been formed to track down and detain any un-contained instances of SCP-1157. Basic information, photographs, fingerprints and DNA samples from SCP-1157 have been distributed to major law enforcement organizations. Coordination with local government and other MTF units will be approved on a case by case basis. Lethal force has been authorized as a last resort.

During a bifurcation event, SCP-1157 personnel are to initiate Protocol-G7 before wake up call.

Description: SCP-1157 is a Caucasian male with brown hair and blue eyes. The subject''s anomalous nature was first discovered when an instance of SCP-1157, designated SCP-1157-1, surrendered to the local police in ███████, AZ, claiming to be a member of a terrorist cell. When a bifurcation event occurred while SCP-1157 was in police custody the subject was brought to the attention of the Foundation and transferred to Sector-07 for containment and study.

At intervals of approximately 4 weeks all instances of SCP-1157 will undergo a simultaneous bifurcation event at 3:08AM EST. While SCP-1157 sleeps each subject will split into two identical instances. The event is accompanied by a burst of light and energy which disables any recording devices. Any clothing or other items worn by SCP-1157 will be deposited on the bed underneath the subjects.

Protocol-G7 is to be enacted immediately after every bifurcation event. The containment area is to be flooded with a gaseous sedative. A security team equipped with gas masks must enter the containment quarters and remove one of each resulting subject pairs for euthanasia, study and disposal.

SCP-1157 displays a limited form of shared consciousness. While each instance exhibits their own personality and can make individual choices they also experience the surface thoughts and impulses of all other instances.

Based on subject interviews, at the time of SCP-1157''s initial detention at least 5 bifurcation events had already occurred. During containment there have been 3 observed events. To the best estimation the current status of SCP-1157 is as follows:

  • 32 instances contained.
  • 34 instances confirmed deceased.
  • 45 instances euthanized during containment.
  • 86 instances unaccounted for.

Addendum 1:

Interviewed: SCP-1157-1/1

Interviewer: Dr. Torres

Foreword: Following initial containment, the 2 instances of SCP-1157-1 were separated and individually questioned.

<Begin Log, 06/18/20██ - 3:45PM EST>

Dr. Torres: Can you explain the nature of your condition, please.

SCP-1157-1: I go to sleep, and when I wake up there''s one more of me.

Dr. Torres: And this has happened before?

SCP-1157-1: A few times. Last week makes five. There''s thirty-two of me now…No…I will not…

Dr. Torres: Is something wrong?

SCP-1157-1: Heh. They can hear us, you know, the rest. <Subject smiles> They''re not happy with me.

Dr. Torres: You can hear them all?

SCP-1157-1: Yes. A bunch of scared bullies shouting in my ear. I saw what they did. I saw what I was becoming…No…Not me. You. I made a choice! <Subject shuts eyes, breathes deeply> I''m sorry. There''s a lot of them now. It''s overwhelming sometimes.

Dr. Torres: I can imagine. Would you like some time alone?

SCP-1157-1: <Subject laughs>

Dr. Torres: Oh. Right. My apologies.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Despite being in a separate sound proof interview room, SCP-1157-1/2 was able to repeat the conversation verbatim.

Addendum 2: Incident Reports

Agent Thomas - Mobile Task Force Gamma-7 Leader
Utilizing intelligence gathered from SCP-1157-1 interviews, MTF Gamma-7 successfully located and detained 3 more instances of SCP-1157 before they could go into hiding. However, operations for the next several weeks turned up only empty apartments and dead ends. SCP-1157-1''s usefulness has diminished rapidly as other instances are now aware of his cooperation and are providing deceptive intelligence.

Dr. Torres - SCP-1157 Head Researcher
Following a second bifurcation event SCP-1157-1, now consisting of 4 separate instances, showed increasing signs of distress. An argument over SCP-1157-1''s complicity in Foundation activities resulted in a physical altercation and the death of the subject advocating against cooperation. All instances of SCP-1157-1 have been put into indefinite sedation to avoid mental coercion by the growing collective.

Agent Thomas - Mobile Task Force Gamma-7 Leader
Intercepting e-mail correspondence between loose SCP-1157 allowed us to locate a safe house used by numerous subjects. MTF Gamma-7 was met with small-arms fire upon engagement, forced to terminate 2 instances, captured 7. Computers and correspondence found on the property indicate that SCP-1157 is aware that an organization is tracking them, but they have no knowledge of the Foundation itself. Requesting a clean-up team to scour the property for any other evidence of SCP-1157 activities.

Dr. Torres - SCP-1157 Head Researcher
Interviews with instances of SCP-1157 reveal a narcissistic personality and increasing distrust and contempt for anyone that is not SCP-1157. Subjects have also shown increasingly skillful attempts at tricking researchers into revealing sensitive information. Outside of SCP-1157-1 the subject remains uncooperative.

Agent Wilson - Mobile Task Force Gamma-7 Lieutenant
Agent Thomas was lost in our latest engagement with SCP-1157, along with 2 other Gamma-7 members. The bastards have spent the last month training and stockpiling weapons. The warehouse we tracked a subject to held enough SCP-1157 to outnumber us 3-to-1, all armed. Even after capturing 16 and killing 31 there are likely even more SCP-1157 unaccounted for now than there were when we first discovered them. I''m submitting a request for at least a tripling of Gamma-7''s numbers and resources. If we don''t lock this down in the next month or two we''re going to start seeing these guys on every street corner.

Dr. Torres - SCP-1157 Head Researcher
The contained instances of SCP-1157 attempted a riot to break out of Sector-07 immediately following a bifurcation event. Using their increased numbers SCP-1157 assaulted the Protocol-G7 team. Reinforcements allowed security to resolve the situation, at which point Protocol-G7 was completed without further incident. Containment procedures were revised and SCP-1157 were restricted to individual quarters for one week. 5 days later each instance of SCP-1157 carved the following into the wall of their quarters: "You cannot contain me. Should one escape your grasp thousands will arise within the year."

O5 Memo: Requests to have contained instances of SCP-1157 reduced in number denied. Our sedated instances of SCP-1157-1 continue to increase in number. If Gamma-7 can sufficiently reduce the number of militant instances we may soon have a sympathetic majority capable of converting the rest. Until that point we want SCP-1157 to believe they have the upper hand. - O5-██

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