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SCP-1439 - Serial Stickers
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SCP-1439, missing the Edward sticker

Item #: SCP-1439

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:  SCP-1439 is to be kept in a locked drawer in Site 24’s testing center. Access to and experimentation with SCP-1439 requires prior permission from at least one (1) Level 3 Senior Researcher. Only one instance of SCP-1439-1 is allowed to be tested at a time, and should be destroyed once the test has concluded. Currently, testing is suspended on SCP-1439 due to previous containment breaches. Testing may resume once all portions of the object are back in place. Though additional safety measures have been put in place making another breach unlikely, any instances of SCP-1439-1 found outside their testing chamber should be destroyed immediately.

Description: SCP-1439 is a small sheet of 8 round smiley-face stickers. Each sticker is approximately 4 centimeters in diameter, and has a name printed above it which is not part of the sticker itself. The names above each sticker are Edward, Thomas, Gordon, Henry, Albert, James, Charles, and Harvey. The first three stickers are light blue, while the others are green, grey, red, purple, and brown, respectively. All 8 have two black dots for eyes and a simple black curve for the mouth. The James sticker was initially missing from the sheet when the Foundation originally acquired SCP-1439, but appeared again after approximately three months. The Edward sticker is currently unaccounted for, as it disappeared 9 months after the SCP was originally contained. Investigation is ongoing to discover the individual(s) responsible for this containment breach.

SCP-1439’s effects begin manifesting when one of the stickers is placed on any object or surface, including plants, animals, and human beings. Once the sticker is in place, it will slowly dissolve over a period of 3-4 minutes. Human testing subjects have reported a slight tingling sensation when this happens, but no pain. Within the next 8-10 minutes, the subject will begin to become anthropomorphic, with a face appearing where the sticker was originally placed. At this point the subject is considered an instance of SCP-1439-1.  After 20 minutes, the face will become more detailed, and become capable of blinking and speaking. Most instances of SCP-1439-1 tested so far have spoken American English in various regional dialects, though one was also capable of speaking fluent Cantonese.

Approximately an hour after the initial exposure to SCP-1439, a set of arms and legs will begin to grow from the subject, giving it a more humanoid appearance. Instances of SCP-1439-1 will have varying levels of mobility, depending entirely on the size, weight, and general shape of the original subject. Subjects shorter than 0.8 meters in height are usually completely anthropomorphous, while larger subjects will only be partially affected. As an example to illustrate how this affects both inanimate objects, and subjects like humans and animals,  see Notable Experiments Log 2468 below.

Instances of SCP-1439-1 exhibit a variety of behaviors, but are generally emotionally manipulative and/or single-minded once they are capable of speech, and act hostile when their demands are not met. Psychotic episodes are common and often result in acts of violence from the subject, prompting their termination as further testing efforts from that point are usually futile.

So far the only recourse for returning SCP-1439 to its original state is to destroy any instances of SCP-1439-1. Depending on their size and the area affected, sapient subjects may need to be terminated, or only have part of their body removed for disposal. Through testing, this has resulted in the death or maiming of ██ animals and humans.

Sticker used Test Subject and placement Length of Testing Time Notes
Charles A 1.5 m x 1.5 m x .3 m section of concrete wall. Sticker placed in the center. 49 hours Approximately 1 square meter of the wall became anthropomorphous, with animate arms and legs sprouting from the concrete. Subject was immobile, and complained vocally about their situation. Subject asked about “Leo” numerous times, but was uncooperative when questioned about the name, and went silent shortly thereafter. Subject was left alone and monitored for the next 48 hours. It remained motionless except for occasionally scratching itself. The concrete wall was destroyed with sledgehammers, during which the subject remained silent. The Charles sticker reappeared on the sheet 3-4 minutes after the subject was deemed destroyed.
Harvey Standard foundation desk lamp. Sticker placed on the lightbulb. 92 minutes The entire lamp was affected by the SCP-1439, with the face appearing on the light bulb, arms sprouting from the adjustable “neck” of the lamp, and legs sprouting from the base. The subject expressed fascination with its cord, and refused to answer questions until it was “turned on”. A researcher plugged the subject’s cord into an outlet, and flipped the subject’s switch. Subject stated that the bright light and heat of the light bulb burned and hurt its face, exclaiming, “I fucking love it!" Subject then stopped conversing with the researchers, only making vocal sounds concluded to be sexual in nature. After 30 minutes of this behavior, the plug was pulled, and the subject attempted to attack the research team. Subject was thrown in the testing center’s nearby incinerator. Two researchers suffered small bite marks and bruises, but were otherwise unharmed.  
Charles Sticker placed in the center of the palm of D-82913''s right hand. 66 minutes D-82913 was anesthetized for this test, to see if anesthesia would affect an instance SCP-1439-1, and to prevent panic due to the transformation. D-82913’s entire hand was affected, with their pinky finger and thumb becoming arms, and legs sprouting near the wrist. Anesthesia had no visible effect on SCP-1439-1. Subject’s behavior initially mirrored its previous behavior, and had no recollection of its manifestation on the concrete wall. Subject complained of being constrained, as it had no control over D-82913’s arm past the wrist. Subject became sullen, and ceased answering questions. D-82913’s hand was surgically removed while still under anesthesia, and SCP-1439-1 was tossed in the on-site incinerator, making no protests in the process.
Henry Dwarf Hamster. Sticker placed on the animal’s back. 17 hours The entire animal became anthropomorphous, with its front legs becoming the subject’s legs, and the back legs becoming the subject’s arms. The hamster’s front legs changed size, shape, and orientation to match those of a human. The hamster’s head ended up pointing straight downward once the subject could stand up, and made vocalizations of distress until the subject purposely sat on it and crushed it. Subject continued to speak and move normally even though the hamster itself was functionally dead. Subject was extremely charismatic, and allowed the research team to question him for hours, telling stories of various subjects including: violent crime sprees with "my friend O████", sexual escapades with numerous women, and even knowledge about Foundation secrets. After attempting to cross reference some of the crimes and Foundation knowledge expressed by the subject, the research team determined that the majority of it was lies and/or delusions of grandeur. Some crimes did match up to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject became violent when it realized it was to be disposed of, and managed to get loose within the research center.  The research team eventually discovered the subject’s hiding place, and flushed it out with an acetylene torch. Subject was then captured and incinerated.
Albert Sticker placed on the left kneecap of D-59919 Test ended approximately 75 minutes after exposure, when the subject escaped containment. No face appeared after the sticker dissolved. After an hour of no activity, D-59919 was escorted from the testing chamber. Before they could leave the testing center, D-59919’s leg suddenly sprouted arms, one of which grabbed a nearby scalpel and disabled his security guard escort, as well as a nearby researcher. D-59919 panicked during this, having lost control of his left leg. SCP-1439-1 then made a jerking motion which caused D-59919 to fall on his back, hitting the back of his head. D-59919’s leg split down the middle, forming two new, separate legs for SCP-1439-1. The subject then used the scalpel to cut itself free from D-59919, and began to eat part of D-59919''s other leg. The security team arrived shortly thereafter and neutralized the subject. D-59919 was pronounced dead at the scene, having lost too much blood from his femoral artery being severed. It is unknown how or why this instance of SCP-1439-1 manifested differently from the others. Testing of the Albert sticker has been postponed until new safety measures can be written up.
Gordon and James 2 meter tall ficus tree. The Gordon sticker was placed on the trunk near the top, while the James sticker was placed at the bottom, directly below Gordon.   2 hours Both areas where the stickers were placed manifested as separate instances of SCP-1439-1. Initially, both subjects ignored the research team’s questions, and only spoke to each other in an effort to cooperatively tip the tree over and become mobile. They succeeded in doing so, and unsuccessfully attempted to run into the researchers and trip them with the tree trunk. Their cooperation ended when one subject made sexual advances towards the other, and they began arguing heatedly. The researchers were able to carry the tree out of the testing chamber and dispose of it without incident in the wood chipper borrowed from Site 10.
Thomas and James Dr. Carver’s thermos. The Thomas sticker was placed at the top of the thermos just below the rim. The James sticker was applied over the Thomas sticker immediately. 27 minutes Both stickers dissolved in 3-4 minutes. No face or limbs appeared, however the thermos’ material slowly changed to a pinkish, organic substance that began to rapidly rot after only 18 minutes. Testing confirmed the material had turned to human flesh. DNA testing revealed multiple matches, [DATA EXPUNGED]
Thomas Sticker placed directly  on the nose of D-11770. 6 minutes The sticker expanded to cover D-11770''s entire face, before dissolving after 5 minutes. Test subject did not show any signs of distress until [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject was terminated by security forces before it could do any more harm to itself or others. Initial conclusion is that close proximity to a human brain significantly changes the way SCP-1439-1 manifests, possibly taking complete control of the person, or at least greatly altering their behavior.

-Human testing has been suspended indefinitely, due to the unpredictable effects. I fear the results of the last test may have revealed the true purpose of SCP-1439; everything else has simply been a side effect of the object''s misuse.– Dr. Carver

They’re 2, they’re 4, they’re 6, they’re 8
They’re filled with rage and lust and hate
They know what they want to do
They want to rape and murder you
So lock your doors at night and day
And hope that they stay far away
Their own psychosis never ends
Thomas and his friends

Thomas, he’s the shooty one
James sure loves his big shotgun
Albert sends you mail sometimes
Gordon loves sexual crimes
Charles, the military buff
Henry kills and lies and bluffs
Edward wants some skin to wear
Harvey, sado-masochistic flair!

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