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Several instances of SCP-2704 found in [REDACTED]

Item #: SCP-2704

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-2704 within Foundation custody are to be kept in storage containers located at storage hangar 19A and 19B. Infrasonic detection systems are to be placed within both storage units and kept operating at all times. If a sound at a frequency below 20 Hz is detected in either of these units, all personnel are to evacuate to Observation Site 19A, and are to remain there until the sound diminishes. Personnel are to monitor SCP-2704 during this time for any undocumented effects.

Instances of SCP-2704 discovered outside of Foundation custody are to be immediately reported. If said instances are located in a heavily visited or populated location, they are to be replaced by a 1:1 replica. This is necessary due to SCP-2704's importance in Costa Rican culture. Instances found in their original position, including instances which reside in the Finca 6 archaeological site, are not to be relocated. Implanted Foundation agents have acquired control over administration and security of this site. Infrasonic detection systems are to be kept within all security offices of Finca 6. If a sound at a frequency below 20 Hz is detected, any present pedestrians are to be evacuated to a distance of 92 meters from the premises.

All subjects affected by an activated instance of SCP-2704 are to be apprehended and questioned on their experience. Class A amnestic are to be administered to non-personnel subjects following the questioning.

Description: SCP-2704 is the collective designation given to an assortment of over three hundred petrospheres predominantly located in Costa Rica, which were initially discovered in the Diquis Delta during the 1930s. These spheres range in size from a few centimeters to over 2 meters in diameter, and weigh up to 16 metric tons.

The anomalous effects of SCP-2704 instances become activated in concordance with the position of celestial bodies in the night sky. Once two or more celestial bodies form specific geometric shapes or patterns above instances of SCP-2704, these instances will become activated. This occurs primarily with the planets and moons of our solar system. However, there have been incidents which may have involved celestial bodies outside the Milky Way galaxy. Each singular instance of SCP-2704 appears to be linked to a specific celestial pattern. It is also believed that the activation of SCP-2704 instances are dependent by their arrangement with one another, when located in their original position. Due to these requisites, it is currently impossible to predict when the majority of instances will become activated, due to the loss of their original organization during initial discovery. Studying the activation of these unorganized instances has not progressed the discovery of a pattern of activation.

Once any instance of SCP-2704 is activated, it will begin to emit a sound at a pitch of about 13 Hz, undetectable by the human ear. This hum has physical and psychological effects on all human beings within a 92-meter radius, and plays continuously for approximately 3 hours after activation. The means used to produce this sound remain unknown.

The following are the effects related with unorganized single sphere activation:

• After 30 minutes of exposure subjects experience mild migraines and discomfort.
• After 1 hour of exposure subjects experience increase in emotional unease and throbbing pain in the temples.
• After 2 hours of exposure migraines worsen, in some cases subjects become incapacitated due to pain. Subjects will begin to receive an influx of information. Complementing this information, subjects experience visual and auditory hallucinations. This activity lasts for approximately one hour. These episodes can cause loss of consciousness in those with a history of brain related medical complications. If these subjects are not removed from exposure radius, they may enter a coma.
• After 3+ hours of exposure, effects will slowly deteriorate. Subjects reportedly forget a large portion of information received.

Please refer to the Incident Log for further details concerning the effects of SCP-2704 and information received.


Initial discovery of SCP-2704

These spheres were originally found in clusters of up to twenty organized in geometric patterns. They are estimated to have been carved between 200 BC and 1600 CE. Details concerning the method used to sculpt and transport these spheres, as well as their original purpose, are unknown. This is due to the extinction of the indigenous culture of Diquis Delta following the Spanish conquest.

The anomalous properties of SCP-2704 were not discovered by the Foundation until 1947. Due to this, the majority of known instances have been damaged and/or re-positioned prior to Foundation involvement. These instances of SCP-2704 were relocated to public areas such as tourist locations, , government offices, parks and several museums. The majority of these instances have been replaced with exact replicas, and are now under Foundation custody in hangars 19A and 19B. However, there are SCP-2704 instances retain their original position which remain undiscovered.

Known instances which retain their original position and order with one another are primarily located in the Finca 6 archaeological site. These instances of SCP-2704 are to remain in this original position to facilitate the observation of activation, discovery of patterns of activation, and investigation of the stones' possible purpose. Public access to these spheres has been scheduled and restricted to only occur during the day, in order to minimize possibility of pedestrian presence during a cluster activation. Since initial containment there has been two successfully recorded cluster activation.

For further details concerning effects of a cluster activation please refer to the Finca6 incidents.

Addendum 2704-A:
Incident Logs

Incident 2704-03
On █/██/19██ undercover field agent Marcelo Ocampo reported single sphere activation at 12:50 pm outside Costa Rican Center of Science and Culture. Geometric pattern which caused activation was not successfully recorded. ██ pedestrians were affected before Foundation interference. Local task force dispatched to evacuate office building and apprehend all affected parties.


Instance activated during Incident 2704-03. Sphere has since then been replaced and is currently in foundation custody.

Interviewed: ██████ █████

Interviewer: Dr. Carlos Quesada

Foreword: Standard interview conducted 43 minutes after the end of Incident 2704-03. Mister █████ was exposed for approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes before apprehension. Interview was conducted in Spanish and has been translated.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Quesada: Please describe, to the best of your ability, the entirety of the events you've experienced tonight.

Mr.█████: Alright. I'm a security guard at the museum. I usually work in the day, but a friend of mine got sick so I did him a favor and took his night shift. For most of the night everything was, you know, normal, but then I suddenly started to feel weird at around midnight. Just nervous I guess. Like something was wrong you know?

Dr. Quesada: You are not aware of why you began to feel this way?

Mr.█████: Honestly, no, not really. After a while my head started to hurt. I thought I had caught the flu or something like my friend, but I was starting to feel worse so I decided to get some fresh air and went outside.

Dr. Quesada: Did you see anything outside of the museum?

Mr.█████: Just a few of the other guards. They said they were feeling weird, just like me, so I started to realize something was wrong here. My headache was getting seriously worse at this point. It eventually got so bad I couldn't even move. Same thing was happening to the other guys. That's…when I started seeing things, and hearing things.

Dr. Quesada: What exactly did you see?

Mr.█████: Its hard to explain. It was like dreaming, but, it hurt. It hurt a lot. I barely remember most of it. I know I saw faces of people. I recognized them and knew where they were, but I had never seen them before. I don't remember anything about them anymore. Whenever I try to think about them my head starts to hurt again. I also saw places. At least I think they were places. Usually it was just stars. My head was getting filled with stars and numbers. A lot of numbers. I swear it hurts to think about. I don't remember anything else just numbers.

Dr. Quesada: You said you started to hear things as well?

Mr.█████: Oh yeah, it was a voice I think. I didn't understand what it was saying though. I could hear it clearly, but it was like it was talking in another language.

Dr. Quesada: Do you remember anything after these visions?

Mr.█████: Well it stopped and my head stopped hurting. I remember noticing one of the others was on the floor. I was about to call an ambulance, but then men showed up, they looked like police and they took us to the hospital. I don't know, I was really dazed.

Dr. Quesada: This is everything you recall?
Mr.█████: Yes. I'm sorry but yes that's it.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: ██████ █████ was administered a Class-A amnestic shortly after interview.

Full list of recorded public activations can be found in Appendix 2704-A: Single Sphere Activations. In depth examination has concluded that there exists no variety in the information received and hallucinations of subjects effected during these incidents.

Incident 2704-09
At 2:30 am on █/██/19██ an unknown number of SCP-2704 instances located in storage hangar 19B became activated. This incident occurred prior to the placement of a infrasonic detection system in storage hangar 19B, causing the exposure of 13 members of personnel. Surveillance cameras depict subjects undergoing mild to severe seizures. Personnel report hallucinations and migraines similar to those of public incidents, but at a much higher intensity. Current theories suggest this is due to subjects being exposed to several activated unorganized instances at once, but this is impossible to confirm.

Incident Finca6-1
At 1:30 am on █/██/20██ a group of five spheres began to emit an audible hum at a pitch of 13 Hz. Unlike the activation of unorganized SCP-2704 instances the effects of this activation, involving several instances in their original position, were immediate. All human beings within a 92-meter radius entered a state described similar to intoxication. Surveillance depicts many of the subjects seating themselves around the spheres in a semicircular formation. This activity continued for an approximated 7 hours. All members of personnel present, as well as Finca-6 security officers and pedestrians were interviewed after the incident. Recollection of information received by subjects during this incident was much greater than previous incidents. The following is an interview with agent Daniel Vega.


Activated instances of SCP-2704 during Incident Finca6-1

Interviewed: Agent Daniel Vega

Interviewer: Dr. Carlos Quesada

Foreword: Standard interview conducted 40 minutes after the end of Incident Finca6-1. Field Agent Daniel Vega has been stationed undercover at Finca 6 as Chief of Security for 13 years. Agent Vega reported cluster activation 7 minutes after the end of Incident Finca6-1.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Quesada: Please report on the events that transpired tonight, beginning prior to the cluster activation.

Agent Vega: It was just a regular night. I was in the surveillance room at the time, talking with the guys, prepping for tomorrow. The spheres were honestly in the back of my mind, I never really thought I’d be here to see the day something happened. After you've been doing this so long…you forget what your real job is sometimes, and get lost in the cover.

Dr. Quesada: When did you realize the spheres activated?

Agent Vega: The moment I felt like I lost my motor controls. I’ve read up on all the other incidents, I know what’s supposed to happen. This was different. There was no splitting headache, no pain at all really, I just suddenly felt dazed. If I were paying attention to the surveillance equipment I probably would've noticed much sooner, but like I said I wasn't really thinking. That was a mistake on my part. Luckily it was after midnight so we didn't need to evacuate any pedestrians. I dropped everything I was doing and started making my way to the main office so I could report the activation. I never did make it to the office till after the incident though. On my way there, I noticed a lot of people moving towards spheres located near the site entrance. I saw the entire staff, even some people who must've come in from the streets.

Dr. Quesada: Describe your experience during the incident.

Agent Vega: At first all I could hear was a soft sound. Then I started to hear a voice. Not hear like usual though, I heard it in my head, as if I was imagining it myself. It wasn’t just a voice either, I felt it close to me. I could see the things it talked about.

Dr. Quesada: Did this voice sound like a person?

Agent Vega: Hard to say. It… felt bigger than a person if that makes any sense. I've had a hard time wrapping my head around it, but it felt like whatever was speaking was right there, beside us, and far away at the same time.

Dr. Quesada: Did you understand what the voice said?

Agent Vega: Yes I did. It talked about people. Just, people in general. Our problems, but not really all of them, specific problem like war, violence, even minor conflicts. It mentioned unification a lot. It talked about our potential if we were to work together and such. Felt like it was preaching to be honest. What I would say it really focused on was our possible scientific advancement if we essentially pool our resources, especially space travel.

Dr. Quesada: What exactly did this voice touch on concerning space travel?

Agent Vega: There was so much information I was getting lost in all the numbers and charts. I'm no astronomer, but I know things about space now that I've never known before. I saw planets and suddenly knew exactly how far away they were from us. I saw moons and objects I didn't recognize and could suddenly calculate our best route to get to them. There was one place that kept coming up a lot. It looked like a planet, but I didn't recognize it. Coordinates keep repeating in my head. I get the idea that it wanted me to go there.

Dr. Quesada: The voice wanted you to reach this location? Do you know why?

Agent Vega: I can't say that I'm sure, but I do have a feeling. It feels like there is something there for us. Something that'll help. An invitation. It's not like the voice was calling me from that location, I knew there was nothing living there, but there is… something. I don't know what it is, but I definitely didn't feel afraid of it, so I figure that must be a good sign. There were names and faces of people too. People I've never seen or even heard of before, but I knew them somehow. The information was cluttering together at this point, like the signal was getting choppy, but one name did especially stick with me, Franklin Chan Diaz. Everything blurs after that, I don't remember much else.

Dr. Quesada: This is when the incident ended?

Agent Vega: Yeah… yeah we snapped out of it after that. Doctor listen there is still one last thing. An image or picture or something, I can't stop thinking about it. Numbers and lines…do you have a pen and some paper?
[Dr. Quesada hands agent Vega note pad and pen. Agent Vega begins to draw on the notepad. Concluded drawing depicts what appears to be the section of an unfinished blueprint]

Agent Vega: This. I have no idea what it is but I can't stop thinking about it. I hope you can make use of it.

Dr.Quesada: I will take care of that, thank you for the report agent.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Analysis of coordinates provided by Agent Vega conclude that they belong to the dwarf planet Eris. Blueprints appear to be that of a section of a sophisticated engine. The interior of the engine is inordinately complex, however a full analysis is impossible due to the blueprints being incomplete. The name Franklin Chan Diaz refers to a Costa Rican-American mechanical engineer and former NASA astronaut. All other subjects affected during Finca6-1 report receiving this same information, with varying degrees of accuracy.

Contact has been made with Franklin Chan Diaz concerning incomplete blueprints provided by agent Vega. Dr. Diaz reported that the blueprints had several similarities to his own experimental designs concerning plasma propulsion, and suggested the blueprints were that of an advanced plasma propulsion rocket engine. Such a device would theoretically cause significant advances in interplanetary travel. However, knowledge in this field is currently insufficient to complete these designs.

Dr. Diaz has been given temporary Level 1 clearance on information concerning these blueprints, as well as a dedicated team of foundation research staff specializing in astronomy and engineering, in order to analyze and complete said blueprints. This team shall be designated Project Diquis. Any scientific discoveries brought on by the research of Project Diquis are to cleared by a member of Class B personnel prior to being released to the public.

Current theory presented by Dr. Quesada suggests that the purpose of these blueprints is to assist in the progress of human space exploration, specifically that of the dwarf planet Eris, which has yet to be visited by a spacecraft.

Incident Finca6-2
At 11:23 pm on ██/██/20██ 3 spheres began to emit an audible hum at a pitch of 19 Hz. The activation of these sphere has been determined to be caused by the formation of a triangle involving the dwarf planet Eris and two stars. All human beings within a 92 meter radius of the activated instance entered a state similar to that of Incident Finca6-1. Agent Gabriel Chavez, who was located 2 meters from the sphere during activation, was the only subject to undergo a complete hallucinatory episode. The following is an interview with agent Chavez after the incident


Instance which activated during Incident Finca6-2.

Interviewed: Agent Gabriel Chavez

Interviewer: Dr. Carlos Quesada

Foreword: Standard interview conducted 25 minutes after the end of Incident Finca6-2. Field agent Gabriel Chavez has been stationed undercover at Finca 6 as security guard for 2 years. Prior to interview agent Chavez was notably distressed and desired to report his experience to agent Daniel Vega.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Quesada: We are ready for your report.

Agent Chavez: About time, you want me to start with before it happened?

Dr. Quesada: I don’t believe that’ll be necessary, simply explain your hallucinatory experience.

Agent Chavez: Alright… I was shown what the spheres are. I was shown how they work.

Dr. Quesada: You understand how the spheres emit a signal?

Agent Chavez: No. I just know who made them, why they made them, and why they activate when they do.

Dr. Quesada: Please begin.

Agent Chavez: The ones that made these things, they came way before use. Way way way before us. When I say us I don't mean the Foundation, I mean people in general.

Dr. Quesada: They were not human?

Agent Chavez: Something similar. Actually, I think we're the ones similar to them. I saw images of vast cities and technology I couldn't even understand. This was an advanced civilization. One that was very interested in the universe. Ahead of us in pretty much everything having to do space travel and observation. But, they were afraid. They found something out there that they didn't like. Some anomaly. They saw that it was coming right towards Earth. It was close. So they got to work. That's what the numbers are. That's why these things keep showing us numbers.

Dr. Quesada: Elaborate.

Agent Chavez: See, they figured out the formula, they knew how long it’d take for it to get here again. Because this doesn’t happen just once, it's on an orbit, it has passed before. Every time it passes it causes a shutdown. Its like a wave that hits us. It knocks out everything, lights and power across the whole planet. It knocks out everything, for good. I couldn't tell if it was a comet or something, but it was moving through space fast.

Dr. Quesada: Do you know how it does this?

Agent Chavez: Something about a pulse. A wave of electromagnetic energy is attached to this thing somehow. It gets close to the Earth and anything powered by electricity malfunctions. Hell, more than that, I think anything artificial just shuts off. Globally. The people figured out it was coming, they knew what was going to happen. It’s happened before, it’d happen again. So they got off. They left.

Dr. Quesada: This civilization… left the Earth?

Agent Vega: At leas the ones that could. Those who couldn't, well I guess that what lead to us. But, they knew eventually it'd come again. So before they escaped they left a warning. Actually no, not just a warning, a guide. Something that’d help whoever was next. The stones. It couldn't be anything in their language or writing the message had to go beyond that. It couldn't use conventional means of energy either, they had to think abstract. So the devices they created out of stone don't emit sound, they emit information. In fact it works both ways. The stones also receive information from us, that way it knows our surroundings, our situation, what it has to work with. They're supposed to work like a radio crossed with a calendar. They use the night sky to know how close the anomaly is, activate the right set of stones and send us the information we need. Its a process. They're supposed to teach us step by step how to get out of here before this things reaches us. But this is difficult science even for them. The stones have specific groups and they need to be organized correctly. They work as counterbalances to one another, so that the signal doesn’t come in too strong or too weak. That’s what causes the migraines and memory loss during single sphere activations, the signal isn’t coming in correctly because we fucked up their arrangement.
Dr. Quesada: Well were you shown how to fix that? Do you know how to organize them correctly?

Agent Chavez: …No. Even if I was shown, aren't there hundreds of those stones and thousands of ways how to organize them in concordance with the night sky? I'm not sure if the human brain can handle that much information at once. Maybe I was shown some patterns, I do remember there being numbers and I know there are things I'm forgetting. I get the feeling the group of stones that showed me this stuff was incomplete, the signal wasn't solid. I wish I could tell you more about the spheres, because I know there was more, but things get too fuzzy after that. Here what I can tell you. Its on its way back. The anomaly is getting close. I had the exact distance in my head, repeating like the other numbers. I don't remember exactly how far anymore, but I do remember that it wasn't too far off and that it moves fast.

Dr. Quesada: Do you know the significance of Eris?

Agent Chavez: Oh right the planet. Its the next step. Right now it's trying to show us how to facilitate interplanetary travel. Once we get to Eris, and find whatever is on Eris, we'll start getting help on getting out of the Solar System. End goal, I think they want us to find them.
Agent Chavez: That's all I can remember.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Interview of other effected subjects resulted in no additional information. Agent Chavez was the only subject to receive information concerning an electromagnetic celestial object. Suggestion to find lost arrangements of the SCP-2704 instances located at storage hangar 19A and 19B, using the method of arranging an unspecific set of stones in new positions every night, proposed by Dr. Quesada is currently pending approval.

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