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nn5n: scp-4939 The Humanoid Biomass
EuclidSCP-4939 The Humanoid BiomassRate: -11

Item #: SCP-4939

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4939 is to be contained in a 5x5 meter cell furnished with a bed, table, refrigerator filled with food approved by any doctor with level 3 clearance or higher, a microwave, and a trash can that must be emptied every two to three days. SCP-4939 is allowed to roam the facility when needed but must be escorted by at least one approved doctor and one or two guards each equipped with high power stun guns.

Description: SCP-4939 appears to be a male Caucasian between the ages of 16 to 18 years of age, has a height of 1.778 meters tall, and weighs around 65 to 250 kg when in normal human form. Weight may vary due to density of SCP-4939 and always has the appearance of a well trained athlete.

SCP-4939 is an unknown biomass that is able to change and manipulate it’s form, even the clothes on SCP-4939 are part of the biomass. SCP-4939 typically morphs the biomass to mimic a human structure, referring to this as its original form. SCP-4939 is able to create weapons by changing and hardening the biomass it consist of, being able to make bladed weapons like claws and a sword arm that is made of a titanium-like material. SCP-4939 can also harden it’s entire body into black plates that form an armor when needed but hinders its speed and agility tremendously. Typically when biomass is morphed It will have the color of black unless hardened into a metallic color. It is shown that SCP-4939 is shown to have incredible strength, speed, and agility due to biomass being able to become dense in whatever area is needed of SCP-4939. SCP-4939 is weak to high power electricity hampering abilities and slowing it down.

Due to SCP-4939 being biomass, it is able to consume an unlimited amount calories. SCP-4939 is able to absorb other types of biomass and use it to reconfigure it into itself. This has been seen to be the only way SCP-4939 can recover from injuries such as a missing limbs. SCP-4939 mainly consumes using an Amoeba-like process by pulling in foreign biomass into itself using pseudopods, but has been shown to be able to consume using its mouth. This is thought to undergo the same process just without the pseudopod step. When a human is consumed, SCP-4939 is able to change itself into an exact copy of the person devoured, down to the genetic level. It is also shown that SCP-4939 gains the memories of whoever it assimilates, but can only access these memories when genetic code is activated.

SCP-4939 was captured at the grocery store [DATA REDACTED], when they called the local police about a person that has eaten most of the products in the store and wouldn't leave. SCP personnel arrived and captured SCP-4939 after police had shot SCP-4939 and it survived. After this SCP-4939 agreed to being a test subject as long as it was fed.

Addendum: SCP-4939 is allowed to be used to test on other SCP, but must be told to mimic a human genetic code before hand. This way proper test results are given.

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