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SCP-1631 - The Ghost Vehicle
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SCP-1631 manifesting on 09/18/19██

Item #: SCP-1631

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1631 cannot currently be artificially contained. Thus far, SCP-1631 has only appeared on a two-kilometer stretch of wooded road (SCP-1631-A) that leads into ████████ Forest in ████, Oregon. Due to the uncontainable, yet predictable, nature of SCP-1631, Research Site-133 has been erected around SCP-1631-A. The Site consists of six kilometers of chain-link fence topped with barbed wire, surrounding the road in a roughly elliptical shape. On the eastern side of SCP-1631-A is a research bunker measuring a total of 200 square meters. The bunker should always be equipped with provisions and facilities to house, at most, three researchers and five D-Class personnel.

When SCP-1631 manifests, all personnel not involved in an active test must confine themselves to the bunker and restrain themselves until the instance of SCP-1631 has passed. While SCP-1631 is visible, its activities are to be recorded on Site-133’s closed circuit TV network. After the passing of the apparition, details of SCP-1631’s activities must be recorded in the on-Site computer and uploaded directly to Foundation archives.

Description: SCP-1631 is an anomalous manifestation that appears at random intervals on SCP-1631-A. SCP-1631 always takes the form of an immaterial automobile of any make or model, as long as it has been disassembled prior to the manifestation of SCP-1631 (Note: this is no longer the case; see Addendum 1631-01). Reports describing occurrences of SCP-1631 always depict it being made of dark, dense mist or smoke.

When SCP-1631 appears, it seems to reenact a moment from the ‘life’ of the vehicle it is mimicking. Most of these moments involve collisions with animals, humans, other vehicles, or trees. In a case where SCP-1631 acts out an event involving an animal or human, it will “draw out” a suitable, nearby subject through unknown means. When the subject is chosen (typically two minutes after the manifestation), they begin to quickly move to SCP-1631-A and take their place in the reenactment. If there is no direct path to SCP-1631-A, the subject will attempt to move through obstacles to get there. Ten minutes after the choosing of the subject, SCP-1631 will proceed with the reenactment with or without the subject present.

Addendum 1631-01: Test Results

Note: Logs are classified as L or E. L-class logs are standard documentation of manifestations as per Special Containment Procedures. E-class logs are experiment logs where a variable was intentionally changed in an attempt to produce a result.

Log Name: L-1631-07
SCP-1631 Description: Appeared as a 200█-model Dodge Ram pickup truck driven at approx. 80 kilometers/hour. License plate read “███ ███.”
Results: SCP-1631 swerved to the left and collided with a tree shortly after manifestation. The apparition lingered for forty-five seconds after crashing, and then abruptly disappeared. The tree appeared not to be damaged.

Log Name: L-1631-17
SCP-1631 Description: Appeared as a 20██-model Jeep Wrangler driven at approx. 97 kilometers/hour. License plate read “██████.” The Jeep appeared to drive itself: no one was visible controlling the vehicle.
Results: A small rabbit hopped onto SCP-1631-A and into the path of the right front tire of SCP-1631. After collision with the rabbit, SCP-1631 swerved violently and flipped 180 degrees. SCP-1631 stayed in that position for two minutes before disappearing. The rabbit was collected by Foundation personnel and incinerated.

Log Name: E-1631-01
Experiment Parameters: One D-Class subject (D-1038) was told to wander around Site-133, but remain near SCP-1631-A.
SCP-1631 Description: Appeared as a Volkswagen Beetle driven at approx. 76 kilometers/hour. License plate read “██████.”
Experiment Goal: To establish a general baseline on the behavior of subjects made to aid in an SCP-1631 reenactment.
Results: D-1038 wandered around the compound, examining various features, until stopping abruptly two minutes after SCP-1631 manifestation. He began to walk slowly towards SCP-1631-A. When he arrived (approximate time: four minutes), he positioned himself in the middle of SCP-1631-A. SCP-1631 abruptly manifested and began to move down the road. When SCP-1631 reached D-1038, they collided, resulting in the amputation of both of D-1038’s legs. After the collision, SCP-1631 stopped for five seconds, and then drove off at a speed of approx. 80 kilometers/hour and disappeared upon reaching the end of SCP-1631-A.
E-1631-01 Update: Five days after the experiment, the license plate number of the SCP-1631 manifestation was ran through a database of vehicles involved in hit-and-run accidents. According to the results, the Beetle belonged to ████ ███, who was arrested for suspicions of vehicular manslaughter on 25/██/20██, one day after the experiment.

Log Name: L-1631-19
SCP-1631 Description: Appeared as a white Honda Element driven at approx. 80 kilometers/hour. License plate read “██████.”
Results: Since no personnel were involved in an active test, all were restrained within the Site-133 bunker. When SCP-1631 manifested, it paused at the beginning of SCP-1631-A, and Assistant Researcher ████ attempted to break out of his restraints and get to SCP-1631-A. The restraints held, and after ten minutes, SCP-1631 continued down SCP-1631-A. SCP-1631 proceeded as if Asst. Researcher ████ was there, colliding with what appeared to be thin air, but ████ was unharmed. After the manifestation, ████ claimed to not remember trying to break free.

Log Name: E-1631-02
Experiment Parameters: One D-Class subject (D-1240) was misinformed that he was wearing an explosive device that would detonate if he neared SCP-1631-A or left the confines of Site-133. D-1240 was also equipped with a chest-mounted camera that gave a live video feed to the researchers controlling the test.
Experiment Goal: To see whether or not humans made to aid in SCP-1631 reenactments will disobey common logic to reach SCP-1631-A.
SCP-1631 Description: Appeared as a rusted truck of an unknown make and model, lacking a license plate.
Results: At first, D-1240 attempted to stay away from SCP-1631-A and the boundaries of Site-133 while yelling various obscenities directed towards the SCP Foundation. Two minutes SCP-1631 manifested, D-1240 ceased all vocalizations and began to make his way towards SCP-1631-A. Researchers noted that he appeared hesitant and moved erratically. D-1240 reached SCP-1631-A in eight minutes, where SCP-1631 collided with him, killing him instantly.

Log Name: E-1631-03
Experiment Parameters: One D-Class subject (D-1704) was hooked up to an IV drip containing a concentration of ketamine for the purpose of general anesthesia.
Experiment Goal: To determine if being unconscious is a suitable means of restraint against SCP-1631.
SCP-1631 Description: Appeared as a silver Chevrolet Celta, driven at approx. 80 kilometers/hour. The license plate was unreadable due to dirt and mud.
Results: D-1704 was sedated without incident. Two minutes after SCP-1631 manifested, he appeared to suffer a very short seizure before stopping all movement and returning to an unconscious state. SCP-1631 proceeded after ten minutes, and acted as it normally would without a subject. D-1704 came out of anesthesia as normal and was unharmed.

Log Name: L-1631-21
SCP-1631 Description: Appeared as a dark-colored Dodge truck of unknown model, lacking a license plate. Further inspection revealed the words “Dodge Primal” on the left side of the truck, and the number “2020” on the right.
Results: Twenty seconds after SCP-1631 manifested, a small rabbit hopped into SCP-1631-A. Upon approaching the rabbit, SCP-1631 swerved, causing [DATA REDACTED]. SCP-1631 then continued down the road, having only sustained minor damage.

Log Name: L-1631-30
SCP-1631 Description: [DATA REDACTED]
Results: [DATA REDACTED], causing the vehicle to ‘swerve’ and hit the top of a nearby tree. Upon collision, [DATA REDACTED]. The resulting explosion was blamed on the illegal use of dynamite by poachers.
Note: Following L-1631-30, Researcher █████ requested the Site-133 bunker to be rebuilt using stronger materials due to the deaths of █ personnel. The request is still pending.
Note: Following L-1631-30, all future SCP-1631 tests are to be cleared with at least one member of Level-4 personnel.
Note: Following L-1631-30, SCP-1631 has been changed from Safe to Euclid class by order of O5-█.

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