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SCP-1798 - Boeing''s Best
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Item #: SCP-1798

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-1798 are to be contained at Site-37 inside a specially designated garage that is under continuous audio surveillance.

Access to physical instances of SCP-1798 has been limited to written authorization by Site Director O''Reilly; however, access to the live video and audio feed is open to all research personnel. Transcripts of past feeds can be found in the Site-37 archives.

Any instances of SCP-1798 discovered outside of containment are to be contained immediately, in accordance with Containment Procedure 1798, and amnestics are to be administered if necessary.

Description: SCP-1798 is a collective designation referring to a collection of 87 Honda Civics (circa 2001) painted metallic silver.

At random intervals, from 2001 onwards, an instance of SCP-1798 will appear (see Addendum 1798-03 for more information) in a random driveway. So far, no pattern has been found in either the location, time, or interval used in SCP-1798 appearances, with instances appearing anywhere from minutes apart in separate countries to a period of four years (2005-2009) in which no recorded instances of SCP-1798 appeared.

At random intervals, instances of SCP-1798 will begin to sound their horns in patterns of Morse code. Messages captured by the SCP Foundation have been stored in the Site-37 archives, and are currently being uploaded to the Foundation intranet (see Addendum 1798-01.) No apparent cause of these signals has been found; disconnecting the battery, the horn, and, in one case, a complete disassembly of the car has had no effect.

Instances of SCP-1798 possess serial numbers that match up to already-registered Honda Civics, although not necessarily of a silver color. In addition, the engines of SCP-1798 instances do not bear the markings of the Honda Corporation, instead bearing the markings of the "Flyboys Engine Company." No engine company by that name currently exists.

Addendum 1798-01 (Sampling of recovered messages):

Instance Date Message
1798-04 6/17/2004 At that time I was merely desirous of learning to fly.
1798-67 9/20/2007 It now behooves us to devote our energies toward the development of machines which will be used in peacetimes.
1798-35 12/11/2008 After making inquiries of various sources, I applied to the Glenn L. Martin School in Los Angeles for instruction.
1798-87 1/31/2008 In August of that year, I started a course under the tutelage of Lloyd Smith. On completing the course, I ordered for my personal use a plane known as Model TA from the Martin factory.
1798-55 4/28/2009 In this connection the first logical opening will be the development of a commercial flying boat.
1798-35 7/07/2010 Years later, he could recall the description and topography of a parcel of land and the species and quality of timber that it would yield. He believed in details and told his managers that many a wrong decision stemmed from a detail overlooked or incorrectly interpreted.
1798-12 12/31/2010 It was running a little rough out there. Maybe an issue with the engine?
1798-05 3/28/2011 It is a matter of great pride and satisfaction to me to realize that within the short space of 12 years, an infant company with a personnel of less than a dozen men, has grown to be the largest plant in America, devoted solely to the manufacture of aircraft, and at the present time employing approximately 1,000 men.
1798-24 7/14/2012 I''m a bit leery about this prototype. Mind if I take it up myself for a test run?
1798-18 2/20/2013 Now that I am retiring from active service in aircraft manufacturing and air transportation, to be so greatly honored as to be recipient of the Daniel Guggenheim Medal is a real climax of my life. As the past years devoted to aircraft activities have been filled with real romance, the many forward projects now in the making will continue to keep me on the sidelines as a keen and interested observer.
1798-27 8/03/2013 We are embarked as pioneers upon a new science and industry in which our problems are so new and unusual that it behooves no one to dismiss any novel idea with the statement that "it can’t be done!"
1798-63 2/1/2014 Nonetheless, he demonstrated an unerring ability to look at the big picture. He knew the trees, but could grasp the importance of the forest.
1798-32 2/2/2014 Can we get some extra reinforcement on the wing struts?

Addendum 1798-02: On 6/18/2012, several instances of SCP-1798 have appeared with flags duct-taped to their side-view windows. These windows have them moved up and down, creating crude Semaphore messages. It should be noted that in order to perform these, the mirrors have demonstrated mobility that is impossible using the traditional motors installed in 2001 Honda Civics. Disassembly to determine causation is pending authorization.

Addendum 1798-03: On 1/12/2013, a security camera outside of one of the houses SCP-1798 manifested in front of recorded an instance of SCP-1798 appearing. According to the recording, an unidentified individual dressed in black drove the instance of SCP-1798 (SCP-1798-81) into the driveway, parked it, then exited the vehicle and walked away. So far, analysis of the video has failed to determine gender, identifying markings, or confirmation of species.

Addendum 1798-04: Instance SCP-1798-070 had, upon recovery, a severed and severely burned human hand in the rear seat of the instance. DNA testing has returned no conclusive matches Following Addendum 1798-07, a conclusive match has been identified. See Addendum 1798-07 for more information.

Addendum 1798-05: Instance SCP-1798-075 had, upon recovery, two severed and severely burned feet tied to the accelerator pedals. Neither foot was in any sort of footwear, and both DNA samples matched that of the hand found in instance 070.

Addendum 1798-06: Instance SCP-1798-076 had, upon recovery, a severely burned torso, a severely burned hand, two cases of amnestics, and one case of live damoriates in the trunk. DNA testing indicates the torso and hand to be from the same person as the previously recovered feet and hand. The origin of the amnestics and damoriates are currently unknown; the GOC has not suffered any losses of product in the time period necessary to prevent their expiration, and no reported losses of amnestics have occurred.

Addendum 1798-07: Instance SCP-1798-076 had, upon recovery, the severed head of William E. Boeing in the trunk. This head was, unlike the previous recovered objects, not severely burned, and was not in a state of decomposition that would regularly manifest following a prolonged period of death. An exhumation of William E. Boeing''s body provided both the DNA necessary to confirm the hands, feet, and torso as belonging to Boeing as well as confirmation that his corpse was intact. The origins of a specimen both physically and genetically identical to Boeing are currently unknown.

Addendum 1798-08: Instance SCP-1798-087, contrary to the pattern previously established, took the form of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner abandoned outside of a Saskatchewan farmhouse. No residents in the area reported hearing any disturbances, though the ground around the plane bears signs of landing. In addition, no 787 Dreamliners have been reported as missing. Inside the plane, all 296 seats, plus those of the cabin crew, were filled with burned, complete bodies of William E. Boeing. It should be noted that the apparent cause of the 787''s landing was a battery fire, identical to those which prompted the grounding of the full 787 fleet.

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