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SCP-1880 - Gem of Aspects
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Item #: SCP-1880

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1880 is to be kept in a standard containment unit at the High Value storage area of Site-17. Authorization from project Kesher supervisor Dr. Shaw is required before any interaction with the object.

Description: SCP-1880 is a carved gemstone mounted in gold depicting Alexander the Great cutting the Gordian knot, a common scene showed on similar, non anomalous objects of the same period. Though experts originally dated the object to the fourth century B.C, the classical Greek period, recent developments suggest that it is in fact more recent, and was made around the first century A.D in Rome.

SCP-1880 displays no anomalous properties unless held by an adult human no less than twenty (20) years old. When held by a suitable subject, a mental link is created between him/her and an unknown entity (henceforth "SCP-1880-1"). The object will then act as a two-way communication device, enabling the subject to hear and speak to SCP-1880-1, as well as allowing SCP-1880-1 some degree of influence over the subject. SCP-1880-1''s voice (which could not be identified as either male or female) can be heard and recorded up to two (2) meters from SCP-1880''s location during a conversation.

Attempts to communicate with SCP-1880-1 varied greatly in result: from a complete refusal of SCP-1880-1 to talk to the subject (fourteen times), a brief conversation (ten times), a lengthy discussion (five times), and finally SCP-1880-1 actively and unilaterally inserting information into the subject''s mind (three times). Additionally, every subject attempting to use SCP-1880 will undergo a minor to moderate physical or mental alteration, even if the conversation was denied. No connection between the identity of the subject using SCP-1880 and the result has been found, and different results occurred even when using the same subject. Conversations with SCP-1880-1 are always broken from the entity''s side, and all attempts to prematurely end a conversation with it thus far have failed.      

SCP-1880 was delivered to MTF Sigma-5 ("Bronzeheads") commander ████ ██████ while he was off-duty in a vacation in ████, █████ by a middle aged, Caucasian man wearing a grey suit and fedora. The man was waiting for ██████ in his hotel room when ██████ returned to it at around 03:00. When asked by ██████ for his identity, the man replied he was "Nobody". Commander ██████ attempted to subdue the man and bring him to questioning, but was overpowered and rendered unconscious. When ██████ recovered the following morning, he discovered SCP-1880 on his nightstand along with a note, reading "The knot was there for a reason". When ██████ touched SCP-1880, first contact with SCP-1880-1 was made. ██████ immediately brought SCP-1880 to Foundation custody.   

Several theories about the nature of SCP-1880-1 have been made. Due to the lack of consistency in its actions, some researchers believe SCP-1880-1 is composed of several different "aspects", each interacting differently with subjects, while others theorize that SCP-1880-1 is not a single entity at all, but several unrelated ones.
Addendum 1880-A: The following are selected extracts from conversations made with SCP-1880-1.   

Subject:: D-1880-34

Supervisor:: Dr. Shaw

Total length of conversation: 00:45 minutes (forty five seconds).

Foreword: This was the fifth successful attempt of conversing with SCP-1880-1.   

<Begin Transcript>

D-1880-34: Um, hello?
SCP-1880-1: Pawn of Dionysus, you have been mistreated by this world.
D-1880-34: Huh? Who are you talking about?

SCP-1880-1: About you, poor child. The Heart sees you clearly, and takes pity on you.  You need not fear the Maenads'' wrath any longer.

D-1880-34: Doc, what the hell is this thing talking about?

Dr. Shaw: Focus, D-1880-34.

SCP-1880-1: It is done.

<Connection Terminated>

Closing statement: After this conversation, subject D-1880-34 showed a complete inability to become inebriated. D-1880-34 had a history of alcohol abuse, which was partly responsible for his entry into the D-class program.    

Subject: D-1880-56

Supervisor:: Dr. Shaw

Total length of conversation: 01:00 minutes (sixty seconds).

Foreword: This is the first of three direct data transfers made by SCP-1880-1.

<Begin Log>

D-1880-56: So, I just talk to this thing?

SCP-1880-1: How disappointing.

D-1880-56: Huh?

SCP-1880-1: I have nothing to gain from you. The emptiness of your mind leaves no place for me.  

D-1880-56: Don''t you fucking talk to me like that! Who the hell do you think you are?

SCP-1880-1: I am intellect, I am prowess, I am reason. I am Mind.

D-1880-56: I don''t fucking care! Doc, I''m done talking to this thing, get me out!

Dr. Shaw: Sit down, D-1880-56. you will not be warned again.

D-1880-56: Screw that! I''m not saying another word to that invisible fucker!

SCP-1880-1: Such crassness. It is clear you were never taught how to address your betters. You will learn.

D-1880-56: Learn what?

SCP-1880-1: Everything.

D-1880-56: [Screams incoherently, loses consciousness]     

<Connection Terminated>

Closing statement: Subject D-1880-56, previously without even a grade-school education, awoke from his unconsciousness displaying advance knowledge in history, physics, medicine, law and mathematics. as well as significantly increased social communication skills. Twenty four (24) hours after gaining this knowledge, D-1880-56 suffered a major cerebral aneurysm, leaving him in a vegetative state.


Subject: D-1880-63

Supervisor: Dr. Shaw
Total length of conversation: 450:00 minutes (seven hours and thirty minutes).

Foreword: This is the longest conversation recorded with SCP-1880-1. Subject D-1880-63 did not move from her chair throughout the entire length of the conversation. The following is taken from the ninety minutes mark of the conversation.   

<Begin Log>

(01:30) D-1880-63: You don''t say? And did he?

(01:30) SCP-1880-1: He did indeed, and did so well. Your father was such an interesting man.

(01:30) D-1880-63: I guess you could call him that, though I think the eggheads here wouldn''t describe a career in bank robbery as "interesting". Thank you for telling me this, though. I never knew much about him.

(01:30) SCP-1880-1: This is my duty, my dear, and one I am happy to perform. What use is a Mouth that does not speak?

(01:30) D-1880-63: Eating?

(01:30) SCP-1880-1: Information is my food, and I hate to see others starve for it while I have so much. Themis will tell you the same, but he was never interested in the spreading of knowledge, only in hoarding it.

(01:30) D-1880-63: Themis?

(01:30) SCP-1880-1: It is of little consequence for you, my dear. Come, let us continue. Would you like to hear about your grandfather?

<End Log>

Closing statement: Subject D-1880-63 hair turned grey after the conversation ended. The subject expressed an interest in further conversing with SCP-1880-1, and described their conversation as "enlightening".

Subject: D-1880-71

Supervisor: Dr. Shaw
Total length of conversation: 01:50 minutes (one minute and fifty seconds).

Foreword: Subject D-1880-71 has proved very cooperative to Foundation personnel''s orders prior to the conversation with SCP-1880-1, despite his violent record.    

<Begin Log>

D-1880-71: [to Dr. Shaw] This is a real nice gem, Doc. Pretty.

SCP-1880-1: Ah, but not as pretty as she was.

D-1880-71: Wha- What are you talking about?

SCP-1880-1: Come now, no need to act so coy. You know what you did, and you relish it still. You think about it every night before you go to sleep.

D-1880-71: Shut up! You don''t know anything about me!

SCP-1880-1: Oh, but I do. I have seen you do it, seen you caught, seen your trial, and how you were brought here. I am the Eye, Mr.███████, nothing is hidden from me.

D-1880-71: How do you know my name!?

SCP-1880-1: She screamed when you did it, and you enjoyed that. When you told the press you regretted what you did, you lied. You would do it again if you were ever given the chance. But, that is irrelevant, you will not leave this facility alive. Goodbye, Mr.███████.

<Connection Terminated>

Closing statement: Subject D-1880-71 eye color changed from blue to green following this conversation. The subject had to be physically restrained in order to keep him from damaging SCP-1880.   

Addendum 1880-B: During the last recorded conversation with SCP-1880-1, it displayed previously unseen abilities to completely control the subject using SCP-1880, as well as additional unexpected capabilities (see Incident Report SCP-1880-C). Due to these recent developments, all experimentation on SCP-1880 has been suspended by order of O5-Command.

On ██/██/████, during a conversation with SCP-1880-1, subject D-1880-82 suddenly entered a catatonic state for ten (10) seconds. Upon awakening from this state, the subject placed SCP-1880 on the experimentation chamber''s table and addressed the research staff directly. Subject identified himself as "The Breath" and informed the staff he "found an aspect of interest (to him)". The subject proceeded to open the chamber''s door (despite it being locked), but did not appear on its other side. Instead, security cameras caught the subject on the other side of Site-17, in SCP-████ containment chamber. D-1880-82 removed SCP-████, a Safe level object, from its storage unit, exited the chamber (which was also locked) and disappeared from Site-17 altogether. Subject D-1880-82 remains uncaptured, and SCP-████ was not recovered.

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