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SCP-2013 - The Reptilian Meme
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Item #: SCP-2013

Object Class: Keter Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2013 is to be treated through global dispersal of an aerosolized version of the Cardiff Compound, distributed via Foundation-owned aircraft, disguised as normal aircraft trails. Foundation employees affected by SCP-2013 are to be subject to regular Class-C Amnestic administration to treat infection. Individuals refusing treatment are to be administered Class-A amnestics and have their positions at the Foundation terminated.

All previous documentation regarding SCP-2013 has been archived for the sake of posterity. To view previous containment procedures, please input password:

All instances of SCP-2013-A currently holding positions within any world government are to be neutralized at any cost. Wild instances of SCP-2013-A, as well as all instances of SCP-2013-B, are to be destroyed using Parker-class weaponry. Information about SCP-2013 is to be disseminated publicly via television and radio broadcasts, informative pamphlets, and through various new media such as online video sharing sites and blogs.

Foundation personnel are encouraged to publish their findings on SCP-2013 publicly in any manner possible, to weaken the overall power of SCP-2013-A, and the effectiveness of SCP-2013-B. Once approximately 20% global awareness of SCP-2013 has been reached, the Hereford Protocol is to be carried out.

Description: SCP-2013 refers to a Renard Class memetic agent. SCP-2013 can be spread via visual, auditory or tactile1 vectors, and has an infection rate of approximately 72%.

SCP-2013 causes affected individuals to develop a belief in SCP-2013-A. SCP-2013-A is allegedly an extraterrestrial race that has infiltrated various world governments, including the USA, United Kingdom, Iran, Russia, and North Korea. Individuals affected by SCP-2013 cannot be cured, but can be treated through regular amnestic consumption or administration. Further infection has been prevented by global dispersal of the Cardiff Compound. Currently, less than 1% of the population of planet Earth believes in the existence of SCP-2013-A, with the highest concentration being in the United States, where 4% believe in the existence of SCP-2013-A.

SCP-2013-A instances were previously believed to be actual anomalies, as opposed to delusions caused by SCP-2013. For previous documentation, please input password:

SCP-2013 refers to two related anomalies. SCP-2013-A is a humanoid species of extraterrestrials with reptilian characteristics, believed to have originated from the Alpha Draconis star system. The average instance of SCP-2013 stands approximately 3m tall, with skin that is capable of changing color due to chromatophore cells similar to those found in chameleons. SCP-2013-A instances are hematophagic and cannot survive without blood for more than two weeks at a time, and do not require any additional sustenance, despite the fact that they have been known to eat other forms of food. If an instance of SCP-2013-A dies violently, their bodies sublimate into a large quantity of nitrogen-based gas whose molecular chains resemble some forms of amnestic used by the Foundation, causing memory loss in all individuals within a 50-meter radius.

SCP-2013-B refers to technology used by SCP-2013-A to alter their appearance to resemble human beings. SCP-2013-B has several variations, including a pill ingested by SCP-2013-A on a weekly basis to alter their DNA and body chemistry to resemble a human''s, to "skin suits" that act as size-altering disguised to SCP-2013-A instances, to permanent cosmetic alteration of their features.

SCP-2013-A instances are functionally immortal, provided that they imbibe a volume of approximately 5L of blood at least once every two weeks. However, SCP-2013 as a whole can be weakened provided that humans are both aware of the existence of SCP-2013, and believe that it exists; for example, if an individual views an autopsy video of an SCP-2013-A instance, but does not believe the instance to be a genuine article, SCP-2013 suffers no detrimental effects. However, if 1 out of 5 individuals viewing a live feed of an SCP-2013-A specimen believe it to be real, the specimen will be weakened to the point where it can be killed using small arms fire with no detrimental effects.

Addendum: The Hereford Protocol: The Hereford protocol is a global series of military coups and assassinations to be carried out against SCP-2013 once information saturation has reached 20%. During this, a series of coordinated attacks across several countries, including [DATA EXPUNGED] are to be carried out to eliminate SCP-2013-A instances. By this point, SCP-2013-B instances will have ceased to be effective in disguising SCP-2013-A as humans, and the populace of countries where SCP-2013 has control will begin to question the legitimacy of their rule.

Known SCP-2013-A instances that will be neutralized during the Hereford Protocol include:

  • All current and former presidents of █████████████████, as well as their families
  • Several actors and musicians, including ████████████████, █████████, and █████████████.
  • The royal families of █████, ██████████████████, and ███████████
  • ██% of GOI-02-Black (The Chaos Insurgency)

The Hereford Protocol is expected to be carried out some time in late 2011 or early 2012.

Addendum: On 06/05/████, a believed instance of SCP-2013-A died of natural causes. The Foundation took the body into custody for autopsy, only to find that this alleged instance of SCP-2013-A was, in fact, a normal human being. Further inspection by uninfected personnel showed that all deceased instances of SCP-2013-A in storage were, in fact, human beings; all reports on SCP-2013-A were written by individuals affected by SCP-2013.

Given this information, we are cancelling the Hereford Protocol; new containment procedures have been written regarding SCP-2013. -O5-2

For further data on SCP-2013, please input password

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