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SCP-2054 - The Double
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SCP-2054 in quarantine

Item #: SCP-2054

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2054 is quarantined at the maximum security wing of the humanoid detention center at Site-23. All nutritional and medical needs are to be provided by automated means, as are those necessary for interrogation. Under no circumstances are any personnel to have any physical contact with SCP-2054. Once a week, exercise is permitted under armed guard in the maximum security rehabilitation center. Standard amenities package EEF-115 are to be extended to SCP-2054 as long as it remains cooperative.

Description: SCP-2054 is a metamorphic entity capable of assuming the appearance of other human beings. No means have been discovered of distinguishing between SCP-2054 and its human target.

Recovery Log: SCP-2054''s existence was first hypothesized using inferential statistical models developed to assess the possibility that the Foundation had been infiltrated by inimical agents. Developed by Dr. Martin F██████ with the cooperation of the Statistical Section in 2002, a non-zero probability was assigned to the contingency. A research team was empaneled to develop means of identifying said agents.

Shortly after the investigation began, Dr. F██████ alerted security that he was being accosted in his quarters. When security arrived, two identical copies of Dr. F██████ were discovered in the midst of a struggle. Both were tranquilized and quarantined pending further investigation.

During the subsequent security sweep, the whereabouts of Researcher Nancy Y█████ — a colleague of Dr. F██████ — could not be established. The operating assumption made was that Researcher Y█████ had been compromised by SCP-2054 sometime in the past, and that SCP-2054 had then sought to copy and dispose of Dr. F██████, thereby eliminating any chance of its being discovered.

Researcher Nancy Y█████, employed by the Foundation since 1977, had been responsible for the analysis and containment procedures of several Keter-class acquisitions. These acquisitions were immediately assigned priority-one reassessment. To date, no related containment breaches have occurred.

During questioning, no means of distinguishing between SCP-2054 and Dr. F██████ were discovered. Both possessed the same faculties, apparent memories, including classified information such as duress codes, encryption protocols etc. Physical, psychological and medical assays proved equally unproductive.

Coercive interrogation measures were sanctioned, including procedures 221-Crenshaw and 622-Atlantic, both to no avail. Out of humanitarian considerations, interrogations have been scaled back to once a week.

Unclassified Transcription Logs:

Transcript: Conversation between SCP-2054/Adelaide and a colleague, Dr. Amal Sengupta

Sengupta: This is intolerable. I can''t imagine what you''re feeling. I''m meeting with the Ethics Committee. I''m going to raise holy hell.

F██████: I appreciate that, Amal, I really do. This is going to take time. I suppose the irony hasn''t been lost on you that…that in attempting to identify the impostor, I''ve become the prime suspect.

Sengupta: I''m glad to see your humor hasn''t abandoned you. This is Kafkaesque.

F██████: Dostoevsky. Not Kafka. How is the team doing?

Sengupta: Well, you know Richardson. He maintains that he warned us about this possibility…. though he''s treating this as empirical validation of the research.

F██████: (chuckles). Asshole. No one imagined an impostor on our very team.

Sengupta: Samantha is nearly catatonic with guilt.

F██████: Please let her know I don''t blame her. Tell her Risk Management did its due diligence. She went over it three times. She pushed to have an impartial supervisory board.

Sengupta: I know, Martin, and I''ll tell her. Martin, they''ve only given each of us 5 minutes. Dr. Chinaski wants to talk to you next. Please… take care. And be careful. Watch your back.

F██████: I will. And Amal… thanks for looking in on me. Do they… are you going to talk to the other…

Sengupta: No. I can''t bring myself to.

F██████: Well, consider doing it. It can maybe help me get out of here. How can you be sure I''m the real…

Sengupta: I don''t know how you can remain so calm.

F██████: Crying about it won''t help.

Sengupta: Well… take care… Martin.

F██████: You too.

Transcript: Conversation between SCP-2054/Baltimore and advocate-designate Ellis McPhee

McPhee: The ethics committee has denied my request. Formally. I''m sorry. In two weeks time, you''re to be officially re-classified as SCP-2054-Baltimore. Your counterpart, SCP-2054-Adelaide. Do you realize what this means?

F██████: That I didn''t get top billing? (laughs) <pause of 10 seconds>. Yes. Yes, I realize what this means… What are they starting with?

McPhee: … the, uh… it''s the standard coercive battery for non-responsive detainees.

F██████: Well… well… I guess that''s… thoughtful of them. What about the other one.

McPhee: I''ve been forbidden to discuss the disposition of the other one… I can''t even meet with its advocate to see if…

F██████: No, no. I understand.

McPhee: Do you need anything?

F██████: No, I''m good… actually, can you see about getting me some non-classified research to work on? I have too much time on my hands.

McPhee: I don''t see why not. At least during the next two weeks. I''ll submit a formal request.

F██████: I was sure we''d find something with fMRI.

McPhee: I know it''s easier said than done, but try not to give up hope. We still have two weeks.

F██████: OK.

Transcript: SCP-2054/Baltimore and investigator Alison Lawrence

Lawrence: This is investigator Lawrence. The time is now 707 hours, Thursday, July 9th, 2006. Subject SCP-2054/Baltimore.

Baltimore: Little early isn''t…I don''t remember meeting you.

Lawrence: We haven''t. Just reassigned. Alison Lawrence

Baltimore: Martin F██████

Lawrence: I requested this assignment.

Baltimore: That doesn''t bode well. Well, this is my preamble: why must this be done to me?

Lawrence: I''ll oblige you. If you are Dr F██████, then you''ll understand: SCP-2054 may have been masquerading inside the Foundation for decades. We can''t know when Nancy Y█████ was compromised. The damage is immeasurable.

Baltimore: I understand that. I do. Very well. I commissioned the probability models, for Christ''s sake.

Lawrence: Please don''t aggravate yourself needlessly.

Baltimore: Can you offer any… what can I… suggest something I can say to prove to you…

Lawrence: Personally, I think you are the impostor. Not that it matters, really.

Baltimore: That''s horseshit. So what''s it today?

Lawrence: I''d like to start with a review of the initial quarantine interview of 2002. It was remarked upon later that…hold on. Just a moment. Just a moment… I''ve just been informed that results are back… I see. I see. Yes. Yes, thanks. Believe me, I''ll tell him —

You''re the impostor. The real Dr. F██████ is being released. You''re reclassified as an enemy combatant. As such, you no longer enjoy certain rights. As such, I have discretion to use 774-Brazzaville.

Baltimore: I know you''re lying. There are no results. I''m sure your counterpart is saying the same to the impostor. You''re the liar.

Lawrence: It''s unfortunate you think so.

Baltimore: Damn it. Get on with it. What are you waiting for? I know you''re trying to play me. Let''s get this over with. It''s a consolation of sorts that the other is getting the same. It''ll break. I''m ready now. I said I''m ready. Get on with it.

Lawrence: Perhaps you should examine the possibility that you only think you''re Dr. F██████.

Baltimore: …I''ve considered that…I have considered that but that''s not my worry. I''d say it''s yours. Its clear whats going to happen next. Have you considered that I am who I say I am? Your chances are fifty-fifty, aren''t they? Get on with it will you? I said get on with it.

Lawrence: Hold out your arm. Bob, you can go ahead, start the drip.

Subject infused with Propofol, 40 mg. Note: Local time adjusted +14 hours

Lawrence: Subject SCP-2054/Baltimore administered a short acting anesthetic. How long will he be under?

Roberts: About 5 minutes. He''ll be terribly disoriented when he wakes up.

Lawrence: Good evening, Baltimore. Are you with us? Bob, can you help him? Drip a stimulant.

Baltimore: <slurred> I don''t…how long…what happened?

Lawrence: You won''t remember. There''s an amnestic component. You held out as long as you could. Suffice it to say, it was…memorable. And we got what we need. This is investigator Lawrence. Interview concluded, 2120 hours. You''re to be pitied.

Baltimore: I don''t understand.

Lawrence: We won''t be meeting again. Enjoy the rest of your life.

Baltimore: How can you expect me to…no wait. Wait a minute. Come back. You owe me an explanation. Lawrence. Allison. You have to tell me. What…

Lawrence: Standard procedure calls for a follow up course of 72 hours sensory deprivation. Make your peace if you can. Bob, we can call it a night.

Transcript: During their incarceration, SCP-2054 Adelaide/Baltimore were at times allowed to communicate via CCTV. In mind of the so-called Ypsilanti experiment,1 it was hoped that this might provoke the impostor and help resolve which was the authentic Dr. F██████.

Adelaide: They''ll figure it out, you know. Eventually. They''re very motivated.

Baltimore: You''re very funny. Don''t you realize? I''m the only one you can''t fool.

Adelaide: In the end, they''ll keep you alive. But they will dissect you. Whether it''s performed with or without anesthetic is under your control.

Baltimore: You won''t succeed in shocking me. And I''m not going to play this game.

Adelaide: I''m not trying to shock you.

Baltimore: I''m guessing you''ve provided them with my entire life-story. And that it''s verbatim, the same as mine. I suppose, well it''s possible, you might not be aware you''re an impostor. Maybe a form of… of… that assimilates periodically, but isn''t completely aware of what it''s… for… like Lawrence Harvey. In the Manchurian Candidate. An oblivious double-agent.

Adelaide: How fascinating. You realize the same applies to you.

Baltimore: Ha!

Adelaide: "Ha!"

Baltimore: Go fuck yourself.

Baltimore: …its not supposed to be…airtight.

Adelaide: They think that copying the head of the project just as the investigation got under way demonstrates evil intent. mens rea, as it were.

Baltimore: Not necessarily. Maybe it''s its way of attempting communication. Or to understand. An initial response. Afterwards…

Adelaide: That''s convenient.

Baltimore: Maybe you''re right. Too convenient. Too close to exactly what would be most convenient for us.

Adelaide: Try this: The fact that I saw a bright light, whatever, and you didn''t — maybe you were concussed. That would explain why you don''t remember that part. You were hit pretty hard.

Baltimore: That''s something else I''ve been thinking about. It may not have been an attack.

Adelaide: What do you mean?

Baltimore: Look at it this way: it, uh, doubles us. It''s a perfect copy. It thinks it''s us. It''s 2230 hours, it''s tired, it goes back to our quarters, just as I did earlier. Or you did later. Maybe it wasn''t coming to attack us. It''s just coming home to get some rest.

Adelaide: I''d never thought of that. And it fought. Just like we would…or did.

Baltimore: Right.

Adelaide: That''s consistent. It fits. But what about Nancy Y█████. Something happened to her, didn''t it. Something not so innocent.

Baltimore: Not necessarily. What if…what if there never was an original Y█████.

Adelaide: My God.

Baltimore: In which case…

Adelaide: In which case…

Baltimore: In which case, there was no murder, no foul play. It started off as her. That''s…wow…what a thought. Anyway. We can spin this all day long. I''ve had enough for today…chess?

Adelaide: Chess?

Baltimore Yes, chess. The game of chess? As opposed to the musical?

Adelaide: (chuckles)…they don''t seem to have provided us with a board.

Baltimore: Blindfold, then.

Adelaide: … I guess so… I guess why not. Let me sit down. OK. e4

Baltimore: e5, then.

Adelaide: f4.

Baltimore: King''s gambit? Provocative. Do you want to steer us towards the Muzio gambit? I''d say that''d make for …

Adelaide: Play, don''t talk.

Baltimore: Pawn takes pawn. Keep your shirt on.

note SCP-2054 Adelaide/Baltimore played over a thousand matches, drawing two-thirds of the time. The remaining wins were evenly split.

Adelaide: How are… how are you holding up. To the interrogations.

Baltimore: Better than you. Better than you. What about you?

Adelaide: My advocate says…never mind.

Baltimore: What does he say?

Adelaide: He says…he said that it''s the only way to exonerate me. Or us. Or whatever. Otherwise we''ll be permanently confined.

Baltimore: He''s got a hell of a sense of a humor.

Adelaide: "Rosencrantz"?

Baltimore: Yes, "Guildenstern"?

Adelaide: They''ll never let us out of here.

Baltimore: I know… I know…we both know. Did you have the dream again?

Adelaide: Not recently.

Baltimore: I did, last night. There was something new. I was torturing you, you wept, I was ashamed, but this time…

Adelaide: this time what?

Baltimore: You whispered to me.

Adelaide: Whispered what?

Baltimore: …you whispered "I forgive you."

Adelaide: Well, for the record, I don''t.

Baltimore: Well, for the record, I have. I forgive you. You can''t help what you are. Anymore than I can help it.

Adelaide: … are you having a sentimental spasm?

Baltimore: (laughs) Perhaps.

Adelaide: Exercise is up tomorrow.

Baltimore: I wish we could see the sky.

Unavailable pending a review of redaction procedures by the ██████████ Committee

Unavailable pending a review of redaction procedures by the ██████████ Committee

Unclassified Experimentation/Interrogation Methodology:

A list of inconclusive tests performed:

Medical examinations have included such tests as fMRI, PET and CAT scan, spinal infusion, Van Slack determination, cellular mitotic assay, genomic analysis, and dendrite differential reaction.

Physical examinations have included such tests as differential spectroscopy, iNFR meson decay probing, deBroglie interference defraction, molecular recombination, matter/antimatter pair-production analysis, and gravitational and intertial mass discrepancy

Psychological examinations have included such tests as Rorschach, MMPI, Bender-Gestal, recall of random word lists, reaction times to random stimuli, reaction times to negative stimuli, and pain threshold. Much of this methodology was borrowed by the differential diagnosis used in the case of Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly, Multiple Personality Disorder). While initially a seemingly promising line of inquiry, it proved as inconclusive as the others.

Note: Graduated interrogation techniques were only approved with the consent of the Ethics Committee, as per their 1997 directive AE-229.11

Prior to resorting to procedures 622-Atlantic and 221-Crenshaw, conventional techniques were employed, such as polygraph, truth drugs, rapport-building, Reid technique, friend-or-foe, pride-and-ego-down, deliriants, isolation, threats of harm, etc. All were unsuccessful in distinguishing between Dr. F██████ and the double. Additional testing with SCP-████ and SCP-████ were equally unsuccessful.

A containment breach was faked and security was withdrawn in order to observe how the pair might react and whether one of them would try to escape. Both made their way to their respective evacuation stations where they surrendered to security without incident.

At various times, interrogation measures have been relaxed in order to allow the putative original to formulate his own avenues of research. It can be assumed that that he was strongly motivated.

SCP-2054 Adelaide/Baltimore have at times been interrogated jointly. At others times, either one of the two was permitted to observe the interrogation of the other, and to suggest lines of questioning.

Over time, various confessions were extracted from each of them, but none that were dispositive, and none that provided any incontrovertible proof.

Note: The only difference between their official testimonies has been the account they gave of the initial encounter with the double. SCP-2054/Adelaide described it as being a diffuse, translucent, light emitting body. SCP-2054/Baltimore maintained that it had already assumed his appearance, perhaps attempting to shock him and thereby gain the advantage. No meaningful avenues of research, however, have been suggested by this discrepancy.

Addendum: Due to the effects of the situation on staff morale, amnestics were approved and prescribed to Dr. F██████''s colleagues. The cover story was released that Dr. F██████ was KIA.

In 2014, either SCP-2054 or Dr. F██████ committed suicide in quarantine during an unrelated containment breach. Autopsy results provided nothing definitive. The survivor has since been placed on suicide watch. Interrogation has been suspended indefinitely, given the impossibility of conclusively determining the identity of the authentic Dr. F██████. At such time as the survivor expires, Dr. F██████ will become eligible for the Thaumiel medal of honor.

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