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Portion of SCP-3218-078-A, taken after death.

Item #: SCP-3218

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Known instances of SCP-3218 are to be purchased or requisitioned by the Foundation through any available means and secured in their place of manifestation, as instances of SCP-3218 cannot be relocated without termination. In cases where requisition or purchase is deemed unfeasible, the instance of SCP-3218 is to be terminated following Protocol 3B, and amnestics distributed to non-Foundation personnel known to have come into contact with SCP-3218.

Captive instances of SCP-3218-A are to be monitored for any change in their behaviour or biology. Instances of SCP-3218-B may be repurposed for experimental or storage use with the Lead Researcher's approval.

Description: SCP-3218 is the collective designation for a series of anomalous organisms and the containers they manifest in. SCP-3218 has been known to the Foundation since 1951, when it was first observed in the town of Geraldton, Western Australia. SCP-3218 has since been observed manifesting worldwide at indeterminate intervals. The most recent instance of SCP-3218 was reported on 01/08/20██ and is currently contained by Site 332.

All instances of SCP-3218 observed to date have manifested in an urban or otherwise populated environment, often inside private residences or within private estates. An instance will manifest as an animal and a container, which are hereby respectively referred to as SCP-3218-A and SCP-3218-B.

SCP-3218-A takes the form of a member of the kingdom animalia1 contained within an appropriately-sized container. Instances of SCP-3218-A mimic the behaviour of the animal form they have taken, but differ in physical appearance by the absence of cross-sectional portions of their body, most commonly lateral to the spine2.

Despite these missing portions, the instance of SCP-3218-A will show no discomfort and continue to exist as if whole. An observer can see the internal organs of SCP-3218-A moving and operating as if the body was intact. Simple experimentation proves that these portions are physically absent as opposed to merely transparent. As long as SCP-3218-A remains within its container the different portions can be moved or re-arranged without disruption to its continued function.

SCP-3218-A will display reluctance to being removed from SCP-3218-B, and may attack if an attempt is made to forcefully remove it. Exactly 53 seconds3 after being removed from SCP-3218-B, SCP-3218-A will begin to bleed to death, and the individual portions of its body will react to gravitational pull as if they were no longer attached. At this point, SCP-3218-B ceases to affect SCP-3218-A and loses its anomalous properties4. In all observed instances, the cause of death has been severe blood loss leading to catastrophic organ failure.

Once SCP-3218-A is dead, the portions of its body no longer display any anomalous qualities and can be safely disposed of according to site-specific Organic Waste Protocols.

SCP-3218-B is the container in which SCP-3218-A manifests. Instances of SCP-3218-B have been observed to manifest in a wide range of sizes and appearances. While in SCP-3218-B, SCP-3218-A does not age, require food or drink5 or suffer any ill effects stemming from the missing portions of its body.

SCP-3218-B does not display any anomalous properties when holding any living or dissected organisms that are not SCP-3218-A. SCP-3218-B displays an absolute hardness of 400-420 regardless of its appearance. While SCP-3218-A remains within SCP-3218-B, SCP-3218-B cannot be moved and displays resistance to all forms of force, although the same does not apply to SCP-3218-A6. However, once SCP-3218-A is dead, SCP-3218-B can be moved using appropriate force to its apparent size and weight.

Note: Since 30/05/2010, all known instances of SCP-3218 have manifested in properties owned or maintained by the Foundation, and have increased in frequency. Further resources have been requested to study SCP-3218 and determine if it poses a direct risk to the Foundation and the safe containment of dangerous entities.


SCP-3218-001 - 06/1951
This instance of SCP-3218 took the form of a domestic cat (Felis catus) in a cardboard box. It manifested in the dining room of Mr. and Mrs. J. Philips of Geraldson, Western Australia. It came to the Foundation's attention when Mr. J. Philips reported the cat and its subsequent death to The Geraldton Guardian newspaper. Mr. and Mrs. J Philips were interviewed by Foundation agents posing as employees of The West Australian seeking an interview. SCP-3218-001-A's remains were exhumed and taken with SCP-3218-001-B to Site 32 for analysis.

SCP-3218-001-A displayed no anomalous qualities and resembled the remains of a domesticated cat. They were later incinerated. SCP-3218-001-B was a cardboard box bearing the maker's mark of International Paper's Albany paper mill in Oregon, USA. Subsequent investigation of Albany Mill returned no anomalous findings. SCP-3218-B-001 was later incinerated.

SCP-3218-021 - 26/10/1986
This instance of SCP-3218 took the form of a year-old lamb (Ovis aries) determined to be of the Merino breed, which manifested in a ceramic, free-standing bath in the bedroom of Mr. D. ██████ of Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire, UK. It came to Foundation attention through an unrelated investigation into Mr. D. ██████ regarding SCP-████.

After Mr. D. ██████ was taken into Foundation custody, his property was purchased by the Foundation and received the designation Site 161, for the housing of SCP-3218-021. Subsequent experimentation on SCP-3218-021 correlated previous observations of the 53-second separation limit, and showed that returning the portions of SCP-3218-A to SCP-3218-B after this time did not prevent death.

The property was later sold and is no longer under Foundation observation as of 01/02/2001.

SCP-3218-064 - 22/05/2008
This instance of SCP-3218 took the form of an armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) in a cauldron and manifested in Uberlândia, Brazil. It was the first observed to not take the form of a domesticated animal, and manifested in a derelict petrol station on the outskirts of the city. This instance came to Foundation attention from mobile phone footage posted to YouTube of urban explorers finding SCP-3218-063. Its anomalous properties were missed by these explorers, due to the banded nature of the armadillo hiding the missing portions of its body.

The video was flagged for Foundation attention by researchers due to the unusual appearance of SCP-3218-063-B, which closely resembled the Gundestrup Cauldron; a noted Celtic archaeological artifact on display in the National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen.

Foundation agents terminated SCP-3218-063-A and recovered SCP-3218-063-B, which was found to be identical in materials, composition and decay to the Gundestrup Cauldron. SCP-3218-063-B is currently contained in a secure display case in the researchers' lounge of Site 44.

SCP-3218-074 - 30/05/2010
This instance of SCP-3218 took the form of a domestic cat (Felis catus) in a wooden firkin (a 9 gallon container). It manifested in the home of Lead Researcher Dr. Helen Parr and was reported to the Foundation the following morning. Dr. Parr recorded that the cat was identical in appearance to her deceased pet cat Figaro, noting particularly the torn right ear. Photographic comparison upholds this testimony. SCP-3218-074-A was terminated and the remains incinerated.

SCP-3218-074-B bore the mark of Blandy's Wine Lodge, Funchal, Madeira. Chemical analysis of SCP-3218-074-B indicated that it was stained with the Xavelha blend of table wine, which Dr. Parr noted was her favourite. On her request, SCP-3218-074-B is now kept in her office.

SCP-3218-098 - 23/07/2012
This instance of SCP-3218 took the form of a brown bear (Ursus arctos). It manifested in Humanoid Containment Cell 03█ of Site ██, formerly containing SCP-████. Security footage of the cell shows that SCP-3218-098 manifested at precisely 03:31:53. SCP-████, who was asleep at this time, awoke when SCP-3218-098-A began growling at it in a display of territorial aggression.

Unlike previous instances of SCP-3218, SCP-3218-098 did not manifest with an identifiable SCP-3218-098-B. It is suspected that Humanoid Containment Cell 03█ was itself treated as SCP-3218-098-B. Unfortunately, by the time Foundation Security Personnel were able to respond to the situation, SCP-3218-098-A had killed SCP-████. Security subdued SCP-3218-098-A and killed it in the ensuring gunfire. SCP-3218-098-A and SCP-████'s remains were incinerated.

SCP-3218 was reclassified as 'Euclid' following this incident.

SCP-3218-105 - 23/05/2013
This instance of SCP-3218 took the form of a theropod dinosaur (determined to resemble Allosaurus fragilis) and manifested in Arsenal ██ of Secure Containment Site ██. Security footage shows that SCP-3218-105 manifested at precisely 03:31:53. SCP-3218-105-A did not manifest with an identifiable SCP-3218-105-B, lending evidence to the hypothesis that SCP-3218 can use pre-existing structures to manifest itself.

SCP-3218-105 is notable for being the first recorded instance of SCP-3218 to manifest as an extinct creature. It was subdued with the loss of 3 Security Personnel and the remains were sent to Site ██ for further analysis.

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