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SafeSCP-2238 "Broadcasting Live From Out of Time"Rate: 53

Item #: SCP-2238

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel are to monitor all local television broadcasts at all times. If an SCP-2238-A instance is reported to have occurred, Foundation personnel are to record said instance for the purpose of record keeping. Additionally, all civilians involved1 will be detained by Foundation personnel and released if they are found to have no involvement with the SCP-2238 phenomenon and are to undergo Class-A amnestics.


Screen shot of SCP-2238-A-14

Description: SCP-2238 is the official designation of an anomalous phenomenon primarily affecting television broadcast stations in the Southern United States, manifesting itself as a series of historical documentaries within the affected area. This phenomenon affects specific time slots within the affected region by 'hijacking' local TV transmitters through a currently unknown method.

The main broadcast intrusion occurs during the airing of historical documentaries. The types of documentary that SCP-2238 affects are primarily made by European or American filmmakers, specifically those that focus on the First and Second World War, although it has been reported that SCP-2238 will affect others that do not fall into this category.

During a intrusion, SCP-2238 will play a similar documentary to the one being interrupted. This documentary, now known as SCP-2238-A, will have several deviations from the original, such as different events, different historians, and actors used in the documentary.2 The amount of deviations from the original vary between each instances of SCP-2238-A. Currently, there are twenty-two instances of SCP-2238-A.3

The first reported SCP-2238 event was on 5-12-1992, when a civilian reported to a local broadcasting service about the inaccuracies of the documentary Napoleon: Man Of Power4 in [REDACTED], Alabama. The documentary discusses the effects of Napoleon Bonaparte's annexation of Russia and over a majority of the Eurasian continent.

Foundation scientists and analysts have compiled a full timeline of events from all twenty-two instances of SCP-2238-A.

Year Events
1812 Invasion of Russia by Napoleon, ending in its annexation. The war of 1812 begins.
1813 Napoleon III is installed as the new Czar of Russia. Closer diplomatic ties between the US government and the new French Empire occur. The Peninsular War ends one year earlier in a French victory.
1814 France becomes involved in a war against Great Britain. A three year famine occurs in Russia due to an early winter, creating more resentment against the French-installed Russian government. In the same year, the formation of the Party of Russian Nationalists occurs.
1815 War of 1812 ends with a US/French victory. Most of the former British Empire is split between the US and France. US annexes Canada, causing it to control most of the fur trade.
1816-1820 The US government begins encouraging its citizens to settle Canada and Australia. Napoleon I begins conquering most of mainland Europe, dismantling their governments in favor of Pro-French ones. The French government start to kill Russian nationalists and those for an independent Russia.
1821 The French Empire collapses due to the death of Napoleon via assassination by Russian nationalists during his first visit to Russia after the war for Russia. A revolution, referred to as the 'Russian Upheaval' occurs. Napoleon III is killed and replaced with a descendant of Czar Alexandra.
1822-1850 Most of Northern and Western Europe experiences a 'dark age' due to a lack of centralized authority. Most of Southern, Central and Eastern Europe experience very little variation from our current timeline. A new Russian government is created, this time with a system similar to a constitutional democracy. Along the same time, Great Britain experiences great social unrest, with several riots and attempted revolutions.
1850-1865 A new government is established in France, this time under the control of a queen known as Abella I, the daughter of a French warlord. She establishes a centralized authority, creating a dictatorial police state, killing dissenters and those who oppose her position. During this time, Great Britain undergoes a democratic revolution, ending in the election of their first president. The American Civil War does not change from the original timeline.
1866-1911 Abella II controls most of mainland Europe. The Russian government undergoes another revolution, this time by Russian communists under the control of Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky. Revolution ends in 1910, with a Communist victory.
1912 In 1912, the Parliament building of Britain is attacked by radical communists via improvised explosives. Over a hundred Parliament members are killed in the explosion, resulting in a state of emergency. During this time, the new Communist government, now calling itself the Soviet Union, invades much of Eastern Europe, including Ukraine, Poland, and parts of Germany.
1913 The creation of the Allied Powers, an alliance between The US, Great Britain, and the French government. Its creation was due to the recent invasion from the Soviet government of most of mainland Russia.
1914-1924 This time period, known as the 'Great War' was a war between the Soviet government and the Allied powers. It began after the assassination of Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky declaring that it was the French who assassinated Lenin. The Soviet Union declared war on the French. The US and Britain declared war on the Soviets. It ended in 1924, following the invasion of Germany by US and British forces. The Treaty of Berlin ended the war, making the Soviet Union lose most of its territory gained during its invasions of Central and Eastern Europe.
1929 An event known as the 'Great Depression' began, causing an economic crash. Due to this event, Abella VI (Then Queen of France), desperate for economic wealth, invaded the Soviet Union and Great Britain over their oil supplies. This event causes the Second World War.
1931-1945 The Second World War, between 1931 and 1937, is at a constant stalemate. There is no full invasion of either country until the US enters the war against the French. In 1939, a full invasion of France begins with the help of the Soviet Union and Great Britain. It ends in 1945, with the invasion of Paris, destroying most of the city.
1946 Year of the creation of the United Nations, with the Soviet Union, the US and Great Britain as the major leaders of the Nations.

Little information is known about this world post 1946.


On 1-23-2000, SCP-2238 affected the city of [REDACTED], Louisiana, broadcasting a documentary entitled How They Hid In The Darkness5, which describes a X-Class 'Lift of the Veil' scenario of the Foundation due to increasing tensions between the Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition, specifically on an event that occurred 12-21-1991. It also focuses on how the Foundation adapts to a scenario.

Due to an error in the Binah Pattern Recognition System6, the Foundation accidentally attacked a GOC base, ending in the death of over 3,000 GOC personnel. This event escalated tensions between the Foundation and the Coalition, causing an event called the 'GOC-Foundation War' that lasted three years.

The contents of the documentary includes footage of Foundation agents locating, capturing, and containing several anomalous objects and entities. It includes interviews with Foundation personnel and sapient entities, including an interview with O5-12. The following is an incomplete list of incidents, objects, personnel, and members of GoIs that appear in the documentary:

  • SCP-1892 (Containment)
  • SCP-1938 (Containment)
  • SCP-044 (Recovery)
  • SCP-2453 (Containment)
  • [REDACTED] (Interview)
  • Dr. Mann (Interview)
  • D-2134122 (Interview)
  • O5-12 (Interview)
  • SCP-2273 (Interview)
  • Member of GoI-58697 (Interview)
  • Object referred to as 'SCP-████'8 (Containment)
  • Incident 083-D/Kondraki9 (Footage)
  • Footage of O5-1, O5-2, O5-6, O5-7, and O5-12 during their first meeting (Circa 1912)
  • SCP-████10

Following this incident, the entire county of [REDACTED] was given Class-A amnestics over the course of five days, the elimination of all recordings of SCP-2238-A-23, and the detainment of over ████ staff members involved in the film11. All personnel involved with How They Hid In The Darkness deny any involvement with the documentary.

The following is a series of transcripts from the documentary How They Hid In The Darkness.

"It was early in the morning when I first started hearing the artillery shells. I didn't know they were artillery shells at the time, just knew that something loud was going off. Got up and tried looking through the window. In the distance, this building that I had passed by on my way to work was being burned to the ground. I always thought it was a barracks or a laboratory, if only I knew….

"Some men drag me and my daughters out of the house. They say they are with the Coalition, a force trying to keep humanity safe. They tell us to get onto a bus to the nearest civilian safe zone. They take us to one, and they force all the men and women above the age of fifteen but not over fifty to come with them. I never saw my daughters again." — Survivor of Site-43 raid.

"Our job was to get the civilians out to the safe zones. Most didn't know what was going on, and the ones that did knew there was no point in trying to keep themselves safe. The case that always sticks out in my mind was this old man near the border of Paris. He refused to leave his house. Lived in it since the second world war before the Communists and Brits invaded. We couldn't get him to move. When the Coalition attacked, the house was destroyed, and we never found the body." — Civilian Protectorates, Paris, France.

"The reason we used amnestics during the war was because of their tactical usage. Throw in some amnestics in a can into a room filled with enemy combatants and have them all forget who they are for ten or twenty seconds while you mow them down with your M16. Simplistic, really." — Foundation General Kennedy.

"They're murderers, is what I think of 'em. The janitors, all of them, are fuckin' animals. I thought they were just bogey men, used to scare some normies and losers on the internet. No. Moscow [Pauses] Moscow was my home. Moscow was the only safe place left in Eastern Europe. All others were destroyed in the battles, mostly by nukes and other weapons. I didn't think they had the balls to drop that animal onto us. Killing us with its giant scythe, butchering us like insects. [Pauses] Bodies littered the streets. Men, women, [Pauses] children. Of course, the Coalition had no choice. What other choice did they even have?" — Gamers Against Weed member, survivor of Moscow bombing.

"Europe turned into an absolute hell hole during the first few months. The once spotless meadows was now covered with hundreds of large holes were the bombs and shells dropped. And the larger ones were where we dropped the nukes on their sites. You could feel the radiation from up in the air. Made some men so sick that they passed out and crashed their planes." — Private of the Foundation air force.

"There was never enough food for us. The Coalition forced us to work the farms surrounding the safe zones. They had quotas for what we needed to produce in a season. Each group needed to produce ten pounds of food from each of the nine crops they gave us in the span of nine months. If we didn't produce that much, we were expected to spend nine months on the frontlines in Europe or America. We heard the horror stories. [Pauses] The bombings, the killings. This one guy, a bunk mate of mine, was told that his group didn't produce enough food. [Brings tissue paper to his eyes] We found him in the bathroom. He swallowed his shaving knife." — Safe Zone Brazil resident.

"Of course we needed to remove them. They were getting in the way, with all their rules and regulations. We needed those weapons, the Coalition were making their way to Britain and into the Gulf. But no, they said it was too 'unethical'. They were in the way of progress, we had no other choice. We sent in a 'coalition spy' to kill them. Hm? Oh, yes, they knew too much. We couldn't allow a information breach of some sort." — O5-14 on the disbandment of the Ethics Committee.

"We first used D-Class. They were monsters, no one would have missed them. But we started to lose more and more, and so we looked for other sources. Coalition POWs, civilians, things like that. The project was more important than any one life. Hm? Of course! Of course we did! We dropped the infected over their sites and spread it throughout Europe! We had no other choice." — Dr Mann on the use of SCP-008 for biological warfare.

"We killed them. It was for the greater good of the war. I wish we didn't have to do it, but we did it. We rounded up the freaks, greens, blues, reds, anything that looked anomalous and forced them outside. We told them to dig a giant pit. Most of them were no older than forty. After they were done, we threw all of the objects in the site into the pit, and told them to face the pit. [Pauses] I'm…. I'm just glad that it wasn't me who had to pull the trigger." — Coalition Soldier, Veteran of the Raid on Site-19.

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