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nn5n: scp-5353 Customer Satisfaction Survey
SafeSCP-5353 Customer Satisfaction SurveyRate: 5

Item #: SCP-5353

Object Class: Keter Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-5353 discovered on the internet at large are to to be neutralized by DDOS attack on the parent hosting server. are believed to no longer exist on the internet at large as of 02/20/2014.

A single instance of SCP-5353 is to be contained on one (1) removable electronic media device device with all network access permanently disabled, which must be kept inside a secured box at Site-15 when not being used for testing purposes. Removal of this device from Site-15 is permitted for testing purposes by Class 3 Personnel Approval to test this device must be logged with a 5353-R-2 form signed by the Site Director.

Description: SCP-5353 is a software program that presents itself as a Customer Feedback Management (CFM) software. It does not identify any specific company, but it is believed that the products and services mentioned in SCP-5353 are publicly available, though none specifically have been recovered. The anomalous nature of said products and services is unknown. Research is ongoing.

When a user attempts to fill out the form, it will dynamically change. The questions asked are often relevant to the survey-taker and result in distress to the user. SCP-5353 is not believed to be sentient. In some cases, users who interact with the form suffer physical injury, or death.
Upon the form's completion or the death of the user, SCP-5353 self-replicates and transmits itself to additional victims via the internet or internal network if possible.

Date Update Authorization
06/15/2011 SCP-5353 detected and designated. Classified Keter. A copy has been stored on mobile media. Instances online are still at-large. Dr. A. Brown, Research
10/11/2012 SCP-5353 predicts/influences the death of a male civilian, age 66, who died prior to completing the form. T. Camron, Web Response Team, Foundation Technical Support
03/29/2013 SCP-5353 traced to multiple cloud locations. Researchers are testing various malicious programs against it. T. Camron
05/07/2013 SCP-5353 attempts to convince software executive at Yahoo, but is intercepted by Foundation operatives. T. Camron
06/31/2013 Foundation approves use of pseudo-anomalous malicious code (Project 5353-Pi-C)to neutralize outside instances of SCP-5353 after success in testing. T. Camron
02/20/2014 All instances of SCP-5353 appear to be neutralized; 5353-Pi-C deactivated. Reclassifying SCP-5353 to Safe. T. Camron
05/01/2016 SCP-5353 was taken offsite for testing by Dr. Galenhower, later found to have been influenced by SCP-5353 and convinced to "help" it. Dr. Galenhower expressed sincere remorse after interception. It is unclear whether the influence was anomalous in nature, or a mundane appeal to psyche by an anomalous source. Dr. A. Brown
06/21/2016 It is confirmed that two instances of SCP-5353 were released upon containment breach; both have been neutralized. T. Camron
05/03/2016 After previous update, SCP-5353 reclassified to Euclid. T. Camron

Don't let it get to you, people. It feeds on your insecurities and fears. - T. Camron

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