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EuclidSCP-2401 Mary Had a Little LambRate: 80

SCP-2401 attempting to build a colony within a male host.

Item #: SCP-2401

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2401 and SCP-2401-Alpha are to be stored together in Cell-22 at Research Site-45. Cell-22 must be stocked with 3m2 of potted wildflowers with an automated drip irrigation system to maintain them.

A small electric incinerator designed for burning pine needles1 is to be installed near Cell-22 so that it can be supplied and operated by attending staff. The exhaust of the incinerator is to be piped directly into Cell-22 whenever SCP-2401 becomes excited or agitated.

Plans for combining adjacent Cell-23 with Cell-22 are currently awaiting approval. SCP-2401-Beta is to be held as a reserved designation until further notice.

Description: SCP-2401 are a previously unknown species of honey bee that exhibit parasitic or symbiotic traits depending on the sex of the human host. To date, a sustainable colony of SCP-2401 has only been observed in one human female host.

In all observed cases, male hosts expire typically within 9 to 12 days post-colonization from inflammatory complications caused by routine stinging and gross modification of dermal tissue. This also compromises the immune system, leaving male hosts vulnerable to anaerobic infection. After death of the male host, SCP-2401 will leave the body in search of another human host.


SCP-2401 undergoing pupation while embedded in a female host's dermal layer.

Colonization does differ slightly in female hosts, whereas there is a much lesser risk of infection due to higher levels of propolis2 production. Once 30-50% of the dermis is modified into a keratin-based honeycomb, the colonization reaches a stable state and does not expand further. After this process is completed, SCP-2401 exhibits standard protective behavior toward the host, treating them as the nest. SCP-2401 adopt host scent markers, adjusting colonial odor markers to match the host. This process sensitizes SCP-2401 to the emotional and physical condition of the host.

The female host also undergoes rapid changes to both accommodate and protect SCP-2401 which include increased tissue regeneration, higher amphetamine output, and lack of dependency for food or water. In the majority of cases the female host retains their personality and memories which usually results in psychological trauma related with the ongoing symbiosis of SCP-2401. This is seen to result in a high rate of suicide in cases where the host outright rejects symbiosis.

Only one surviving case has shown a distinct interest in maintaining the symbiotic relationship between itself and SCP-2401. For all intents and purposes, she has been designated as SCP-2401-Alpha.


NOTE: The following written entries were confiscated from Dr. Kenneth Lamb's hard drive. They contain sensitive information regarding SCP-2401-Alpha and are to remain on the high security data server.

Date: 01/04/2015
Time: 16:32

D-6780 and D-9343 have both been exposed to SCP-2401. This is the second trial study as to the effects of SCP-2401 on a human host. Thus far we have not been successful in sustaining a host for more than a period of thirty days. A viable host able to survive the colonization process will be the first step into discovering a way to reverse the process and revert the host back to normalcy.

It has been difficult to requisition female D-class because of their scarcity. It's the only option since SCP-2401 and male D-class hosts can not coexist without killing the host body. Due to issues in previous tests, the two female hosts will be kept on suicide watch while symptoms progress.

Date: 01/08/2015
Time: 09:44

Both D-6780 and D-9343 are progressing quickly with SCP-2401 and are in relatively good health. Today however, D-6780 had to be sedated via aerosol before the host caused further self-injury. D-9343 has been minimally responsive during this period. I've asked repeatedly for the medical records of both D-class hosts prior to testing. The paperwork seems to be conveniently missing in administration.

Date: 01/15/2015
Time: 22:01

4 hours ago, D-6780's attempt at drowning in the cell's commode proved successful by clogging it with daily food rations and filling it up with water. Cell-21 is currently under quarantine until the decontamination teams can assemble in the morning. I'm hoping for a more viable autopsy than the previous ones.

D-9343 seems to be much calmer during this process. So far, the host is the only one who has made it this far in SCP-2401's colonization. I've requested from maintenance and from the Site Director to modify Cell-22 as to help better accommodate SCP-2401 and the host. I'm also still waiting for released medical records.

Date: 01/26/2015
Time: 12:55

D-9343 and SCP-2401 have successfully achieved full symbiosis. D-9343 has been designated as SCP-2401-Alpha and has been observed to be much more active. After reviewing video footage, I've noticed that SCP-2401-Alpha does not eat or drink it seems.

Administration has finally delivered records on D-9343, but they are from her previous institution of incarceration. Unfortunately, the information is severely lacking in detail, with the exception of her criminal record. I'll review this information and perhaps use it during my upcoming interviews with her.

Date: 01/27/2015
Time: 14:03

I conducted my first interview with SCP-2401-Alpha. She seemed relatively eager to see another face after nearly a month of solitary confinement. I asked her about her symptoms and she explained while in the beginning she was experiencing a great deal of pain, most of that has been curtailed and she feels much better.

A quick physical examination conducted through the observation window concluded that she is estimated to have 50% of her body surface converted into honeycomb like structures, many of which contain SCP-2401 in various stages of maturity. I questioned about where SCP-2401 originates from, but SCP-2401-Alpha could not answer.

Date: 01/30/2015
Time: 09:12

I went over SCP-2401-Alpha's criminal records with her. She had trouble recollecting much of her past for some reason. Most of which had to deal with abusive relatives at a young age before being placed in foster care till she was 15. I was unable to continue with the rest of her background as I noticed she was growing more and more agitated.

I used the newly installed smoker for the first time to help her calm down. She was effectively suppressed and I concluded for the day.

Date: 02/02/2015
Time: 13:47

Before I was able to conduct the interview, SCP-2401-Alpha was adamant about apologizing for her behavior in the previous interview. She introduced herself by her first name, Mary, and asked me mine. I introduced myself as well. Her intentions seemed harmless. Afterwards she tried multiple times to derail the interview with small talk. I was able to keep her focused on explaining her symptoms.

Mary attempted to explain a dream she had involving me, but could not recall specific details. I asked her questions regarding her mental state and wrote some additional notes to discuss with the on-site psychologist.

Date: 02/03/2015
Time: 22:25

Mary has stated in her interview today that she is experiencing a recurring dream, though upon waking up, she can't recall any of it other than I am in it as well. I asked her if she would like writing supplies in order to keep a dream journal. She agreed, however the request was denied by my superior.

Mary spends her time preoccupied with her own thoughts. At times she appears rather lucid and unresponsive. I've requested for additional items to help improve stimulus, however they are repeatedly denied.

Date: 02/04/2015
Time: 01:10

Mary and I have been meeting on a daily basis now. Her demeanor has been deteriorating it seems. Off-shift guards have informed me that she has to be smoked nightly. When I confronted Mary with this information, she stated that it was because of her dreams. She still maintains that she can't recall them after awakening.

My recent discussions with the on-site psychologist over my notes are still inconclusive as to Mary's mental condition. I'll continue to visit Mary daily to gain more details on improving her mental state. Aside from that, the SCP-2401 colony appears to be thriving and in optimum health.


Incident Date: 02/14/2015
Incident Time: 11:15
Site/Location: Research Site-45, Secured Humanoid Containment Wing, Cell-22
Unique Identifier (Auto-fill): 2401-021415

Civilians Involved (Y/N): N
Personnel Involved (Y/N): Y

  • Number of Personnel Involved: 3
  • Injuries/Deaths: 1 minor injury, 2 major injuries
  • Amnestics Used (Y/N): Y (by request)

SCP Involved (Y/N): Y

  • Designation: SCP-2401-Alpha
  • Containment Breached (Y/N): Y

Details: SCP-2401-Alpha, prior to incident, exhibited agitated behaviors for a period of ten days. SCP-2401-Alpha had difficulty expressing the source of its agitation, often deploying cryptic statements and referring to itself in the first person plural by its actual name prior to symbiosis. Dr. Kenneth Lamb, the acting supervisor of SCP-2401, postulated that SCP-2401-Alpha was delirious.

72 hours prior to incident, SCP-2401-Alpha suffered from an apparent seizure and collapsed onto the floor. Time was noted and logged. The body was kept under watch as standard in the operating procedures for human subject quarantine. After 48 hours, the site director extended quarantine to Cell-22 for another 24 hours. No activity was observed from the host or the colony. The cell floor was littered with dead instances of SCP-2401 at this time.

Personnel and security entered Cell-22 after the quarantine period expired in order to retrieve the body for examination and autopsy. While decontaminating and preparing the body for transfer, SCP-2401-Alpha suddenly awakened and physically attacked security. Both guards suffered concussions from the altercation.

Dr. Lamb was then tackled to the floor outside of containment and stripped of his clothes by SCP-2401-Alpha. On video, Dr. Lamb was held down on his back with SCP-2401-Alpha atop of him for a period of 90 seconds. From the video's limited vantage point, it was difficult to ascertain what was happening to Dr. Lamb as he showed limited signs of struggle.

Afterwards the majority of security forces subdued SCP-2401-Alpha with electroshock weaponry to force it off of Dr. Lamb and back into containment. Dr. Lamb suffered only a dislocated shoulder and minor abrasions. SCP-2401-Alpha has since replenished the SCP-2401 colony to a fully restored population and has been observed to be more docile as compared to before the incident.

Addendum-2401-001: Due to SCP-2401-Alpha's recent containment breach, staff and security teams are prohibited from entering Cell-22 or conversing with SCP-2401-Alpha without direct authorization from the Site Director. Further research into SCP-2401 or SCP-2401-Alpha has been put on hold indefinitely.


Interview Date: 02/15/2015
Interview Time: 04:30
Site/Location: Research Site-45, Offices
Interviewer/s: Senior Internal Investigator, Rubén Foster
Interviewee/s: Researcher, Dr. Kenneth Lamb

Agent Foster: Alright. Recorder is on. How are you holding up?

Dr. Lamb: I'm… still in shock over the whole thing I guess.

Agent Foster: Well let me just ask, why do you think you were chosen?

Dr. Lamb: I don't know.

Agent Foster: Well, you were assigned to her—

Dr. Lamb: It.

Agent Foster: Right, it, for three months. You interviewed with it every other day it looks like.

Dr. Lamb: I monitor other humanoids in that wing too.

Agent Foster: So back to my original question.

Dr. Lamb: P-perhaps… maybe the human inside her— I mean it made a connection? Either way, it— (sigh) it got what it wanted from me. Oh God.

Agent Foster: You feel like you can continue?

Dr. Lamb: I suppose. Sorry, I'm still just… rattled over the whole thing.

Agent Foster: Well medically you checked out fine. Just bumps and scratches. So there's that.

Dr. Lamb:

Agent Foster: Look, I don't want to push you after something traumatic like that. Anything you want to say on the record?

Dr. Lamb: I want the injection. Give me the injection and give me a transfer. P-please.

Agent Foster: (scribbling) I gotcha. I'll see what I can do.


Addendum-2401-002: Dr. ████ is to be transferred out of Research Site-45 after he is fully debriefed on the containment breach incident involving himself and SCP-2401-Alpha. He has opted for an immediate amnestic solution and will be demoted to Level-0 permanently for security reasons. Continued observation and reporting on his behaviors within the Foundation will be monitored for a period of no less than three years.


Interview Date: 06/16/2015
Interview Time: 22:05
Site/Location: Research Site-45, Secured Humanoid Containment Wing, Cell-22
Interviewer/s: Senior Internal Investigator, Rubén Foster
Interviewee/s: SCP-2401-Alpha

Agent Foster: Recorder on. S C P dash—

SCP-2401-Alpha: Mary.

Agent Foster: E-excuse me?

SCP-2401-Alpha: We liked to be called Mary. (buzzing)

Agent Foster: Fine. Mary. What was your relationship to Doctor Lamb?

SCP-2401-Alpha: Relationship? Is that what he called it? Him and us? (light buzzing)

Agent Foster: Nevermind. Can you explain then what you did to him the last time you two were together back in February?

SCP-2401-Alpha: We remember him being quiet and rather content about it.

Agent Foster: Well. He was adamant about not wanting to see you ever again.

SCP-2401-Alpha: (buzzing stops) Hmmm, we don't believe you. We are happy with the outcome still.

(SCP-2401-Alpha slowly rubs her hands over her swollen abdomen.)

Agent Foster: This… part of the cycle?

SCP-2401-Alpha: (buzzing resumes) It is and it is not. We need sterner hosts. The females are fragile yet willful. Strong queens for strong colonies.

Agent Foster:

SCP-2401-Alpha: Our sweet Kenny. Tell him for us that his progeny grows stronger with each passing day. Tell him we all await his return.

Agent Foster: (scribbling) Yeah. I'll pass that along.

(sustained buzzing)

(Agent Foster turns off the intercom to Cell-22)

Technician: You aren't actually considering that request… are you?

Agent Foster: No. Fuck that. Do me a favor though, see that button for the incinerator?

Technician: Yes, sir?

Agent Foster: Smoke her.


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