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SCP-2442 - Sometimes Therapy Is Merely Painful Truths
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This article has been rewritten to its current form after the events of Incident 2442-03. The previous version may be found in Document 2442-01.

Item #: SCP-2442

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2442''s containment room is fitted similar to a Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) chamber, with no access to light and as much sound reduction as possible. At least three containment rooms on three different sites exist, with SCP-2442 occupying one of them.

SCP-2442 is monitored at all times by at least two agents. If SCP-2442 begins to vocalize at any time, it must be sedated and administered Class-A amnestics. Any activities that could give a sense of structure to the passing of time are to be avoided or randomly scheduled.

Should a containment breach occur, SCP-2442 is to be sedated and returned to one of its containment rooms if possible. If all containment rooms have been destroyed in the breach, SCP-2442 is to be distracted with communication with a Site Director until a containment room can be constructed. The Site Director is authorized to provide as much information as necessary to maintain the distraction but should avoid vital data where possible.

Description: SCP-2442 is an actively hostile, anomalous humanoid capable of causing the disappearance of anything it is made aware of. In order to activate its main effect, SCP-2442 will behave as if it is bringing the attention of an unknown entity to an object, usually through verbal indication. The object will disappear within 12 hours through an unknown means.

SCP-2442 is considered capable of other forms of reality manipulation, including creating voices that respond to its words. It is potentially anomalously persuasive, capable of convincing other personnel of its claims. SCP-2442 also displays gradually increasing resistance to amnestic drugs. The full extent of SCP-2442''s anomalous effect is unknown.

Any requests for a more extensive description are to be sent to the Site Director of the site SCP-2442 is currently contained at.

Any claims SCP-2442 makes are to be completely ignored. They are unsubstantiated and are to be considered delusions. - O5-10

Incident 2442-01: On 04/02/03, containment of SCP-2442 failed. In recapturing SCP-2442, the Foundation experienced heavy losses. Multiple Foundation personnel were recorded to have aided SCP-2442 after speaking to it; surviving personnel involved have been considered compromised and were terminated after amnestic treatment had failed.


<3:02> SCP-2442 is seen holding Agent █████ outside of SCP-2442''s containment cell. Agent █████ had dropped the sedative that should have been administered to SCP-2442 during the breach.

<3:02> Agent █████: "Is this true? What was the point of this? What was the point of everything?"

<3:03> SCP-2442: "You already know the answer, █████. Could you help me, please? Help her?"

<3:05> Agent █████ gets up and begins to lead SCP-2442 out of sight of the camera.

<3:05> Agent █████: "This way. I''ll tell you everything I know. You''re kinder than the description frames you, you know." Agent █████ is lost approximately 35 minutes after.



<16:07> SCP-2442 is seen observing the containment room of SCP-[DATA LOST].

<16:08> SCP-2442: "Does this remind you of anyone?" Followed by the sound of a woman crying from an unknown source and the spontaneous appearance of water in the air beside SCP-2442.

<16:09> SCP-2442: "It''s okay. Trust me. We can work through this together, just trust me." SCP-2442 is seen reaching to the drops of water, wiping them off. It cups the air with both hands. Followed speech is in hushed tones and is not picked up by microphone.

<16:10> SCP-2442 leaves the hallway. SCP-[DATA LOST] is lost approximately 3 hours later.


The full Incident Log may be found at Incident Log 2442-01. Access to Incident Log 2442-01 is restricted to Level 5 or above personnel. Unauthorized attempts to access Incident Log 2442-01 will be met with severe punishment by order of O5 Command.

Incident 2442-02: On 05/12/12, containment of SCP-2442 failed. In recapture, the Foundation was able to mitigate losses thanks to the efforts of Site Director Duarte. Site Director Duarte was able to distract SCP-2442 by providing nonvital information. Containment procedures were updated to accommodate for Site Director Duarte''s effective distraction.


<9:21> Site Director Duarte is seen leading SCP-2442 to an interviewing room. He sits on one end of the table as SCP-2442 sits on the other. There are microphones and recording equipment kept online.

<9:21> Duarte: "So SCP-2442. What can I do for you today? What would you like to know? I can give you information on anything this facility contains."

<9:22> SCP-2442: "You have people, don''t you? I think I''d like to hear about them first. I have someone with me who I think would like to hear about them." There is a brief silhouette of a person against one of the walls. The person appears to be sitting on a couch in the room. The silhouette and the couch disappear within 0.5 seconds. Site Director Duarte does not appear to notice this.

<9:25> Duarte: "Ah yes, here." Site Director Duarte shows SCP-2442 a file of SCP-[DATA LOST] on his tablet computer. "This is SCP-[DATA LOST]. It''s contained in the West Wing." SCP-2442 reads the tablet computer.

<9:27> SCP-2442: "Hm, interesting. He''s quite young isn''t he? What was his name again?" A female voice answers SCP-2442. The name cannot be discerned, as the microphone temporarily cut out.

<9:28> SCP-2442: "Ah, right. He was an old friend, wasn''t he? Before the accident. You know where he is now, waiting. Maybe you should go see him. Don''t worry. It''ll be alright now. I''m with you." SCP-2442 reaches out and squeezes the air with one hand. A silhouette of a hand and forearm appears in the air as it squeezes. The silhouette disappears 0.9 seconds later. SCP-[DATA LOST] is lost approximately 25 minutes later.

<9:34> Duarte: "Would you like to see any more?"

<9:35> SCP-2442: "I would love to. Thank you for being so cooperative without needing an explanation. You''re helping someone very important."


The full Incident Log may be found at Incident Log 2442-02. Access to Incident Log 2442-02 is restricted to Overseer personnel. Unauthorized attempts to access Incident Log 2442-02 will be met with severe punishment by order of O5 Command.


This is the excerpt that''s been concerning me. It''s when Site Director Khanna gets a bit pushier with his questions. If what he says is true… No, it can''t be. It definitely can''t. Give this a look and tell me your thoughts. - O5-9


<22:09> Khanna: "Say, SCP-2442. Can I ask you some questions while you skim through the objects we have here?"

<22:09> SCP-2442: "Ask anything you like, Site Director. I''ll answer as honestly as I can."

<22:10> Khanna: "Who are you talking to? Why are they important? What are you doing? Why are you doing it?"

<22:10> SCP-2442: "My goodness, filled with curiosity, aren''t you?" SCP-2442 laughs. "I''ll answer you with one of my own. Where is this place?"

<22:11> Khanna: "This place is called a Site, a place in which the Foundation-"

<22:11> SCP-2442: "The foundation of what?"

<22:11> Khanna: "What? No, it''s the Foundation-"

<22:11> SCP-2442: "The only Foundation here is the one under our feet. The Foundation. Of what, exactly? What is it the foundation to? Or perhaps I should ask, who is it the foundation to?"

<22:12> Khanna: "I don''t understand. It''s just an organization called the Foundation. It isn''t the foundation of something. Unless you mean…"

<22:13> SCP-2442: "Ah, and there goes the lightbulb. Excuse me, do you mind if I explain everything? Are you ready for that, now?" SCP-2442 appears to be talking to a corner of the room where a decorative plant sits. The plant moves. The rustling vaguely sounds like a woman whispering ''yes''.

<22:14> SCP-2442: "Listen here, Revant. I want to show you something. Yes, I know your name. But, you already know mine, too." SCP-2442 pulls out a picture from his coat pocket. No such picture was recorded on SCP-2442''s person prior to failure of containment. The photograph is a picture of a woman, approximately middle aged with brown hair and brown eyes. "Do you recognize this woman?"

<22:14> Khanna: "I don''t… Yes. I do. I know her. I tutored her when she was young. But that was… that was so long ago, when I was… When I was the same age as I am now. That isn''t-"

<22:15> SCP-2442: "Revant. Look at me. Do you recognize me? Who am I? I''m sure you know, because you know her so well."

<22:16> Khanna: "…Doctor Vestergaar- No, you told me to call you Thomas. Thomas. We''re doing this because I had such difficulty in our previous sessions, I remember." Site Director Khanna''s voice becomes that of an American woman and remains as such for the remainder of the session. Site Director Khanna is a Punjabi male.

<22:17> SCP-2442: "That''s right, I''m Thomas, your friend. When the first sessions failed, I had to take a deeper look into how your mind has structured itself. It''s become fairly clear now why the previous attempts to teach different coping mechanisms didn''t work. They had become splinter groups here, competition. I think the personnel called them-"

<22:18> Khanna: "Groups of Interest." Site Director Khanna begins to cry. "Thomas, I''m so sorry. There''s so many of them, so many of these… memories I''ve put away. That I couldn''t handle. I don''t know if I can do it. It''s too hard."

<22:19> SCP-2442: "It''s okay, Stacie. We''ll get there, bit by bit. You and me, together. You don''t have to face all of this alone anymore. Look how much you''ve already learned to let go, how far you''ve come." SCP-2442 reaches over and squeezes Site Director Khanna''s left hand. "Remember when we started, what I told you. I can only find them, but you-"

<22:20> Khanna: "I learn to let them go and move on. I know. I''m with you, Thomas. Can we- Can we end the session now?" There is banging on the door as Agents █████ and ████ arrive on the scene to return SCP-2442 to its containment.

<22:21> SCP-2442: "Of course. Time''s just about up now, anyways. I''ll see you later, Stacie. Remember if you need anything, you can call me." Agents █████ and ████ break down the door and sedate SCP-2442 without resistance.


We have to remember what we are here for. We can''t be distracted by a single delusional reality bender. We must maintain stability. We must preserve normalcy. We will perpetuate in order to keep the world from falling apart. Secure. Contain. Protect. - O5-3

No one else must know this. I don''t trust anyone else to have as much resolve as we do. Keep him on a ''normal'' number. Don''t give him anything special and warn people away from investigation.- O5-4

He is the delusional one. We maintain stability. We maintain order. We Secure the dangers. Contain the unpredictable. Protect the world from knowledge it must not know. The world needs us. She It needs us. - O5-5

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